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Minnano Hoshi Saga 2

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Rating: 4.5/5 (157 votes)
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Minnano Hoshi Saga 2

DoraPlease note that we have hosted this game in an iFrame, and the ads that appear to the top and bottom of the game itself belong to and support the developer. Visit the official page to play on the developer's site.

The Elements of Harmony. The A-Team. Voltron. And now Yoshio Ishii and literally a billion other developers. Minnano Hoshi Saga 2 is another installment in the popular Hoshi Saga puzzle games that ask you to do just one thing... find and click on the star hidden in each level. This time around, however, the developer is joined by an entire host of other creators, each of whom has made their own level, so be sure you check them all out in the "link" section of the main menu to visit their sites! From the level select screen, the stars beneath each stage indicate how difficult it is, and it's up to you to figure out how to play since the setup of each one is vastly different. Sometimes you'll need to solve point-and-click scenes, others take an almost mini-game approach to the concept. Experiment by clicking around to find out how each level controls. Unfortunately, unless you speak Japanese, language will be a barrier in some levels, so sadly this game isn't nearly as accessible as other games in the series just yet. Completing levels will actually reward you with stars that you can spend on skipping other levels, five stars apiece, by clicking "menu" will playing and choosing "GiveUp".

Minnano Hoshi Saga 2This isn't the first time Yoshio Ishii has banded together with other creators for the greater good, but even more grievous accessibility issues and quality that felt a little all over the board meant that it was destined for Link Dump Friday when such beasts still roamed these plains. Of course, some levels in this sequel are still much more intuitive than others, though more often it's fiddly controls that wind up being the issue. Occasionally you can see what you're supposed to do, but the means of manipulating the level, such as stage four, makes you feel like you're trying to assemble IKEA furniture while wearing oven mitts. Despite all that, however, there are some seriously creative and creatively charming puzzles to be found here. Some of the puzzles you'll be presented with are simple with a smart mechanical construction that makes them challenging nonetheless, while others are abstract enough that they're almost fiendishly tricky, and you'll want to play each level to see just what new variety of puzzle pops up next. Minnano Hoshi Saga 2 isn't perfect, but it's a remarkable showcase of talent and ideas that serves as a celebration both of the genre, and of the developers who make it so great.

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Thanks to TheGreatEscaper for sending this one in!


I was looking forward to playing this one as it used to be one of my favourites in the past, but I have to say it was very disappointing.
Half of the puzzles are no puzzles at all but arcade type of games and for the harder puzzles I could really use the in-game HINT, but unfortunately they are given in Japanese.
I could only do 13 of them.

Sylocat July 7, 2014 1:38 PM

Any chance he could partner with one other developer who speaks English and ask them to translate the game?


Managed a few more than 13, but not by much - 18.


to those of you who are sensitive to flashing lights/colors, just skip #20

baileydonk July 7, 2014 4:43 PM

Not sure of the number, but there's one level where you can paint yellow, or move these puzzle pieces... thought I knew what to do, but I can't get it to work. Any hints out there?

krt1994 July 7, 2014 5:20 PM

@baileydonk Paint all screen, then move

Shostie July 7, 2014 8:38 PM

Oh, great! The hints are in Japanese. :-/

thegreatescaper July 7, 2014 9:41 PM

Most of the arcadey levels have a non arcadey solution, apart from 4 or 5 of them.
I'll see if I can get a walkthrough up today.


Some good ones, too many 8-bit Street Fighter arcady ones.

thegreatescaper July 7, 2014 11:45 PM

Hoshi Saga Minnano (incomplete) Walkthrough
Due to the nature of some of the levels, some solutions aren't full step by step.
If you just can't do a crazy difficult level, skip it by spending 5 stars.
Levels 16,37&38 skipped, 40 unsolved. Any help appreciated!

Levels 1-8

Level 1

Drag the handle to the hole in the wall.
Turn the handle clockwise until the windows are fully open.
Click on the telescope.

Level 2

Click on every black point as they appear.

Level 3

Build momentum by holding the mouse button down when the girl reaches the backmost point of her swing, and let go when she reaches the foremost point of her swing.
Once you have enough momentum to go a full 360 degrees on the swing just hold the mouse button down until she flies of the swing.

