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JayMystery of Time and SpaceFor room escape fans, Jan Albartus, the grand-daddy of all room escape games, has added an all-new level to his continuing series, Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS). Fans of the genre will already know that this series has been around since 2001, quite a lot longer than most people have even known about room escape games.

For the uninitiated, MOTAS is the original, the blueprint from which so many (too many?) others have tried to follow. What sets MOTAS apart from most, however, is that its puzzles are generally original, rooted in logic and not in exasperating pixel-hunts.

But why are we repeatedly placed into the scenario of being in a room with no apparent escape? To unlock the mysteries of time and space, of course! You see, in order to perceive the mysteries of the universe, we must first be stripped of our own memories and experiences so that we may see the bigger picture. That's the role you play in MOTAS: a human with unique abilities capable of seeing parallel universes and who has agreed to help further our understanding of life as we know it.

Analysis: The interface and graphics remain much the same as they were back in 2001, and yet resemble much of what we've come to expect from the genre even today. The interface has grown over the years to include some pretty tasty features. For example, the new "full screen" feature scales everything to fit the size of your monitor, filling it to the brim with escape-the-room goodness. This feature may also help solve some puzzles, so be aware that it's there. Graphics and interface aside, though, the appeal of MOTAS is definitely the puzzles.

One significant shortcoming is the lack of an integrated level select that allows you to skip past levels. Jan explained to me that he purposely does not provide this capability because he wishes everyone to play through his rooms in sequence. After you solve a room, the next room is unlocked for you, and you can skip directly to it next time you play by clicking on the floppy disk in the game's menu. However, for those of us who have already played the game a long time ago and who may not have the saved game files still present on our computers, or for those who get stuck on one room and wish to just skip it rather than have to resort to a walkthrough, cheats, or to stop playing entirely, a level select feature is sorely needed. In other words, don't expect to pick up the game and play only the latest level unless you have all 19 completed MOTAS levels still saved in your Flash local storage; you'll have to play through them all again first.

And one slight disappointment is with the newest level itself, Level 20. Although it continues along the same logical path of the others to come before it, I felt the level was just a little too easy and fell into the trap of including puzzles that feel all-too-familiar. Innovation and originality were clearly not the motives for the latest level of MOTAS. It was, none the less, enjoyable to play as is the case with the entire series.

Still, MOTAS continues to entertain and delight puzzle fans to this day, and continues to be updated periodically by its gifted and loving creator. Fans of room escape games simply can't go wrong to

Play Mystery of Time and Space

Note: MOTAS was previously reviewed here at JIG in 2005, and again in 2007, in case you're interested in looking back over the comments.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

I'm including the walkthrough here from our previous reviews, plus added Tom's addition for Level 20:

Here's a complete walkthrough (levels 1-20)...

Level 1 Walkthrough

  • get key from under pillow

  • open locker and get screwdriver out of box

  • put wall poster under door

  • use screwdriver to take elephant pic off wall

  • then you'll get a thin screw use thin screw in door lock

  • pull out poster from under the door and get key

Level 2 Walkthrough

  • Get the diskette box from the top of the cabinet and go to the next room and take the lower right hand corner pin from the flag.

  • Use pin on diskette box to get the floppy out.

  • Insert the floppy disk into the disk drive on the right hand side of computer and turn computer on.

  • Now you have the 1 2 8 6 4 code...enter it into the panel by the door.

Level 3 Walkthrough

  • Go through the door to the floor room and switch off the light.

  • Get the 3 wall tiles and switch the light back on.

  • Move the floor tiles at a 90 degree angle to each other and create a pattern that will link top right hole to left one so that the head can move all the way across the room.

  • At the rathole next to the stairs, put the diskette box over the rat hole. Wait for the head to be under the trap to click on it and capture the head.

  • Click on right hand side of stairs to raise them. Put the three wall tiles into the slots under the stairs.

  • Pull out the wall tiles in this order from left to right pull out first tile 2 times second tile once third tile twice and then put the box with the head in it on the should move across them if you've pulled them out right.

  • Move the chair to the left side of the on stairs to lower stairs.

Level 4 Walkthrough

  • Get piece of wood out of fireplace Put piece of wood under laser burn it put it back in fireplace

  • Put triangle under laser ...break it (turn off lamp if need be for more power) put it back in panel by door

  • When putting pieces back in panel by door, put small triangle on bottom large one towards the left and fit the other pieces in after that.

Level 5 Walkthrough

  • smilie face the buttons in this order (if the code says 6 then count across from left to right to the sixth button and press that button and so on) 6, 7, 11, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 11, 6, 10, 1, 7, 6, 6, 9, 7, 4, 5, 11, 12, 1, 11, 6 last button is 1101

  • after you've finished the smiley panel, then go into next room, move cabinet and box, and get key from small panel on wall

Level 6 Walkthrough

  • Lift doormat and let key drop down through the grate

  • Fix flashlight by using batteries from radio and headlight from motorcycle (use screwdriver to get headlight)

  • Open tiles under rug in this order click upper left one then lower right one then lower left one

  • Click on hose once then click on opening once go down and find key on the floor between 2 cabinets

Level 7 Walkthrough

  • Get blue wheel out of picture frame in room that has the note on the table...put it on the leftmost pipe

  • Go up elevator and get green wheel out of cabinet drawer....put it on rightmost pipe

  • Find a pen and a piece of paper...the pen is in a desk drawer...(look for a room with a mailbox...there is a ladder in that room go up that ladder to the room with the desk)...the piece of paper is on a table in a room with a towel draped over a pipe

  • Put the pen and piece of paper on the clone note that was on the table should give you a letter to mail after mailing the letter then look in the bottom of the mailbox for the red wheel put it on middle pipe

  • Find floppy the floppy is in a locker the locker is in a room with a big box that says "this side up" then first put the floppy in the disk drives in teletransporter room (right hand side of room)

  • Click on the small wheels to first change the color of the big wheel at the end they should all turn grey do it in this order click small green then red...big wheel should change to blue then small green then blue...big wheel should change to purple...then small red then blue all wheels should change to grey

  • When all the wheels are grey open panel click on user input screen step into transporter

Level 8 Walkthrough

  • Pick up the screwdriver off of the table and go to the panel on the wall beside the poster.

  • Click on the buttons on the panel so that the numbers will add up to the number at the top of the panel and then press the "enter code" button. You will have to do this 12 times.

  • Move through the fireplace room, and then the upper right room and click on picture frame to reveal a hidden part of the room.

