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Mystery Case Files:
Return to Ravenhearst

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Rating: 4.6/5 (318 votes)
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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst title screen image

JohnBMystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst has arrived! The latest installment in the enormously Mystery Case Files series treads new ground by crafting a hidden object game around an adventure-style core. You plod around the dark and mysterious Ravenhearst Manor searching for secrets and solving puzzles using inventory items you earn from hidden object sequences. It's a massive game with stunning art design and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that delivers an experience you won't be able to put down until you've seen all it has to offer.

returntoravenhearst3.jpgThe Return to Ravenhearst storyline continues where Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst and then Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate leave off, though you don't need to be familiar with either of those games to know what's going on. Emma Ravenhearst's soul has been freed, but her ghost delivers a haunting message to you as the game begins. Evil still lurks in Ravenhearst Manor, hidden deep within undiscovered passageways. Dig deep beneath the mansion's foundation to discover places (and things!) you never would have imagined.

returntoravenhearst.jpgMystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst is built around exploration and puzzle solving. The spine of the game is a point-and-click style adventure mode similar to the classic Myst set-up where you navigate the landscape by clicking the sides of the screen. Certain points of interest will change the cursor to a magnifying glass, while others will shine with a single white sparkle. Click everything, read the clues you find, and try using your inventory items everywhere it makes sense. The worst that can happen is the game will call you a "clicky-pants".

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008Hidden object scenes can be found around every turn and are shown as great masses of white sparkling stars. Clicking these takes you back to familiar MCF territory with a crowded room and a list of items to find. Once the list is complete you'll unlock a new inventory item that can be used in the adventure portion of the game. There's no timer, so you can kick back and scrutinize at your leisure, and the only punishment for frequent mis-clicks is the cursor spins out of control for a brief second.

A casebook keeps track of major points of your journey and automatically jots down bits of important information you receive. It also clues you in to things you may not have noticed on your own, so whenever the icon changes to an open book, be sure to crack it open and give it a read.

returntoravenhearst2.jpgAnalysis: A new Mystery Case Files game always stirs up some excitement, but Return to Ravenhearst really deserves the hype. First of all, the game is beautiful. The setting is rich with atmosphere and every scene is painted with dark and spooky undertones. Small animations add to the liveliness of it all, such as bugs crawling on the walls or leaves fluttering to the ground, and there are even bits of scenery in adventure mode you can interact with just for fun. And the orchestral soundtrack is a masterpiece unto itself!

The hidden-object-adventure game mechanic does wonders for the series and strikes a compelling balance between the genres with style. You won't feel overwhelmed with item hunting, and inventory puzzles are rather straightforward. The game tends to hold your hand quite a bit and serves you clues on a silver platter, but I found there was enough challenge to keep me interested.

I did find one small gameplay decision that kept bothering me: backtracking. I don't mind revisiting old scenes to find new items, but the game throws them at you with very little time in-between. Spacing out the backtracking would make a lot more sense and eliminate the "Didn't I just stare at this room?" feeling.

This is a no-brainer: Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst is a fantastic game from top to bottom. You would be hard-pressed to find a title so well-polished and enjoyable on so many different levels.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough

General notes

  • The walkthrough describes the shortest way through the game. But it would be a shame, just to run through. There is no timelimit in the game, so take your time to have a look around. There are a lot of things to read and see, you actually do not need to solve the puzzles and some stuff, you will need or use later.

  • Open the book from time to time. There will be things there that you might not even have realized and it will help you to solve puzzles and understand what's going on. Also important information like codes, positions of figures, etc. will be copied in there.

  • You have to solve each search location completely, it's not enough to find just the inventory item. You won't receive this item for your inventory until you complete the hidden object scene.

Outside the manor, Kitchen, Moon Puzzle:

  • To begin:

  • Click the plaque on the top left of the gate to get a closer look.

  • The scratched numbers and the heart will be copied into your book.

  • Click the shiny bush right side of the gate to get a closer look.

  • The bush contains a searching list.

  • All items are random, except the inventory items.

  • In this case it's the wrench, located at the top of the mailbox.

  • To find a key for the gate:

  • Click the speaker box under the plaque at the left side of the Gate.

  • Get the wrench out of your inventory and click it at all four srews to open the panel.

  • You will see wires and a grid with sockets and numbers vertical and horizontal.

  • Next to the wires you can see the same numbers.

  • Now click the wires into the sockets, which accord with the numbers next to the wire.

  • The first number shows the horizontal number, the second one the vertical number.

  • To solve this puzzle:

    • Connect the Blue wire into the socket 2 horizontal/2 vertical

    • Connect the Green wire into the socket 4 horizontal/1 vertical

    • Connect the Yellow wire into the socket 1 horizontal/3 vertical

    • Connect the Red wire into the socket 2 horizontal/1 vertical

  • Now press the red button and take the key out of the opening

  • To open the gate:

  • Click the gate and place the key at the keywhole

  • Click the door handle and the door will open

  • Follow the path till you are reaching the house

  • Click at the door in front of you, it contains a search list.

  • The typewriter key you will find on the bar in the middle of the scene, it's a V, and will go into your inventory.

  • Go to the left:

  • Click the trunk, it contains a search list.

  • The brick you will find on the balustrade (railing), to the right of the main beam.

  • Go back to the front of the house and then to the right.

  • You see a ladder, click it and it goes into your inventory.

  • Turn back left.

  • At the top of the porch right side you see a nest.

  • Place your ladder there, click the nest and grab the creepy eye. It will go to your inventory.

  • Go right to enter the house:

  • Get the brick out of your inventory.

  • Click it a few times against the window on the left side, till it is smashed.

  • Enter the house through the window.

  • At the left side under the chair you see a crowbar.

  • Take it, it goes in your inventory.

  • Leave the house and turn to the left:

  • At the floor under the window, you fill find a loose plank.

  • Use the crowbar to get rid of it and take the creepy eye. It will go into your inventory.

  • Have a look at the trunk, it's shining again, so click it to open another search scene.

  • This time you will find in front of the trunk a machine belt, which will go into your inventory.

  • Go right:

  • Click the rose bush you see shining at the left. It contains a search list.

  • There is another creepy eye laying on the right upper edge of the stone.

  • Go back into the house:

  • Click at the door in the background and a puzzle opens.

  • Get the creepy eyes out of your inventory and place one eyeball in each socket.

  • Click the handles until you see that the creepy eyes turn into nicer eyes and a eye-drawing appears in the middle.

  • After a moment, the door will open.

  • Enter the kitchen:

  • Click at the cupboard, right side on the wall, it contains a searching list.

  • The cheese, laying on top of the cupboard is going into your inventory.

  • Click the door under the sink and take the scissors.

  • Click at the paper, hanging at the wall left.

  • Its falling down and you will see a drawing.

  • It will be copied in your book.

  • Leave the house:

  • Click the cheese (in your inventory) then click again at the mousehole right under the broken window.

  • The mouse will come out. Click the mouse and it goes into your inventory.

  • Turn left and click the cat on top of the stairs.

  • When the popup-window opens, give the mouse to the cat.

  • Take the key the cat now releases.

  • Go back into the kitchen.

  • Open the lock at the oven with the key.

  • Grab the mitt, that is inside.

  • Leave the house again.

  • Go left on the front porch:

  • Click at the hanging plantpot.

  • When the popup-windo opens cut the rose with the scissors.

  • Get the mitt from your inventory and grap the rose with it.

  • Go right till you reach the statue.

  • Click the statue and give her rose.

  • Take the moon brooch she is wearing.

  • Click the rose bushes, it contains another search list.

  • You will find the horn in the right bottom corner.

  • It goes in your inventory.

  • Click the door:

  • The figures arms and legs have to have the same positions as the one from the kitchen drawing.

  • To do so, you have to click the brown buttons at the arms and the legs to move them:

    • Right arm: right brown button 2 times

    • Right leg: upper brown button 1 time

    • Left leg: upper brown button 3 times

    • Left arm: right brown button 5 times, left brown butten 5 times

  • The door opens. Go two steps forward.

