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Must Escape the Pet Shop

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TrinnMust Escape the Pet ShopOh, sleepy escapers, won't you ever learn? You've point-and-clicked through so many challenges and freed yourself from so many prisons only to fall victim to the clich�d curse of narcolepsy once again. In this room escape by Selfdefiant, you dozed off while petting a kitten at the Little Critters pet store and woke up to find yourself locked securely inside. It's unlikely the owner will appreciate discovering someone hiding out with their fluffy merchandise, so you're left with only one option: you Must Escape the Pet Shop! That is, if you can keep yourself awake long enough.

Use the mouse as your guide to inspect and interact with the areas, items, or animals in each room. Directional arrows at the sides of the screen allow you to turn left and right, and a changing cursor helps to identify important objects. Your progress is saved automatically (likely in anticipation of your unpredictable sleeping habits), but it probably won't take you more than a few minutes to finish given the game's relatively short length and the low difficulty of its simple and logical puzzles. Fluffy animals and bright, cartoony graphics offer a kid-friendly experience and just enough mental stimulation before your next power nap.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Must Escape the Pet Shop Walkthrough

Kittens Room

  1. See the black cat hiding inside the scratch post?

    • Looks like it wants something before it will come out.

  2. Turn left or right to face the exit door.

  3. Click the poster on the wall to read it.

    • It says cats love snacks. That could come in handy...

  4. Open the door to go into the Main Room.

Main Room

  1. Turn right to face the cash register.

  2. Click the register on the counter to zoom in.

    • Push the largest button to open the drawer, then take the GOLD KEY from the far right slot.

  3. Inspect the picture of a dog on the wall above the cabinets.

    • Remember the name "SAM" written at the bottom of the frame.

  4. Click the telephone next to the cash register for a closer look.

    • Check out all the letters on the numberpad buttons; see how every number is grouped with a few letters?

    • Find the numbers on the phone that correlate to each letter in the clue on the framed picture.

      • The dog's name is Sam, so S=7 A=2 M=6.

  5. Turn right again to face the exit door.

  6. Click the electric lock on the wall to the left of the door.

    • Enter in the combination found on the telephone by the cash register.

      • Press 7-2-6, then hit Enter to turn off the security alarm.

      • Screenshot.

  7. Move the blue cylinder, then the green cylinder, then the purple cylinder that are on the middle shelf to the right of the door to uncover the CAT SNACKS.

  8. Go right twice to face the door to the Kittens Room.

  9. Take the dead FLY from the spider web at the side of the potted plant.

  10. Turn left to face the shelves of birds and reptiles.

  11. Take the CHAIR beside the far right cabinet.

  12. Click the lizard's aquarium to look inside.

    • Feed the FLY from your inventory to the lizard.

    • Pick up the RED GEM revealed on top of the rock.

  13. Return to the Kittens Room.

Kittens Room

  1. Give the CAT SNACKS to the black cat inside the scratching post.

  2. Take the GREEN GEM left inside the cat's hiding place.

  3. Turn left towards the exit door.

  4. Use the GOLD KEY to unlock the top drawer of the cupboard.

  5. Take the BLACK KEY hanging on the left side of the opened cupboard door.

  6. Exit through the door to return to the Main Room.

Main Room

  1. While facing the doors labeled Puppies and Snakes, count the empty boxes stacked on top of the far left shelf.

    • From left to right, they're stacked 3 boxes high, then 1 box high, 2 boxes high, and 4 boxes high.

  2. Click the left door leading to the Snakes Room to view the lock.

    • Use the clue from the empty boxes on the shelf to open the lock.

    • Click the rows of buttons to make the highlighted squares the same height at the empty boxes: 3-1-2-4.

    • Start on the left and click to highlight 3 of the squares, the next row once to highlight 1 square, the next row twice to highlight 2 squares, and the last row 4 times to highlight 4 squares.

    • Screenshot.

  3. Push the large bottom at the bottom of the lock to open the door and continue left into the Snakes Room.

Snakes Room

  1. Turn left to face the exit.

  2. Flip the light switch to turn off the lights.

  3. Click the green glowing goo at the corner of the poster on the left side of the wall to find there may be something behind it.

  4. Move left to face the other side of the room.

  5. Note the four glowing green symbols drawn on the snake tanks.

    • The first on the left is a triangle, the second is a square, the third is a star, and the fourth is a circle.

  6. Turn left to move towards the exit again.

  7. Hit the light switch again to turn the lights on.

  8. Lift the corner of the poster to reveal a wall safe, then click the safe for a closer look.

    • Open the lock using the clues found on the tanks.