  • Use the screwdriver on the grating to be able to go through the opening to the next room where you will pick up the clock weights from the clock.

  • Go back to the room with the poster and number panel on the wall and press the panel which will make the wall move.

  • Go into the secret room and pull the string down from the right hand side of the ceiling fixture...then put the weights on it once the string is pulled out.

  • Take the horse chess piece and go back to the clock room...then put the horse piece on the pedestal.

  • Keep moving horse chess piece towards pedestal piece, always attempting to get it to land on pedestal piece, while at the same time trying to move both of them towards the fireplace....and then continue doing this until both pieces eventually end up in the fireplace.

  • Once both pieces are in the fireplace, then go back to the other fireplace room and go into the lower right hand room (originally the room that had the force field in front of it.)

  • Once in that room, open locker 1, put on the alien suit, open the air lock door and enter the cabin.

Level 9 Walkthrough

  • Open the cupboard that's by the spaceship and get a key from the box.

  • In the next room open the cupboard with the key. In it you will find a floppy disk and a big triangle.

  • Put the triangle on the broken part of the high voltage panel to fix the force field and then go back to the spaceship room.

  • Now you can enter the door that was previously locked on the other side of the locker.

  • In the room that has the computer in it, open the cupboard and you will find another key there.

  • Then go back to the spaceship room again and open the locker with the will show you the word QUEST.

  • Go back into the computer room, and put the floppy disk into the disk drive and then restart the computer.

  • Type QUEST on the computer and then press the return/enter key.

  • A picture will appear with some letters...remember the letters and click on the door to change the will see some more letters in the next room...take all the letters and make a word with them and type that word on the computer.

  • Then you should get the following message: "I hope I unlocked the door".

  • Now go over a couple of rooms till you get to a room with 2 cupboards, and 2 chairs with a plant between the cupboard closest to you and find a key.

  • "Here is the machine that will unlock the doors in room#7. Default position is door#1 opened in room#7. You will have to go to room#7, open the door that corresponds to what the machine shows, and there will be the exit door behind one of them. This is random so I can't tell you which door to open. Just try them all, and change which door is opened by hitting the center of the machine." Once you find the correct door, then use the key to open it.

Level 10 Walkthrough

  • Go to the room on the left and open the cabinet and take the white ball and a key.

  • Going back through the first room, go upstairs and open the right hand locker with the key getting the red pass card out of it.

  • Go back to the circular puzzle room and use the red pass card over the green circle at the bottom of the puzzle which will make the colored circle move down.

  • Enter puzzle and line up colors with each other red with red blue with blueetc OR...

  • Click on colored part of puzzle to enter it and then you're going to be clicking the colors "in the following order"

    1. the first one is lower right red

    2. then lower left red

    3. lower left yellow (small one)

    4. lower right yellow

    5. upper right green

    6. upper right red

    7. upper left green

    8. upper left blue

    9. upper right red

    10. upper right green

    11. lower right red

    12. lower right green

    13. upper right green

    14. upper left red

  • To enter the puzzle ...Use the red pass card on that green circle....and open the black center. Inside it you will find a key which will open the exit door in room #1.

Level 11 Walkthrough

  • Walk through the rooms till you get to a room with a chalkboard.

  • Open the cupboard and get a key and a screwdriver...Then pick up the chalk from chalkboard.

  • Go back to the first room where you will open the chest and find a coin in it and then go to the pool table room when done.

  • Put the white ball on the pool table, the coin in the slot, and use the chalk on the cuestick.

  • Aim cuestick mostly to the middle right hole and shoot...The reward is another key (found in front side of pool table)...use key to open door.

Level 12 Walkthrough

    1. click on the first button, going down, skip two, click the next, skip two, click the next all the way to the end of column

    2. always move left to right and top to bottom.

    3. Next go to column #3, skip #2 competely

    4. on column #3, click every button that has a black button to its immediate left. do this for the rest of wall

    5. the last column will leave four buttons black, but that's okay.

  • green wall solutions:

  • Once the green wall is done the wall will move. Go to the room on the left closest to the green wall, and on the shelves you will find a light bulb...take it and go to the room on the right closest to the green wall.

  • Open the left cupboard, and get the wire-cutter. Then push the right cupboard and enter the room behind it.

  • Erase the wrinkle in the rug, and move the chair over to the lamp, then get a key from the ceiling light.

  • Now put the light bulb into the lamp on the table and turn it the code along the wall that appears when you move the light up and down to read the full code. There should be 8 numbers...write these down to remember them.

  • After the code is written down move locker to clear the path, and go back to the green wall room and then the lower right hand room.

  • Move the table with clock on it first, then the box, then the tall piece of furniture, then desk with green picture and plant, and finally the bed...go down in hole under bed to laser gates row.

  • Move the shelves under opening in ceiling, and then go into laser room 1 and push the red button which will deactivate laser gate #1.

  • Go into laser room#2 and open the right panel on the machine with screwdriver, and then cut the green wire with the wire-cutter.

  • Go back to laser gates row. Now you can go to the laser room#3 and press left corner of wall under window to open the secret passage.

  • In laser room 3 open the cupboard with your key, where you will find the last key and a go back to laser room 1.

  • In laser room 1, press blue button. It will reactivate first laser gate, and deactivate the third one.

  • Go to laser room#3 through hole in ceiling above shelves, and go through the hole under cabinet in lamp room where you got the 8 numbers off the wall to be able to access the final room. The room you're trying to get to has a number panel in it with an E on it and a laser wall in front of a door.

  • Enter the 8 number code that you wrote down into the 123E panel SLOWLY and then press E, (it won't look like it's doing anything) and then when laser wall in front of door disappears, use the key found in laser room#3 to open the last door.

Level 13 Walkthrough

  • Go outside and click on the block under the wagon..then click on the manhole. This powers the elevator inside.

  • Take the elevator to floor D and click on the shelves to pick up the waterproof tape.

  • Then go to level B and put the red card on the "eye." You'll see a picturejust to the right of the eye... Click on its caption and remember the color andcompass direction. Then go further right down the hallway and do the same forthe other three pictures.

  • Return to level A. Enter the room to your right where there is a colormachine. The 4 sides rotate when you press the button on the right (not the redlever). The button on the left only changes the shape from rectangular totriangular...but I've been told it doesn't matter which way it's set.

  • Using the colors and directions from the pictures, click the small colorbuttons. To start, the side of the machine facing you is south, so use thosesmall color buttons in front to put the correct color for south on that side ofthe machine.

