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SonicLoverNani QuestRemember that hapless adventuring party you had to help out in Detarou's last escape game, Nani-Quest? They're in a jam again. In NaniKono-Quest, they (and you) are locked in some sort of complex with an Aztec or Mayan or Egyptian theme... it's hard to tell. The controls are the same as usual (click to navigate and mess with things, click once to highlight items for use, double-click for a closer look), but this one's a bit less quirky and a bit harder on the puzzles than its predecessor. There are a whopping five endings to discover in this one, one fatality and four escapes, and three save files to help you access them all. Word of warning: there's a slide puzzle, although it's optional if you don't care about getting the best ending. Still, who can say no to a Detarou escape to help push them through one more work day before the weekend?

Play NaniKono-Quest

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

SonicLover's +3 Walkthrough of Better Performance

  • You'll start facing a closed door. Examine it and note the symbols around it, as well as the arrow-like design of the frame. Cloud, moon, moon, sun, star, cloud, star...?

  • Back away and turn left. Check out that big pot in the corner; take the scroll from it, then dig a bit further in the sand and get the green key. Examine the scroll and you'll find some odd symbols.

  • The symbols you're really interested in now are the six in the second row. Turn around and you'll see a big face which you can turn left or right from up close. There are eight symbols around it. What's going on here?

  • Well, whenever that little arrow on the face's forehead is pointing to one of the perimeter symbols, the mouth shows another symbol. The second symbol in the row on that scroll is a similar arrow, so it must refer to this!

  • Use the face to translate the last four symbols in the six-symbol row into four other symbols. Remember: the symbol arrowhead points to translates to the symbol in the mouth. Write the four symbols down, then turn around again.

  • Now look at that little box on the left of the bottom shelf. That looks like a good place to enter those symbols you just decoded, so do exactly that (mind that they're rotated) and open the box. You'll get a gold piece.

  • Back up and turn left. Now you're facing another door, and the hapless monk from the last game. Check out that alcove below him. The gold piece will fit into the slot above the three buttons. Now... what's the combo?

  • Remember the symbols around the other door? Press cloud, moon, moon, then turn the gold piece, then press star, cloud, star. The door should open. Take the gold piece back, then proceed into the new room.

  • Not much to do here. Turn left and look at those cabinets. The one on the lower left contains a red key in a figurehead's mouth, but DON'T TAKE IT. It's a trap. Leave it where it is for the time being.

  • The top cabinet in the middle is empty, and the other two are locked. Wait, could that green key possibly...? Yup, it fits the cabinet in the bottom. Take the gold cylinder; you'll need it later.

  • The upper cabinet on the right contains a blue key, and the lower one contains... a symbol. Peculiar. Go back to the first room, I've got a hunch. Check out the shelves, more specifically that cabinet-thing on the lower right.

  • The blue key opens it! And it contains... a row of pillars that move up and down. The second symbol from the top looks like that symbol we saw in that one cabinet... ah, I've got an idea.

  • Let's set the pillars like the cabinets. The one on the left should show one segment, the middle three, and the right two. Handily, this also places the symbol we saw in the one cabinet with a matching counterpart.

  • Now press the eye and it'll start the gears in the other room. Go check it out. Peer into the little window on the left and record the symbols you see on the piston.

  • Use that row of symbols to open the middle cabinet in the center and get another gold piece. It looks like it fits with the other one, but not yet. That's because you need it for something else first.

  • If you looked at the last two rows of symbols on the scroll, they're a clue for the trapped red key: an incomplete circle means death, and a complete circle means a key. Let's see now...

  • Put the second gold piece in the available slot in the door of the left cabinet, then open it and you can take the key safely. Now fit the two gold pieces together and return to tehe first room, I've got a use for them.

  • Snap the two gold pieces into the balance scale in the bottom center of the shelves. The scales will unbalance and you'll be able to take the yellow key. Enough of this for now; let's focus on opening the second door.

  • You may have spotted the slide puzzle on one wall of the second room. You don't need to solve it unless you're gunning for a better ending, but while sliding things around you may notice a series of odd red symbols under it.

  • Examine the panel on the door in the second room. If you haven't yet gotten the gears moving, it'll be covered. Turn the dials until the sequence of red symbols is the same. Mind the arrow, which shows the sequence is from right to left.

  • When you think you've got it, click the bar to open the door. The third room contains a series of pedestals and slots for keys. You've got four keys, but what's the sequence? Hmm... one circle, two circles, three circles, four circles...

  • Go back to the first room, the balance where you got the yellow key. On one end is a glyph with four circles; on the other, two holes. You can put your keys in those holes. Experiment with the scale and weigh the keys in different combinations.

  • Green balances the scales alone. Yellow and blue together balance. Yellow and red are too heavy; red and blue are two right. I'll do the math for you: green is 4, yellow is 3, red is 2, blue is 1.

