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NFH Propaganda

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Rating: 4.4/5 (30 votes)
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NFH PropagandaNFH Propaganda is a creepy point-and-click adventure game created using a combination of Flash and a series of HTML pages. The result is highly reminiscent of the 99 Rooms, and as equally artistic: just replace all the graffiti with ghoulish animation and weirdness. The effect is unsettling, but disappointingly non-scary.

Created by French photographer, William Belle, the game features photographs of various abandoned and ramshackled locales, mostly hospitals and factories. The music is originally from a project of one of the developer's friends, entitled Monster X.

By leveraging the game's audio and visual elements, the author attempts to creep you out by tackling all the most common fears, such as the fear of being alone, the fear of the dark, the fear of furtive sights, or the fear of people carrying a butcher's knife. And to that effect, it does a nice job indeed. The sound really adds to the environment with its ghoulish moans and groans and inhuman screams. Very weird, and therefore very cool.

The author does a nice job of overlaying animation onto his static photographs and providing interactivity using a simple point-and-click style. Unfortunately, the loading times can get in the way of a more immersive experience. And it might be prudent to note, before you begin playing, that this game is extremely long. It may also startle you a few times at first. However, after a while, the continued exposure to pools of blood and flying dead bodies will lessen their effect.

Note: this game is gory to the nth degree.

Nevertheless, it seems just as much work was poured into this as was many of the other games that can be found here, and is definitely worth checking out ...alone, late at night, in the dark, and with the sound turned up.

Play NFH Propaganda

Update: The site that original hosted this piece is no longer available. The links above have been changed to a cached version of the site via archive.org, and therefore some content may be missing. For example, the link to the map on the site leads to a page that no longer exists. However, the map can be found here.


Well this game looks fun and i would try it but i'm so hopelessly behind on the summer reading. I must admit you post these games early it can't be later 1 a.m. when you posted it. Though nice for the late night effect.


this game is brilliant!! scared the hell out of me. i need more games like these!


Interesting. But I hate the fact that you have to wait for the new screen to load every time. It really breaks up the ambiance of the game and is really annoying. <:(


I totally agree with Grace. started this game with great enthusiasm, but doens't have the patience to finish it, waiting all the time.


Well at 5am, with the lights off and the sound up, this was a bit unsettling, but I only jumped once. It was good, but it needs a real ending.


I agree with Zantriel. The problem with these "games" is the lack of story line. They would be so much better if they were more along the lines of the original Myst. They don't nessecarily need the free movement, but finding a story and saving the world type stuff, definitely would make this genre more interesting.

Unfortunately, I fear that asking for a story line will be shot down, as they are currently too busy animating dead bodies and recording the sounds of doors in dire need of grease. Just my 2 cents.

Excellent review DerekW, I just didn't care for the game.


I agree with Zengief.
This game is pathetic.
I'm sorry, but it's just not scary. There's not plot whatsoever as far as I can see. The only thing I can make out that is even close to a storyline is the assumption I have made, that this is some sort of large abandoned factory, full of machines and monsters there for the simple purpose of torturing and brutally killing people. Oh, how very scary indeed.
Nothing was connected at all. Just one room after another, filled with supposedly "scary" or "disturbing" images and/or sounds. Well, whoop-de-doo. I'm so scared now. Simple pictures of grotesque human death, toture and mutilation are not scary, they're just sick. So, either the creator of this game set out to scare people by just throwing a few disgusting images and "eerie" sounds at the viewer, or they're just sick themselves and in need of mental help. I would like to think it isn't the latter of the two, and this is merely a pathetic and completely failed attempt at scaring people.
However, there was one room, in which there was a red book on the floor. You click on this and get a load of images of diagrams of the human body showing the tissue underneath the skin,(in other words the muscles) and a few images flashed by you of real people mutilated and most likely dead. These were too quick for me to make out completely, thankfully. I don't really think those pictures were completely necessary, after all, they could have *made* pictures, for the game, and if they had they certainly wouldn't have looked as real. I do hope these images were altered, otherwise I seriously think that in fact, the creator of this game does indeed have a few mental issues, if they went searching the web for pictures of mutilated bodies for just a game, in which(as I mentioned previously) they could easily, if they had any talent that is, make for the game. They pretty much just used photographs for the backgrounds and a few crudely created images, that personally, I find laughable more than scary.
This type of game is a waste of time, effort, space on the web, and is just proof of how many idiots there really are out there. Both the creator of this game, and anyone who would praise such a depraved piece of work.

