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Mystery of Castle Wildenburg

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Mystery of Castle WildenburgAn adventure game in the classic sense of the genre, as well as in a more low-tech DHTML implementation, the Mystery of Castle Wildenburg combines original photography of Germany's deep woods with the cartoon drawings of artist Aurèle Mechler, which together produces a unique visual appeal to this engaging and compelling Web-based game by Jörg Jochims.

Make your way through the deep forests on your way south to a very hidden castle that is difficult to find, Castle Wildenburg. The castle is home to a very old and mysterious, valuable treasure: the Lapsit Excillis, a jewel with an amazing power capable of extending the life of whomever possesses it. You are sent by your king to fetch it for him "by hook or by crook!" from its current owner, King Anfortas.

Sporting an easy-to-understand interface that includes clickable buttons for actions, a compass for navigation, an inventory, as well as meters showing food and water status, the game is well-designed and even supports saving and loading games as you play. Move the mouse around each scene to find hidden items and areas that can be acted upon. Click an action button first, and then the item or area desired. To move, simply click on one of the directions of the compass—provided of course you can move in that direction.

Use your old-school adventuring skills to find and examine items, talk with strangers, buy items with Taler (gold), anything you need to find the elusive castle and fetch the prize for your king.

Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst levels, for you will die if they are ignored. Good luck, and long live the king!

Play Mystery of Castle Wildenburg

Cheers to Jeremie for the link to this great find! =)

Note: This game maintains state using server sessions, which will timeout after a period of inactivity. Therefore make sure you save your game often, especially if you plan to be away from your computer for a while.

Looking for a map to help you find the castle or beyond? Look no further:Cheers to Kat for the maps! =)


where do you get money?


Remember playing this a couple a months ago... really difficult!


Money (Taler):

You can find some in the cave the dragon is guarding.

Try putting him to sleep first

Have you found the feather?

It's along a stretch of road that "feels soft under your feet."


Yes i got the feather does it put the drargon to sleep?


If I give the

apple to the jester to get the hat

(does it have a use?), then i die of hunger! also what does the

yellow flower




With the hat you can enter the gate to the castle.

XandraChick August 17, 2006 7:06 PM

ok, i get the jester hat, and the dragon, but when im exploring the castle, i die of thirst even though i have

the jar full of water

because i drink it. is there any other water source?


Castle water source:

There is a well just inside the castle grounds. Go west when in the area near the pig in the fireplace.


I can't seem to figure out how to get back to the main scene after interacting with an item without going forward or back first and then going back to where I was. Am I missing something or is that the way it's supposed to work?


Hi sunshine - yes, I believe that's somewhat of a shortcoming of the interface. When you're up close to something you haven't really moved at all, and your available directions remain what they were before.

XandraChick August 17, 2006 9:40 PM

how do get the wine for the guard?


Are there different ways the game can go depending on the outcome of the encounter with the robber? Or was I just really unobservant the first time through? And where do you find a jar for water?


Hint -

You can get the wine after you please the king. Unfortunately the guard seems quite insatiable and I haven't figured that out yet.


LMannery - the jar:

Early on at the first fork in the road, instead of taking the road north in the direction of the sign, head east to what appears to be a dead end. There if you mouse over the area you will find: a stream, and a cistern. The jar is near the cistern, not surprisingly. You'll have to use the "Go" button to get there.


Thanks, Jay. I'd been there but missed it.


Did you find everything in the cellar? There is more than just wine...


the insatiable guard:

You need to put something in the wine

which is in the cellar

look for the CORRIDOR, then the OPENING, then use the NIPPER to get the FLAKON which will fall down the ARROW SLIT. Then...

go to where the jester is, move the br(?)ush aside and GO there. examine the ARROW SLIT to get the FLAKON. put that in the jar with the wine and you can pass the guard...

XandraChick August 18, 2006 10:54 AM

whoa, when i please the king, he gives me a potato, not wine. please help me someone! this game is driving me crazy!!!


how do you put the dragon to sleep?

We need a walkthrough.


Xandra: to get wine

you need to access the cellar

for which you need the KEY

to get the KEY, you must have the YELLOW FLOWER which you picked on your way to the castle, and the BLUE FLOWER.

The BLUE FLOWER is found on top of a wall that can be climbed, that's the wall that has a round archway.

That creates a bunch of flowers, which you can give to the old woman in rags in the castle


Darn you, Jay. Darn you to heck!
I was up until 3 am last night finishing this one.

