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Monkey GO Happy Western

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Rating: 4.3/5 (141 votes)
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Monkey GO Happy Western

In PencilKids' latest point-and-click puzzle game Monkey GO Happy Western, the monkeys are out West, and the only thing that will cheer them up is a visit from the Indian Chief. Click around to interact, dragging items from your inventory at the top of the screen to use them when needed, and put that devious monkey brain to work cracking the codes used to lock away many of the items you'll need. Fair warning... as a person of Native American descent, I did make a sound of mild consternation in the back of my throat at this one. "Indian" is always going to be one of those terms that people are going to fight over, with some Native Americans finding it distasteful even as others are ambivalent about it (no one person can speak for an entire race, after all), and the inclusion of "Indian Corner" and the squinty, big-nosed Indians in the game might be too much for some to ignore, so play mindfully, though it was doubtlessly made with no ill intent in mind. As usual, our monkeys have to contend with a series of puzzle locks that are just sneaky enough to make your brain perk up a little, as the solutions are usually hidden away in the backgrounds of the areas you'll visit. You never have to worry about pixel hunting or obnoxious, unintuitive puzzles... as long as you keep your eyes open, you'll most likely do fine. It's a coffee-or-whatever-your-favourite-beverage-is break sized game, a format PencilKids have basically perfected with their beloved series of monkey capers, and Monkey GO Happy Western is another rootin'-tootin' entry, even if there's no Will Smith to be seen.

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lynnehammar927 January 13, 2015 1:08 PM

Oh, no! I need 4 more arrows and no clues have been posted!

lynnehammar927 January 13, 2015 1:26 PM

Okay, finished! For clues to the 8-part puzzle in the store,

look at the four skulls

Monkey Go Happy games are awesome!!

stuckinabasement January 13, 2015 3:19 PM replied to lynnehammar927

Thanks for the tip, lynnehammar927. I thought it had to be that at first, but for the life of me, I couldn't see that ...

the right-most skull had a broken horn.

Only noticed that the second time I played it, after you confirmed I was looking in the right place.


can't wait for the walkthrough :)


Ah! Don't forget that when you get the

lasso, you can go ahead and use it to climb up onto that one roof

28 arrows and a new puzzle to solve. I tried to shoot the Indian because dammit, we could've sat down and made arrows quicker than hunting all over town for ones that have been used!


Hints for the puzzles

The wanted poster amount

is the numbers for the 'star' puzzle box. Click until you have the same number of dots as each digit

8 code box in store

Follow the skull horns. A broken horn counts as half a bar, even if it's broken so close to the skull you think it ought to be an empty bar

Purple/yellow code box in old man's house

pattern is on the teepee. I suggest just remembering the position of one colour and whether it was NW/similar

The 5 picture code

is on the roof of the old guy's house. You could keep going back and forth if you don't remember these things in one go, or I suggest using Sticky Notes (of the digital kind). Comes in handy for escape games full of codes to remember.

Run out of places to go?

That lasso isn't for rustling up some cattle. Maybe there's a hook near the Wanted poster you could throw it on?

Where are all these damn arrows?

Some might be a little tricky to spot, so go back to everywhere and make sure you've gotten the ones out in the open.

Some are in the puzzle boxes, and you will get them once you open the boxes.

Then some... you may have to channel you RPG spirit here. Break all the vases, Western style ;)

Last but not least, what do we do with this

blanket that is SO not worth 30 arrows?
Sorry for being a bit of a wet blanket here, but maybe there are some communication issues.

I'm kind of disappointed that there wasn't a good ol' show-down with this Wanted fellow, where he's stopped with the wet blanket. Oh well, hopefully there's a weird escape game due out soon.

Just a heads up: whoever made the walkthrough video you can see by clicking the hint button keeps talking through it. Might be helpful to you, might be off-putting when you've just been over-thinking directions.


"SO not worth 30 arrows"...I know, right?

It does seem odd that I have to give the Indian stereotype 30 arrows in exchange for the one thing that will help HIM. Seems to me that he should have given ME the blanket, and the 30 arrows in exchange for getting it wet for him if he was too lazy to go into town. But maybe I'm just feeling kvetchy today.

Patreon Crew SonicLover January 13, 2015 9:46 PM

This series has spanned quite a variety of settings by now. Maybe next will see Monkey go Happy Noir. Or Monkey go Happy Japan.


on the comment above about a video walkthrough, to some it seems good to have at least that but for me it goes way too fast. I hoper a text one will be out soon.


Paul: Why not just hit pause at the point in the video walkthrough where you got stuck? You can even use the arrow keys to step forward and backward slowly once it's paused.

Anyway, here's a pseudo-walkthrough for the monkeys, based on the notes I took while playing. Obviously it's not as nicely formatted as a real walkthrough, but I don't have time to do that right now, and hopefully it's clear enough.

collect 3 ARROWS
cowboy wants a saddle
bartender wants a hat
poker players want a horseshoe
proprietor wants $10
box needs eight-part code (each segment can have three heights)
bullseye has cracks in all three color zones
collect 3 ARROWS
poster: $4320 reward
collect 3 ARROWS
skull: short long
indian wants 30 arrows
skull: short long
4-part code on tepee: yellow faces LR UR UL LR
collect 3 ARROWS
vulture is in the way
skull: long short
collect 3 ARROWS
man on porch wants jerkey jar
five-symbol code on roof: quiver headdress croc arrow skull
skull: short long
collect 3 ARROWS
enter 4-part code code from tepee
take SAW
enter skull code
take ARROW
use SAW on door
enter 5-symbol code from ranch
take WHEEL
give SADDLE to cowboy
use YELLOW KEY on safe
take HAT
give HAT to bartender
give HORSESHOE to poker players
take 10 COINS
use LOADED GUN on vase
take ARROW
give 10 COINS to proprietor
put WHEEL on wagon
move wagon
give JERKEY JAR to man on porch
take ARROW
use LOADED GUN on vase
take ARROW
use LOADED GUN to scare vulture
enter 4320 from sign by pump
tie LASSOO to hook
climb ladder
collect 3 ARROWS
put ROOSTER on weathervane
enter bullseye code: inner right, middle left, outer up
take 2 ARROWS
give ARROWS to Indian
soak BLANKET with pump
use WET BLANKET to send smoke signal



in order the skulls you listed were "Short Long Short Long Long Short Short Long" I did that with the chest in the store but it's not working. :(

Hope you can help.


Paul: Sorry if that was unclear. It's actually

Short Long Long Short Short Long Short Long. (You don't initially encounter the scenes in left-to-right order, but that's the order in which you need to arrange the codes.)


thanks abf. you are da man. :)


I was expecting a puzzle that needed clues from the weather vane to solve.

After I placed the rooster, the S and W points changed colour, so we had blue E, black S, yellow W, and red N. But *frown* it's apparently a clue without a puzzle. The monkeys are happy already.


@barbara: no, they are a clue, in combination with the

bulls-eye looking thing in the shop


Patreon VIP abfdrumz January 16, 2015 11:31 AM replied to cendare

Ha...I didn't notice

the weather vane colors at all, and solved that puzzle using only where the cracks were on the bullseye, but I THOUGHT that seemed a little obscure!


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