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elleOfurooobaTo be perfectly honest, I never really know what to think of Detarou, and not for lack of trying. Who can? A new word needs to be invented to describe this escape game designer's particular style because "weird" simply isn't saying enough. When it comes to Detarou-odd, OFUROooBa is a brand new category of "Ewww, really?" There's no need to cramp your brain analyzing it, though. Just play and leave all that mental power to figuring out the solutions to the shrewd puzzles which bar your escape from this loony scenario.

In this case, you're locked in a bathhouse with a number of, um, out-of-the-ordinary characters. Aided by a changing cursor, explore your surroundings by clicking on anything that looks deserving of a second look and following the arrows to navigate. Items you pick up will be stored in the handy dandy sidebar inventory where you can click to use or double-click to examine them in detail. Remember to use diligence in your investigations; clues and puzzles lurk everywhere, even where you wouldn't ordinarily look. Just be careful where you go poking around—a certain mischievous panda wants to make certain you discover each of the three endings, one sooner rather than later, so use the "Save" function often.

Please also be aware that many might find scenes in OFUROooBa entirely inappropriate, so go in well prepared for the aftermath as your eyes may want ice cream and a lot of gentle reassurances after this. Other side effects warning: some players may experience fits of laughter, brain cramps, nausea, and might never be able to look at the color green again!

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Walkthrough Guide

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OFUROooBA!! Walkthrough Guide and Oddities Compendum

  1. You begin facing a pool filled with old guys. Three guys are leaning against the edge...

    • Take a closer look at each guy's head:

      • Baldy on the left has a red 4 under his towel.

      • Middle guy's toupee is hiding a yellow 6.

      • The old gent on the right has a green 7 under that bowl.

  2. Head over to the glass door behind the angry fellow...

    • Use the clues you've gathered to unlock this door.

    • Each number is written on the head of the three guys in the pool.

      The numbers are, from left to right...

      Green=7; Red=4; Yellow=6

    • Enter the correct code and push the grey rectangular button and the door will unlock.

    • Click on the door handle and it will slide open.

  3. Walk through the open glass door onto the patio.

    • There is something on the ground in front of you. Click it to examine it:

    • It is a picture of the three guys with numbered heads. On the back of the picture is a curved arrow. Make a note of that.

    • Turn right and look at the seven green dolls in the pool. Make a note of their heights.

    • Turn left twice and you'll see a wooden wall.

      • You can look through the crack in the wall.

      • You can also look up, but you can't see over the fence.

  4. Back out into the first room then turn left to see the other end of the pool. On the wall, above the water spout, is something worth investigating...

    • The number 8___2 and a scrap of a torn photo.

    • Remember that picture you found on the patio? Make note of your new information.

  5. Turn left once more to see a sauna box with, somehow, four guys in it.

    • You can tap the heads on top to change the symbols in each column.

    • The head on the side appears to be the "enter" button.

    • You'll need more information, though, to work this one out.

  6. Turn left again to see a table full of bowls and a single grey door.

    • Take a look at the table of bowls first.

      • One bowl in particular has a design on it. Make a note.

    • Then examine the lock on the grey door by the bowls.

      • Based on the clues you've gathered so far, you should be able to unlock this door.

        • Use the clue from the patio, the guys in the pool, and the note on the wall above the water spout to determine a 5-digit code.

        • 8 4 6 7 2

      • Enter the correct code then click the arrow button and the door will unlock.

  7. Go through the unlocked door to the second room. Here you first see a man in the brown suit.

    • His cheeks a rather pinchable. You can pinch the left or right cheeks as much as you want.

    • Maybe there's a pattern here? Let's look around more.

  8. Back up from the brown-suited fellow and turn right. Go through that door to the steam room to see two pandas.

    • At this point, if you want, you can SAVE your game then push the red button to see what happens.

    • Then, use "RELOAD" to go back if needed.

  9. Leave the steam room, back up, and turn left from the brown suited fellow. Here you see three grey cupboard doors.

    • Look in the first cupboard door on the left...

    • 766474

      That appears to be the clue for something familiar from the other room, right?

    • Move on to the middle cupboard for now; it has a 6x6 grid on it. You can push each square to turn it white or grey.

    • Finally, behind the cupboard door on the right is a KEY! Take it!

  10. Back up into the first room. Then, turn left. You'll see a set of double doors.

    • Here you need another code: a 4-digit number.

