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Occasional Sunny Break

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypYes, many of you prefer longer, more complex room escapes, but sometimes something small yet meaty will have to do. This week's Weekday Escape features another from one of the newer designers featured here, Haretoki, and their amusing little effort titled Occasional Sunny Break.

Occasional Sunny BreakDon't worry about the title page being all in Japanese (unless you can read it, of course), just click and dive into this fun little one-room escape effort. The puzzles are all logic and knowledge of the language is not necessary to find your way out of the room, which is decorated with some odd furniture. Search the room using the navigation bars, pick up a few objects, solve some puzzles, prove what a good billiards player you are, and you may eventually see daylight again. The game is pretty basic, but the logic is sound and it's nice to see a designer that plays with the conventions and creates some unique gems along the way.

Not as complex as Sometimes Cloudy Challenge (and what's with the weather metaphors, anyway?), Occasional Sunny Break is a fun and logical way to keep the escaping cells in your brain sharp while awaiting something more challenging to appear on the horizon. Like the title implies, it's a nice break in the weather and a few moments in the sun.

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Jim_in_Oz March 14, 2012 12:41 AM

That was nice. It took me a little while, and a lot of searching, to realise that

I didn't need a clue for the buttons in the little gold hatch on the front of the cupboard

but I got there in the end.


Well, that was quick. My only problem was never finding

the triangle number for the 4-digit code

, but I had found all the other numbers so I just brute-forced it. I wish I knew where it could be found, though.


"Small yet meaty" was an excellent description. Occasional Sunny Break is one of the more enjoyable shorter escape games I've played recently; thanks for finding this one, grinnyp!

And since I didn't need any help, and there isn't one up yet... looks like I'll get to write my first walkthrough. Well, unless someone beats me to it.

Guess I'd better get typing.


Eep! Egg on my face. I promise to triple-check my close tags (and use the preview option) when I do the walkthrough!
[Fixed! Thanks, Jack :) -Trinn]


A bit too quick and easy. But there are some promising design elements.



If you remove the top and middle drawer from the unlocked cabinet where you found the crumpled combination note, you can stack them on top of each other on the floor. Move the cursor over the top of the pile to find a directional arrow that lets you see the back of the stacked drawers. There, you'll find the triangle number.



When you've taken both drawers out of the cabinet, you can mouseover the top drawer and get a little arrow which takes you to looking at the back of the drawers. The number is there.

nerdypants March 14, 2012 1:07 AM

I must be missing something.

I've already used the dial, the yellow thing, the silver key, and the paper clue about the yellow thing. I've opened the box next to the door, revealing another box. And now I'm completely stuck.

I feel like I must be missing some tool. A wrench maybe? I just have no idea where it is. I've clicked all over.



Click the right edge of the lower half of the gold box a couple times to rotate it, until you see the pliers inside.

nerdypants March 14, 2012 1:34 AM

Thanks, Trinn! I swear I clicked all over that thing...

lavamuffin March 14, 2012 3:54 AM

aww, that was short and tasty! my favorite was

the yellow lego thingy

don't think i've seen that before ... neat!

bankroller March 14, 2012 7:16 AM

I hate it when I see a new game, but yet again, it just will not load. That was the case for me with this game after numerous tries. I could not find an alternative link. I don't think it's my computer unless the game just will not load on a Mac.

Meterman70 March 14, 2012 8:05 AM

Lavamuffin: Tesshi-e used a similar idea in Escape from the Underground Space.

bankroller: It loads here on my Early 2009 Mac mini. Perhaps you just need to flush the browser's cache and try again?

xxiloveroomescapexx March 14, 2012 9:32 AM

I can't figure out what to do with the buttons in the golden hatch. Can someone help me please?


I need help with that golden hatch, too!


OK, I got it.


You just have to click them in the right order to turn them all solid blue

xxiloveroomescapexx March 14, 2012 9:42 AM


Thank you sooooo much!

YouHappyNow March 14, 2012 10:01 AM

Is it just me, or were there some red herrings?

There's a green X that seems to serve no purpose on the little platform where you get the irregularly shaped yellow thing. There's a grey cylinder that you can lift up and look under, but which yields no clues or items.



I think your second example is

just an empty trashcan. But the X has me stumped too! Perhaps it's related to the dial button used on the device earlier?


a walkthrough in the works?


Woah... super short, but some clever bits in it. Still never understand why developers disable the changing icon option in flash. Does anyone enjoy clicking all over the screen until something works?


It's not that developers actually disable the changing cursor icon, they must program support for it in Flash, which is why you don't see it sometimes.


I guess if they don't build it directly in Creative Suite it won't work without programming? Never really thought about it like that. Still should become a rule in Escape games... someone should make a rule book!


hello? walkthrough anyone?


Just finished walkthrough. Post will be up in a minute.



-Click on and take white box with black knob.

-Open white box, and move the device inside to a completely vertical position. Then close the box, and the black knob will pop off.

-Back out and click on and notice the billiards poster for later. Back out and turn right.

-Click on odd device with yellow thing on top.

-Place knob in slot, and click knob three times. Levers release, and you can take the yellow thing. Notice the star number where the yellow item was. Back out and turn right.

-Click on rack of pool cues, and move the one with the pink handle to get the square number. Back out. Notice that the pool table has a mechanism on top that won't allow you to play. Back out and turn right.

-Click on aquarium type thing, and use the yellow thing in it. Notice the number that it reveals, when you look at it from the top, and get the silver key. Back out and turn right.

-Click on locked cabinet, and use silver key on it. Click on top drawer once to open it, and twice to remove it.

-Click on lower drawer, and get clue (which is crumpled). Click on crumpled clue to open it.

-Click on lower drawer again to remove it. Then click on empty cabinet to get circle number. Back out, but click behind cabinet drawers to get triangle number. Back out and turn right.

-Click on cabinet to enter code. Code is from clue.

-Yellow thing displays 425. Add it to 3492 (star number 3, circle number,4 square number 9, triangle number 2). 3492+425 = 3917

-Open cabinet, yellow chest is revealed. Click on the lower right of yellow box (third bolt up, on the right, to be precise) twice to reveal pliers. Take pliers. Back out and turn right twice.

-Click on black closet. Zoom in on gold box. Use pliers on ring to open.

-Click on gold box to open it, to reveal another code entry. You must turn all of the boxes to blue to open closet door.

-Correct order to turn all boxes blue is, lower right, upper right, lower left, upper left.

-Click "Open" and then click on closet door to get pool cue. Back out and turn left.

-Mechanism on pool table is now open. Click on table, and use pool cue on white ball. Notice that gold multi-faceted ball is in the return slot. (Not the yellow poll ball, to the right of it)

-Take multi-faceted ball, and click on it to open it to get gold key.

-Back out, turn left, click on door, and use gold key on door. Congratulations, you're out!


cool. kinda short but it's still cool :)

nerdypants March 14, 2012 8:44 PM

theodrixx and Trinn, about the green X:

I think that was supposed to represent the palm trees in the aquarium, so you'd know where to put the yellow thing.


About rotating the

yellow box, it appears you can also click the left side of it. You can click left twice, or even left and right. The result will be the same!


I feel like my character in this game has OCD. It seems he feels it necessary to reef on all locked objects three times before giving up. lol


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