  • Click the little tombs right next to the swing, a search scene will open.

  • The pick axe, laying half hidden behind the middle stone is going into your inventory.

  • Click the bushes at the right side.

  • Use the scissors to cut them.

  • A puzzle opens.

  • Your goal is it to make all for bulbs glow.

  • Start with the outer ring and turn it until all bulbs are connected with one of the lines on that ring. Do the same with the second, the third and the fourth (inner-most) rings. You may ignore in-between states when only some of the lights are glowing. The important thing is to have them all glowing after the last ring is in place.

  • Wait a moment and then take the sun, which appears in the middle of the puzzle when completed.

  • If it does not appear, click the circle in the middle again until complete again. It seems, that sometimes, there is a little glitch

  • Go back into the house

  • Click the puzzle above the fireplace.

  • Get the sun and the moon out of your inventory and place it at the right spots.

  • Open your book, at the pages 4 and 9 you will find a drawing from a moon and a sun, each of it has a symbol behind.

  • Look for the symbols left and right at the puzzle board and drag the right symbol in the little circle next to its sign.

  • Click the button, which is above the puzzle and wait a moment.

  • The fireplace reveals a secret door.

The Secret within the Fireplace:

  • Go down. You will see a cut scene of Rose Somerset's ghost and a plea for help. She tells you that you must help free her and her children. When that is over proceed forward.

  • The middle door

  • Click the middle door first, a puzzle will open.

  • Click the white switch at the bottom of the scene.

  • Right above you can see two columns with display, two of them are showing red LED numbers.

  • In the middle of theses columns you will see plus and minus signs.

  • The red light left side at the top is shining and a green one at the right side is also lit.

  • Click now the little switch next to the green light. It will go out and instead the red light one above will turn on.

  • Now you will see numbers (left and right) and a plus or minus sign between.

  • This is a random part, so I can only give you an example: Lets assume the left number is 21, the right one is 14 and I have a plus sign between, then 21 + 14 = 36

  • In the right upper corner you see an arrow with 4 colored buttons.

  • Change the position of the arrow by clicking until it points to the color according to the lights that are on, in this case the red ones.

  • Below the arrow you will see typewriter keys with numbers.

  • Click the numbers from your result on the keys. (In the example I gave, I would click on 3 then 6.)

  • When your result is a single number, for example 5, then click 0 5.

  • The result will be shown in a display right under the columns.

  • The other result displays you will find on top of the column and left side of the column.

  • By clicking the switch next to a burning light it will turn off and turn on the next one.

  • So, if you now click the switch of the left red light, it will turn on the one right below: the green light.

  • If you click the green light switch it will turn off and turn on the orange light, and so on.

  • At the left bottom the light will switch to the right side.

  • At the right top, the light will switch to the left side.

  • Now go on and turn both green lights on by bringing the left red light to the right green light and the right red light to the left green light.

  • Solve the maths and click the results into the displays.

  • Dont forget to change the arrow to the right color, otherwise you will change the wrong display.

  • When you have solved all four colored lights, wait a moment and the door will open.

  • Beauty Parlor

  • Have a look around:

  • Click the sign, which is hanging left side at the housewall.

  • It shows rules and will be copied into your book.

  • Click at the sparkling area to enter the search scene.

  • The long stick is in the right bottom corner behind the golf bag.

  • Go forward.

  • Click the poster hanging left behind the clock.

  • It's a manhunt poster for Rose and her daughters, Gwen and Charlotte.

  • It will be copied in your book.

  • Grab the shovel that is standing against the right corner of the house.

  • Enter the beauty parlor:

  • When you click the door a puzzle appears.

  • Your goal is to bring the colored blocks in a row according to the colored lamp at the top.

  • To do so, you can click a block and it will move to an empty spot left, right, up or down, as long as there is a space available.

  • To force a block to go in a direction you want, you can block it with another one.

  • When there is no possibility to force a block like this, you might try to click it a few times and then it might work. But this does not work all the time.

  • When all blocks are standing in the right column, click the wheel at the right side.

  • Wait a moment and the door will open.

  • Inside the beauty parlor

  • Click the paravant to enter the search scene.

  • The red marble, laying in the left down corner, goes into your inventory.

  • Go forward.

  • Click the both heads at the staircase, till they look at each other.

  • At the wall on top of the stairs, a part of the wall will turn and you can see a painting with a missing part.

  • When you click it to get a closer look, you can see an angel with a x below in the right upper corner.

  • Click it, it will be copied into your book

  • Go up the stairs:

  • You are in Rose's bedroom.

  • Click the bed to get the search scene.

  • You will find another typewriter key, this time it is the C, at the bottom, above the first row of clues, inside the shoe.

  • Top right you see a door, click it.

  • Another puzzle is opening.

  • Your goal is to get the silver ball into the hole by clicking the left and right rings.

  • The ball always has to end at a block.

  • If it falls apart, you will start all over with a new scene.

  • Go into the bathroom.

  • Click the shower curtain and you see a doll.

  • Click the tub, it is the search scene where you will find a metal lever, right down on the foor.

  • Go back.

  • Outside the house, click at the cave entrance in the back.

  • When you get a closer look, use the pick axe to get rid of the stones.

  • You will find letters that Emma's sister wrote, but Charles never gave them to Emma.

  • Go back to the scene with the rules.

  • General Store

  • Enter the general store at the right side:

  • The shelfs are another searching scene.

  • The marble, located in the middle bottom of the old kitchen machine, is your inventory object.

  • Click the old cash register, it will only open when all lamps are burning.

  • To get this done, swap the number keys until each row and each column has the sum of 15.

  • The correct order from left to right:

    • 4 - 8 - 3

    • 9 - 1 - 5

    • 2 - 6 - 7

  • The cash register will open and you will find another red marble for your inventory.

  • Also inside the cash register, you will find a four-number code. This might be random, too. Mine was 5 3 9 2

  • Click the fuse box in the background above the oven:

  • You have to give the code from the cash register.

  • You can only change a number at the place the arrow is pointing to.

  • Change the arrow's position with the green button.

  • Change the number with the yellow button.

  • After giving in all numbers, click the red button.

  • The fuse box opens and you see that there is a fuse missing.

  • Go to the elevator:

  • Click the control box left to the elevator and click the lever (from your inventory) on it.

  • Click the control box again after leaving close-up view.

  • Leave the elevator when the doors open.

  • Underground/Beauty Parlor/Cavern

  • Click the boat in the background and search the scene.

  • The gold key is at the right side of the boat.

  • Go back to the Beauty Parlor:

  • Go up into the bathroom.

  • Use the key to open the medical cabinet at the right side.

  • Grap the bottle with rost remover.

  • Search again the bathtub. The electric tape will go into your inventory.

  • Go back to the underground:

  • Search the boat again.

  • This time the typewriter key T will go into your inventory.

  • Now click the grate at the left side.

  • Use the rust remover on it and after this the wrench.

  • The grate will open, click it again to enter.

  • Free Rose:

  • There is no way to get through the bats, so use the horn to make them fly away.

  • Go straight ahead and you will find Rose Somerset in a coffin, she is connected to a mysterious machine.

  • Click the control pad at the right bottom side.

  • By moving the blocks, you have to connect them with their corresponding colored peg.

  • When you click a block at one of the four arrows, it will always slide until it will be stopped by another block or a wall.

  • You should start with the orange block, as you will need all others to stop and direct it in the right direction.

  • When everything is done, you have freed rose. She asks you to look for her daugthers.

  • When she is gone, click into the coffin and grap the marble, which is inside.

  • Go all the way back until you are at the statue, you already gave the rose in the beginning.

  • The Twins Painting/ left door

  • The rose bush appears again as search location. The screwdriver, which is going into your inventory, is located in the right bottom corner, above the hints.

  • Go through the door.

  • At the right side you see the an angel statue and on the ground an X.

  • Do you remember the little drawing at the twins painting?

  • It pointed to this location.

  • Get the shovel out of the inventory and dig a hole where the X is.

  • You will find a piece of the twins painting.