Level 4

Spin the cubes until the inside negative space forms a star.
The upper left cube should be spun up all the way, then just a little bit back down (the cubes will 'snap' into position a little bit if you get the correct orientation)
The upper right cube should be spun left all the way, then a little bit back right.
The right cube should be spun all the way right (it will then snap into the correct position)
The bottom cube should be spun all the way down, then back up a little bit.
The left cube should be spun all the way to the right, then back left a little bit.
Some minor adjustment may be needed before the star is formed.

Level 5

Click and drag to cut out rectangles which reveals the rock punk people. (there is a size limit for the rectangles)
The rightmost person has the star over her left eye.

Level 6

Kind of a finicky level.
Drag the A to a spot which is a bit to the upper left of the S. If it doesn't turn yellow, then just adjust the position slightly, always moving towards what looks like a 'perfect' star. Very finicky, might take a while.

Level 7

Drag the planets to the bottom left corner as they appear to keep scaling out.
Takes a bit of dexterity.

Level 8

Keep dragging the colored sheets of paper around until the yellow parts of them all meet in the middle in a roughly star-ish shape. Letting go of the mouse button will make it auto-adjust to the star shape.

Levels 9-16

Level 9

Click on each of the leaf boat thingies(?).

Level 10

Crazy difficult puzzle.
The best strategy is to work your way from the bottom anticlockwise around the grid, fixing up whatever gets messed up.
The crucial part to this puzzle is the orientation of the middle piece. It is 'correct' in any orientation, but it has a blank side with no teeth. Try to have this blank side facing up.
You might then have trouble getting the left tile in the right orientation; the trick is to use the blue tile in the bottom-left to 'reverse' it into position.

Level 11

Throw the meats at the hooks. The correct powers are roughly the bottom 3 blocks, the bottom 3.5 blocks, and 4.5 blocks.
Wait a while for the uncoordinated dogs to learn how to jump properly :)

Level 12

Here's a step by step solution on how to clear the screen.
1.The column of three girls at the bottom left (with one eye covered by hair).
2.The row three of girls wearing a cap or helmet of some sort at the bottom left.
3.The diagonal of three girls with glasses on their heads at the bottom left.
4.The row of four men on the second row from the bottom.
5.The diagonal of five cap-girls spanning from bottom left to upper right.
6.The diagonal of three robots at the bottom right.
7.Now you can do a 'cheat' and remove the remaining three girls with glasses.
8.The diagonal of men with a strange hairstyle.
9.The remaining three girls with hair covering one eye.
10.The three smirking guys.
11.The robots.

Level 13

Click the little black square.
Click and hold on the circle.
Click on the red light.
Click on the upside down L-shaped thing poking out at the bottom-left (sorry, I don't know any gun terminology).

Level 14

This is a hard one.
Clicking on a block will change that 'zone' of same colors into the next color of the cycle (brown, beige, gold), and will then combine with any of the same colors it is now touching. The skull blocks remove all the zones that it is touching.
You need to use the skull blocks to remove everything outside the red outline.
General tips: Make sure you don't create a zone which crosses the red outline of the star. Think ahead.
Only use one skull in the top left area.
Using all skulls resets the puzzle.
Once you have gotten rid of all blocks outside the red outline, change the color of the star to gold. Using the last skull completes the puzzle.

Level 15

Drag the table to the guy.
Click the guy a couple of times (if you miss the lamp, try it again).

Level 16

Ridiculous math question. I skipped it.
But, if you want to solve it yourself, here are the rules:
You need to total 111.
The RED SOLDIERS will add:
(no.of people already activated+1)*4
The GREEN HEALERS will add:
(no.of people already activated+1)*3
The BLUE SOLDIER will add:
no.of people already activated+1
The PURPLE NECROMANCER will take away:
no.of people already activated+1
Have fun working it out. I'm not even sure it's possible to work out using 100% logic.

Levels 17-24

Level 17

Click on the only visible door to turn the lights in that house off.
Click on the plant.
Collect the bomb.
Examine the numbers on the colored tags.
Yellow=5, white=6, red=8.
Zoom out.
Throw the bomb at the chimney to turn of the lights and get rid of the chimney smoke.
Examine the code box on the lamppost.
Enter the numbers corresponding to the colors (i'm not sure if the order is randomised). The code is 856.

Level 18

You need to grow all five points, but clicking on a point will grow adjacent points as well. Trying to grow an already grown point will make it smaller.
The easiest way to solve this is to click on all five points once each.

Level 19

When the cannon is at it's highest angle, try to get max power to hit the star.