  • Now click on button on the right once to move the machine to west...put thecorrect color for west on that on right hand button once...putcorrect color for on right hand button once...put correct colorfor east..then rotate machine to let south side face you again.

  • When you have all the colors lined up on each side correctly, then pull thered lever on the right side of the machine.

  • You should now have the golden key.

  • Go to floor C. To the right of the elevator is a wall puzzle. Click on it toreveal a color puzzle. There are four sides to the puzzle...Starting in anyinside corner click until you get all the colors filled in for thatsection..then go to the rest of inside corners and do the same.

  • After finishing wall puzzle it will open up to reveal a key. Take the keyinto the room to your right and use it to open the cupboard and get the bucket.

  • Return to A level and go outside. Moving all the way to your left you shouldsee a well and a gate with a fire in front of it.

  • Take the bucket and place it at the end of the rope attached to the well.Click on it and then click on the wheel on the side of the well to bring up thebucket. Use the waterproof tape to fix the bucket, and then use the wheel todrop and raise the bucket once more.

  • Click on the bucket with water and use it to put out the flames and then usethe golden key and unlock the door.

Level 14 Walkthrough

  • Go out the door on your right, go to the end of the street, go right to the park, then right again to the mill.

  • Get the axe on the stump.

  • Click on the axe, then click on the piece of sandpaper near the left corner of the screen. This will sharpen the axe. Now you will need to sharpen the axe on all the other pieces of sandpaper located in flood control, front end of the street, underneath the container in the first room, and the room to the left of that one.

  • When your axe is fully sharpened, go back to the mill.

  • Use the axe to cut the rope that is holding the windmill down.

  • Go to flood control.

  • Click on the buttons until the boat is all the way to the left side. You can do this by clicking the buttons in this order: 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3.

  • Exit flood control and go to the park.

  • Use the rope to get the spade from the boat that is now floating down the river.

  • Go back to the front end of the street and use the spade to knock down the pair of pants hanging from the wire. You will get a key.

  • Go back to the original room, then the room left of it with the projectors. Write down the numbers on the wall.

  • Go to the end of the street and unlock the door to the left.

  • You will need to solve this color block. Start by getting the movable piece to the top-left, then the one on the top-right, the one on the top-middle, the one on the bottom-right, the one on the bottom-middle, then the one on the bottom-left.

  • A panel will open up where the color block was. Click on the circle on the left side of this panel.

  • A doorway to the left will open. Go in and enter in the code you wrote down from the projectors.

  • Go right, and use the screwdriver to knock down the panel. Enter the hole.

Level 15 Walkthrough

  • Use the screwdriver on the panel in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Now put the screwdriver where the panel was.

  • The four screens will light up, and you must put them in chronological order of the game.

    1. First screen of the game, the bedroom you wake up in.

    2. The second screen of the game, has a clock on it.

    3. The bridge.

    4. The end screen with the table and talking robot.

  • Enter the door to your right.

  • Click on the ball on top of the pole in the middle of the screen. A portal will come down, and you enter it.

Level 16 Walkthrough

  • Go into the second doorway to the right.

  • Read the note on the right wall.

  • Flip the switches according to the note, and the power will come back on.

  • Exit that room, and go into the first doorway on the right.

  • Click on the icon 'My Computer.'

  • Click on 'Desktop Images' to change the background.

  • Click on 'readme.txt.' Write down the password at the bottom. It will be taters***.

  • Exit out of the window.

  • Write down the numbers after 'UNOX Operating System v.*.**.

  • Open up 'My Computer' again.

  • Click on 'Password Settings.'

  • Enter taters*** into the top text box that says 'Enter Password.'

  • Enter *.** into the bottom-right text box that says 'UNOX Version.'

  • Click the LOGIN button on the bottom-right corner of the window.

  • Click on the last icon in the last column on the right. It will be titled BLENDER.

  • Write down the numbers that appear in the middle of the screen *.**.

  • Exit out of the window.

  • Go to 'My Computer' then 'Password Settings.'

  • Enter the numbers you just got into the text box that says 'Blender Version' then click LOGIN again.

  • Now go to 'My Documents.' Click on the Saved Email Folder and click on the Document that's in it.

  • If there are a lot of boxes and no spaces between any of the words, click on DECODER 2. If the words are spaced out, you don't need to click on anything. Once the words are spaced out, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Write down the numbers. Exit the window.

  • Click on the START button, then click on UNLOCK THE DOOR.

  • Enter the numbers you were just given into the text box, then click UNLOCK THE DOOR.

  • Exit the room.

  • Click on the square panel in front of you in the middle of the screen. It will open.

  • Go outside.

Level 17 Walkthrough

  • Go to the left.

  • Click the bottom-right of the window so the target is now on the UFO.

  • Click on the arrows in this sequence: Up, Up, Right, Right, Down.

  • The UFO head should fly off. Click inside the UFO, where the head just was. You will get the MOTAS device.

  • Click on the MOTAS device, then on the third orb that appears. You will be taken back to a previous level. Pick up the screwdriver on the chair.

  • Click on the second orb.

  • Use the screwdriver to open up the door marked 2. You hide inside and watch your former self go by. You will get an IC board.

  • Click on the first orb, and put the IC board in the UFO.

  • Click on the third orb.

  • Click on the broken UFO to get another IC board.

  • Click on the first orb and insert the other IC board into the UFO.

  • Click on the UFO and read the note that was beneath it.

  • Now when you click on the MOTAS device again, a fourth orb appears. Click on it.

Level 18 Walkthrough

  • Enter the screen to the right, and click on the big black block. It will move aside to reveal a note.

  • Click on the note and write down the numbers.

  • Go back to the left screen, and enter the numbers by clicking on the dice looking obects.

  • Once the correct code is entered, a panel will slide up. Put the MOTAS device in the insertion slot at the bottom of the panel.

  • Make sure the two bottom circles nf the panel are pointing toward the MOTAS device and the one on top is pointing upwards. The little triangle switches need to be up, down, up, down, up. When the MOTAS device is floating, pick it up.

  • Click on it, then click on the second orb.

  • Click on the alien and the UFO. The alien will get in and fly away.

  • Click on the note it left behind.

Level 19 Walkthrough

  • Go one screen left.

  • You can click on three things: the big green button, then the two smaller knobs. Click on both of the knobs, then on the big green button. This will put you in the future.

  • Go as far right as you can. You will see a big tree, a fence, and a seed. Pick up the seed.

  • Go back into the room with the three buttons. Click on the left knob, then the big green button. This will put you in the past.