  • Go back to the Beauty Parlor

  • Go to the stairs where the painting is hanging.

  • Click the part you just found at the painting, now it is complete.

  • Have a good look at it and try to remember where you already saw that pattern with marbles.

  • Go back to the three doors.

  • The left door

  • Click the left door and place the red marbles from your inventory in the empty spaces in the middle.

  • The twins painting shows, that the blue marbles have to be at the bottom, the orange in the top and the red have to stay in the middle.

  • By clicking the buttons, you move the circles and can change the positions of the marbles.

  • Start clicking the left button, then the right one, left again, until the marbles are all at the right place.

  • When all marbles at the right place, the door opens.

  • The Twins, Toys for Brats, The Telescope:

  • Find the hammer:

  • Listen to what the twins are telling you.

  • When the twins are gone, search the sandbox.

  • At the top you fill find a funnel, which goes into your inventory.

  • Enter the toy store.

  • The showcase right is your searching area.

  • The old fuse is on the right side at the table front.

  • Go through the door, here the work table is your search scene.

  • The hammer, which will go into your inventory, is located on the right side.

  • Go down the stairs and click the cloth in the left upper corner.

  • A game opens:

  • Your goal is to get 100 points in less than 99 seconds

  • For this, you have to click the green and purple trolls on their heads, as soon as they come out of the holes (i.e., "Whack-a-mole" style, but in this case, it's "Whack-a-Troll") ;)

  • Make sure you see their eyes light up for a moment, otherwise it will not count.

  • For each green or purple troll you will get 5 points.

  • Don't touch the red ones. That will reduce your points by 10.

  • If you fail, just click on the board to play again.

  • Go back to the Beauty Parlor:

  • Enter Roses bedroom.

  • Click the nightstand under the window.

  • Click with hammer on each nail to remove them all.

  • Grap the bottle with paint remover.

  • Go back to the parlor and search the paravant.

  • The letter M you will find at the top of the lamp.

  • Go to the General Store.

  • In your search area you will find the letter X on the right side of the scale.

  • Click the fusebox above the oven and fix it with the fuse from your inventory.

  • Go to the elevator and descend to the cavern.

  • When you are in the cavern, go right on top to the telescope.

  • Left of the telescope is a little stand, click the red button.

  • It reveals a coin slot, put the coin from your inventory in it.

  • Now click the lens at the right upper side of the telescope to get a closer look.

  • You see a buoy with a symbol and numbers. It will be copied into your book.

  • Go back to the three doors

  • Enter the left door.

  • The Schoolhouse:

  • Click at the chalkboard and clean it with the paint remover.

  • The code, you see, will be copied in your book.

  • Leave the schoolhouse and go in the direction of the cavern.

  • Click the mailbox at the right side to read the newspaper article.

  • The Gingerbread House:

  • Click on the Gingerbread House door:

  • When you click the door, a puzzle opens.

  • By clicking the buttons, you can move the circles.

  • It is your goal to restore the picture, which is random.

  • Every button has two colors

    • Clicking the dark part moves the rings against the clock

    • Clicking the light part moves the rings clockwise

  • Each button moves differently, even this is random.

  • The best tip I can give is to observe what each button does and then try to solve the puzzle.

  • When the puzzle is solved, the door opens.

  • Enter the Gingerbread House:

  • Your inventory item in the search scene is the colored cloth potholder, in the middle, exactly above the word "Clue"

  • Go straight ahead in the hall.

  • At the wall, right side in the back, is a dark opening.

  • Click it to get a closer look.

  • Fix the wires at the top right side with the electical tape.

  • Click the red button.

  • The elevator is coming up, grab the rope.

  • Leave the pop-up window and click on the door.

  • This Match-the-Pairs game has two little tricky things.

  • Find the pairs by clicking two tiles to see if they are alike.

  • After every five faults, the tiles will be mixed at random.

  • Have a look at the clock at the top. When you are out of time, you will have to start all over again.

  • When the puzzle is solved, enter the room. The dollhouse in the back is your search scene.

  • The letterkey S you can find in the upper right room.

  • Go back to the Toy store:

  • Search the showcase.

  • The doorknob is at the bottom in the middle and will go into the inventory.

  • Go back to the Gingerbread House.

  • Click the doorknob on the door in the back.

  • In the back you see a flower poster.

  • Click it and you will see a number.

  • It will be copied into your book, but I advise that you note it on paper.

  • Later, when you need it, it's sometimes hard to see in the book.

  • Go back to the toy store.

  • Toys for Brats, the Well (first time):

  • The telephone puzzle

  • Go through the door and then down the stairs.

  • Right under the window you see a telephone box.

  • Click it to see, that it is full of cockroaches.

  • Use the Bug Repeller and spray them away.

  • But there is another problem. You have to connect all lamps to make them glow.

  • Start at the burning lamp.

  • You can only connect lamps wich are connected with wires.

  • Each lamp you can only click once.

  • You can only connect the last burning lamp with a non-burning lamp.

  • Solution: Telephone fuse box solution

  • Now go up the stairs and dial the number from the flower poster.

  • It's copied to your book, but sometimes hard to read.

  • If so, and you did not write it down, you have to go back to the backroom of the Gingerbread House.

  • The door left of the phone opens.

  • Enter the room:

  • Take the long stick out of your inventory and unhook the bucket you see in the back half to the top.

  • Click the rope from your inventory at the ring you see on the floor.

  • Go all the way back to the Well in front of the manor.

  • The Well:

  • Go all the way back to the well in front of the manor.

  • Click the well to get a closer look and click the lever until the bucket is up.

  • Take the rusty knife out of the bucket.

  • Now go back to the Schoolhouse.

  • The Schoolhouse, Toystore, Cellar, Free the Twins

  • The Schoolhouse:

  • Left side of the schoolhouse is another door.

  • Click it, in the left upper corner you see a temperature.

  • Click it to show that you recognized it and it will be copied into your book (temperature is random).

  • Go to the toystore:

  • Click the oven left back.

  • Use the potholder to change the temperature with the both levers left down on the oven.

  • On the top of the oven you will see a pattern with red circles.

  • Remember the pattern that corresponds to your temperature.

  • Go back to the door next to the schoolhouse.

  • Create the pattern from the oven by simply clicking the circles at the door.

  • Click the yellow button.

  • Do not panic ;) it takes a moment and then the door opens, but only just a little bit.

  • In fact it will open completely, when you leave the close-up view.

  • Go inside and take the machine belt out of your inventory.

  • Put it on the machine at the left side.

  • Now put the rusty knife on the machine to sharpen it.

  • It will go back in your inventory as soon as it is sharp again.

  • Go back to the toystore:

  • Go down the stairs, its time for a little operation.

  • Click the knife at the Teddy three times.

  • Grap the matches out of Teddys belly.

  • Go back to the Gingerbread House:

  • Play the search scene at the table.

  • The empty jar is located in the right bottom corner, it's half hidden.

  • Go back to the Schoolhouse cellar.

  • Fill the jar at the leaking hose with fuel.

  • Go back to the toy store:

  • Go down to the well and click the rope to climb down.

  • Click the door and a puzzle appears.

  • Click on the board to activate the game.

  • Right, left and on the top you see statues moving, holding signs with symbols.

  • The same symbols can be found on the board.

  • When you see a statue, click its twin on the board.

  • It doesn't matter what order you click. What is important is that you click them before the statue is at the end of its path.

  • The symbols change their positions on the board after matching a pair.

  • You have to be fast as the statues move faster the longer you take, and you are allowed to make just 5 faults.

  • If you make more, you will have to start all over again.

  • When you have found enough symbols that all four lamps are burning, the door will open.

  • Enter the room:

  • Take the matches and click at the bowl left side.

  • You see three statues, each holds a puzzle.

  • Your goal is to activate each circle with the blue gem you see on the top.

  • To do so, you click one of the circles and the gem will fall into and activate it.

  • Now you click the next circle, which has to be connected with the first one by a line. The gem will go into it and activate it as well.

  • Keep doing this until all circles are activated.

  • You are allowed to use each line only once.