    • A letter "A" is next to the enter bar.

  11. Turn left from the double doors. Here you see a three colored buttons box (and someone seems to be hiding inside). There's also a door high up on the wall that you can't reach.

    • Take a closer look at the box with the three colored buttons...

      • Press the buttons in the correct order to get a present.

      • The clue behind the left cupboard in the second room, plus what you know from looking at bald heads will give you the order of the buttons to push...

        From left to right, the buttons are...
        YELLOW - GREEN - RED

        You know that 6=Yellow, 7=Green, and 4=Red so push the buttons in this order...


        Middle, Left, Left, Right, Middle, Right

      • Clicked in the correct order, the man's head comes out of the box and he opens his mouth...

        • Take the PAPER and read its clue.

        • Red A - Yellow A - Red A - Yellow upsidedown A

  12. Back up then turn left to...Yikes! Frog!

    • Ignore the frog and take a look at that piece of paper on the ground...

      • Make a mental note, sketch it out, or take a screenshot.

    • There's also a guy shampooing with something on his back, but that seems to be a mere distraction you probably want to forget about.

  13. Go right twice, back to the double doors. Examine the lock on these doors:

    • Use the information from the old guy's bald heads again, coupled with the clue from the paper you just got, and you'll have a 4 digit number:

    • Red A = 4
      Yellow A = 6...

      and an upside down yellow A would be a 9...

      So the code is:


    • Enter the correct code and click the rectangular button to unlock this door.

    • Then click the doors to open them.

  14. Go through the opened double doors to the locker room.

  15. Take a look first at the men blow-drying their heads:

    • Click each guy to make him squat down.

    • Then, make a note of the arrow patterns below the symbol that looks like a tie on the mirror.

  16. From the mirror view, turn right to see a man having a terrible time in the massage chair. There's no way to help him, can only watch like a cat, so just turn right again. Here is another set of doors with a gold lock.

    • The key you got from the right cupboard doesn't fit, though.

  17. Continue past those doors to see the 2x4 row of lockers on the right .

    • They're all empty except one has a pattern of sliding buttons on it...

      • Remember the green dolls in the pool on the patio?

      • They were at different heights...


      • Set the buttons to the proper positions on the sliders then press the white button on top to unlock this locker.

    • Click on the unlocked locker to get...

      • a BOTTLE of...?

  18. Back up from those lockers and you're at your original view again. This time, check out the row of lockers on the left...

    • All are empty except one with a circle of dials on it.

    • This probably makes no sense to you at the moment. It makes no sense to me, also. Let's move on.

  19. Back out of the locker room, turn right and go into the second room (the single door by the table of bowls), and go say hello to the brown suit fellow again...

    • Now you know which cheeks to pinch based on what you saw on the mirror in the locker room:

    • The tie symbol on the mirror represents the suit. The arrows indicate which way to pinch (arrow to the right means the right cheek)...


    • Pinch cheeks in the correct pattern and something falls from the ceiling. Take a look inside for another clue.

  20. Back all the way out and turn left and re-enter the locker room. Zoom in on the lockers on the left:

    • Use the clue you just saw to unlock this locker.

    • Screenshot: Circle of Dials/Locker Solution.

    • When all the dials are set to the correct directions, click the center button and the locker will unlock.

    • Click the locker door to open it and get...

      • a BAGGY OF POWDER...?

    • There's also a clue inside this locker. Note the design you see then back out.

  21. Back out of the locker room again, turn right, and enter the door by the table of bowls.Turn left from the brown-suited fellow and zoom in on the middle cupboard, the one with the 6x6 grid of buttons:

  22. Back out of that room and turn right, to the sauna box with the four guy's heads.

    • Use the clue from the underside of the bowl (under the table full of bowls) to arrange the pattern correctly:

    • Screenshot: Slots Pattern Solution.

      Left Column=put a triangle in the bottom row.
      Middle Column=put an "L" shape in the middle row.
      Right Column=put a star in the top row.

    • Arrange each symbol in the proper place (it doesn't matter what the other symbols are) and then push the "head" button in front. The cupboard next to the sauna box will pop open so you can get...

      • ...a STEP LADDER.

  23. Turn left three times so you're at the scene with the three-color buttons box and the high unreachable cupboard:

    • Put the STEP LADDER on the floor under the high cupboard.

    • Then click on the high cupboard to get close to it.

    • Use the KEY to unlock the high cupboard.Inside you can get...