Bad Bibby. Not allowed.

(; All hail King Bibby!

kittycat_blue August 18, 2006 5:18 PM

In one game I managed to get to the areas with the king and the pretty damsel, but I ended up dying. Now I can't find my way back there. Can anyone help me navigate around the castle courtyard?


okey i gave the wine to the gard but i can't open the door what do i have to do?


Love it, Jay.

Excellent as always. ;)

XandraChick August 18, 2006 7:13 PM

OMG, this is sooo annoying!! How do you open the tower door???? Ive tried everything I think of!!!

koalabrigade August 18, 2006 7:29 PM

Hey everyone!
I still cannot find the blue flower for the life of me. Ive checked every archway it seems, and all i find is emblems that give me points. Please help!


I've finished this game, both stages.

I could make a map of the game if people are interested.


Hi, I don't know why but I've been down in the cellar but all I've got is the blue flower which I exchanged for the key so then I'be gone back and all there is, is a wall which has a hole in it and another emblem!

HELP ME I KEEP DYING! I've bought the nipper and the bread and eaten both the bread and pig, now I have the jar with water, the nipper, fool's cap and key and I'm stuck :'(

Cool site by the way Jay!


Kat: Who could possibly say no to an offer like that? ;o)

Jay: I knew I shouldn't have scrolled down the home page. I have a Java assignment due in less than 24 hours [*sigh*]


What do you do whith the console?

Kat- what do you mean both stages?


Someone help me please how do I eat the pig? I'm starving here... Hint?



You need to use the fire

to get the coals you need

the nipper.


Note on the pig-

One you cook it youeat it right away so save it until you are hungry


Never mind the pig...


thanks Aidan :)

SuperGurl August 19, 2006 2:32 PM

ok, how do you open the tower door?


Sarah (and others interested in a game map): Working on it. I'm probably going to do several smaller maps that will, hopefully, be printable. Just about done with everything up to Castle Wildenburg. Will do one for the castle itself, with mini maps for the cellar and the tower, etc. Then more for the second stage.

Aidan: I consider the game to have two stages because once you get to the top of the tower, you follow the wizard to another location through a magic door. You can't come back to the Castle Wildenburg area until you finish the game!


First map (from beginning of game to castle gate) is up!

Map 1: Forest and Mountain

Please let me know if you have difficulty in accessing or printing the maps as they go up. Thanks!


I've finished it, except for one small thing..

What can be done with the pylon?

Kat: thanks - the map is good :o) Wish I'd had it last night ;o)


Good grief, will someone please help me? I keep dying, lol. I STILL cannot find the container for water even when I'm at the stream. And I have to eat my apple long before I get to the jester, so I keep dying over and over and over before I can go any further. I did just get to the castle "wall", but I died of hunger first; a couple of times I've had to backtrack to the stream so I can drink it from my hands. I feel like an idiot. Jay, you are incredible for this site and games along with your interaction will all involved...no wonder you've reached the status you have! Thanks y'all, for ANY help for this newbie...;-(


HeyJude! =)

Cheers for the kind words!

The jar:

isn't by the stream, it's by the cistern, which is near the stream. From the place where you click go, and then click on the stream, click go, and then mouse around until you see "cistern" appear, and then click. Does that help?


Where is the feather?


Brendan: Try examining the side of the road. For the screen to do this in, look at the map I posted earlier.

Maps: Second map will be posted today; it has the entire castle (Wildenburg), which concludes the first segment of the game. Will continue with the rest tomorrow. (:


Jay! God bless you, lol (but seriously)! I had looked and looked in that spot you pointed out, but it was apparently right under my nose. I dont' know why I didn't see it. Just now, I found it but took it without filling it up w/water, lol...so I had to backtrack. I really can't thank you enough, esp. for responding to my plea so quickly. I just had to bypass the marketplace, 'cause I had no money so I don't know if that was the right thing to do or not, but I got to the pig and died of hunger looking at it, lol. With all of the great info., I'm sure I'll figure it out...if not, I know you will so graciously repeat another clue.
(You may not want to post this part of what I'd like to say): I'm probably older than most on this site, but I've been in a game-playing mode lately and have checked out many sites. YOURS is without doubt, the absolute best. I love the lack of spam and pop-ups, the fact that you're so personally involved with people playing and needing help and that you're so KIND to everyone. You're a wonderful human being and I want you to know that. Other gaming sites are NOTHING compared to yours, for many reasons. I will never bother going to another one after finding yours.
Also, I "played" The House and 99 Rooms and was in awe of the art and graphics. My older sister is a nationally known artist and I sent 99 Rooms to her; she was amazed, so despite the complaints, you were right on about it. Thank you so much for this site, for your sweet and patient help and for being who you are. You'll never know how much you're appreciated and how this site is such a nice escape when one needs one. Y'all must be from the UK....I've never even heard of a "nipper" (lol), so I've got to try and figure out what it is before I die of hunger looking for it, LOL. Thank you, Jay. YOU ARE KING! jude ;-)


