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Monkey GO Happy -Cabin Escape

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Monkey GO Happy -Cabin EscapeWhat has two arms, two legs, and a face that's both adorably cute and heartbreakingly sad at the same time? Why, the monkey character in PencilKids' Monkey GO Happy series of course! This time, you find your orange friend trapped within some sort of log cabin. As usual, there are other people around, but they are more obstacles rather than friends. The characters that you will need to placate include a grumpy old man missing something for his nap, a woman demanding a large stash of candy, and a man very anxious about some missing parts from his hunting trophy.

PencilKids incorporates the usual atmosphere making another hybrid between point-and-click and collecting items. If at first it seems easy, do not fret - some of the later puzzles are quite a bit more involved, so there is something to satisfy the puzzle solver in everyone! To play you will need only your mouse to point and click, and of course a good sense of visual acumen. As an extra bonus, you can seek out the ten mini-monkeys scattered throughout the stage to make sure none are left behind. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the adventure and make the money GO happy!

Play Monkey GO Happy -Cabin Escape


got a walkthrough kk?


Here it is.

Monkey GO Happy - Cabin Escape

Everybody loves log cabin escapes!


You start off right in the middle of a log cabin. There's a red carpet on the floor which covers a trapdoor that you can't open, right in front of a locked cupboard with nine square buttons each with a colored triangle. The photo, table and chair all move when you click on them, allowing you to pick up 3 pieces of candy. There's also a Mini Monkey on the floor which you can get.

Move right, and a grumpy man sitting in bed wants his hat. There's a picture above him with some sort of checkerboard pattern and a row of four dots. The bedside table has a lit candle and glass of water on it, as well as a locked drawer with a large keyhole. On the upper-left corner of the screen, a shield has four colored L-shapes on it, and rotates when you click on it, along with its triangular pointer. The bear on the wall opens his mouth when you click on it so you can take some candy. Take another piece of candy from the floor, as well as the Mini Monkey next to it.

Move left twice, where a lit fireplace is heating up the cabin, and a lady asks you for 20 pieces of candy. Between them, a picture on the wall shows a white-and-black pattern with three dots. There's also a safe on the left wall, with 8 square buttons that cycle through the digits 1, 2, 3 (and blank) when clicked. Click the stool on the floor to shift it and find some candy, then take the candy and Mini Monkey from the stairs.

Go up the stairs to a room with animal skulls on the walls, each having only one of its horns. On the walls, there's also a photo which slides down and a clue with four colored triangles above another clue with eight triangles, with their corners colored black and white, hidden behind a sledgehammer. The beardy man in the right corner points vaguely at the wall, and the stool in the other right corner slides aside when clicked. Take 4 pieces of candy (2 in the corners of the room, 1 on the middle skull, 1 behind photo) and 2 Mini Monkeys (on left skull and beside you).

(You should now have 11/20 candy and 5/10 Mini Monkeys.)


Use the glass of water on the fireplace, putting out the fire, and take a piece of candy from it.

Eight buttons

Use the eight-triangle hint from the wall upstairs to unlock the safe in the fireplace room.

The number of black corners of each triangle is 3, 1, 2, 3 on the top row and 1, 2, 1, 3 on the bottom.

So click the buttons that many times, then press the large button to open the safe.

Take the crowbar and candy from the safe.

Nine buttons

Use the four-triangle hint from the wall upstairs to unlock the cupboard in the first room.

The triangles are Yellow Up, Red Left, Blue Up and Yellow Right.

So click the bottom, top-right, left and bottom-right buttons.

The cupboard opens and you can get a hat, Mini Monkey and candy.


Use the crowbar to pry open the trapdoor. It's dark, so use the candle anywhere to light the room up.

Exploration: Cellar

With the candle in the middle of the room, you can now see a safe on the wall surrounded by four L-shapes which change color when clicked. The safe has a hole in the middle, and an upwards-pointing mark above that. There's a mound of dirt on the floor, and four loose bricks on the left wall.

Take the 2 pieces of candy and Mini Monkey on the floor. But there's more to explore.

Use the sledgehammer on the wall, and the bricks fall through.

Go through to the next room, which has a locked metal gate at the left end with three dots and a pointer marked on it, and a grid of sixteen square panels on the wall which turn on and off when clicked. There also seems to be another trapdoor on the floor with four dots marked on it, and a mechanism on the right side connected to it. Take the red button in front of the wall, the ladle in the bottom-left corner, and the two pieces of candy and Mini Monkey on the floor.


Use the ladle on the dirt mound in the floor to get candy from it.

Sweet deal

You should now have all 20 pieces of candy, so use them on the lady, who walks offscreen with them. (Why can't we escape that way?)

There was a gold key and a Mini Monkey behind her, so take those.

Sleep tight

Give the hat to the man in bed. He falls asleep instantly and you can take the piece of candy on his blanket.


Use the key to unlock the drawer in the bedroom and get a white horn.

Big safe

Use the red button on the big safe in the basement, and unlock it with the clue from the shield in the bedroom.

Click the shield twice to rotate it so that the arrow points upwards, and note the colors of the L-shapes: red, blue, gray, yellow, where the upright L is blue.

So make the L-shapes around the safe yellow, gray, blue, red by clicking them 3, 4, 2, 1 times, and click the button to open the safe and get a brown peg button.


Use the peg button on the mechanism in the room with the square panels, then use the clue from the picture above the bed to solve the puzzle and unlock the trapdoor in that room.

Copy the checkerboard pattern onto the grid of square panels, clicking the 1st and 4th buttons on the top two rows and the 2nd and 3rd buttons on the bottom two rows to light them up.

Then click the peg button to push it down, opening the trapdoor so you can get an antler and moose horn.


Use the three horns on the skulls in the upstairs room. Once you have them correct, the bearded man walks offscreen too, leaving behind a silver key.


Use the silver key on the metal gate, and use the clues throughout the game to unlock it.

Hint: there are three things to do.

Turn the shield in the bedroom until the arrow points right.

Then observe the L-shapes on the shield and copy their colors onto the big L-shaped safe buttons: they should be blue, yellow, red, gray, so click the buttons an additional 4, 4, 4, 3 times.

Also copy the image onto the grid of square panels, so that only the buttons on the left, top and right edges are lit.

Once all these three things are done, click the key to unlock the gate, releasing some bats and the last Mini Monkey. That's the way out!

MonkeyHappy Bonus

The clue for this stage (#90) is (three dots)=1.


kk something is wrong in the walkthrough.

when the walkthrough says I should have 20 pieces of candy, I followed the walkthrough to thsat point and there was only 19. and ii picked them up where you had it highlighted. i'm not sure what happened.

did you make an error somewhere? or did I? i'm confused.

kktkkr June 21, 2017 4:27 AM replied to Paul

Yeah, that's my mistake. The remaining piece is in

"Sleep tight"

so do that first and then "Sweet deal".


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