  • Go back to the third room. Put the blue key in the pedestal with one circle, red two circles, and yellow three circles. As for the green key, put it in the gold cylinder and put that in the door. (The hint for "sun = 4" is on the opposite wall.)

  • Door open and you and the party are free to escape!


  1. (Death ending) Take the red key when I told you not to take it.

  2. Escape but don't do anything extra.

  3. Solve the slide puzzle before escaping. I can't give any advice for it, except for this: the blank spot should end up in the bottom right corner, so start by solving the upper left and work your way out from there.

  4. Get the "Good Job Coin" before escaping. Here's how:

    Note the six suns around the exit in the third room. They indicate directions: clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise. Turn the wheel in the first room that way and it'll give you the coin.

  5. (Perfect ending) Do both #3 and #4 before escaping.


Okay. That puzzle by the guy suspended from the ceiling by a snake. I'm stuck there.

I have the

key-thingy inserted

and I see where the symbols come from, but I've tried inputting them in all sorts of ways to no avail.


Seriously, power of the post. I just realized I was overlooking a crucial clue. Got it now.


Stuck now. I have:

a paper with symbols on it, a green key, one half of a golden piece that I took back after solving a puzzle with it, a blue key, and a golden thingy that can hold a key.

I've managed to make it into another room, find the way to die (good thing I saved beforehand), solve that blasted slider puzzle with help of an online slider puzzle solver, and take note of the shapes behind it, but I don't know what to do next.

I unlocked the eye safe and saw that one of the symbols shown on the column was displayed in a cabinet in the other room, but I don't think I have enough information to solve that puzzle yet. And I don't see any place that I can use that key container on.


Not too hard, says me, but quite fun. My only annoyance is, for some reason the save game doesn't work - I hit 'save', and choose a data slot, whereon the little screencap pops into the slot, and off I go. But once I left and came back, 'load game' didn't work and there appeared to be no data in any slot. No biggee, except I can't be bothered trying to find the third of the Good endings now. I wonder if it

has something to do with the directions the suns are spinning in the third room

I never found any use for that information.


Thanks, SonicLover! I really do have a tendency to not see the forest for the trees.



Anyone found any endings besides the gas, regular key exit, and good job coin exit? I never used the bottom symbols on the scroll, so I'm assuming they are used for one of the other exits


i have

4 keys. I did the gear on the wall , and the gold key holder.

What now?

ThemePark December 2, 2011 2:13 PM

A bit stuck on this:

I want to retrieve the yellow key and I figure the two part disc goes into the scale, but I can't assemble it, and I can't find a cube for the other scale anywhere


@ThemePark What else can you use it? Look around


Stuck again. I managed to find my way into a third room, but

I have no idea how to arrange the keys (I have all four of them). I saw that the cube next to the yellow key had 4 circles on it, so I know it's supposed to go in the space surrounded by the suns, but I have no clue about the other three. I tried to brute-force it or go by the other circles I found close to the other keys (like the 2-ringed circles in the safe for the red key) but that didn't work.


hopefully a walkthrough is in the works.



i have the ordinary exit and the good job exit. What to do with the last things from the list?


Wait, disregard my last comment. I just found something that I overlooked in another room.



Dont focus so much on the circles. Do you notice anything else strange about the keys?


And out! My ending had a pile of gold in it; I'm assuming that's the "good" escape ending?

Now to find the other endings...



I already found the weighing machine back in the first room and got out once I learned the relative weight of the keys. Was that what you were referring to?

On another note, I found the "ordinary" ending. Like xxerox, I wonder what needs to be done for the other two endings.


OMG haha just realised something

haha the second thing on the paper actually refers to the trap. If you get the key but the pendant on the door is not whole ,you will die. If you put the other part in front you will get the key. There are only 3 endings : Bad , Good and Good Job Ending.



Haha for the keys i watched the bottom. The triangle refers to pharaoh. The key with the triangle to the right is left. The one with the triangle to the left is right. For the Good Job Ending, look at the sun.


Okay, someone seriously needs to write a walkthrough, because all I've managed to find are a slip of paper with a bunch of cryptic symbols on it & a green key, & darned if I know what to do with either one.

ThemePark December 2, 2011 2:58 PM


But I can't find anything more to pick up, and I only have the statuette with the key hole, the two disc halfs, the paper and the green and blue key.



Ok ok ill help you.

use one half of the disk to get the key in the trap on the right bottom drawer. After that combine the 2 halfs , go in the first room and use it one the pendant hole where the yellow key is.


yeah the slide puzzle... What it does? i completed it before i reach the 3th room so i dont know.



Oh...well, I did wonder if the shapes at the bottom of the keys meant something important. I'm not sure if they really are a clue or just a concidence, but that's definitely another way to solve that puzzle.


I was actually stuck in that spot for a while too. Take another look at that wall face, give it a spin in both directions and watch its mouth. Notice anything familiar.