    • Change the buttons from left to right to the order of the glowing shapes you saw just a moment ago.

    • Triangle - Square - Star - Circle

    • Screenshot.

  9. Take the SCREWDRIVER from the opened safe.

  10. Turn right to face the snakes again.

  11. Place the CHAIR on the floor below the vent in the right wall.

  12. Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the vent cover, then click the vent to look inside.

    • Move the cursor left or right to push your arm in or out of the vent.

    • When the BLUE GEM is within reach, click it to add it to your inventory.

  13. Go back out to the Main Room, then continue through the door straight ahead to the Puppies Room.

Puppies Room

  1. Turn right to face the exit.

  2. Use the BLACK KEY to open the locker to the left of the door.

  3. Take the bag of DOG FOOD from the lower section of the locker.

  4. Move left to face the puppies.

  5. Put the DOG FOOD in the empty dish on the floor.

  6. After the puppy leaves, take the TENNIS BALL inside the dog house.

  7. Give the TENNIS BALL to the dog sitting in the corner of the room.

  8. Take the ORANGE GEM revealed on top of the cushion the dog was sitting on.

  9. Turn right to face the exit again.

  10. Inspect the metal box on the shelf in the locker.

    • Put the gems inside their matching spaces on the lock box.

    • The ORANGE GEM goes in the first socket on the left, and next the GREEN GEM, then the RED GEM, and finally the BLUE GEM.

    • Click the latch to open the box and find the SILVER KEY.

  11. Exit to the Main Room.

Main Room

  1. Turn left twice to face the glass doors.

  2. Use the SILVER KEY to open he lock.

  3. Congratulations! You escaped the pet shop!


Stuck. I have the

red, orange, and green gems, but I seem to be missing one.

I have the

chair, but not the


I've seen the

shapes in the

snake room.

I've even

disarmed the alarm.

But now I'm at an impasse. Help?



I'm also stuck in the same place, except I haven't yet

disarmed the alarm


Power of posting.

@ray9na, have you looked

behind the poster in the snake room? Click on the right hand side of it



Combine two clues from the scene with the desk.




I'd been clicking all around the poster, but after you said something, I realized that I hadn't tried turning the lights back on.

ThemePark August 16, 2012 10:53 AM

I'm stuck too.

I've gotten so far as to getting the key to the exit door, but I haven't found any clues for turning off the alarm, and all I have left is the key for the door.


my turn to be stumped. I'm missing the square gem.

I'm sure its by the cat who wants treats but i've clicked everything, nothing picked up to give.

aside from that, I too am stumped on the alarm unlock, is it anything to do with the color scheme?


I can't seem to find

a snack for the kitten

. I'm assuming I need that to get

the green gem




the cat snacks, explore ALL of the shelves



Thanks, Rich. I was sure I had

run across each shelf several times

but apparently not enough.

This game was pretty unsatisfying, but not as bad as the Park game yesterday. Can we get some quality Escape games around here? Are they falling out of fashion or what?

hothotpot August 16, 2012 12:01 PM

Wow, that was actually much simpler than I thought at first. For those stuck on the alarm code:

Check the scene with the desk. What can you click on that might correspond to one another?

There is a picture of a dog, a cash register, and a phone. Well, we've already used the cash register right? So that leaves the phone and dog picture...

I bet you can figure it out from there.

ThemePark August 16, 2012 12:04 PM

Thanks hothotpot, I actually thought that was to be used for the puppies room.

inheritance.fan August 16, 2012 1:15 PM

I can't open the snake door.

inheritance.fan August 16, 2012 1:19 PM

Power of posting. I was sure I'd put that code in before. :/
But the alarm code has me stumped.

Unless it's the number of animals?

inheritance.fan August 16, 2012 1:22 PM

Apparently not.
Ah, got it.

What name is on the dog poster?

And what does that correspond to on the phone?


I'm still missing the last...



Nevermind, I hadn't tried...

...turning around in the snake room...

...with the lights off.



walkthrough, please :)


Well you were right about the dozing off risk :)

Jesscor72 August 16, 2012 5:46 PM

I can no longer see spoilers when I click on them nothing happens. I used to see them. Help!

[Spoilers require javascript to be enabled. Also, turn off any browser extensions you may have installed. Also try emptying your browser cache and reload the site. -Jay]


what happened here? i posted a walkthrough and it got deleted. :(

[It is against our commenting policies to copy/paste walkthroughs to/from other sites. Please do not do that. Thank you. -Jay]


well if that was what i did i didn;t mean to. i did find a walkthrough and kind of wrote in my own words what it said. in any case, i apologize.


This was quite good fun! :)


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