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Monkey GO Happy - Chocolate

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Rating: 3.9/5 (38 votes)
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Monkey GO Happy - ChocolateWhat's orange, irresistibly cute, and has a face filled with tears and large puppy-dog eyes? If your guess was another installment of Pencilkids' Monkey GO Happy games, you were correct! This Easter-themed stage will have you wondering how many places you can hide a choco-button in your whimsical search to...find a princess? And what does that treasure chest beside her hold? Power? Wealth? The key to her heart? Or something sweeter?

This stage of Monkey GO Happy isn't that longest, but solving the puzzles and hunting down the fistful of mini-monkeys will still colorfully fill your lunchbreak. This adventure is controlled completely using the mouse to gather objects, use them from your inventory, and click arrows to progress to different areas of the scene. As you unlock particularly well-hidden secrets nestled carefully into nooks and crannies, you will unlock additional scenes with cuter and almost-lifelike characters.

As usual, you control the action entirely with your mouse, pointing and clicking to solve puzzles. Be sure to look around carefully, as some hints are quite subtle! If you do get stuck though, the author has a video walkthrough to help guide you through it. Do you think you have what it takes to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth and make the monkey GO happy? Play this game and find out!

Play Monkey GO Happy - Chocolate


jcfclark May 9, 2017 12:50 PM

Link provided seems to be incorrect.

"The page you are looking for cannot be found."

Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search...

Patreon Crew Jeff May 10, 2017 2:45 AM replied to jcfclark

It's fixed.


hope a walkthrough will be here soon :)


There is a walk-through on YouTube:



Text walkthrough:

Monkey Go Happy Chocolate

It's another Monkey GO Happy! There's sooo much to do, like pick up all that awkwardly shaped chocolate.

Exploration: Three screens

Tower entrance

On the first screen (after the stuff you do to start the game), there's a tower that's locked and has a big hole in it, and a guy in a monocle and top hat who wants 35 of those chocolate buttons. Pick up the Mini Monkey next to the tower, and the sausage-shaped candy under it at the fork.

Click on the blue bush, the green tree, and both white clouds, and take the four chocolate buttons from them, as well as the two buttons next to your character and the blue bush. Notice the two compass-things in the front, which you can click to make them point in four directions, and which you don't have a hint of what to do yet.

Go left.


On this screen, there's a boat with no sail. It has three colored circles on its body (port? starboard? it's hard to tell) with three symbols: a worm-like squiggle in yellow, a zigzag in green, a spiral in purple. Under the three symbols, there's two arrows pointing down-right and then up-right.

Pick up the hat on the dock, and the Mini Monkey next to you, then click the tree and clouds to pick up two chocolate buttons, and then pick up two more buttons from the front/bottom edge of the screen. There's another compass pointer in the front, which you can also ignore for now.

Go right twice.

Cave entrance

The cave here is blocked with a red door with a face. You can click on the eyes to make them appear and swing around to point towards four corners. The mouth of the face is missing.

Take the Mini Monkey and chocolate buttonon the hill, and click the clouds, trees and bushes to take a total of four more buttons. There's yet another compass pointer here, and next to that there's a mound of candy separated in three layers, each of which cycles from brown to yellow, purple and green when clicked

(At this point, I have 15 choc buttons.)

Opening the cave

Place the candy (from the first screen) into the mouth, and adjust the eyes according to the arrow hint on the boat.

The eyes should point towards the lower-right and upper-right (2 and 3 clicks).

Click on the candy to open the door. Take the chocolate button and Mini Monkey behind the door, and then go in.

Exploration: Cave

There's a blue face on the wall here, and four teardrop shapes attached to the archway above him, pointing in various directions. Take the nose of the blue face, which turns out to be a lolly. Click on the blue bushes to get two chocolate buttons, then pick up another from the corner as well as a Mini Monkey next to you.

Pointer puzzle

Spin the four pointers according to the clue in the cave.

Right Down Left Left

So make the pointers on the tower screen point down and left, the one on the boat screen point down, and the one on the cave entrance screen point left.