  • You are allowed to use every circle as a crossing line as often as you wish.

  • For the solution please have a look at the Screenshots

  • Free the Twins:

  • When all three Statues are gone, you will see a coffin.

  • If all you see is an empty open coffin: This appears to be a glitch in the first release version. As of now, no one has found another solution than closing the game and start playing all over again. :( We hope this is not you.

  • Wait a moment and listen to what the twins have to say.

  • When the twins are gone, head back to the toy store.

  • Go back to the toy store:

  • The showcase is again the search scene.

  • The R you will find above the grey hat in the middle.

  • It will go into your inventory

  • Go back to the three doors.

  • The right door

  • Train, Beach, Stairs:

  • Click the right door.

  • Take all typewriter keys out of your inventory and place them on the typewriter.

  • You dont have to find the correct position, just clicking will place each one automatically where it belongs.

  • Now click the letters V I C T O R on the typewriter.

  • The door opens.

  • If a letter is missing, you missed a search scene. Go back and look for it. If you see a glittering scence somewhere, click it and search there for the missing letter.

  • Enter the door:

  • Look for objects at the top of the tram.

  • The putty knife, right down will go in your inventory.

  • Click the tram.

  • Click the screws with the screwdriver.

  • Now click first the funnel and after that the jar with fuel at the hole you see.

  • Enter the tram at the door (left side).

  • Pull the lever on the right side and enjoy the ride.

  • Leave the tram when it stops.

  • The rack is the search scene.

  • The spare key is located at the right side of the boat

  • Go to the stairs, left side:

  • Use the putty knife to scratch some of the dirt away from the steps.

  • You now see symbols of a raven's head.

  • The picture will be copied into your inventory.

  • Go one step further click left.

  • A puzzle is opening.

  • Your goal is it to position the crows in the same order that you saw on the steps.

  • Click on each tile and it will move in the direction that the beak is facing.

  • The puzzle is random as well.

  • When you finish it, a bridge will appear and you can go on until you reach the house.

  • Use the spare key to enter the house.

  • Victor is at home and he is not really happy to see you.

The Attic, Library, and Film room:

  • In the Attic:

  • You awake in the manor attic.

  • Click the baby carriage to search.

  • The bobby pin is standing in front of the trunk, right side of it.

  • Use the bobby pin to open the lock from the trap door on the floor, right side.

  • Climb down.

  • Enter the Library (room to your right):

  • On the table in the middle of the scene is a knob laying on a book.

  • Take it for your inventory.

  • Search the bookcase and find the film reel on the right shelf.

  • Leave the library and go into the room on the other side.

  • Click first the knob then the film reel at the projector.

  • Watch the movie, you see Victor in front of the library bookcase.

  • Have a good look and start writing down the symbols of the book spines that you can already see on the right side.

  • When Victor gets up and leaves the scene for a moment, write down the rest of them.

  • Don't worry if you can't write down all the symbols the first time, the film will run over and over until you leave the room.

  • Go back into the library:

  • Click the bookcase.

  • By clicking two books, they will change the places.

  • Your goal is to rearrange the books in the order that you saw in Victor's movie.

  • This puzzle seems not to be random.

  • Solution: Order of library books

  • The position of the two books marked with an arrow has to be changed.

  • Right next to the bookcase a hidden wall opens.

  • Take the axe you see there and climb up to the attic again.

  • Search again the baby carriage.

  • The gramophone disc you find to the right.

  • Go back into the Libary.

  • Click the disc on the Gramophone.

  • Go into the film room.

  • Use the axe to remove the planks at the window.

  • Click the window to get another view.

  • You will see a little part of the ladder that you used earlier.

  • Click it to leave the house.

Victor's House (second time):

  • Back to Victor's House:

  • Go back to the three doors, enter the right door and proceed to Victor's house like before.

  • This time don't go to the main entrance, but click on the right door.

  • A puzzle opens. Your goal is to find the domino combinations on the playboard that you find around the outside.

  • As you click on matching tiles they will darken on the board and disappear off the side.

  • Once all matches are made correctly, you can proceed inside that door.

  • In the left corner you see a shimmering cabinet. Click it to play the search scene.

  • The jeweled heart, laying exactly above the word "Clue", is your inventory item.

  • Leave the room and enter the house through the main entrance.

Victor's Bedroom, Skeleton Key:

  • Inside Victor's House:

  • You will see that Victor has stepped out for a bit, so go upstairs to the bedroom.

  • Click on the picture frame in the left corner.

  • Use the damp cloth from your inventory on it to clean it off. It's a certificate showing Charles' admittance to an insane asylum.

  • Note the symbols across the bottom, they will be copied to your book. The symbols are the key to get into the work room downstairs.

  • Go downstairs and click on the door across from the fireplace.

  • It's a simple combination lock. Just click the symbols in order that you noted on the certificate upstairs.

  • The door opens, go inside. You see a brief cut scene of Victor helping Charles back to the cottage to get warm and rejuvenated.

  • The work desk is your search scene, find the skeleton key front of the desk just above the drawer. It goes into your inventory.

  • Examine the note from Charles on the floor. It tells you that reminders of the combination to the elevator have been left around the estate. That must be what all those numbers we found here and there are for!

  • Click the chest across the room. It's another puzzle.

  • There are 4 stars you can click. Each one will rotate clockwise the four squares around it. Put the puzzle back together by clicking the stars.

  • You have to click the left upper star three times, the right bottom star also 3 times (only when the puzzle is in original state, otherwise you'll have to work it out).

  • Grab the telecope out of the trunk and go back to Victor's bedroom.

  • Click the telescope on the tripod in front of the window and click it to look through.

  • You will see a combination from numbers and a symbol. It will be copied in your book.

  • Leave the house and go back with the train.

The Skeleton Puzzle:

  • Go back to the middle door and then enter the general store.

  • Go through to the elevator.

  • At the right side of the elevator is a box with a skull hanging on it.

  • Click it and use the skeleton key with it.

  • A puzzle appears.

  • During the game you saw the four card symbols in combination with numbers.

  • Have a look at the book, they are all copied there to remind you: Page 2, Page 24, Page 25 and Page 39.

  • By clicking the numbers on the door lock, you can change them.

  • Do so and move the green arrow with the golden arrows in the circle to give the code for every card.

    • 076 = The symbol on the plaque that was by the front gate was a heart and the next number in the sequence was 76.

    • 005 = On the side of the Schoolhouse you had the number 005 on the spade.

    • 006 = The diamond shape on the chalkboard had the number 003.

    • 300 = This is the last number that you obtained from the telescope and it was 300 (472-172=300). The club sign.

  • Enter the code correctly by moving the round piece to point to one of the cards.

  • Then click on the corresponding number on the keypad.

  • Once the code is correct you will hear a sound, move on to the next sequence until they have all been done correctly.


  • The elevator will bring you now to a new location.

  • Open the left door.

  • Emma is holding a jeweled heart in her hand.

  • Take it, then go back to the middle door.

  • Place Emma's heart in the middle.

  • All in all you need ten hearts

  • If you want, you can place the ones you already have in your inventory into the shapes on the outsides.

  • The other hearts you will find in search areas, which will be randomly placed everywhere else.

  • You have to go around and look for sparkling things and search them.

  • It's not enough to find the hearts, you have to finish each search location completely to receive the heart.

  • When you have them all, come back and place the hearts in the shape.

  • It doesn't matter which heart you place where, they fit in any shape.

  • When finished, the door opens.

  • After you destroyed Charles by clicking the control panel at the left side, you will get a dial.

  • Your goal is now to arrange the numbers in the numerical order from 1 - 17.

  • Click the arrows to move the numbers and click the heart when you want to switch the numbers.

  • A switch is only possible at the top.

  • When you are done with that..... lean back and enjoy the FINALE.

List of all inventory items (and where to find them)

  • Wrench

    search scene right to the gate in front of the manor.

  • Key for gate

    in speaker box, solve the puzzle first.

  • Typewriter key "V"

    Searchscene door of manor.

  • Brick

    first search scene trunk.

  • Ladder

    right side of the manor.

