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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 5

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupDid you have good holidays? Unfortunately it's over, but do not despair, manic (monkey) Thursday is here!

Stage 141
Monkey GO Happy

Winter is coming, and the monkey and mini-monkeys find themselves in a cold wintry scene. You'll need to find some climbing boots for a hiker to help complete this stage.

Stage 142
Monkey GO Happy

A man stands somber beneath a tree, his beloved hat lost in its lofty branches! Help him recover his headgear and solve a few cleverly hidden math puzzles along the way.

Stage 143
Monkey GO Happy

We find ourselves in another wintry scene in this next stage. Despite a golden supermoon in the background, our monkey appears to need some cheering up.

Stage 144
Monkey GO Happy

Last but not least, as the countdown to Christmas continues, you'll have a chance to help Santa and his elves. Gather candy canes and solve puzzles to make the monkey GO happy!


Monkey GO Happy Roundup 5 (Stage 141–144)

Stage 141: Snow Huts


Your first game this week… er, fortnight, starts with you in front of a small hut locked with a sixteen-button lock and topped with a rock and Mini Monkey. There's a hiker who wants a pair of climbing boots, and another Mini Monkey in the lower-right corner.

Go right to find a larger house with a hole in the door and six pegs on the walls around it. Pick up the string and Mini Monkey from the roof, and also the rock and Mini Monkey from the floor.


The lock on the small hut looks like it'll be impossible to solve without a clue. But there is one!

Some of the buttons have more spots on them than the others, and those buttons stay down a little longer when pressed.

Those buttons are in the

positions, so press them right after each other to open the door.

Inside the hut, you find five circular sector buttons under a carved stone, with six markings on the sides. Pick up the peg from the floor and the 2 Mini Monkeys around the room.


Use the peg on the door of the larger house, and then find a clue to unlock it.

The markings on the sides of the smaller house have circles next to lines, indicating that each of the six outer pegs should be pushed all the way in.

So do that by click each of them 4 times, and then push the central peg to open the door.

Inside the house lit by two wall torches, you find a clue on the back, three holes on the walls, and a button on the top which isn't active. Pick up the rock, hammer and 2 Mini Monkeys from around the room.


Use the hammer to smash all three rocks (using the Combine Item feature), then use the gems from the broken rocks on the holes in the house, opening the shutter over the button.


Use the clues throughout the game to make the button work.

The clue on the back wall of the house is inverted. So to input the correct code in the hut, the buttons need to be pressed 4, 2, 3, 3, 2 times clockwise from the top.

Similarly, the dots indicate that the pegs on each side of the house entrance should display 2, 3, 1 spaces from top to bottom (3, 2, 4 additional clicks from the innermost position).

When both codes are correct, push the button and the clue slides away to reveal a pair of leather straps and a Mini Monkey.

Combine the leather straps with the string to make boots for the hiker. As he jumps for joy in his new footwear, pick up the last Mini Monkey from his feet.

The bonus clue from this stage is (pi symbol Π) = 4.

Stage 142: Car Math


A man stands under a tree with an equation etched in it and his hat on the top branch way out of reach. A mailbox in the front has a hole in it. Open the door of the red car to find a wheel and Mini Monkey, and then open the trunk to find another wheel and Mini Monkey, then pick up the 2 Mini Monkeys on the tree and the ground to fully reveal another equation.

Go left to find a garage with clues, buttons and a hole in its side, as well as a mailbox with another hole in it. Pick up the wheel from the ground and 2 Mini Monkeys on screen.


The equations on the first screen and clues on the garage indicate that A=0, B=27 and C=99.

So make the garage buttons form an equation for A: 9−9=A, then place a wheel in the A mailbox and turn it to open it and find a roll of tape and a Mini Monkey,

Then do the same for B: 3×9=B, then place a wheel in the B mailbox and open it up to find a battery and Mini Monkey.

Then do the same for C: 9×11=C, then place a wheel in the C hole and open it to find a garage door opener without battery and a Mini Monkey.


Combine the batteries and the door opener, then use it to open the garage door. Take the 2 sticks from inside.


Combine the sticks with tape, then use the longer pole to retrieve the hat.

The hat's owner walks into his car and drives off, leaving the last Mini Monkey behind. But that's not all!

Go back to the left to find the car in the garage. Close the garage door with the door opener to end the game.

Bonus clue from this stage: #=2.