Y'all, I hate to be such a pest, but what significance is the pylon and what do I do with it, please? I promise I've read and re-read cheats, but can't find anything about that. I get to the king, but don't know how to amuse him; of course we all know the cellar is right behind him, but the king banishes me! I tried the nipper on the pig, but to no avail. Basically, I just keep dying of hunger because I can't get past the king into the cellar (isn't that where I need to find the items to start the fire under the pig?). Thanks so much for any help. My poor dogs are so bord and wishing I'd finish this game, lol. I appreciate it!! jude



As far as I can figure - the pylon does nothing.
Talk to the king to amuse him - one choice works.
You don't actually need the pig.
You don't actually need to buy anything.

finally finished after much much time


You don't need to buy anything? Not even the...

nippers to get the shards of glass?


liz you need to buy the nipper to get the

coals for the fire so you can get the pig

and bread so you don't go hungry


what do you do with the console?


Use the console and push buttons with the carver's marks you've seen on the walls

push buttons 4,5,2 and 1

You don't get to take anything with you so eat and drink first


Thanks to each of y'all for helping, but gracious...I'm really confused now, lol. I think I need to buy bread and nippers, then use nippers to get something called a "flakon" and some coals? I have NO business getting this addicted to a game. ;-)
I'm confused about two "guards" I see at the castle entrance because there's another mention of having to give guards wine.
I can't find a blue flower, either, and when I try to clim or GO, I get those insulting messages (rofl).
Thanks, y'all....(sniff, sniff)


heyjude: are you older than me??


life: luv it or leave it August 21, 2006 2:45 PM

ok, ive gotten past the guard of the tower, but now i cant get through the tower door! i noticed acouple of other people have the same problem, but seems to be no answer. anyone who has beaten the game want to share their knowledge?


Liz!!!! ROFL, yes! But, we're close, so that makes me feel better. I swear I thought everyone here was in their 20's. I feel so OLD anymore! You are toooo funny.
Now that you know I'm older than you, how about some spoilers, youngun? ;-) Thanks, Liz!
(And, what tells me we have the same astrological sign? Hmmmmm)


p.s. Sorry, LMannery. I thought you were Liz.
Y'all, I'm so confused about the lingo, i.e., the guard, then other guards, which tower, which gate, etc. I can't find any blue flower, either. Can't find a key, coals, anything. Last night I scared the poor damsel half to death, insulted the old lady (I know, I'm the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, lol) by trying to give her a yellow flower, etc.
Plus, I'm unable to save my games; it keeps saying that no such name exists, so I have to keep starting from scratch. Please help, someone! Thanks a lot, jude


Sorry y'all....I just found the blue flowers, but I keep getting banished by the king. Correct answer, anyone? I'm wondering if that alone is key to my getting anywhere further. Again, I died of hunger, even after eating the pig; I wasn't given a choice to eat it or not, the minute I used the nippers/coals. Is there a way around that or is there anymore food? Sorry to monopolize the posts! I don't know how to edit/delete, if I even can, and I have no idea what a typekey is. Thanks for any help!


Well, my dad called me Liz sometimes, so you're in good company. The king likes

the joke about knights and cannibals.


Thanks so much, L. I really do appreciate your reply and help. Now, I keep dying of hunger because I can't find:
1. Blue flowers (did before, can't now)
2. ANY "corridor" or "opening" around the cellar as suggested above.
3. The rounded archway to climb
4. Anything called a "flakon" (I've never seen that in this game, anywhere)
L, you finished the game? So what month is your birthday?
I wish Kat would update the map as much as y'all probably wish I'd take my toys and go play somewhere else.
Anymore clues, please?