  • Creepy eye 1

    nest, right side of the manor roof (to reach with the ladder).

  • Crowbar

    Manor, fireplace room, under the chair.

  • Creepy eye 2

    under plank, left side of the manor, floor (to get with crowbar).

  • Machine Belt

    second search scene trunk.

  • Creepy eye 3

    first search scene rose bush left side of garden door.

  • Scissor

    kitchen, right cabinet door under the sink.

  • Cheese

    first cupboard search scene in kitchen.

  • Mouse

    right side of the manor, comes out of mouse hole, when you use the cheese there.

  • Key for oven lock

    to receive from the cat by giving her the mouse to play with.

  • Damp cloth

    second cupboard search scene in kitchen.

  • Glove

    kitchen, in the oven.

  • Rose

    hanging plant pot over trunk, left side of the manor.

  • Moon

    statue in front of garden door after giving it the rose.

  • Horn

    second search scene rose bush, left side of garden door.

  • Pick axe

    search scene cemetry.

  • Sun

    right side at the cemetry, after cutting the bushes away and solving the puzzle.

  • Long stick

    search scene left side when you enter the middle door.

  • Shovel

    right side of the Beauty Parlor, outside.

  • Red Marble 1

    Beauty Parlor, privacy screen, search scene 1.

  • Typewriter key "C"

    Beauty Parlor, bedroom, search scene.

  • Metal lever

    Beauty Parlor, bathroom, bathtub, search scene 1.

  • Red Marble 2

    Generale Store, Showcase, search scene 1.

  • Red Marble 3

    Generale Store, Cashregister, solve the puzzle to open it.

  • Golden key

    Underground, boat, search scene 1.

  • Rost remover

    Beauty Parlor, bathroom, medical cabinet, use golden key to open it.

  • Electric tape

    Beauty Parlor, bathroom, bathtub, search scene 2.

  • Typewriter key "T"

    Underground, boat, search scene 2.

  • Red Marble 4

    Cavern, Rose's coffin.

  • Screwdriver

    third search scene rose bush, left side of garden door.

  • Funnel

    left door, sandbox, search scene.

  • Old Fuse

    Toystore, showcase, search scene 1.

  • Hammer

    Toystore, working room, search scene 1.

  • Coin

    Toystore, cellar, minigame in the left upper corner.

  • Paint Remover

    Beauty Parlor, bedroom, night stand (use hammer to open it).

  • Typewriter key "M"

    Beauty Parlor, privacy screen, search scene 2.

  • Typewriter key "X"

    Generale Store, showcase, search scene 2.

  • Bug Repellent

    Schoolhouse, search scene.

  • Pot holder

    Gingerbread House, table, search scene 1.

  • Rope

    Gingerbread house, hall, solve puzzle at the left wall.

  • Typewriter key "S"

    Gingerbread House, bedroom, search scene.

  • Door knob

    Toystore, showcase, search scene 2.

  • Rusty knife

    Well in front of manor, get bucket up.

  • Sharp knife

    use grinding machine in school house cellar.

  • Matches

    Toystore, cellar, operate the Teddy.

  • Empty jar

    Gingerbread House, table search scene 2.

  • Jar with fuel

    schoolhouse cellar, leeking hose.

  • Typewriter key "R"

    Toystore, showcase, search scene 3
    If you did not see the video with the twins in their coffin before, you wont be able to find the letter R. It seems, that some people have a bug there, which can till now, only be solved by starting the game all over again. People, which discovered this bug, had no issue, when they did it the second time.

  • Putty knife

    Top of the tram, search scene.

  • Spare key

    Beach, shipwrack, search scene.

  • Bobby pin

    Attic, baby carriage, search scene 1.

  • Knob

    Libary, on the table.

  • Film reel

    Libary, bookcase, search scene.

  • Axe

    Libary, secret compartment opens after solving the bookcase-puzzle.

  • Grammophon disc

    Attic, baby carriage, search scene.

  • Jeweled Heart

    Victor's house, right door outside.

  • Skeleton key

    Victor's house, working room, search scene.

  • Telescope

    Victor's house, working room, trunk, solve the puzzle.

  • Emma's heart

    Secret Underground, right door, Emma's hand.

Easter Eggs

Riddle in the credits

Has anyone else discovered the Easter Egg from the credits?

I just played through the game again because after watching the credits play through, I discovered a riddle, so I wanted to check it out. Sure enough, there's a neat little recording tucked away in the game for those who solve the riddle.

Here's the riddle in case you missed it:

behold the blind mice and their cardinal directions. the world's wonders so Ponderous make one grin from Here to there. is it 6 o'clock Or just somethiNg i atE?

The riddle itself is quite easy to decipher, but in case you need a little help, here are some points to look for:

  • There are but 5 letters that are uppercase. None were at the beginning of a sentence, and two of them appeared within a word.

  • The uppercase letters are: P-H-O-N-E. The riddle is telling you it has something to do with the phone.

  • Can you find the phone number embedded? Can you extract any numbers? I found seven numbers:

    1. behold the (three) blind mice

    2. and their (four) cardinal directions

    3. the world's (seven) wonders

    4. make one grin

    5. from here two there

    6. is it six o'clock

    7. or just something I eight

  • Now go to the phone in the game and dial that number for a hidden Easter Egg. :)


For Mac users that don't want to wait to play this fantastic game, I am happy to report that the new Parallels for Mac (v4.0) runs Big Fish games for Windows splendidly! (Windows license required, of course.)

I've been playing (on my Mac) since it was first made available (to game club members) today at 3AM (Eastern). :)


Is anyone else playing right now? I'm stuck.

I'm stuck inside the first room of the house. I have:

Two eyes, missing the 3rd.

I also need:

  • Something to clip the flower with;

  • something to give to the cat;

  • something to release the rope with in the well;

  • and a clue to the 'bendy' guy on the door to the shed outside.


The Third eye is in

the birds nest on top of the front door. Do to the right once pick up the ladder and use it to get up there and get the eye.

You will find garden clippers

under the sink in the kitchen once you solve the puzzle on the door. You will also need to get the gloves

inside the locked stove to pick the flower. You get that key from the cat. Find the objects in the kitchen cupboard and it will give you cheese to give to the mouse, then use the mouse to get the cat to move to get the key.

The clue to the bendy

will be on the wall in the kitchen.

I have no idea on what to use for the well. I need help on that and also on how the puzzle in the grave yard works.


The third eye was tricky! here it goes:

you need to take the ladder and place it on the front door, where the cat is, to reach the nest and get the third eye. Hope I've helped you.


That definitely helps! Thanks!! ^_^


parents are going back to their hotel so I'll probably be playing for a while. I'm moving quicker than I expected so if there are any more questions, I may be able to help.


im stuck on the lighting all the bulbs to get the phone to work...i cant get them all lit!! anyone have a step by step for me?


For the light bulbs puzzle:

It's really quite easy if you work your way from the outside in.

Concentrate on lining up the outside ring to each of the 4 unbroken bulbs first. Then move one ring in, line that up with the outside ring, etc. You'll have it in no time. :)


Im stuck cant find any clues after grave yard cliff or for the well???? Help???


By the cliff, did you notice:

The sparkling thing in the bushes?

You need to clear away the bushes to get to the puzzle.

Try using the clippers on the bushes.


jay was that for me? cause there are no broken lights...im on the fuse box for the phone help!!!!


Oh! the fuse box, sorry.

For the fuse box, did you notice:

The solution is printed right on the puzzle.

Look near each of the wires, you'll see numbers like: 4,1 and 2,2.

Those numbers correspond to the grid.

The first number is the column (across the top), the second number is the row (down the left side).


lol sorry jay wrong puzzle again...im on the phone connection puzzle..

the one where you have to connect the dots and light up all the lights to charge the phone all the way....im so stuck help!


Hahaha, sorry. xD

I guess maybe I'm not that far yet? Because obviously I have no idea what you're talking about. :(


lol ok well let me know when you get to it...and if you can get past it cause i cant...and there is no skip puzzle option...DARN THEM lol


Which room are you in Shannon?


im in the basement of the toys for brats store...