No offense to Jay though. After all, there is a shortage of very decent games, especially in this particular genre on the web, both lately and in general. And you said yourself, this game isn't exactly.. well, good.

Want a real scare, and challenging game, then buy a PS2 and play Silent Hill 4: The Room. *That* is a real scary game. Unlike this one.

- Jessica.


I didn't like it, it's a simple click and watch how the programmer mind is disturbed.
The screenshot is nice and the sound is fine but without any other action than click on the way is going to be annoying.
After half map I jumped to the last point from map to see if all the "scary" point had a meaning... and ... see that yourself.
Maybe with some more click that can bring you to death... or to different path...


It reminds me of one I saw on a Japanese web site (who I "borrows" links from this site since everytime Jay posts a game, they post it as well a few hours later), except the other one works a LOT better as a scare fest. The other one is kind-of telling a story of a family who died in a house. The more you click, the more freaky stuff happens which give you a clue on how someone died. The first room alone scared the crap out of me.

I'll post a link when I find it. WARNING: It will be UBER gorey in parts...

On a side note: if anyone has a LOT of patience, I highly recommend Siren for PS2. Hardcore stealth, very freaky atmosphere, and to play it right, you'll find yourself sight-jacking shibitos for an hour or more before even attempting the later levels. (which is why I loaned my copy to someone with more time)


Interesting. I preferred 99 Rooms, although at first I thought this one would be good. I liked the dodge/burn monsters in the first few rooms.

It managed to frighten me twice - the first was one of those 'jump' scares that, even though I was prepared, always get me. The second was the broken tv.

It had a few nice touches that I wish had been expanded on rather than using badly cut-and-pasted movie monsters. I like the room with the body parts (?) in the rat hole, the bloody footprints, the broken tv, and the eye and mouth in the wall and window (that would have been better with the dodge/burn monsters instead).

I couldn't help but laugh a few times at the monsters - was that Kroenen cutting up the corpse and the Joker behind that one door?


honestly, i couldn't get through the game.

sure, it may not be a true, "point and click" game, but it has that feeling of 99 rooms. a game that i truely enjoyed for it's simplisticality and it's art.

anyway, i couldn't get through due to the having to wait for the screen to load at every click. This bothered me, so i just gave up on the game.

with that, i wasn't able to get to the artist's "gorey" mind, but if you're looking for a scare, not gore, why are you buying games about mutilating people? god, the irony. But i do suppose plot is plot, in which 99 rooms, nor this apparently, did not have.

but in which, it was still enjoyable.
props. games- good or bad, still take time to find and deserve some credit.


a little surprised at all the hate this game is getting. granted, it's not awesome by any means. the load times are real, real, real annoying, and there's no real plot. but there were some genuinely creepy moments (i clicked, at random, into the "can you see me?" vignette and was suitably freaked out -- keep in mind i was playing this in the wee hours).

i agreed with zengief, though -- i mighta liked this game more if the author had scattered some books or notes or whatever around as plot devices and made it feel like my idiot main character had some kind of overall purpose in the game. you know. that way i'd feel like i was accomplishing something, rather than wandering aimlessly about some really freaky landscape for no reason.

i think it deserves at *least* a try, though i doubt many people are going to sit this one out (i didn't).


i finished it - i think! the last scene - morbid success was just silly i think coz it had no point.
i wasn't scared - but then, i had the sound turned off!!
morigale mentioned earlier about the tv. i wasn't scared because - well, i wasn't looking at it!!!

i didn't mind the wait, but i think that

bloody corpses hanging from the ceiling was just SICK!

however, i DID give it a go - which was brave of me. YOu guys should try it if you havent already.



What the hey? K I've been through 3 screens...nothing to do in them except open a door to a truck, a van and see a head and something in a bottle that lights up....this is soooooo frickin annoying?!? What is the point?? These load things...just to open a door to really nothing is just ...whats the word... NOT scary at all...I am not even going any further...graphics are cool and would probably be a good game if there were some kind of game, or things to do in it. Thumbs down.


Five months later, I disagree with Jessica.

I think it does its job well of being "scary," which is really hard to do by itself. The combination of sounds and beautifully made scenes is what makes this very interesting objectively. The scenes are not "photographs" as the irate Jessica pointed out. They are photorealisms. And they're created to look real, which apparently fooled her right off the bat.

Calling the producers of the game mentally ill is very strange for the fact that it takes a lot of intellectual and emotional sensitivity to be able to challenge someone's fears. She claims it didn't scare her, but, looking at the rest of the people who commented, a lot of them would disagree.


