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Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns

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Rating: 4.2/5 (133 votes)
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Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns

I admit, I'm a little wierded out by the endless procession of random things Pencil Kids' Monkey Go Happy simians need to perk up... in point-and-click puzzle game Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns they want a whopping 20 leprechauns (... for... what?... ), and you'll have to explore to find them all. Click around to pick things up and interact, and use the big yellow arrows to move to different locations. Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns follows the usual formula of finding keys and X number of random item Y in addition to the usual puzzles solved by bringing people whatever they ask for, though it's more a matter of simply opening one lock after another this time around while the music feels like it's gearing up for an Enya song that never quuuuuuite happens. Cute, short, and just puzzle-y enough to make it worth your while, Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns is another great addition to the series.

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phdavoid March 13, 2015 2:20 PM

seem to be lost on the

heart puzzle. Cant find anything that speak to being a clue

helpful hints?

fredsloniker March 13, 2015 2:47 PM replied to phdavoid

Do you mean the one with the four buttons arranged in a square with the shapes you can rotate by pushing the buttons? If so,

There's no explicit in-game clue.

That said, if you think about the theme of the game, you shouldn't have any trouble.

They aren't hearts.

They're clover leaves.

What shape might clover leaves in a square make?

Arrange the leaves so that their pointy ends are all toward the center.


can't wait :)

Snarfhead March 14, 2015 9:35 AM

Wow, fred! I was having the same problem as phd, and once I saw your second spoiler above it hit me right away! Thanks!

Game FreakGeek March 14, 2015 10:21 AM

I like mongakay!

bearharry March 14, 2015 12:20 PM

Location of hints and answer of all puzzle

Cross: (you need to insert the blue gem first and click the button on the left scene to open the door after solving the puzzle)

In the blue key house, on the wall behind the giant


Red,yellow,blue (Click 3,1,2 times from top to buttom)


On the left wall of the red key house


Click 3,4,2,1 times from left to right


On the Right wall of the red key house


Click 3,2,1,4 times from left to right

Heart shapes:

Clover with four heart leaves is one of the lucky symbol


Click 2,3,1,4 for the sequence of Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Right

Five buttons:

Under the heart shape puzzle in the yellow key house


Click 4,2,3,1,4 times from left to right

Typical location of leprechauns

4 behind bushes
4 behind big leaves on the vines
2 behind locked doors

blue key door and red key door

3 behind the chairs
4 behind the puzzle
2 in the dark and 1 behind the hay

need lit oil lamp to reveal them


hey bear are you working on a step by step as well for people who need it? just curious.


Super cute as always! Though I wish

the cross puzzle had some kind of noise feedback when you solve it? When I put in the colour code, and nothing happened, I was about ready to look for some more clues! I didn't realise the door had unlocked (thankfully tried clicking on it out of curiosity). Just a minor thing, something like an unlocking sound would be nice!

Paul, there's actually a really good video walkthrough for the game! If you click on the HINT button on either of the bottom corners, it takes you to a list of walkthroughs, and the first one is for this one.

lavamuffin March 16, 2015 5:16 AM

in case you wandered around the game wondering what to do with the oil lamp

did you notice that it isn't lit?

you might want to fix that

did you see someplace that would allow you to do that?

seeing as how you left your matches in your other pants, and you're not a liar, liar

just trying to save you from a self-inflicted face palm :D


squiddly, I explained this several times that video walkthroughs go way too fast. if iu have a text one I can take my time.


I understand that, but you can pause and even rewind the video if needed! This one's quite a large escape game, with many scenes and a lot of back-and-forth, which would make writing up a full text walkthrough quite the undertaking. I'm happy to give it a shot though.


ok please do. :)


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