  • Go all the way to the right again, to the room with the tree and fence. Now there will be a ladder on the right side. Pick it up.

  • Go back to the room you started in, the one to the right of the three buttons. Put the seed in the plant pot.

  • Go right and click on the left knob then the big green button to be in the future again.

  • Go right to where you planted the seed. Put the ladder against the plant pot and fully grown tree.

  • You can now go into the room above. Go up then right. Click on the bookcase and write down the code.

  • Go back into the room with the buttons. Click on the right knob then the big green button. This will put you back in the present.

  • Go into the room on your left and enter in the code you were given.

  • The panel will slide open. Enter in.

Level 20 Walkthrough

  • You start with the MOTAS device. Get the screwdriver from clicking on the cardboard box.

  • Go left two times.

  • Use the screwdriver on the fan in the left window.

  • Go right and put the fan into the hole in the computer.

  • Press the power button on the right part of the computer. Click the top right corner of the mini windows until you get to the back one.

  • You'll get a code. It corresponds to the color buttons under the windows in the room to the left. Go there and click the buttons until you match the code.

    1. R - red

    2. G - green

    3. B - blue

    4. Y - yellow

    5. C - cyan

    6. P - purple

  • Go left. Get the USB device on the floor here. Take it to the computer and put it in the slot.

  • Restart the computer. You'll get a new red window, and the player character will say a number code. Click on the red window to see the code.

  • Go all the way to the left. Enter this code on the grey buttons on the box on the left wall. The numbers should be arranged 1, 2, 3, 4 (in columns left to right) for each of the 5 rows.

  • Pick up the magnet. Go right.

  • Use the magnet to pick up the key outside the left window.

  • Go to the starting room, and use the key on the key locker. Pick up the new key.

  • Go all the way to the left. Use the key on the keyhole.

  • In this puzzle, you can click on the four grey circle buttons and bits of the concentric circles will rotate. You need to align the gaps with the lengths of the grey pegs, which will slot into the concentric rings when you get it right.

  • I assumed I would stumble on the correct solution by random clicking, and I did...but you could sit down and work it out on paper. Note that the outermost ring rotates each time, but has 4 gaps, so you can ignore it completely and focus on lining up the inner 3 rings. Good luck!


mixedmetaphor May 29, 2008 3:27 PM

this is fairly random and possibly not relevant, but has anyone else had trouble playing this game on a mac? i can't seem to get into the game -- when i click on the "ENTER MOTAS" link, it just opens up a smaller window with the same page, but it never loads the game. i'm pretty sure i've played this game on my pc, so could it just be a mac thing?


It started up just fine for me, but I'm on a PC.

FunnyMan May 29, 2008 4:01 PM

Level 20 looks okay, but there seem to be some nasty bugs in the
earlier levels. On L19, I kept getting messages from L20. And when I finished L19, it dropped me to the "end of game" screen, I had to reload and hit continue to get to L20.


finally! ive been looking forward to this for a long time


Finished the's fairly easy. The block slider puzzle seems orininal, but that's all. I look forward to the continuation of the series.

Partial Walkthrough - from memory


You start with the MOTAS device. Also I got a screwdriver from somewhere, can't remember where but it must have been obvious.


Go left two times.


Use the screwdriver on the fan in the left window.


Go right and put the fan into the hole in the computer.


Press the power button on the right part of the computer. Click the top right corner of the mini windows until you get to the back one.


You'll get a code. It corresponds to the buttons under the windows in the room to the left. Go there and click the buttons until you match the code.


R - red, Y - yellow, B - blue, G - green, P - purple, C - cyan


Go left. I think there was a USB device on the floor here. Take it to the computer and put it in the slot.


Restart the computer. You'll get a new red window, and the player character will say a number code.


Go all the way to the left. Enter this code on the grey buttons on the box on the left wall. The numbers should be arranged 1, 2, 3, 4 for each of the 5 rows.


Pick up the magnet. Go right.


Use the magnet to pick up the key outside the left window.


Go to the starting room, and use the key on the key locker. Pick up the new key.


Go all the way to the left. Use the key on the keyhole.


In this puzzle, you can click on the four grey circle buttons and bits of the concentric circles will rotate. You need to align the gaps with the lengths of the grey pegs, which will slot into the concentric rings when you get it right.


I assumed I would stumble on the correct solution by random clicking, and I did...but you could sit down and work it out on paper. Note that the outermost ring rotates each time, but has 4 gaps, so you can ignore it completely and focus on lining up the inner 3 rings. Good luck!

Sheer_Cold May 29, 2008 4:20 PM

Now make another level :P


One thing that I find incredibly annoying is the person moderating the chat, constantly kicking people off. So arrogant and pompous. I mean... ugh. if (s)he hates people so much, user services is really not what they should be doing with their life. What a wack way to feel good about yourself, bwah-hah-hahing and abusing your sysadmin power.


As much as I love room escape puzzles and MOTAS, I really don't feel like going back trough this game yet again to play the next level.

ThemePark May 29, 2008 4:55 PM

mixedmetaphor, whatever is the cause, it has nothing to do with Macs. I use a PC and have had that problem as well. Closing the window and clicking the link again did the trick after a couple of tries at most.


HA. For that last door puzzle:

I clicked the top-right button twice and it worked.

nullvoid May 29, 2008 4:58 PM

yay! second, (third?) finished

tenkuchima May 29, 2008 5:27 PM

Im'm not sure if its a glitch or what, but whenever I load a saved game, every room has the intro music. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it.

Anonymous May 29, 2008 5:43 PM

Even if you get stuck on the screen with the loudspeaker after level 19, you don't need to replay the game to reach level 20. Just exit the window, reopen it, and click "continue game". It should bring you right to level 20. Good luck!

oggologgo May 29, 2008 5:46 PM

I really hate jayisgames' popup windows. Just use normal links. Nobody want's some stupid small window with the game, where you have to scroll inside, cuz it never fits anyway.

[Edit: Then don't use the javascript pop-ups. They are there for convenience (you can resize them), and many people do use them and appreciate them. We also include normal HTML links in every review for people like you who don't like them. Just click the first time the game title is mentioned in the review. Thanks for your feedback! Perhaps someday I can make it so you can turn off the javascript links on the page if you wish. -Jay]


I don't know if anyone else has this problem but when playing the game my house keeps disappearing. I keep having to right click to find out where i am.