Hey Jude! =)

Thanks for the very kinds words, you're really awesome! And I wish I could help you out here, but it sounds like you're stuck in about the same place I am, and I haven't been able to play the last couple of days due to other projects at the moment.

But good luck with it (you can do it!) =D


Jay, thanks a lot for bothering to reply. You are SO SWEET. Don't worry, surely someone will help; everyone here is really great about that. I wondered where you were, but I've been occupying myself with so many of your other awesome games. I appreciate it! Get some rest. :-)


darn troll.....

I think Liz meant that if you know where you are going, you really don't need to stop for the nipper and such. You can make it through the castle 'section' without these things. However, if you are still exploring, they come in handy.
Now to figure out the troll bit....

luv it or leave it:

check out that wall!


Second map (to the end of the first stage; i.e. before following wizard to next realm) is up!

Map 2: Castle Wildenburg

Thanks for being patient. I know I promised it yesterday (actually, day before yesterday as it is now past midnight), but I wasn't feeling well.

If you can't figure out how to get something (or somewhere) that is mentioned in a given square on my maps, you have to do a couple of things:

1) Run your mouse all over the game screen. Just like the well in the courtyard of the castle, some items are hidden from plain view. If you come across something, the name of it will show up in the message section of the window.
2) Once you have figured out the location of an item or place, try Examine [item/location], Go [location], Climb [location], etc.

Next map will be up in a couple of days! :D Have fun!


Hi all.

Someone suggested that I help out a little more. (; If people post specific problems they are having, I'm willing to help out.

I'd rather not post a walkthrough unless it is desperately needed.


Kat, I think that was really, really nice of you to go to so much trouble for those of us who are desperate, lol. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into those two maps! I appreciate you.
I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble loading a saved game? I finally made it all the way, but I stopped and saved the game; it will load, but where it says, "click here", I'm taken to the main page where you click on "start game" in upper left corner. It's in German all of a sudden! So, my saved/loaded games aren't functioning. Anyway, thanks to you and everyone who has helped me!


Hey Jude,

There is a note in the game's instructions that reads:

"Important: Your browser must accept cookies, for loading a saved game and an "error-free" game-playing"

I just tried to load a saved game from a few days ago, as well as saving a new game at the tree with the apple, and both seemed to work ok for me.

I hope that helps!


Jay, you're so precious. I thought my settings were right, but again, you helped me out. Thanks so much.
Now....I wonder if anyone would be so kind as to tell me how to keep from

dying of hunger after eating nuts

after I've talked to

the monk and priest

I found

water supply

but need the above, PLEASE.
Beware of definite clues below if you aren't ready. Interestingly, when I saved my game as


it loaded back with my inventory containing

cross, nuts and a rope to climb huge rock, stones gone!

Help, anyone, with needed item? Thanks in advance.


Sorry y'all...please disregard the above (for now, lol).


I'm intrigued. Where did you find the stones heyjude? And where can I find the rope? I've examined the wall and it seems to be insurmountable without climbing equipment.

bigred4601 August 26, 2006 8:02 PM

I am having trouble getting past the troll gaurding the fortess. Can someone throw a hint this way? Thanks.


Help! I can't find any food once i get up on the fortress

and i've met him but don't know what to do

Any ideas on buying a little more time? Thanks



you don't need to beat the guard troll to get onto the fortress (I don't know if it's possible or a better course of action, though!) you can obtain some climbing equipment along the way, but I can't quite remember where. i'll think about it and let you know


kitty cat and jen...i'm SO sorry i didn't see your post till now. I hope my scrambled notes here will help, but they really are just frantic things I've jotted down; my "map" (ROFL) isn't reliable by any means. But, I'll give you what I can; I just tried to load it from the beginning, but it's again putting items into my inventory that I don't know how I got. I'll try to load again and post any clues I can give, ok?

the stones are in the ditch, a little group of them on bottom left of screen

for some reason my game will often load with the rope on the big rock (?)

if you can find the fortress stairs and I THINK, GO to the window, you'll find food there in the form of an egg. Also, there's another place where you'll find a skeleton and you can take the bones...sorry, can't remember more

I can't get past that one troll, either.
Here are my scrambled notes, if they help at all..sorry.