WOAH this is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but easy


i wish it had some semblance of seamlessness!

Disbeliever June 6, 2006 5:36 PM

Ok, what is the point of this game?

Clarencia July 10, 2006 2:42 AM

its not scary!


why does it just stop in the middle of the game? other than that it was pretty darn creepy!


i think this is great! it's really scary and i think i won't sleep for a rest of the week. i think it's a really good piece of art.


i realize this is an entire year old and i doubt this comment will be read, but i have to say that this NFH is way too much like THE HOSPITAL APOKA http://hospital.apoka.com/ which has been around since.. well, flash player 6


this reminds me of the movie HOSTEL


It was ok, I guess. The music was excellent, at least, and I am a big horror film and game nut, you're looking at someone who was not scared by Hostel. But, the key flaws are:

1. No story. Just a lot of shocking gore photos. That doesn't work very well for horror coniesseurs, I'm afraid.
2. The blood effects looked bad. If look at the van, for example, with the wheels, it looks like the blood was added on wrong.
3. It was shown during the day. Make this game at nightfall, you might get some better reviews.

If you ask me, why don't you go and play some of Ben Leffler's games, like Exmortis and Purgatorium? THAT will give you a look of true horror.


hmm...is it a killer, a ghost, a beast or something? It seems like I'm involving too..I just stucked for a while in the eye part, the part after hell..afterthat, it was very easy. The sound effects are great, pretty scary..dissapointedly at the end cannot get out of the disgusting place,

under construction!!!

I don't really understand why have to put up the map, if you are stuck in the game then you are stuck, why have to go further places instead before completing the previous ones?


My little sister was watching with me and at the one part there sounded like a girl screaming and a guy laughing. My sister asked if some fell down the stairs. I laughed so hard at that 'cause it honestly sounded like someone had.

and then you see the body on the floor that gets dragged away. I told her that it sure looked like somone had.


The game was alright. I stoped about 1/4 into the game. The loading screens hurt, I can't stand waiting. The only part that scared me was when the arm popped out of the car, I didn't expect that.

No plot, just random images and gore thrown together.
Eh...THE HOUSE was better.

Stephanie March 6, 2007 7:22 PM

This is a pretty cool game. Sort of funny at some points. Anywho, i do like it, but there i s one problem. Waiting for every scene to load!! I'm a very impatient person.


i can't figure out the eye part. i have been stuck for 20 minutes. it is getting annoying beyond all reason. did anyone else have this problem? and how do i fix it?


finally! that was annoying. overall the game is okay. I am sure it would be scarier at night, but the game is sub-par. the rooms themselves are pretty cool. the rooms show good photography, but other than that the game is not that great.


Thats the thing the game realies to much On the backround rather than anything else you dont even know what the story is or what your doing there

Anonymous April 20, 2007 2:25 AM

I hate the part that you have to wait to load a screen my scared feelings are gone........../pif


This game was good, nice and long, but it needed a storyline.

MR. scary May 6, 2007 11:35 AM

nice game but i am agree with others too it takes alot of time load on each scene first time I was scared on scene 5 when a hand came out of car and someone shouts ahhhhhhh sound of a female gender then someone laugh ahahahah..... voice of male gender... anyway.. this game got any story why are we going from one room to another searching cars trucks...

wadewolf May 13, 2007 6:23 AM

it sucked having to wait for the loading part


What I don't get is why this game had supernatural elements to it yet was set up like a murder occured in a garage-like atmosphere. O.o


i don't get it. yeah it was ok. but it wasn't scary at all.and what was up with the lights ? everything i clicked on, the lights changed. it got old. quick


One thing came to mind when I saw this, Hostel

Jessica July 13, 2007 4:30 PM

Did I finish it? I got to a point where it takes me to a little sign that says, "Under Construction". Is that it? Disappointing if that's the end of it. And yes the frequent loading, unfortunately, breaks the mood, that's why it's so unscary. It also doesn't help when it stops loading halfway through and needs to be restarted.

Bre'Anna July 15, 2007 7:01 PM

Well, I thought this game was really good but I was slightly disappointed of the ending, which ended with "Under Construction". But other than that, I thought it was really good. Very scary! Thats even with me being in the day light! I've already recommended it to friends! = ) Great Job!


not really scary, i give it a 3. and i noticed the old trick: lights go of and then on. A person is shown in the distance. Then again lights go off and then on. Person is closer and closer. And for the last time when the lights turn on, person shows his (previously dark) face and screams...