Help please. level 2. I got the code from the computer (different from the walkthrough) but I can't enter it in the keypad by the door. I don't get to press the right buttons


wow, i don't think i've ever finished a MOTAS level so quickly or with so little help. mixed blessing? fun and fast, but definitely not the best level yet, and oddly out of keeping with the increasing levels of difficulty so far- especially since we've been waiting so long for 20.
looking forward to more frustrating levels in the future, please! (i do mean that sincerely, btw)


How do you figure out the smiley code in the first place and where is the six from?


Hey, are you sure you are a human? Or is it a secretly implied when you start and not supposed to change? O is it a secret in the first place about being not a human?

explodreamer May 29, 2008 9:52 PM

Hi, I'm trying out level 20 and I'm facing this problem at the start.

The fan didn't appear in my inventory after I took it down with the screwdriver and I couldn't continue on with the computer.

Is it a bug? I've restarted the level twice and I'm quite reluctant to restart the whole game from level 1. Pls help!


I don't really care to play the whole thing again just to see what promises to be one mediocre level. I've already done that several times. I think I'll wait until the game is finished or a level select feature is added.

darlingdeath May 29, 2008 10:32 PM

I'm not sure this will work for everyone, but on level 20...

all I pressed were the bottom right and the top left grey buttons and the puzzle was solved. thank goodness too, because most times I don't have patience for those types of puzzles. :D

parakeet May 29, 2008 10:52 PM

Sorry to backtrack, but I'm having trouble at level 9.

I've unscrambled the word on the computer, but I can't figure out how to enter it. It doesn't work if I simply type it, or if I reboot and then type it. What am I missing?


VislorTurlough May 29, 2008 11:32 PM

done... now, we wait... again.


Yeah, I meant the door puzzle. I don't know if it has a generic name.


Parakeet, I'm having the same problem with level 9. If anyone can help, we'd be appreciative!


Mixedmetaphor, I have the same problem as you, with a PC (my browser is Opera) : I used to play the previous levels without problem, but now, I can't enter the game...


Forget it, finally it worked...


I like the game, but it seems to error for me. On the first level with the rat I had to restart because the

stairs woudl nto come back down

and then on the tenth level I could not find

more then three pieces of sand paper, it was like they did not exist. I foind one at the beginning of the street, under the bin and by the axe, but none other to be found.

Also on that level there was a door on the right of the street that opened, but I could not enter and now it doesn't even open.


I played it through, but when I finished lvl 19 it took me to the ending room, with the guestbook and speaker, skipping lvl 20.

Has this happened to anybody else, or should I just play it through again and hope it goes to lvl 20 instead?


Aw. I just formatted my computer, which means I'd have to play from level 1. Again. For the third time. The game needs a save feature.

mixedmetaphor May 30, 2008 9:07 AM

thanks for the info, everyone -- at least it's not just me, even though it's still not working. i suppose perseverance is the key. either that, or the universe is telling me to quit trying to play games on my work computer!

Dr. Curiosity May 30, 2008 10:01 AM

The first level reminds me a lot of a game called "Asylum" that I played on the TRS-80, where the eventual aim was to get out of... you guessed it, an asylum. First you had to get out of your cell, which was done in a way very similar to Level 1 of this game.


mixedmetaphor, i have had the same trouble on my pc like 3 minutes ago. a few tries and it worked.

i'm starting again from the first level, the game seem a little more buggy than it was before. :/

JKW1994 May 30, 2008 12:05 PM

Can someone please find the code for the 'input code' box at the bottom right of the screen?'ve played through the game so many times now and i still really want to play the new level.

Much appreciated if you do


There are a couple stages I'd rather play over again, but I wouldn't want to play the whole thing over every time I try it.

I guess the author is reduced to putting up new MOTAS rooms in his spare time, only when he's inspired? Oh well, they're still fun to play for the time it takes to play them.

Anonymous May 30, 2008 12:25 PM

i have a problem with level 9 aswell.

typed quest and got letters TSAE the 2 pictures. tried every combo but cant get the door to unlock. any pointers?


Room escape games... The new and innovative way of creating deeply engaging games by the pioneers of it's genre. The mere rareness of this type of game makes it such a gem that every singe game of it you may manage to play is 5 times as great! Surely this exciting new frontier of gameplay style shall never wear out or grow stale.

I'm sorry, Jayisgames. But no matter the merrit, I am burnt out. I no longer have the stamina to play any more escape games except probably submachine (Cause those are actually pretty good). It's not the number of the games that has done this to me, but the number of almost identical games (a good 95%), and the fact that almost no one that works in that genre has the ability to come up with any really good or new ideas for it.

I just.. no longer have the power. They are dead to me.


To be fair, it's not as if EVERY level adds to the plot...couldn't Jan simply highlight the important levels in a level select screen?

Also, it seems a little unfair to expect everyone to react to the game in the same way (i.e. be interested in what's going on). The developer should let people make of the game what they will.

anelson May 30, 2008 3:08 PM

Do you have to know how to play chess to get past level 8? I cant figure out a method other then random clicking.

Dougonthetyne May 30, 2008 3:27 PM

You can select any level to start from>
Click the M top right hand corner of screen for drop down menu, Then select the floppy disc icon.

Select which level you want to play.


Anelson, the chess piece is a knight. You can find info about how a knight moves via google. That might help! :)

OrionBlack May 30, 2008 6:38 PM

Has anyone else ever noticed that if you get an extra coin after the pool table level, you can use it on the pop machine in the laser wall level to get a can of soda?

I figured it out awhile back, but so far it has no use that I know of.


I need help with level 18. My Alien just sits there and kinda twitches. He won't get in the space craft. Any advice appreciated.


Kitster May 31, 2008 5:13 AM

Unable to get past level 18, at the point where i guess i should be clicking on the alien and the spaceship to get him to fly away but it will not let me click on the spaceship...

carlos1999 May 31, 2008 7:31 AM

I need to know some codes for the bottom right


the little padlock

Ezrabbit May 31, 2008 7:58 AM

Problem with level 20:
The walkthrough states that

restarting the pc with the usb stick in brings up a red window and clicking on it makes the character say a number code

This doesn't happen for me.

clicking the red window only makes the character say an advert for

So I'm stuck because of this.


in level 9 the computer

the letters I get are d a f r w, cant seem to find the right word, I've tried dwarf but it doesent work... help pleas


MOTAS has me X|

Love the game. Level 20 was a little easier than some of the ones before it, but still very fun. I really want to find out more of the secrets of this universe! We've been told so little about it!