Elridge Silhouette of Castle. South, then west for water. From silhouette, N to main entrance fortress, can go S or E. E, then NW to see rock with rope. CLIMB Shield Wall. Where it says N or E, your choice, go E to shield wall, up to palas entry, then GO to fortress steps

. Y'all, I'm sorry I'm not more help, esp. as much as others have helped me. I can't remember my last saved game which took me to this level, so I may have to start all over again. I promise to be more prompt.

bigred4601 August 29, 2006 1:28 AM

Thank you for the pointer Jen.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I beat the game and have to say I fully enjoyed playing it.

kittycat_blue August 29, 2006 6:05 PM

Thanks heyjude for the tip about the stones. Unfortunately, try as I might, I can't find the rope. It doesn't seem to be on the big rock to me. Which spot should I look at exactly?


thanks heyjude,
I've got provisions on the fortress now, but I must be missing something.

I can get rid of the trolls with the stones, but can't find anything valuable where they were. I either get killed by the guard troll or get turned into a toad. Help!

ps-are you from the south too? I'm from the big easy and got a kick out of seeing "y'all"

pps Jay-you rock...great site


kittycat...i'm sorry, honey. first of all, i hope you and jen are still coming to this page and still playing. i cannot get any further! the only reason i was even able to find the rope was because i started saving my game; once when i loaded it, i was taken to a scene that i really hadn't advanced to yet. does that make sense? my inventory suddenly showed that huge rock with the rope on it! i guess it's just a saved-game glitch, but fyi, the rope is in plain sight...i guess it's only going to show up when you've advanced to a certain point (?). i'll keep plugging if you will! i apologize for not getting to this screen earlier.
jen! are you really from N.O.? my Mama is from there, as are many, many relatives (we're Catholic, lol). did you fare ok in Katrina?? i want to know more! i live in NC. i've often wondered how many people on Jay's site are even in this country, much less from the south. it's GREAT to "meet" you! now, if i recall, i peeked down into the area where the trolls were partying-down (German version of Mardi Gras...;-) and used the stones, also. but, i was able to take the "remains" with no problem. now, i'm stuck and can't get past the items i mentioned above. i cannot get past the one troll to save my life. PLEASE keep in touch; would love to correspond with you but don't know how to leave e mail address.
i wonder if anyone is still playing this and can give us girls some hints? (hint, hint). thanks, y'all! (that's for you, jen)


jen, are you saving your games? if you do, you can at least pick up where you left off before you get to the area with the remains...at least until i can get back there. i must've had a few toddy's when i got that far, and sober i can't remember, lol.

kittycat_blue September 5, 2006 2:51 PM

Hmm, I did post a comment a few days ago but it seems to have vanished in cyberspace. I wanted to say that I found out how to get the rope. You need to

give the monk the stool. He'll give you his cross in exchange. Go to the chapel, tell the priest the numbers of the curbstones, and he'll give you the rope.


(Uh, hi Jay...;-)
Kittycat, I really hope you get this after so long. I had given up on anymore comments and I quit trying the game because I just could not figure out what to do. Thank you SO MUCH. I would never, ever have thought about doing that. I so appreciate your help, esp. as I love(d) this game so much, but couldn't get any further. I'm so excited now! Much gratitude, jude


Hey Jude.....
Just happened by. Didn't realize anyone was still playing this. If you are and are still not finished....just do a Google search for "Mystery of Castle Wildenburg walkthrough". Should find all you need to finish this up.


Hm. Have played this for half an hour, died twice, read this forum, realised this is going to take longer than five minutes, which exceeds my attention span, and decided to stick to playing Sims. Not enough patience or brains for this sort of game. Besides, what exactly is the point? If I knit for hours I get a warm jumper to wear. If I play this for hours all I get is frustrated and eye strain. In my youth we did real stuff. There were no computers.
Love the woodland scenery though.


Personally, I'd much rather play a game that challenges my brain, such as this puzzle game, than engage in the mind-numbing repetition of knitting.

That being said, there are some games that are a bit like knitting to me: RPGs, for example, are just too repetitive and require more time investment than I am willing to give them.

In the end, we all have to find what's right for us to make us happy. Not every game will appeal to everybody. =)


Lol that's an awesome game! Looks cheesy at first, but actually sort of hard.lot's of fun and doesn't get me frustrated and annoyed if I'm stuck. Thanks Jay for a great game, thank everybody for hints!!

krankyxx May 13, 2008 8:21 AM

dont know if anyone still comes to this page seeing as last post is 2006 but how do you get the berries behind the wall with a hole, they out of reach and tried nippers to no avail

annabanana May 27, 2008 8:40 PM

i keep having to go back soo far but i dont want to give up


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