Level 20

The bugs come in three different positions: upper, middle, and lower.
You have three pieces of defense: helmet, body, and legs.
Two hits on the helmet will destroy it.
Four hits on the body will destroy it.
Two hits on the legs will destroy it.
Getting hit in a place where the defense is destroyed will kill you.
The solution to this level is to let your body get destroyed.
When you reach a doorway, you will see the star on the back of his shirt.

Level 21

Click on the character, and choose to bottom option in the menu to change your sword to the star sword.

Level 22

Drag the instructions box down.

Level 23

Pull out the cork from the ceiling.
Click on the girl to wake her up.
Collect the bucket.
Keep collecting the gold rain and dump each bucket of it into the hole in the ground.
When you've filled the hole completely you will have completed the level.

Level 24

Click on the points 1,2,3,4,5,6 in order. To draw the star you will have to do it faster than the ghost mouse.
Quite a bit of dexterity required.

Levels 25-32

Level 25

Click on the dot and move your mouse left and right quickly.
When the arrows change to a big 'HIT' sign, click.

Level 26

This is a clever level.
The purple lever on the right serves two purposes; turning the yellow circle, and turning the large blue gear.
The red lever on the left will slice into the yellow circle, but only if the grey shape can pass through the gap in the blue gear.
Here's how to solve the level:
Align the blue gear so that you can slice the circle.
Spin the lever on the right until you turn the yellow circle.
Align the blue gear so that you can slice the circle.
Repeat until you've cut a star out of the circle.

Level 27

You need quick thinking to do this one; so much so that I almost skipped this one.
You choose one symbol from each quadrant moving clockwise. If you activate all four symbols at one you get a score bonus.
You need a score of 3000 or higher to get the star. It's pretty hard.

Level 28

Paint the majority of the screen. (you don't need to worry about the edges, just try to get most of the center done)
The center has to be COMPLETELY filled, otherwise the solution is not accepted (ridiculous, I know).
Now you can move the sticky tape thingos out of the way to reveal the star. (if you didn't completely fill that area, you might want to restart)

Level 29

Click and hold to move your knight around. Keep searching until you find the king, who will give you a star.

Level 30

Take the cloth out of the bucket.
Before the cloth goes back into the bucket, move the bucket to reveal a button of some sort behind it.
Click the button.

Level 31

You need to score a goal.
It may seem crazy difficult, but if you know how to do it, then it becomes really easy.
Don't bother about trying to defeat the giant mushroom, aim your troops so that they can get the ball around the mushroom and score from the side.

Level 32

Click the power button, then the arrow keys, then the mouse, then the keyboard, then the stick, then the enter key.
If you mess up then turn the computer off and start again.

Levels 33-40

Level 33

You can drag the grey objects around to try to lead the cats to the fish.
I'm not sure if there is an elegant way to do this level, but I just used the balls to 'carry' the cats to the fish.
Keep doing this until the cats run out, and a star will be revealed in the bones of the fish.

Level 34

Drag the hand around so that a chick tries to eat the bait. When one does, drag the hand up to lift the chick.
Do this twice, and the bite marks of the chicks on the bait will make a star.

Level 35

Pixel hunt around the globe.
My geography isn't up to scratch, so I can't really tell you the exact locations of each place you need to click, but they are all in the northern hemisphere of the globe.
They are the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Mt. Fuji, Hawaii, and a temple which I don't know the name of.
They all have roughly the same latitude, so if you find one it shouldn't be to hard to find the others.

Level 36

Select the space background.
Click the gear in the top right.
Select the pentagon, then press the blank spot to indent it.
Click and drag on the drawing area to draw a star.

Level 37

I skipped this one; I don't think there is a clever solution other than spamming your way through this one.
Spawning a witch has a cost which increases each time you spawn one. You can earn money by collecting the cookies.
I think the star is formed by collecting the points which appear every now and then... but I didn't have the patience to get through this one.

Level 38

This is a Japanese text adventure... for obvious reasons, I skipped it.

Level 39

Click around the screen, the bottom left, the right, the left, the bottom right, and then the top of the screen. The character's slashes should have formed a star.