You can't assemble the gold piece yet because you need to use one half of it to unlock something else...or more specifically, to be able to perform an action that was fatal to you before.

Huh, so there *are* more endings then? Hmm...



The slide puzzle gives you a pile of gold at the end. I went back to an earlier save where I didn't solve it, and I just got the ordinary ending with the guy in the red shirt. But apparently according to SonicLover, we still didn't get the best ending. I have no clue what else I need to do to get that Good Job coin, though.


@Jade I told you Jade... i got it and i know. Look at the sun , but look out , his shining might make you close one of your eyes. Because sometimes it rises, some times it falls behind the horizon.

But it remains one big oval ball.


Maybe I'm just really dense but

I'm stuck at the point where you put the coin half in the slot above the cloud, star, and moon buttons. I tried pushing them in the order it says on the door, but that doesn't work. Am I just missing something imporant? (In case it matters, I also have the green key, and the paper)



its right to left + press the switch i the middle AKA between the 6 presses

Cloud Moon Moon SWITCH Star Cloud Star


Oh my god... I could swear I tried that already... Thank you!


WAHOO! I got the perfect ending!

For those who are curious,

getting the Good Job coin DOES have something to do with the suns in the last room. You might have to get the coin before you open the door, though.


I can now confirm that there ARE 5 endings:

the death ending, the normal ending, the "Good Job" ending, the treasure ending, and the perfect ending. Also, you can still get the Good Job coin after you open the door, but I think (although I'm not 100% sure) that the slider puzzle becomes unsolvable once you open the door if you haven't solved it already.


I'm stuck in the second room, at the door to the third room. I haven't found a clue to its code yet.


confused on

the face puzzle. i tried it both left and right and the pieces are exactly the way they are supposed to be but it won't open the box. are the pieces supposed to be reversed? like if it was supposed to show O X diamond square, is it really square diamond X O? let me know.

nerdypants December 2, 2011 8:16 PM

ray9na, about the door to the third room:

Maybe you should take a closer look at that slide puzzle.


i can't figure out the

face puzzle. i followed the directions in both loeft and right but it's nbot accepting the code

anyone know what to do?


As fun as this was, I can't help but feel

that it's a bit of a cheap-shot at/spoof of Tesshi-E's work. I mean, "Good Job" coin? Really?


while solving the sliding tides puzzle I did not notice

the red symbols behind

and now I cannot figure them out
any help?


OnyxMouse -

Yes, I thought the same thing - like they were trying to capitalize on Tesshi-e's trademark...

Asthanius December 3, 2011 1:56 PM

There REALLY needs to be a walkthrough for the slider puzzle by itself.

nerdypants December 3, 2011 3:12 PM

If anyone is having trouble with the slider puzzle, here's the site that taught me how to solve them:



That's one of the evil things about this game: the slider puzzle. If you don't note the clue behind it before solving it (which is in and of itself a master feat!), save your game. Then, restart to go back and get the clue.

Be careful, the game doesn't always save at the correct save point...so check twice that it's properly saved before reloading!

Or, better, another trick—open it in a different window.

Or, better yet, just check SL's walkthrough.


Ah well, nevermind. I thought I knew something that I didn't. Having not actually solved the blasted thing myself, I was going on rumor and innuendo about it.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 3, 2011 5:40 PM

Really stuck with the symbols. I've tried entering them in as many possible combinations as I can think of according to the clue in the sliding puzzle but nope... nuthin'.


That's because one of the symbols is hard to see, it looks like a

Circle but it's actually a square.
Also, did you remember to enter them in order from right to left?

Uncle Mike December 3, 2011 9:15 PM

I've gotten through almost to the end (sliders are simple, just start at one corner and work your way to the other).

But i can't make the keys work

Every I select a key and click on the scale and nothing happens. I've tried on the little indents, the center scale (only place mouse changes), and the box, nothing.

Windows Chrome

nerdypants December 4, 2011 2:13 AM

Uncle Mike:

You need to put something in that circle in the middle of the scale first.


can someone please help? i have been trying to get help on the

face wheel at the beginning and i put the codes in like it asks but nothing happens. i tried in reverse as well. im very confused.

If anyone could give me a hand, that would be great

wildturnip December 4, 2011 7:35 PM

Game won't let me combine

the coin halves. Only the 2nd half is highlighted.

even though i have

the red key

What did i miss?

wildturnip December 4, 2011 7:41 PM

Power of posting!
Went back and

little bird told me i had left 1st half of key in previous puzzle. retrieved it and two halves came together!

Now to go on to what's next!


wildturnip -

You can't combine the coins until you have completed a certain puzzle.

Please check the walkthrough if you think you're missing something. :)


For anyone interested, the game title roughly translates to:

What is this quest
The ancient king and the uninterested people


The fifth symbol in the second row of the scroll does not exist in the face-wheel

And the first symbol in the same row??
What does it mean??


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