Stage 143: Moonlit Snowscape


Against the giant background moon, a red Xmas ball sits on the roof of a hut along with a Mini Monkey, and the path to the hut has a weird slanted rock and two tall rectangular devices that display silver blobs and letterlike forms. Pick up the axe and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go left to find a well where a device has lowered a rope, but is now missing the handle to raise it. There's also another weird rock, two more devices, someone in a coat who needs 5 sticks, and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go right twice to find a hole in the ground with a stone hat, and another hole that's missing some sort of part. There's also another weird rock, two more devices, a log and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Combine the axe and the log to chop it into kindling, and give it to the person on the left screen, who walks away and leaves a key behind.

So use that key to unlock the hut.

Inside, there's a hole on the back wall, a clue on the left wall, and two Mini Monkeys.


Place the ball in the back wall and use the wall clue to solve its puzzle.

The clue indicates that the codes for using the ball are 2E 33 1C, but which devices are NE, N, NW?

NE refers to the rock slanted to the right, so the devices on the middle screen should show 2 dots and an E shape (2, 2 clicks).

N refers to the upright rock, so the devices on the left screen should show 3 dots and a 3 shape (1, 3 clicks).

NW refers to the rock slanted to the left, so the devices on the right screen should show 1 dot and a C shape (1, 4 clicks).

Once all three codes are input, go back to the hut and push the ball to open up the back wall, finding a knob and Mini Monkey inside.


Use the knob on the well, and use the wall clue again to solve its puzzle.

The well shape matches the second row of the clue, so set all the devices to 4 dots and an E shape.

Then turn the knob on the well to lift a lever from it.


Use the lever on the hole on the right screen, and use the wall clue again to solve its puzzle.

The hat appears on the third row of the clue, so set all the devices to 1 dot and an Ⅰ shape.

Then push the knob down to raise a Santa statue! Pick up the last Mini Monkey from his feet.

Bonus clue from this stage: (circle with 2 lines ⊜) = 1.

Stage 144: Moonstruck Candy


The supermoon shines on a path between two buildings. The left is marked with a red ornament above its window, and the right has a locked shutter with a weird symbol on it. There's also a person dressed as Santa in the front, who asks you for a wind-up chicken. Pick up the ball and candy cane from the left building, the star bit from the right, and the 2 Mini Monkeys at the top left and bottom right, and then sweep up three piles of snow on the left and two on the right to find a total of 5 candy canes.

Go into the left building, where a boy with golden hair stands around waiting for something. There's also a star-shaped hole in the back wall that you can click to cycle through symbols, a hole in the left wall marked with a purple tree, and an empty bowl on the table with a can next to its leg. Examine the clue next to the door, and pick up the star, 4 candy canes and 2 Mini Monkeys around the room.

Go over to the right room, where a Christmas tree is covered in ornaments that change color when clicked. There's another boy who wants 20 candy canes, and a star-shaped hole in the wall marked with yellow grass (or is that a shooting star symbol?). Pick up the 6 candy canes and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Before you go off solving puzzles, check that you have a total of 16 candy canes and 4 Mini Monkeys.


Place the ball in the round hole in the left building, and use the clue beside the door to solve its puzzle.

The clue indicates what patterns to put on the back wall, and which ornaments of the tree should be purple (tree), red (bauble) and yellow (grass).

So click the back wall once, and then the tree ornaments 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 in the order of the tinsel on the tree (from top to bottom-left).

Pushing the ball raises its panel, revealing a chicken toy (missing something on its back), 2 candy canes and a Mini Monkey.


Combine both star bits to form a star piece, and place it in the hole in the right building.

Then use the clue from the left building again to solve its puzzle.

Click the back wall 3 more times (total of 4) to match the right side of the clue, and click the ornaments 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 1 times (1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2 from white).

Then push the star in to open up its panel, revealing a can opener and a Mini Monkey.


Combine the can and can opener, and pour the beans into the bowl in the left building.

The boy runs over to it, leaving behind a candy cane.


Use the clue from the outside of the right building to unlock its shutter.

Click the back wall of the left building 4 more times (3 from blank) to match the symbol outside, then click the shutter to open it and get a candy cane and Mini Monkey.


Use all 20 candy canes on the other boy, who walks away leaving a wind up key.

Combine the key with the toy to make it run, then give it to Santa. He dances around and you can take the last Mini Monkey beside him.

Bonus for this stage: (diamond shape) = 1. Click the arrows to Bonus Stage 36.

Bonus Stage 36

The hints from the four stages combine to form the code 4211. So enter that in the box to open it!


Can't wait for the walkthrough. and sorry if I spammed last night. The posts weren't going through due to a publish error.


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