Level 40

Appears to be a point'n'click. For some reason clicking on people ends the game, but sometimes their heads or arms are safe to click and give you items.
I collected 7 items, and found nowhere to use them and nowhere else to go.
Any help would be appreciated!

mgbt1211 July 8, 2014 1:19 AM

the solution of 16 is


and i need the details of 36.please help.

uncopy2002 July 8, 2014 3:04 AM


Just keep clicking to spawn Marisa, and collect 5 star fragments as you go along.

thegreatescaper July 8, 2014 3:13 AM


At the bottom of the screen there are some images: blank, pig wallpaper, clouds, and a starry sky.
Click on the starry sky and your 'canvas' will change to that image.
There will be a gear in the top-right like a settings or options gear.
Clicking on that will reveal 5 shapes: line, triangle, square, pentagon and hexagon.
Choosing one of those shapes means that you will draw that shape on the canvas.
Clicking the blank space will indent it, and draw the 'indented' equivalent of the shape you have chosen.
So how do you make a five-point star? An indented pentagon.
The pentagon should be highlighted, the empty square indented, and simply click and drag on the canvas to draw the star.

I tried spamming my way through that level but kept running out of cookies after the third fragment :(

Patreon Contributor Questioner July 8, 2014 4:13 AM

Level 40:

Turn left, and click on the pot to get your wallet.

Go out, and then through the front door.

Turn right, and click on the pink haired girl's head to get a green rope.

Click on the stairs in the background (to the left), and click on the brown-haired womans head to get a paper with intructions.

Click on the stairs in the background (to the right), and click on the arm of the guy in blue clothes to get a blue/white thing.

Click on the building to the left, and enter the shop. Turn left, and get the paste and the scissors from the shelves. (They are at the dark surfaces on the left side of the shelves, one in the back, and one in the front)

Turn right, and click on the woman to pay. (You should hear a sound indicating that you have payed.)

You can click as many times as you want, if you're not sure if you've payed or not.

Exit the shop, and turn right. Back up. Go up the stairs (upper right), and enter the right door. Back up, and click on the table to construct a doll. Zoom in on the left window, and click the hotspot on the curtain rod.

Click anywhere on the screen, and then on the window under the doll to find the star.

Optional step:
Before walking up the stairs to the house, you can click the sign on the wall. That isn't possible when you leave the house for the first time.

Ways to fail:

- Click on the bodies on any person where you shall click the arms or the heads.

- Take the toilet paper in the view where you've turned twice left from the shop entrance, and then leave the shop.

- Don't pay for the things in the shop and leave. / Don't bring your wallet to the shop and leave.

Billy-o July 8, 2014 4:22 AM

I'm stuck on #22.

I can pull down the score box, but it has a little doodle reading "LOL! Not star" Not helpful! :-)

Patreon Contributor Questioner July 8, 2014 4:58 AM replied to Billy-o


You have to pull it down all the way.


I did not hate it, but it was not the relaxing more enjoyable game like ringo. However this one and the previous had some interesting new styles, aside from the drudging bits of some of the levels there were many good concepts and nice executions of the star get idea.

I could not get 7 and 22 to work, I think it is because I have a touchpad and not a mouse. 24 was equally frustrating, had to give up on that one too. The three are likely possible with a mouse, but 7 seems excessively frustrating. Kind of like the pyramid in the previous game where I was lucky and it finally threw up high enough to work.


is not as hard as it seems
A couple things to help. If a color change of a block on the outside will cause it to match the stars color block, change the stars block first.

Also the bottom section is last
The star must be dark brown before you can finish, but yellow when you are done.


That blank space in the shape box is an option, click it. The shape box is in the upper right visible on the sky background

For the ones that do not have a walk through there are videos.




I could not get 35 to work either. Maybe it did not recognize the touchpad as a mouse. I have had that happen with other games before.

demigod163 July 9, 2014 11:46 AM replied to thegreatescaper

For level 27:

The time limit increases by 3 seconds every time you fail and restart FROM THE FAIL SCREEN. DO NOT go into the menu and retry if you get a crappy starting screen, because this resets the time limit to 40 seconds. Instead, just keep failing and retrying, and the timer will eventually start at 58 or 61 seconds, which will probably be much easier than 40 seconds.

Kaykayenne July 12, 2014 1:05 AM

Hmmm... è.é Why is everything (including the hints...) written in Japanese?!?


Solution to level 40:

The goal is to build teru teru bōzu, a traditional charm meant to prevent or stop a rainy day

Turn left, click on pot to get wallet

Leave the house by clicking on closed door, then open door

Turn right and click on person's head to get rope

Go up stairs and click on person's head to get blueprint

Go down stairs and head right, then click on person's arm for tissues

Enter convenience store and turn left

Click on shelves and get marker+scissors

Return to entrance and click on cashier to pay

Go back to house and click on table

Click on window and hang doll on curtain rod

Click on window twice


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