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Monster Trucks Unleashed

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Rating: 4.6/5 (22 votes)
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monstertrucks.jpgUgur, of the amazing group of Europlean Flash game developers that goes by the name of Stimunation, sent word of their latest creation last week when many of us here in the U.S. were enjoying the long July 4th holiday.

Monster Trucks Unleashed is an impressive 2D action driving game involving huge-wheeled monster trucks (of course), unlockable levels, and upgradable trucks.

Use the arrow keys for control, [space] to jump, [ctrl] for spiked tires, and [shift] to brake.

There are several different courses and challenges to complete, each of varying difficulty. Even though I am not very good at games like this, I did have a lot of fun trying to advance. Anyone know any hints, tips, or cheats? =p

Created for Wrigley's Candystand website.


Dustfinger July 10, 2006 4:31 PM

Eh, I thought they coulda made level one easier, but cool anyways.


Yeah, I agree. I couldn't get past the first level. LOL.

Evilwumpus July 10, 2006 4:53 PM

Get a fast computer. The clock ticks at the same rate no matter how slow the game is running.


Weird... the stage wouldn't load in Firefox for me. I had to jump to IE.

And yes, that first level is really freakin hard :)


I got to the second level, and i eventually made it to the part after thew pyramid of hay bails, but my front wheels get stuck in the giant tires and i cant clear them without crashing


I found the first level really easy..but then again I'm fairly good at this type of game..

Very fun... wasted a good hour and a half of my time... Got any more games like this, Jay? I love 'em!


go to the third by over usage of the jump key, but when leaping the busses, your screwed if you fall in with the bus


There's a nearly-identical game on miniclip.com which is less customizable and not branded. The controllage (yes I made that up, I apologize) is also easier for some odd reason.


Yep, from same folks that made this one.


I thought that this was a horrible game--all the effort put into making a bunch of pointless levels could have gone into making a decent physics engine.


Well, I beat the first cup and went on to the second, and got stuck on the level where you're supposed to climb up the canyon.

Which was incredibly annoying. It was faster to go up the canyon without the spikes, but even then it was too easy to run out of time, and for the tires to bounce up too far, or for the truck to fly off the top of one of the hills and stop you dead in your tracks when you land, completely destroying any speed you might have built up.

Anyway, I found the game to be easier when you, ah, blow up your tires to gargantuan proportions, as well as your shocks, and make the chasse as long as possible. Crazy stuff. The way I see it, that decreases the chance of accidentally bumping the hood of the car into something.

ForeverBrainless July 10, 2006 10:40 PM

The mysterious 120 credit upgrade buys you a set of extra wheels making it a six wheeler which in my opinion pumps up stability and speed. You can convert back to a normal 4 wheeler monster truck if you customize your truck.


This game take a bit of dedication.

The upgrades that you buy stays with you when you restart the game after dying.

I beat the game after playing many many times.

My suggestion is use jump button a lot. Upgrade the shocks and get some speed and just jump over obstacles.

baba44713 July 11, 2006 7:43 AM

There's quite an easy way to go through the game.

Just press accelerate and jump all the time. The biggest challenge is straightening the track up with left and right. Spikes and breaking aren't really needed.


My only prob with this is the size of the screen, would be better full screen so you can actually see what's going on


How do you get over the hay at the end of level 2 :-/

I can't believe that I am stuck so soon :-P



Hi all! does anybody know of the whereabouts for the maths/flash physics/code for this sortof physics...?
my game making skills are probably good enough but my maths ain't....

oh... and Jarak

Lean back and go fast!


hahaha, the truck customization is so much fun to mess around with in this game, i highly recommend just doing everything WRONG with it AND playing the game, it makes for very interesting results

I once screwed up my car so much that on the level with the Demolisher opponent or something, before I could get control of my car, it bounced, flipped onto its back, and started sliding down the slope at high speed and I wasn't taking damage! Annnd then I took control and I died. Putting your wheels really close together and reaaaally different sizes == dum

(the number of times where I've finished a stage sliding backwards upside down is scary haha)

ForeverBrainless July 11, 2006 9:18 PM

okay so i finnally beat the game after like 5 tries. The game does take a lot of persistance. After finnaly getting every upgrade possible i beat the last stage which is the falling blocks stage on the big red cup. My advice is to keep your wheels small and together to resemble a normal truck rather then throwing everything out of proportion.


I finished the game with 38000 points, but the leaders are well over 300,000!!!!!... how do I get that many pts.


to get past the canyon climb look at my spoiler

make your chassis really long and make the tires as small as possible


If only it had a save function...

bubba spanks December 31, 2006 6:16 PM

I beat both levels...and maxed out the mods to the truck...I was left wanting more levels...I wish I knew how some people get 500,000 points..I have done 38,000.


I love the game but I get frustrated because I can't figure out how to save it when I have an interuption. Does anyone know how to save the program?


i finnished the game the last level is sinch, the $120 thing is a third wheel LoL just had to say dat


laugh out loud i made it to the 5th challenge and it was called Tomb but i lose because i got squashed in the spikes

just make your back wheel the biggest one and your front wheel the smallest one and make front angle and back angle and shock height the lowest one and play its really good like this real monster beating

nl_7734206 May 24, 2007 8:18 PM

its a very fun and easy game


on the last level of the big red cup use very small wheels


this game is really easy... the only hard party is the tomb lvl and the fireball lvl

also if you wanna take all this time it takes 1270 coins to buy everything


this is a real glitch that no one knows of...

hold "R" down before the "Ready, set, go" and keep holding it down until it says 'would you like to give up?' then press no. this gives you infinite time. remember, Supabest created this, so don't take the credit.


On the 4th level (if you get there) you can get enough speed up to jump over the finish sign and go to a cooler extra part... I've only made the jump like twice :)

Anonymous November 4, 2007 5:01 PM

i suck at this games i need tips

PBmixmaster November 7, 2007 11:32 PM

I've betten the game at least 100 times, sadley, Iv'e only got the silver trophy


this is a real glitch that no one knows of...

hold "R" down before the "Ready, set, go" and keep holding it down until it says 'would you like to give up?' then press no. this gives you infinite time. remember, Supabest created this, so don't take the credit.


If any of you guys want to know the secret upgrade read my spioler

it makes your truck have 3 wheeles

supa fish December 9, 2007 4:32 PM

this is a real glitch that no one knows of...

hold "R" down before the "Ready, set, go" and keep holding it down until it says 'would you like to give up?' then press no. this gives you infinite time. remember, supa fish created this, so don't take the credit.


So, what physics engine does it use?


hey i got to the 5th lvl no prob all u have to do is make the truck longer and make the back tire bigger then the front but then u have to custamize it to ur liking b/c then its just a mud run...suggestons would be big tires very long body.


I cant beat the destroyer any tips?


I got to the big red cup which is the 2nd cup and i only made it to the 2nd/second level!


if you buy anything and then die, you will get it next time without paying


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