I was impressed. I enjoyed how it played out. it's not as good as Exmortis, but worth showing to my friends to scare the crap outta them!

on the decapitated heads rating...

nine out of ten severed heads. Good job~ I love gore!


At the scene that said "Under Construction" does that mean that more levels will added? Other than that it was nice. I like long games. The author should mke another one like this, just as long but with an actual story.

Lord.Pain.Is.A.Funny.Name March 9, 2008 8:36 AM

Cool game wish i could finish it..Just takes too long to load.


This game is long, so long in fact that I gave up.
Tired of the load screens for each scene.
Usually I hate gory/scary/horror movies, but I go for the scary point and click games every time.
This one had my stomach churning quite a few times, and other times I was laughing at how *not* scary the "scary" parts were, such as the part with

old school VW Bugs

. That was laughable.
I agree that the part

with the book that flashes a series of real mutilated body pics

was a bit much even for a scary game.
All in all I enjoyed what I played, but be warned that this one gets annoying with the screen loads.
And it is more gory than scary.

Anonymous July 2, 2008 5:51 PM

My seven-years old cousin found this game while wandering around on the web. He was more than slightly disturbed, if you want me to tell.


What's the point?


lol when the dude in the window apeard i was like "Sup dead dood"


Tsuki-chan December 29, 2008 6:16 AM

The game was gory, yet I liked it. Even though it didn't scare me, it was fun to try.

Yes, the loading did annoy me (I ended up getting frustrated and used the map to jump). But the photography was nice, and I like photography. Even the gory images (Which I know aren't really photos)... there's just something about disturbing photography that I enjoy. Some parts confused me though, like the eye thing... and the pipes. What were they for?

Also... am I the only one who sees a plot?!

unassuming January 21, 2009 1:16 AM

I'd have to rate this game pretty low. It's horribly ripped off of 99 Rooms, but that would be okay...I liked 99 Rooms a lot. Except instead of building on the idea, or offering a different perspective, it just trades gore for the wonderful weirdness of 99 Rooms. The loading times were horrid, the map was useless, and I found the game more humorous than scary.
I understand it's difficult to get horror right, but is that really an excuse for not trying?


Is there a way to get this to work? It shows that the page cannot be displayed when i click the link. I also tried looking up the game on google but it doesn't seem to work.


It really doesn`t work.
I played it last summer and it was fine.
Now it says "The page cannot be dispalyed".

Fix it people! *wink*

emovampire April 28, 2009 12:44 PM

How do u get into the game all that pops up is nflpropoganda.com and i really want to play...


the game won't load and im directed to some other website. why so?


great game! me and my friends played it while lying in the bed. i wonder what's the story behind the game. i guess people being tortured by doctors is the only thing we can think!

still great game!


How come the site doesn't work anymore?

[Edit: The site that hosted this piece is no longer online. I've updated the links to a cached version of the site. Some parts may be missing, though. -Jay]


I really prefer 99 Rooms over this. While I think that "interactive art" games are interesting, the point of this one seems to just gross you out as much as possible. /: I'm not really a gore fan -- I feel like this game could either be made better by a strong plot to justify the gore (like in the Exmortis games) or toning down quite a bit of the gore in favor of a moody atmosphere (like 99 Rooms, or even the House, really).

Also, the part where you lock the guy up and turn on the saw was too disturbing for me.

hoshinamino October 31, 2009 10:11 PM

Based on the comments here, this game looked gory, and my (usually) brave little sister is scared of gore. I'm very terrified of those kind of disturbing things.

I might not give this a go.

But can anyone give a 'walkthrough' or some kind of a 'chronological order of events' that occur in this game? Maybe at least a list of 'jumps' that will jump at you? I'm waaay too chicken to play this game.

I enjoyed The House though.

vederblich November 3, 2009 3:20 PM

Every so often when I click stuff in the game I get transported to a commercial-site, and can't get back to the game without starting over.


Ugh, this game sucks... I only get directed to something else called "NFHPROPAGANDA.COM" ... Sorry but this game is not worth the time.


Wow, that game almost made me pee my pants.

Magicmagi August 22, 2010 5:07 PM


Is it supposed to go to some new page after I click on the van? It just brings me to some game website. I dunno what to do....

Misanthrope July 28, 2012 9:26 PM

To get the the next room you just increment the number at the end of the url.


i remember this game it way back in 2009 i played it and looks like a 99 rooms and some what scary but i am so afraid this game becuase so many damm darkness.and why the map is dead and cannot enter. in 2009 i enter the other location and it worked but now it dead so i will do it


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