And yeah, the game did seem glitchier than it has in the past, with text from other levels appearing. The Speaker in the 'guestbook' room started talking about cupboards for some reason. :p
But I'm always happy to see another chapter of this game. What a weekend this is, with Eyemaze, MOTAS, Mateusz Skutnik, Virtual Villagers...
All we need now is another Submachine and we'll be in Casual Gamers' Heaven!

riuzaki May 31, 2008 5:43 PM

i have always wondered what the can of soda you can get between levels 11 and 12 does. how to get it is

to finish the game of pool and go back to the chest with the coins. then make your way through level 12 and once you get to the soda machine, put the coin in and you get the soda


I too cannot get the alien to move on level 18...

Jonathan May 31, 2008 9:27 PM

Has anyone else gotten the

can of soda?

Is it used for an Easter egg or something?


Here's a neat piece of extra flavor in the game. It's a decryption of the rest of the letter in level 16, typos and spelling errors left intact. It's in spoilers because it's a lot of text, but I left out the door code in case people want to see it without getting spoiled on a puzzle. There's no actual game spoilers in this text, purely plot spoilers.

Dear sir/madam,


Cloning & Logic Training Facility - Automated Log


This is an automated message.


December 7th, 2006

The main computer has awakened the automated facilities of the colonial cloning & logic training facility. This artificial moon will be on route to the nearest l class planet.

January 3st, 2007

Today new clones have been hatched and arrived in the Logic Training facility. Although they start with no memory, reports are indicating logic skills to be present. They happy proceed through the 8 virtual levels before.

January 8th, 2007

We arrived at the outher edges of the Terra system today. It seems the inhabitants of the third planet from the star have reached the appropriate level of developement.

January 12th, 2007

There might be a problem. Today we were scanned by the population of the planet that was indexed as Terra Prime (local name Earth according to monitored broadcasts). They even announced in their media the discovery of an previous undiscovered planet or planetoid in their star system. Adjusting course is not possible without the risk being noticed as artificial.

February 1st, 2007

Today the disturbing news came. The people from Terra Prime have gotten the impression this artificial planetoid is on a collision course with their planet. It seems they plan to destroy this planetoid in the hope to escape disaster.

February 2nd, 2007

It has been decided that all personell will be evacuated as it is to soon to have formal contact with the inhabitants of Terra Prime. The self destruct of this base has been activated and this space station will be destroyed as soon as the terrans send ships.

March 15th, 2007

Long range scans reveal the launch of several manned spacecraft. Hoping they would send automated craft to destroy this base was preferable. Hopefully they attempt to destroy this base from a save range.

June 5th, 2007

The spacecraft are almost within visual range. The self destruct has not been initiated and should be done before this station comes to close to earth. If it's to close debris may rain down, or the shock wave of the impact would bump the planet out of orbit.

June 9th, 2007

The spacecraft appear to waste more time on examining a, what appears to their scanners as ordinary planetoid in space. Safety protocol has been overwritten and a remote DNA sample was taken to create a clone that will hopefully save the planet.

June 25th, 2007

The clone has reached the physical realm of the logic training. I will leave a copy of this mission report for the clone to find.

Oh, I almost forgot, the code to open the door is:


Napoleon June 1, 2008 8:29 AM

Anyone having problem with level 18:

There's two settings of arrows in the schema that will make the MOTAS device float (and charge it). However only one is with REVERSED polarity - and that's the one you need to make the alien fly away (back in time).
So if the alien is just sitting you need "the other" setting which is (copied from the walkthrough above):

-two bottom circles are pointing toward the MOTAS device
-the one on top is pointing upwards
-the little triangle switches need to be up, down, up, down, up.




On the last level, the walkthrough lies- the character never says any such number code. I click on the window and just get an advertisement for portable apps.



Although I feel that MOTAS is a great game, it's a bit buggy. I correctly put in the colour code, but it failed to recognise it until I had done it a second time.
No, really. I just scrolled through the spectrum on one of the buttons until I had gotten back to where I had started, and THEN it accepted.


anyone know how to

get the sandpaper out of the flood control building in level 14?its the only sandpaper i need left.

anelson June 2, 2008 11:39 PM

You use all of the sandpaper to

sharpen the ax that you find in the stump in front of the windmill. Click on the ax and then click on each of the pieces of sand paper.

deschain June 3, 2008 9:38 AM

I've notice a change in the game that several people have talked about.

I played Level 20 some days ago when it first came out -- the USB loads a red window with a numerical code. That was fine.

Now, I try playing Level 20 again and the USB loads an ADVERTISEMENT for Portable Apps. No matter how and where you click it, the captions etc do not reveal any code, it just says "". You can't remove it or move the ad either.

What happened?


I'm having the same problem with the red window... No code just menu :-(


I am having a pretty hard time--mainly because of bugs... Sometimes my cursor doesn't show up, other times, things don't respond to my mouse clicks.

i.e. right now I am in level three and I cannot put the stairs back down after completing the rat puzzle... switching to another room and back made the rat disappear!

If this game is so highly regarded, it is weird that I am still running into really annoying bugs..
I think I am going to stop now....


I cannot seem to beat 14, for some reason when I posted before I wrote the tenth level, it is the fourteenth. It was 6 am who knows what I was thinking.
Anyways I found them

In the room left of the containers with the projectors the sand paper in in the lower left corner in the dark, you cannot see it. Same spot in the flood controll in the room wher eyou see the water and the boat.


I've seen that other people are hvaing the same trouble I am. in level 19,. I kept getting subtitles/hints that didn't fit the surroundngs. only now do I realize that theyw ere subtitles/hints from level 20. Also when I finished level 19, I was taken directly to the end screen.

If anyone experiences this, all I did was close the window, open a one, and select continue.

Hope that helps people!

Davidius June 7, 2008 1:08 PM

How do you sign the guest book? I've got the pen dipped in ink...


Theres no screwdriver!!!!!!!!


hey guys i got the secret to the problem of level 9
go to the m top right click hard drive click level nine and go back to the computer after repeating the steps.
Repeat this over and over until you get the letters RAGTE then type great and press enter
worked for me

Mister Man June 8, 2008 7:16 PM

In level 16, when I try to enter the number I got from the Blender program, I lose access to everything except My Computer, and the passwords don't work anymore.



is anyone else having trouble in level 19

placing the ladder on the tree?

i can't find the correct place to click.

Mister Man June 9, 2008 7:17 PM

Never mind. When I entered the taters password and the UNOX version WITHOUT the "v", it worked!



wow! if you click the painting of a glove in the 4th level, then the lamp,the glove will come out and right the painting!