What did that do?

Place the lolly in the tower door and push. The door slides up, and you can go in.

Exploration: Tower

There's an (almost-)bald guy here who wants a hat in exchange for a HUGE slice of cake. Next to him, there's a heart-shaped lock in the wall with four eyes above it, differing in eyelash density and in which eyelids are closed. Next to the lock, there's another three symbols, a spiral above a wiggle above a zigzag.

Take the Mini Monkey and chocolate button on the lock, then click on the bush to get another button.

Coming out ahead

Give the bald guy the hat (from the docks screen), and take his cake.

Feed the cake to the big blue face in the cave. A few chomps later, he's now smiling and you can take a heart (candy?) and two chocolate buttons from his lips.

Heart lock

Leave the cave, and adjust the three-layered mound according to the symbol hint from the tower.

Spiral Wiggle Zigzag = Purple Yellow Green (2, 1, 3 clicks)

Go back to the tower, put the heart in the lock, and push it. The lock opens up and you can take a bed sheet and Mini Monkey.


Use the bedsheet on the boat, and you can now travel to the left.

(At this point, I have 23 choc buttons.)

Exploration: Two more screens

Winding path

There's a winding path straight up the mountain, and an old man at the base is looking for his cane. Ignore him for now, pick up the chocolate button to his left and the Mini Monkey where his speech/thought bubble appears, and then click on the tree, bushes and clouds to get four more buttons.

Go up.

Castle entrance

The castle at the end of the path is locked with a drop-shaped lock. In front of it, four circular pedestals each light up and cycle through semicircles or circles when clicked.

Take the three chocolate buttons along the path and on the castle roof, and then click the tree, bush and clouds for four more buttons.


You should now have all 35 chocolate buttons:

First screen: 2 + 4 hidden
Dock screen: 2 + 2 hidden
Cave entrance: 1 + 4 hidden + 1 behind door
Cave interior: 1 + 2 hidden + 2 from face
Tower: 1 + 1 hidden
Winding path: 1 + 4 hidden
Castle entrance: 3 + 4 hidden

Give them to the man on the first screen, who walks away with them all, leaving behind a red candy drop.

Opening the tower

Use the candy drop on the tower door, then adjust the four circular lamps in front according to the eye hint in the tower.

One eyelash: Top of eye (lower eyelid closed)
Two eyelashes: Whole eye
Three eyelashes: Whole eye
Four eyelashes: Bottom of eye

So make the lamps light up the top half, whole, whole, bottom half respectively (2, 1, 1, 3 clicks) and then click on the drop. The door opens and you can enter.

Exploration: Castle

The princess is standing on a large tart, and points towards a lock on the wall with a keyhole in it. Above and to the left of her, there are three sets of clues: four pointers all pointing down, four lower semicircles, and three symbols that read Zigzag Spiral Wiggle. (Or gazgiZ laripS elggiW, since they're mirror images of the usual symbols.)

Pick up the Mini Monkey and the candy cane on the ground.

Another sweet trade

Give the candy cane to the old man by the winding path. He hobbles off, leaving behind a key.

Final codes

Use each of the codes behind the princess on their original locks.

Set the three-colored mound to Green Purple Yellow (3, 2, 1 clicks from brown, or 1, 1, 2 clicks from the previous code).
Set each of the pointers to point down.
Set each of the lamps to show the bottom semicircle.

Go back into the castle, use the key on the lock and push it. The safe opens up and you can take a bar of chocolate, and then the Mini Monkey hiding behind it.


Give the chocolate to the princess to complete the stage.

(Monkeyhappy Bonus)

Your clue for this stage is (vertical stroke through four horizontal lines) = 4.


i'm lost on

the slider puzzle. you did indicate Right Down Left and Left but when saying where to set them. you never said right, and I set them every possible way and nothing is working. Can someone help?

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 11, 2017 2:01 AM replied to Paul

Yeah, I made an error typing that one.

Pointer on the boat screen should point Right.

Make sure you actually try the door after setting the code!


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