Hmmm... haven't made it there yet. I guess I'm not as far as I thought I was either.


alright well im takin a break until someone else gets it lol i been on this puzzle for an hour and a half


I have been stuck here for about ...ohhh...thirty minutes..trying to figure out how to get in the house. Someone help me. Please!


Wait, when you mean get in the house, okay, how far along are you? Also, I'm beginning to think this game isn't exactly linear.

Finally, I find myself a little stuck with

Round and Round


I think there are two different shannons commenting here, Grimmrook. ;)


shannonb to get in the house

You have to break the window above the mouse hole...have you seen the mouse hiding in his hole?

You have to get a brick to throw through the window! try to find it if you dont have it already


how to complete the sun and moon puzzle ? i'm stuck please help


lol yes there are and i have been working on my light thing here for about an hour and a half with no success...gonna wait it out


Nevermind post and solve.


the toy store is in

the door on the left...in the basement of the house, that's where the puzzle is that im stuck on

crystal look in your journal ...it shows symbols..also you need to find the sun and the moon icon to make the layout complete

crystalcomer24 November 26, 2008 9:42 PM

I'm confused on this there isnt any help on the sun and moon puzzle. i put the sun in and the moon in but cant get anywhere else



First you need to find the sun and the moon; the puzzle can't be solved until you do. Once that is done you can trial and error all of them, but there is actually one place that you should have visited that will give you a good hint as to a starting point.


Crystal, for the Sun and Moon puzzle:

You first need the sun and moon pieces before you can solve the puzzle.
The Moon is found:

in the kitchen

The Sun is found:

by the cliff

Once you have both those pieces, you'll need the clues for which of the buttons goes each each piece. Check your log book if you missed the clues in the respective scenes.


More, Crystal

I forgot to make this clearer. You need to drag a disc on to each of the open spots in the center and then pull the lever towards the top. You'll know once you've got the right two.

As for the hint hidden elsewhere, you should find one of the symbols equaling either the sun or the moon.


Shannon (the one stuck on teh fuse box;

Have you released Rose already? I'm just curious because I have, and yet I haven't figured out where you are yet.

crystalcomer24 November 26, 2008 9:46 PM

thanks Grimmrock. i will try that. just have to wait for my full download now hate trial versions


n/p Crystal.

And disregard, Shannon, I just stumbled on where you are!


Please help, I'm stuck with the

middle (first?) cellar door. I just met the ghost in the basement area and went down and saw the three doors. Placed my typewriter key (V) on the one typewriter and went to the middle door. It has the numbers and the plus and minuses but I am so confused. The numbers at the bottom don't match up to the numbers on the light things and what do I do with the volume?


Kris - I was confuzzled by that one for a while myself.

Then I noticed:

The little spinner in the top right, which you can use to select each of the 4 different colors (corresponding to the colored lights).

Then click the buttons near the lights until you know which numbers are in each.

Use those numbers to complete the equation (using the corresponding + or - sign) for each color.

Using the spinner to select a color, type the answer using the number keys (that run down along the right side near the spinner).

Once you enter all the correct answers, the puzzle is solved. :)

I hope that made sense to you.


I bought the game today. I had to, I was still mostly outside when the demo ended. This is a killer game, and the music is fantastic. Way harder door puzzles than Ravenhearst, not very Monty Pythonish as before.
Too bad Rand Miller didn't pick up on this stuff.


can someone tell me what to use on the well?

boandtrentsmom November 26, 2008 10:56 PM

I'm stuck! I have gotten through the third door where you have to type


into the typewriter. I have gotten to the railcar, did the hidden object puzzle, pried off the gas cover with the screwdriver, put the funnel into the gas tank. I have gone inside the railcar and found the gas gauge thing that says it's empty and when you turn the handle it says "nothing happens". All I have left in my inventory are the wet rag, pain remover, glass jar and putty knife. Can someone tell me where to go next? I can't seem to move on from here. Have I missed a puzzle somewhere else or something?

boandtrentsmom November 26, 2008 11:04 PM

FOUND IT. The answer to the railcar problem. After an hour or so of going back over everything, I found something I had missed. Good luck all.


boand...Can you help me with the phone box? I can't get all the lights to light up. Got a path for me to follow?


Shannon, hints on the fuse box:

Okay, there are a few rules for doing the fuse box lighted path puzzle.

You have to light up every bulb.

You can not cross over a path you've already traveled.

You must use all three junctions.

It took a while for me to work through it, mainly because I kept wanting to use the junction on the left first, but the way I finally got it done was by cutting around to the bottom and going through the red junction at the bottom first, then the right hand junction, and then come over the top of the power gage and the last move you should be making is at the junction on the left.

Hope that helps!


I can't get past this. I'm thinking of stopping the game. Just one question, grimm

which one of the four lines did you take at the start?



I'm sorry, I can't remember, but on a happy note, for you, not me, My computer froze and I lost about two hours worth of work, thus, I'll end up having to go through that puzzle again.

When I do, I'll tell you which branch is the proper starting point.


My mom figured it out first try, lol. If you need help again, I'll get her to tell me her secret.


can someone please help me..im stuck where you go down the well by the school...what now?


I am stuck. I cannot figure out how to get the fuel. All I have left is a rag and a putty knife. I must have missed something somewhere. Help?

watchzweather November 27, 2008 1:03 AM

Hi... I am stuck on the stupid puzzle between the toy room and the school house. How do I open the door?


Need help on the door with the domino puzzle. I don't get what I'm supposed to do.


watchz...do you have the oven mitt yet?

Trix Belcher November 27, 2008 1:40 AM

I am having trouble with the little man on the door. I arranged him exactly like the picture on kitchen wall, but nothing happens. Am I not doing something else I need to do ? please help


If you have then here you go...

when you look at the puzzle in the bottom left corner there is a temperature...go ack to the wood burning stove and put it on that tempature and the circles on top will be the key to finishing the puzzle.



you need an empty bottle then you go where the fuel leaks by the shapener and fill it

watchzweather November 27, 2008 1:54 AM

I have the potholder - and I turned up the temp on the stove to 600 degrees but I can't get the door open - it's driving me crazy


oops...im stuck at the well in the toy for brats...not the other



As normal Domino game, you have to figure out the always next matching domino and click it. 3 for example is matching 3. When there is a five on the other side of the 3, than you have to find a 5 and click it. This one again has another number on the other side, which has to be matched next.
You have to match all dominos to proceed

Can you please tell me more about the door? The one with the circles?


You have to get an empty jar first. You will find it in the main room of the gingerbread house, there is a search scene


You have to unhook the bucket with the long stick from your inventory. Then go back all the way till you are outside the manor in front of the well

Greetings, Kayleigh

watchzweather November 27, 2008 1:57 AM

Sorry, thanks for the help - but I can't seem to find the R key for the third door... can you tell me where it is?



all the keys for the typewriter are found in the hidden item scenes...try to see if you missed one somewhere in the house



The R will be in the Toystore display - search scene

Greetings, Kayleigh


finished the game! good luck everyone


Thank you so much...it was driving me crazy!


anybody know how to fix the books in the library right?



You have to take a look at Victors movie. When he moves, note the symbols of the spines. This is the right order to fix the books in the library

Greetings, Kayleigh


Return is a good quality game with decent resolution images and engaging game play. Other Mystery games are lousy in comparison with low res images used to hide objects instead of using creativity, use of time limits (immature) and forced repeat of all cases if one time lapse occurs. These cheapskate games are indefensible and not worth even 99 cents. Return deserves a better classification than those.


Please can someone tell me what to do, i am in the garden with the statue that wants a flower and on the door is a circle with a horrid looking chick on it, what do i do with this..


how do i get whats stuck in the teddy bear


Use those numbers to complete the equation (using the corresponding + or - sign) for each color.

I don't get the equation. What equation?


Jessica - do you see the + and - signs?

They are the operators of each equation.

There are numbers on the right and left of each sign. Do the addition, or subtraction, as indicated.