AUGH! I can't get alien in spaceship in level 18! someone plz help! >_<


ooo! I noticed people were posting glitches they were experiencing, I once was playing level 19, it said it was level 20 (I made no connection, as I was not keeping track of the levels), it was screwing up what the items were called, for example, when i click on the big TV in the middle room, it said something about it overheating (???) and when i hovered over the ladder, instead of saying "Ladder" it said "This fan should be of some use" (?????) and other caption glitches


By the way, Blender, which was used to make this game, is pretty cool once you get to know how to use it


jeter: I'm having the exact same problem with level 19. Have you figured it out yet?


I don't know if anyone else had realized this but when the game starts, or at any point during the game, you can skip to different levels. If you hit the tab key it will bring up a menu on the right side of the screen and one of the options looks like a computer disc and says "load game". Clicking on this will bring up a menu that let's you skip to any level. So, those of you just wanting to play the new level can do it this way. Too bad I realized this when I was on level 19....


YES!!! guys i found a solution to the problem of not having a numerical code.

there's a specific tiny little button on the portable apps window that makes a "password manager" pop up...and this gives you the password. i don't know why it says the character gives you the code...there's a window that pops up.

much better! *phew*


Okay, I've finished MOTAS (with quite a bit of help from the walkthroughs, I must admit), and I have some questions about the keypad in Level 5...

I was able to figure out most of the solutions on my own. The vast majority were a matter of "which is different" or "which is wrong" or somesuch.
Like in the first one,

all the images are variations on a smiley, except for the one that's frowning.

Or in the second one,

the one that's not a vowel.

Or in the third one,

the shape that isn't made of angles.

Or in the fourth one,

the only odd number.

Or in the fifth one,

the odd-armed star.

Or in the sixth one,

the one that won't connect the pipes.

But in the seventh one,

I could only get it through trial-and-error. What is the logic behind this level?

In the eighth one,

this was also trial-and-error for me. Again, can someone explain why the answer is what it is?

In the ninth one,

ditto, ditto, and ditto. What is the reasoning here?

In the tenth one,

well, this was almost too easy, if you look carefully for a difference.

In the eleventh one,

again, I couldn't figure out the reasoning here and would like to know if anyone has.

In the twelfth one,

well, the best I could figure was not wanting two of the same color adjacent, but then why the one and not the other?

In the thirteenth one,

the best I could figure was the one with some kind of hole in the middle.

In the fourteenth one,

it's the one that doesn't follow the up-down pattern.

In the fifteenth one,

there could be a better reason, but the one that worked for me was "not lower-case."

In the sixteenth one,

the one that wasn't a rotation of the pattern.

In the seventeenth one,

again, too easy if you have ever seen a standard six-sided die in your life.

In the eighteenth one,

the piece that absolutely does not fit.

In the nineteenth one,

again, the one that isn't a rotation of the pattern.

In the twentieth one,

it's subtle, but one shape is slightly different from the others.

In the twenty-first one,

same principle as the previous one. One of them is just slightly different.

In the twenty-second one,

the one that does not get 10. You do need to know a bit of math to understand ratios.

In the twenty-third one,

the one that doesn't fit the number pattern.

In the twenty-fourth one,

I could not for the life of me figure out the logic to this one. Anyone?

In the twenty-fifth one,

as before, the one that isn't a rotation.

In the twenty-sixth one,

the best I could figure was the one made from a single, linear stroke.

In the twenty-seventh one,

the one that wasn't a multiple or a factor of any of the other numbers. (Or if you don't care to convert the binary, the one that isn't some combination of two zeroes and two ones.)

Is there anyone out there who has figured out the reasoning behind the ones I used trial-and-error to get?

David McKee July 2, 2008 11:17 AM

On the subject of level 5, the solutions are, as far as I can see:

01 - Smilies

#6 isn't smiling.

02 - Letters

F isn't a vowel.

03 - Shapes

#11 is not a polygon, it's a circle.

04 - Numbers

15 isn't even.

05 - Stars

#6, the five pointed star, isn't made up of lines which pass through the middle and out the other side straight.

06 - Red Segments

#7 isn't in the correct orientation to make a path.

07 - Letters.

#8 isn't made up of continuous strokes.

08 - Glyphs.

#9 isn't made up of three strokes.

09 - Letters.

P isn't unique.

10 - Eggs.

#12 isn't a circle.

11 - Glyphs.

#11 isn't made up of a curved segment and a straight segement.

12 - Castles

#6 is a green castle, and that appears twice in both row and column; it should be yellow to avoid this occurring.

13 - Reflected Shapes

#10 has a gap in it.

14 - Rotors

#1 has it's thin rotor blade to the left, not alternating up and down as in all other cases.

15 - 'Words'

MS is a company, not a internet technology. Plus it's in capitals.

16 - Coloured Squares

#6 isn't a duplicate of another.

17 - Dice

#6 isn't found on a six-sided die.

18 - Jigsaw

#9 doesn't mesh with the other pieces around it, if it was replaced with a corner piece with two holes rather than two lumps, it'd be a valid jigsaw

19 - Coloured Squares

#7's colour-scheme turns in the opposite direction to the others.

20 - Sunbursts

#4 has spokes where the others have gaps, and vice versa.

21 - Suns

#5 does not have horizontal and vertical lines.

22 - Sums

7:3 (the ratio of 7 to 3, or 7/3) is not 10

23 - Numbers

2042 isn't twice the previous number.

24 - Piecharts

#1 is Pacman. (Moreover, no other circle is 75% of a pie)

25 - Pieces of Metal

If all pieces are rotated so that the dark side is on the left, #11 points down, not up.

26 - Glyphs

#5 isn't made up of four short lengths. (Some shapes like #1 and #3 use them to make longer lengths.)

27 - Binary

#2, 1101, doesn't feature two 0's and two 1's.


same thing about level 18...the alien doesn't do anything, let alone fly away. how can it fly away anyway? the UFO's all broken.

i got all the way here without the walkthrough and then all of a sudden, not even the walkthrough helps me!!! :(


thanks napoleon, but I can't get that to work. See, if the top circle is pointing upward, the MOTAS device doesn't charge at all, and I can't get to the alien place...

plus, i feel stupid, but what's "reversed polarity"??


David McKee --

You said, regarding #9,

P isn't unique.


why is the answer 4 and not 10? That still leaves a bit of guesswork. With all the others, reasoning provides precisely one option. With this one, I don't see anything that points to one P as being the better answer than the other P.