      • A RED BOX.

    • Pick up the STEP LADDER again.

    • Now, as an option, you can discover one more oddity...

      • Turn left two times and then head out the sliding glass door. Go right to face the tall fence on the patio.

        • Place the STEP LADDER at the fence.

        • Click the up arrow so you can look over the fence.

        • Then go back to the main room.

  24. Now you need to make a key for the Red Box... Remember the directions by the frog?

    • Examine the POWDER in your inventory:

      • While in the powder detail screen, use the BOTTLE OF SOLUTION on the powder to get a BALL OF PUTTY.

    • Examine the KEY MOLD in your inventory:

      • While in the mold detail screen, put the PUTTY in the key mold.

      • Then, take the WHITE KEY out of the mold.

    • Now examine the RED BOX:

      • Use the new WHITE KEY to unlock the red box.

      • Get the EXIT KEY from the red box.

Now you have the key to the exit door...ready for the normal escape?

  • Turn right and go into the locker room. Once in there, click twice on the brown double doors on the other end of the locker room.

    • Use the EXIT KEY to unlock and open the door.

  • SAVE your game.

  • Go through the door to the normal ending.

Or would you rather have the "red stamp" ending?

  • After unlocking the exit doors with the exit key, don't go through.

  • Click the door to close it again.

    • Make a note of the new pattern.

  • Back up twice, turn right, and go back into brown suit's room. Turn left and zoom in on the middle cupboard:

  • Return to the locker room and, finally, you can exit for a more special ending!


Oh my god, the frog. Why? Why? SMH.

On the other hand that's the first Detarou game I've ever gotten through without resorting to hints/the walkthrough. Not sure if this is really an area in which it's healthy to improve, mind you. But it's still an accomplishment.

nerdypants December 7, 2012 4:43 PM

I haven't managed to find the third ending yet.

Is the centaur perhaps hiding something in his golden locks?

mail.extrange December 7, 2012 5:10 PM

Found the third ending:

After unlocking the final door, close it again, and a new pattern will appear on the door. Use it on the shape drawing lock on the pinching guy room to get the red seal.

davidsophia December 7, 2012 5:19 PM

Where is the solution for the 6x6 puzzle? The one that's here:

in the metal wall cabinet to the right of the other metal cabinet thing that has the "766474" and yellow/green/red circles?

not sure if that was actual spoiler, but wanted to be safe rather than sorry!...


I have two keys and I know of two locks, but neither key fits either lock!


This is a great game, easy enough for me to get through without feeling frustrating. I feel like this one was less hard than Ms. Daruma's room, but just as fun. I figured out most of it on my own, but some of the clues were sort of vague for me, until I looked at hints.

this is to finish up the walkthrough in basic terms after elle's v. through instructions.

okay after getting the item in the sauna box (with the slot machine style men) this is what i did

mix the putty mix and the ??? solution, and get a little clay ball, and use that on the keymold, getting the stylized key

after that you need to use it on something right?

use the ladder to get to the high up keybox next to the red yellow green sauna. the gold key is for the locker, the stylized one for the box.

okay your inventory should be almost completely full so all you have to do is

go back where the guy in the massage chair is and use the last key on the door.

if you want the third ending then plz follow mail. extrange's instructions.

oh and for those of you wondering about the...

centuar-there's nothing there, it's just a funny little extra like the girl in the bed on ohayou. looks like the man washing his back is a little extra too like the dancing men in the last game.


I actually solved this without a walkthrough! I'm guessing that means this is easier than the rest of his games, but I sure did enjoy getting through it on my own.


I think this may be the first Detarou game I finished without needing a walkthrough. So either this one makes more logical sense than the others, or I'm slipping into Detarou's weird.


i cannot duplicate

the 6x6 grid. can somneone post the actual solution?

[I added a second screenshot to the walkthrough. See if that helps? -elle]

inheritance.fan December 8, 2012 1:32 PM

The walkthrough screenshot for the sauna-box solution is wrong. It links to the arrow-dial solution.

[Fixed! -elle]


the part of the walkthrough screenshot is incorrect.

it's supposed to be for the shapes but the picture is showing the rotating dials. Just thought you'd like to know. Please fix this.

[It's already been fixed. Please empty your browser cache. -Jay]


i know. right after i posted that,i checked back a few minutes later and it was fixed. the correct snapshot is up there now.


I think Detarou is improving.


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