If you don't see + and - signs, then you're probably working on a different puzzle.


anyone get the bucket out of the well yet?


how do i open the wooden plank and where is the kitchen


Can anyone tell me what I've missed in the Gingerbread House? It keeps glittering with stars and I can't figure out what I've missed. I got the rope off the Dumbwaiter, went through the locked door. Found all the stuff on the table...? I'm stuck!


I'm stuck. How do I open the wooden plank? And I can't find the kitchen.


JI - you have to use the long stick you have to reach it off the hook.


where is the kitchen


Here's my next dilemma, I have 10 hearts and am hoping that's all I need, but cannot figure out where the 10th heart goes on the door. The rest of them went into a flower or a leaf...


arsenal - the kitchen

is behind the door with the eyes.


okay, I feel really stupid. I can't open the front gate. where do you connect the wires. I see the numbers above the wires. I also wrote down the numbers from the plaque above. Those numbers make no sense whatsoever, although trying to plug in the wires using just the number set that is above the wires doesn't seem to work either.


I'm so stuck, I've found three of the red marbles but i cannot find the last one, I have no places I can search for objects, and a bunch of items in my inventory that I cannot find where they are used at even using hints. :( Where is the last red marble?



Did you already found the creepy eyes?
Use the brick at the window, that is right side, when you stand in front of the manor
Enter the house and find new ideas, what to do :)


You need a rusty knife, that has to be sharpen before
You will find it, when you found a way to unstuck the well in front of the manor


Click the white switch at the bottom of the scene
Right above you can see two colums with display, two of them are showing numbers
In the middle of this colums you see another one with plus and minus signs
The red light left side at the top is shining and a green one at the right side also
Klick now the little switch next to the green light. It will go out and instead the red light one above will turn on
Now you see left and right numbers and a sign between.
This is a random part, so I can just give you an example
Lets assume, my left number is 21, the right one is 14 and I have a plus sign between
21+14 = 36
In the right upper corner you see an arrow with 4 colored buttons
Change the position of the arrow by clicking, till it points at the color according to the lights which are on, in this case the red ones
Below the arrow, you see typewriter keys with numbers
Click the numbers from your result on the keys, in this cas 3 6
When your result is a single number, for example 5, then click 0 5
The result will be shown in a display, right under the colums
The other result displays you will find on top of the colum and left side of the colum

By clicking the switch next to a burning light it will turn off and turn on the next step against the clock
So, if you now click the switch of the left red light, it will go one down and turn on the green light
If you click the green light switch it will turn off and turn on the orange and so on
At the left bottom the light will switch to the right side
At the right top, the light will switch to the left side
Now go on an turn both green lights on by bringing the left red light to the right green light and the right red light to the left green light
Solve the maths and click the results into the displays
Dont forget to change the arrow to the right color, other wise you will change the wrong display


To get the well unstucked you have to enter it from downunder.
To do this, you need to dial the right telephone number in the toystore

@sevim / kitchen

to find the kitchen, you have to enter the manor
You do so by clicking the brick a few times against the window that is on the right sight, seen from the front of the mansion.
If you do so, you will also find a way to open the wooden plank


You will see wires and a sheme with sockets and numbers vertical and horizontal
Next to the wires you can see the same numbers
Now click the wires into the sockets, which accord with the numbers next to the wire
The first number shows the horizontal number, the second one the vertical number
So you have to place the
2 horizontal/2 vertical
4 horizontal/1 vertical
1 horizontal/3 vertical
2 horizontal/1 vertical
The colors which wire is going where seems to be random
Now press the red button and take the key out of the opening


Did you get the marble out of Roses coffin?

Greetings, Kayleigh


Help please, i just started playing today, where is the cliff that will give me the sun? I have the moon. Is there something special i need to do w/ the skeleton with moveable arms and legs... that has me stumped. Thank you for any advice you can give me.


ok so i'm a little stuck if someone could please help me...i've made it up to the guest house, i'm in the front room with the skull lock on the door across from the fireplace, but i've looked all over for some kind of clue on how to break it, but no such luck... also i feel like a complete shmoo but in the elevator with joe there is another skull lock did i miss the key for it or am i not even close to getting to that part of the game??? PLEASE help i'm going in circles... thank you


Help.... I seem 2 be going round and up and down,, Tte little men you have 2 hit on the head.. Ijust cart work it out. I hit 100 and over loads.. with no reds. And where can i rind the key 4 thte lift please help!!!!


Noooooooo.....! I can't wait until I can play this on my Mac. I'm still on 10.4 so I don't get to have any fun! *cries*


I am stuck:

Opened the door at the bottom of the well, it's still dark inside although I can see the kindling

My inventory has a damp rag, funnel, screwdriver, jar of fuel, and sharpened knife.

Please help!



Yeah, the skeleton's arms and legs have to be in specific positions. Now, the clue as to what position they have to be in is actually found in the house...

Go back in the house and take a look at everything again. Specifically, the kitchen, more specifically, go and check to see if you have read every single piece of paper that might be lying around or tacked to a wall.

Now I'm a little stuck on the As The Crow Flies puzzles. I understand the rules of manipulation, but I don't understand the end goal.


stuck on bendy guy; he's in the right shape, i think, according to the drawing on the kitchen wall, but nothing happens

crystalcomer24 November 27, 2008 9:34 PM

ok i have the oven mitt and i've turned the heat up 600 but what now i dont get what happens i see some of the lights lite up but what now. i'm stuck



600 is actually wrong. The right temperature can be found etched near a puzzle. Now what 500 gets you.. I would say look at the stove and look at the puzzle where you get the hint, and you should be able to put it together.

Hope that helps.



I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, and I barely remember that. But I would first check to make sure you got the position right, and then I would see if there is a lever or something you have to pull

crystalcomer24 November 27, 2008 9:47 PM

ok where is the puzzle at then because i cant figure this out


Please tell me how to get to the cliff?????



it's between the toys for brats and the school. You have to go to the school front first, and then you want to head off to the left.


To get to the cliff with the graveyard, you have to go through the gate with the skeleton puzzle. If you are talking about how to get to the cliffs and guest houses that you see from there, you don't get there until much, much later.

watchzweather November 27, 2008 10:18 PM

Please help = stuck on puzzle in lift. I found the skeleton key and now I have no idea what the numbers are to enter. Clues? Suggestions?


Hi there folks! I am stuck with the stupid "Whack a troll." I've whacked them until I hit 100 and still nothing happens. I hope that this is where the screwdriver is. Can anyone help ... please?! Thanks!

watchzweather November 27, 2008 10:40 PM


The whack a troll game will produce a coin after you hit 100 points. It should be on the tongue of the troll in the top right corner of your screen


Ok I seem to be stuck here...I have just found the girls' coffins...I all I have in my inventory are the damp rag, screwdriver, jar of oil or gas or whatever it is, and the funnel. I have been in every room multiple times now trying to find a hidden object sparkle where I can find the letter R,...but there doesnt seem to be anything. The only sparkle I do have is in the direction of the twins' house, but I can't find anything to do in there either...If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it!

Turtle Wexler November 27, 2008 10:51 PM

As the Crow Flies goal

Did you use the putty knife?

You need to scratch some stuff off to find the right design.

You need to scratch 4 or so times on the stairs right before the puzzle.

Then you just need to copy the design there.

As the Crow Flies game mechanics

The pieces move in a specified direction

Unlike other puzzles, it doesn't depend where on the tile, row or column you click.

It depends which tile you click.

Clicking an up bird makes the column move up; clicking a left bird makes the row move left

Turtle Wexler November 27, 2008 11:05 PM

Key "R"

In the toy store hidden object level, with all the dolls.


Can someone please tell me how to light up the phone board? I have been stuck for 2 hours.


Please Help. I am 73 years old and I have struggled nearly to the end. I am at the door of Charles Room and have placed all 10 hearts plus the gold one and the door(wall) will not open. What do I need to do? To finish to give would make an old man really happy.


I'm stuck with the wood-burner and the door beside the school. I'm looking for the last typewrite key, which is letter R!!! I've been stuck for days!! ... help... this is the last key to enter the third door....thanks.... for the telephone thingy, try doing it backwards from the first lighted bulb.