Thank you very much for explaining the others, though. They make perfect sense now that you've said them. Regarding #7,

it was perfectly clear to me once I full-screened the game and cleaned my glasses!

Leo --
Reversed polarity is when you take something like a battery and turn it around to that its negative and positive are opposite where they should be.


On level 6 why can't I find the key? I have before then started over a few times. I have checked the spoilers but I've clicked at least a dozen times! And I usually get the hang of these games once I start. What am I doing wrong :/


Level 6 where is the key, I have found it before, but I decided to start over... I have checked the spoilers but I still can't seam to find it :/


If that's the level I think it is, the key falls through a grate and you need to go through the trapdoor and to the left. Sort of as if it were a real house and the key really fell through the grate.


Thanks "Escape velocity" I knew there had to be step that I was missing to get the key :)


Level 20

The box on the wall I've click a number of times, but I haven't been able to get my number correct. A number appears at the bottom but it's not the one I was given. Anyone else getting that too :/


Level 20

I had that problem too.

You have to go left to right. My number was 44244, so what
ever yours is you use start with the 1st number and go across

I hope I've helped.


This Game is Annoying !!! AHH level 13 is killer!!

Anonymous August 4, 2008 2:16 PM

need help with #9 here

Jdca83-76 August 15, 2008 12:36 PM

I am seriously stuck on #9. It's really annoying. Please help me! Thank you.


Which part of 9 are you stuck on?


I, too, am stuck on level 9. I've played it before and so I know how to get past the computer, but it's not letting me this time! Anyone have any suggestions? Is this just a bug and I need to start over again???

Roseate Spoonbill September 23, 2008 7:43 PM

Ok, on level 20,

how on earth can you line up the pins if the innermost one can only line up with one of them, and the second to innermost one can only line up with two of them at once?!


I played through tonight again to play 20 and hit the same snag a lot of people did with level 18 where the alien doesnt get up. I googled the problem and found loads of people with the same problem. I thought it was a bug until I spotted Napoleons post on this page further up (we should have comment numbers) anyhoo. If your stuck at the same bit check out Napoleons spoiler tags. Also the mods in the chat on the game say there is a random loading glitch for level 20 where you are taken to the end screen after 19. If this happens click the M button in the top right hand corner of the screen and click the diskette icon to load a level and click level 20.
Level 20 spoiler in tag below!!! You have been warned

That last door with the rotating mechanism is my new green wall... it took me 20 minutes of random clicking to line the notches up. I done the green wall in about 3 minutes


Great, but REALLY needs a 'Save Game' option.


I'm stuck at the computer on level 16. I can't type in the codes. The boxes highlight, but I can't type anything. Why? I looked for an in-game keyboard, but didn't find one. Please help, I would love to finish this game.


Just use your own keyboard.


I have but it's not working.


weird...I hit escape b/c I couldn't see my cursor anymore and when the screen was minimized, I could type in the computer! doesn't work in the full-screen view.


Stink...once again stuck even though I know what to do.

I can't lean the ladder against the tree

in level 19. Any tips?


Is the tree in the pot fully grown or only half grown?


hmm...It seemed grown. Anyway...somehow the game skipped that part when I restarted. I started on Level 20 instead of finishing up 19. anyway...there's a lot of "hiccups" in this game.

JTEliteMarine November 30, 2008 11:00 AM

Is there a wakkthrough anywhere?

Anonymous January 7, 2009 8:37 PM

The walkthrough is good, but the author confuses 'left' and 'right' at times


I'm stuck on level 16. The computer wont accept the blender password.PLEASE help me!!!


On level 16, to change the password, you have to minimize your screen to type anything in the fields. It won't work if you are playing in full-screen mode. An annoying bug!

shelli2087 February 17, 2009 5:24 PM

I am on level 14 and I cant

move the boat

I did what the walkthrough said and it did not work.

Even after reloading level 9 times from nothing working.

and yes, the

power is running

sheila burton February 25, 2009 4:42 AM

I cannot load game properly, I get,-Internet Explorer Script Error. Line 7, Char 2, Error Access denied, Code 0,
How can I resolve this? Help please. Thanks


I noticed that part of the music in the "Chess Room" is a jazzed-up instrumetal version of 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'. (Maybe it's connected to the Christmas Tree in the main room?) Just thought that was neat, though I'm not sure if anybody else's noticed it.

Anonymous June 3, 2009 3:06 PM

beat level twenty. ended up in a room with a living loudspeaker.

Veterans Wife August 6, 2009 9:07 AM

For everyone who can't figure out how to put the ladder on the tree on level 19

Try going into the future twice, until you can't see the green on the tree

Couldn't find the answer anywhere, hope I could help someone out.


I accidentally screwed up on the puzzle on Level 10 Is there a way to reset it? or a restart code for the level please?


I'm really stuck on level 9! Help!

I got the letters Y E A H for the computer but I don't know which order they go in and how to input the code!



i need some help for level 13

i am stucked withe the colormachine. i chose the colors in the same order they are in the windows logo, but nothing happens :( i tried every variation with this order of colors (changed them at every side to the following color, and than again, and again, and again) and turned the block in every position - but it didn't work anyhow.

the walkthrough does not help, but maybe i just understood something wrong (my english is not that good :( ) but maybe someone can tell me where my mistake lies.
thx a lot, julia


For everybody that's having trouble with the red window in level 20, one of the apps in the box is called "Password Manager Portable," it's near the top. Click on it and it will give you the password.



The answer is simple:

The Windows logo has nothing to do with the colormachine!
Reread the walkthrough, it's explained there.

Go to level B and examine the paintings.

Good luck


Level 20- are you supposed to enter the code from the computer into the grey box? If, so, that isn't working for me. And when you click the big square on the grey box, is that number important?

Cyberjar88 September 2, 2011 8:36 PM



I was disappointed in the newest level. There is so much hinting at a meaty backstory early on. My curiosity has been piqued, and I feel that I have been left hanging. Also, this one didn't have the increasing subtlety the previous levels did.


Currently the link to MOTAS is invalid and I cannot find another on the Internet. Does anyone know where to play this game?

argyblarg March 17, 2015 8:57 AM replied to andr01d

Try here:

This one doesn't seem to have the cute music, though, which is a shame.

argyblarg March 17, 2015 8:59 AM replied to andr01d

Also, since I don't want to play through it again, have any levels been added in the last three years?

argyblarg March 18, 2015 9:30 AM replied to argyblarg

My bad, I meant seven years. To answer my own question (and if anyone else is curious), no, there are still no levels after 20.


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