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Mobile Monday №113

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Mobile Monday

JohnBIt's Android time! We know your phone's been burning a hole in your pocket, angry because it wants more games. Let it feast on the four tasty morsels below. They're half the calories of a regular casual game, but all the taste. Trust us, we did research on this. With science!

officerush.gifOffice Rush - Do you remember the fantastic Flash game from a few years ago Rooms? How about its grown-up cousin Rooms: The Main Building? Office Rush is a lot like those titles in that it combines a bit of platforming with puzzle solving and room sliding. You play one of several office workers who are tasked with simple jobs: stop the ninja as the security guard, for example, or fetch water for the boss. You move around in rooms one at a time, but in order to get to another room, you have to zoom out and actually slide the rooms around the screen. Exits and entrances have to line up in order for you to proceed, so everything has to be in the right place before you can cross. It's a great little game with a good premise, although the levels get suddenly harder after a few minutes. The free Office Rush Lite is also available.

monomaze-android.gifMonomaze - A smooth port of the browser game of the same name, Monomaze is a simple-style puzzle game that can easily hook you for huge chunks of time. The goal is to place sections of wall so you complete loops in the sparsely-populated grid. Close off an area, the lines reset, and you get a handful of points. The bigger the area the better, and any bonus multipliers caught in your match are also added. You have a limited number of walls to place, however, forcing you to be strategic with your moves and go for the extra turn pieces as often as you can. A great port of an already great game, one you certainly won't want to miss!

geostruct.gifGeostruct - Solving puzzles in 2D is boring. So is solving puzzles in 3D. Geostruct's answer to this: solve puzzles using both crazy dimensions. A 3D shape has been pulled apart into a series of blocks, each with lines sticking out like bare twigs. Your goal is to slide them left and right, up and down, higher and lower so they snap together to form the target shape. It definitely takes some time to acclimate to the interface and general set-up, but once you do, you'll realize how awesomely brain-bending this game really is.

yooninja.gifYoo Ninja! - How about something a little different than a puzzle game? YooNinja is a great-looking running game along the lines of Canabalt or Robot Unicorn Attack. The difference is your only move is the ability to switch from running on the ground to running on the ceiling. Big deal, you say? Try maneuvering these hyper-fast levels for a few minutes, see exactly the size of this "deal" you mention! Plenty of levels, plenty of challenge, and that soundtrack is really great (if repetitive).

NOTE: Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Prices are subject to change and are therefore unlisted. Please see the individual game pages for purchasing info. Games have been confirmed to run on Android 2.2 on an HTC Incredible.


Geostruct seems to be unavailable - at least here in Hungary... Shame, cause it looks very promising.

BTW, could anyone enlighten me why it's good for the developer that their game is unavailable for some regions of the world? I cannot see it as anything else than voluntary market loss... Even if this game is free.



Also, there seems to be something really wrong going on at androidzoom.com, where the game's available. I wanted to send a message to the dev to iquire about how I could obtain tha game. But it requires me to login, and when I do, it throws me back to androidzom's opening page. When I go to the game's page however, I have to login again - after which I'm thrown back to the opening page - cycle begins again...

That's weird, to say the least...



thanks for the link! I've tried to find it, but not had enough it seems...

One question: is this unavailability intentional and permanent or some kind of bug and temporary?



... sadly, on tungsten's home page the full version still isn't free. Not as if 1.5 euros were too much at all, it's just that I wouldn't really pay for something I can legally get for free, you know :)



... plus, the bar code takes me to the same - here - non-existent marketplace entry...

So, it's really no download for me sadly :(

Sorry for the flood.



Update: After I left a message with Tungsten they contacted me real quick and fixed the problem - so now the link works perfectly now.

Thanks guys at Tungsten!



A little note on Office Rush: I think it's a more reminiscent of Continuity rather than Rooms. But I may be wrong, I haven't gotten it.


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