I am proud to say that my total time for RTR is, so far, 2:50, and I'm planning on making it as long as possible because the audio and visuals are absolutely drop-dead (hehe) breathtaking.


someone please help am stuck. i cant find the last key for the typwriter the letter R i think the key is in the bear that is hanging, but i cant cut open the bear can someone tell me where to go from here.


please help im am stuck!!! i cannot find the last key for the typewriter i think it is the bear that is hanging but i have nothing in my inventory to open the bear what do i do from here please help


hi mom,
you need the knife from the well to open the bear - make sure it's sharpened. once you've done that you need to go through the door connected to the telephone and complete the scenes there. after that the R can be found in the dolls room.



can someone tell me how to complete the final puzzle? i know how to shift the numbers from left to right, how to swap the position and also that the numbers need to be placed in sequential order 1 -17. i have tried many times but never seem to be able to move all the no.s in the right position.


Anonymous April 30, 2010 10:57 PM

I'm at the end and I have found 9 of 10 hearts. I can't find any sparkling places left. Do all the places where there is a heart sparkle? Please help! (Signed) Mystified

claudie May 21, 2010 4:04 AM

i am stuck at the fire place did the sun and moon puzzle, but if i want to go down the fire place the game exit every time what do to. Was up all night. Please help want to finish. Thank you


I just want to say...I TOTALLY LOVE RETURN TO RAVENHEARST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me a looooong time to get through it but I made it and watched the ending with pleasure!!! and a wee bit of unhappiness as well. It was fun and frustrating, but getting through it made me feel so good. I NEVER play this type of search game. This is only the second one I have played like this with the intensity it has. I love the forums and they helped this ol' lady a lot!!! Good brain exercize!!! Keep up the good work and am looking forward to more of this type of game. Thank You soooooo much!!!


I am at the rolling ball puzzle. Can anyone help me with this puzzle? I cannot get the ball to roll in the hole. It rolls right over it and stops on a block. Thanks.

Margotbean July 3, 2010 3:44 PM

Sanmar: Exit the game and restart it. Whenever I have similar problems, that fixes it for me. Usually my game fails to load the scene where we first meet the twins, but I'm assuming it's a similar problem for you.


Click on the left side once, then keep clicking on the right side till the ball is in the hole.

Margotbean July 4, 2010 2:02 PM

Kathy - Almost every single time I play, I get the same ball-in-the-hole puzzle, but apparently there are random variations. Here are some more solutions:


DiMEBAG July 5, 2010 2:32 AM

having trouble w/the peacock... could use some help.


I really love this game, but the one thing I don't like is the plot.

The one thing the makes the first Ravenhearst enjoyable is the mystery. The only thing you know is Emma's diary. I was all by myself, and Emma didn't appear until the end.

In this one you actually see them and they interact with them. The ghosts looked too real. Thhey actually hired actors to play them. What happened with animation? I loved the artwork from Ravenhearst, but this is just bad. I would have prefered them to be animated, like the rest of the game.

In fact, I'd rather the ghosts didn't appear at all, instead, just their remains like with Emma (also, what happened to the twins' bodies?)

Charles looked nothing like in her diary, he looks more like Voldemort. It's ridiculous.


Can someone please help me. I have been in the toy store once, I don't know how I got there and Ive been trying for 2 days to get back there. Also I am missing 1 red Marble. One was in the cash reg. and I'm not sure where i got the other. Followed the walk-through and go where it says they are but they are not in ether place. Help please!!!!!

wjguest July 26, 2010 6:29 PM

Was reading the walkthrough and it said to get the r I would have to start the game over. Does that mean starting at the very beginning? Ive been playing several hours a day for 5 days now. I would hate to have to start everything again. Please tell me it ain't so.

[That might not be so. The walkthrough was written a while ago, back when the game was first released and they may have fixed that bug by now. Are you sure you can't get the R? -Jay]

wjguest July 29, 2010 4:03 PM

I got the R. Thank you Jay
I'm now stuck trying to find the last heart. I think it may be in the attic or library but I cant seem to find a way back to them. Is it possible to get back there after Ive been to the place where I put the other hearts?


I am locked up in the manor Ist floor. I have arranged the books as I saw in the movie of the victor but nothing happens how to get out of this floor and proceed.

Anonymous August 29, 2010 1:24 PM

what do i do to light the stuff in the dark room (not the school the one after that)


Im stuck. I know that the sun and moon go in the fireplace but the sun does not look like the sun on the tumb stone. So when I put them in place and click the white handle. nothing happens. I can't get the rope to move in the well either but Im thinking it has to do with the fireplace. something there I need. HELP PLEASE


Hey, does anyone know how to get past the puzzle where you have to turn all the lights on in a fues box?I've been stuck for almost 2 weeks trying to figure it out! I always get all the light but one,it's driving me nuts


I can not find the number for the spade. I read the walkthrough and it says that it is

on the side of the school house

but I still can't find it. Is there another area around the school that I don't know about.


ei i'm stuck in the garden where you should rearrange a skeleton in the door i know that my positions are correct but it just wouldn't open. think i should figure out a way to move the black button but i just cant..im really frustrated PLS HELP...


please help me.. im stuck in the red circle puzzle.. it shows 500 degree and ive copied the pattern over the oven.. and drew the same but nothing happens... please help me out !!!


@ nikita

the temperature must match the one that was etched on the side of the schoolhouse ..remember the pattern from the stove, duplicate it there.. there must be a switch that has a picture of an old woman and a lady.. try switching it.

@ cess

you must've missed something. try to rearrange it again using the pattern that you found in the kitchen.

@ anelson

the clue for the spade is at the "Buoy"... take the elevator.. first stop, take a right and you'll see the binocular..use it by inserting the coin you won at the "whack-a-troll" game


@ jay

ei.. about the hidden easter egg.. i dialed the # on the phone (# deciphered from the riddle), but nothing happened..its just Charles' talking on the other line..

any other clues??


@akiramaharot: that IS the easter egg.


@ jay

is that it?? if that so, then, how many easter eggs are out there to be collected?

can you give another clue, on where should I start searching?

there is one HO scene, where i found an easter egg.. inside the twin's house (dining table)

gubbychan July 14, 2011 2:38 AM

Ok so about the "Hidden Eater Egg" .... I called the number from the credits on the phone in the game and all that happened was a guy answered and said really random funny stuff. Is this the "Hidden Eater Egg" or is there an actual egg?


In response to the comments about easter eggs, they are intentionally hidden messages intended as a joke, or a special message to hardcore fans of the game from its creator(s). They can happen in response to a set of commands, mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc.

Regarding the phone number easter egg in this game, it isn't meant to have much significance, just something to "find".


i stucked i couldn't find the R what can i do?


danica -
Read some of the comments above yours where somebody else had the same problem. If you get stuck again, there is a walkthrough posted above the comments.


someone can tell me please what can i do to the wood burner, i'm stuck there...i already got the pot holder and i'm using it reach the 600 degree temp. but nothing happens...please???


xtine -
Check the walkthrough above the comments to see what is suppose to happen. Other comments above can also be helpful.


I have the potholder - and I turned up the temp on the stove to 600 degrees but I can't get the door open - it's driving me crazy


faziewa -
According to the walkthrough above the comments, the temperature is random. You need to get the information from outside the schoolhouse.


btw, i wish this may help.
this was one of my hardest time: solving the puzzle on the left side of the school (rocking horse). Go firs on the (children's) 1st building/1st room then at the left corner the temperature controller. At the top of it is the solution of the circle combination (on red colors) . and also adjust the temperature according to the temperature written at the left of that school, below the puzzle.

Gabrielleae February 3, 2012 12:56 AM

Please HELP ME! I'm stuck in the telephone control box. is there a pattern in lighting all the lights? because when I almost I mean, when theres only three more bulbs to light it up, it always turn the lights off. HOW CAN I LIGHT THEM ALL UP? PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Gabrielleae -

Have a look at the walkthrough above the comments.




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