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Mild Escape 1 (remix)

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Weekday Escape

Grinnyp"One night, taking a stroll through town, I came across a mysterious door. Without thinking, I knocked on the door, and entered the room..." With those fateful words Tesshi-e began its very first game. The very early escape games were modest efforts done up with crude 2D cartoony graphics and the genesis of puzzles seen in later, more polished escapes. In a fit of nostalgia Tesshi-e has gone back to that very first game and re-imagined it using its trademark dazzling 3D style and jazzed up the puzzles. The result is Mild Escape 1 (remix), a trip down memory lane and this week's escape from the everyday.

Mild Escape 1Wander around the beautiful and sparse room, pick up everything that isn't nailed down, solve your way through lots of puzzles, unlock a few drawers, and eventually you will be back to your evening stroll, with or without a happy coin in your possession. The tidiness of the room makes for very little pixel hunting which is nice considering that Tesshi-e still hasn't even today discovered the joys of a changing cursor. The game is in English or Japanese, so remember to make your choice at the beginning, before that oh-so-familiar piano tune drifts out of the speakers.

Amazingly, Mild Escape 1 is Tesshi-e's 70th room escape effort, a massive achievement in room escape designing. For years they have been entertaining us with unique and challenging puzzles and life-like graphics, and once again they have brought the challenge and the charm to their latest effort. For this mid-week break Tesshi-e goes down memory lane and drags us along for the ride with this wonderful, nostalgic look back that brings those old, simple designs into the stunning present. Just remember, in real life, don't be wandering down any alleys and opening mysterious doors. Really, it's not safe.

Play Mild Escape 1 (remix)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Mild Escape 1 Walkthrough

General Info

  • Don't forget to switch languages before you start the opening.

  • Examine everything you pick up, you never know what they may be hiding. Examine items by clicking them then clicking "About Item."

  • Use items in the inventory by clicking on them, then clicking the area/item you want to use it on.

  • The first time an item you can pick up appears in the walkthrough, it will be bolded to make skimming for missing inventory items easier.

  • There will be directions for the colorblind in this walkthrough.

  • Exploring the Room
    TV view

  • Zoom in on the TV

  • Take the remote from the table by the TV

  • Take the flashlight from the shelf under the TV

  • Open up the flashlight and remove thebatteries. Open the remote control and put the batteries in it.

  • The remote will now appear in the view with the tv. Press the top left button to turn the tv on. There is a clue: mug, blue card, and frying pan. Remember that for later. Also note that the channel is a 3-digit number.

  • Zoom out and turn right.

  • Table View

  • Zoom in on the clock. It's not moving, and the 12, 3, 6, and 9 oclock points are colored red, green, cyan, and yellow, respectively. Note the heart decoration in the center. We can't do anything with the clock right now so zoom out.

  • Zoom in on the table. Click on the saltshakers at the far end to move them, and take the escape card.

  • Zoom out and turn right again

  • Kitchenette View

  • Zoom in on the stove/sink area. You can turn on the faucet and can zoom in on the stove, but the gas is off and you have nothing to fill with water yet.

  • The left cabinet is locked. The right cabinet contains a device that needs a 4-digit code.

  • Click on the drawers. Open the top drawer to get a small wooden plank. Open the bottom drawer to get a frying pan.

  • Zoom out twice, then click on the refrigerator.

  • Open the lower door and take both eggs (click twice). Examine the second egg with About Item, and click it to break it open. Take the clover key.

  • Zoom out and open the freezer. Take theice candy, and note there is a tray of ice cubes that you can't take yet.

  • Zoom out twice, then click on the cabinet.

  • Open the top cabinet and take the mug. There are two levers here that you can move.

  • Zoom out. The lower cabinet has a lock with four buttons arranged around a heart decoration in the center. We don't know the code yet. There are another two levers, one on the shelf under the top cabinet and one in the left drawer. The right drawer is stuck.

  • Zoom out and turn right.

  • Paintings view

  • Zoom in on the left painting and note the shapes: a star on the left and a hexagon on the right.

  • Back out and zoom in on the right painting. There is a hippy with the number 526. The painting can be wobbled if you click the corners.

  • Back out and zoom in on the sideboard. There is a lock at the base of the left candelabra that you can't open yet.

  • Click on Mr Birdy, then click the button under his base. Mr Birdy will light up and change colors in this order: Green, Red, Cyan, Red, Yellow, Cyan. The button on the base will turn into a heart symbol.

  • Solving puzzles
    The hippo painting

  • The hippo painting had the number 526. Where else have we seen three digits?

  • Go back to the tv and enter 526 on the remote. The top right remote button is the enter button. You'll see a picture with the number 712 in the center and a hippo in the top right.

  • Let's try entering 712. This changes the channel to a similar picture, with 411 in the center and the hippo in the lower left.

  • Continue entering the number on the screen and noting the position of the hippo until the screen says open!

  • Return to the picture and enter the code.

  • Top right, bottom left, top left, bottom left, bottom right, bottom left.

  • Once the hippo painting is open, take the chisel. There is a hole that is too dark to see into. If you return the batteries to the flashlight you can see that there is a heart key in the bottom that you can't reach.

  • The cabinet

  • The lock on the lower cabinet has a positional code with a heart in the center. Where have we seen hearts before?

  • Both Mr Birdy and the clock have heart symbols on them. Maybe they are related?

  • The clock has colored hands corresponding to the position of the buttons on the cabinet.

  • Those colors correspond to the colors Mr Birdy used.

  • The code is right, top, bottom, top, left bottom.

  • Once you have the cabinet open, take the tape and the crank. Note there are two more levers in this cabinet.

  • The TV code

  • Remember the hint on the tv? Mug, card, frying pan. Time to crack it!

  • The Mug

  • Return to the kitchenette scene. Go to the sink and fill the mug with water. Nothing happens, so what else can you do with a mug of water?

  • Back out then open the freezer. Use the mug on the tray of ice. The number 15 will appear on the mug.

  • The Card

  • Examine the card. Nothing you have in your inventory will scratch off the silver mark, but maybe you can remove it some other way?

  • Use the tape to lift off the scratch foil, revealing the symbol and number "+71"

  • The Frying Pan

  • Still in the kitchenette scene, use the clover key on the bottom left cabinet and take the pot.

  • There's also a slot here. Use the crank on the slot, then click the crank to turn on the gas.

  • Open up the frying pan and use the egg on it. Now we have an egg in a pan, so what's the obvious thing to do?

  • Zoom in on the stove and put the frying pan on the right burner. Turn on the gas. Zoom out to receive a fried egg. What to do with it?

  • There was a plate on the table. Back out of the kitchenette and turn left, then zoom in on the table. Use the frying pan on the plate. Examine the frying pan to see the symbol and number "x4"

  • Combine the numbers in the order given on the tv.

  • 15+71*4=299

  • This is another three digit number, so return to the tv. If you moved the batteries to the flashlight, move them back to the remote.

  • Enter the number on the tv to see a rectangle, divided into smaller rectangles, with star and hexagon symbols.

  • The cabinet levers

  • If you haven't already, solve the tv code

  • Now look at the image on the tv: a rectangle divided into smaller rectangles, with star and hexagon symbols. The shape should look famliar

  • Each box in the picture represents a cabinet or drawer in the cabinet to the right of the refrigerator.

  • The stars and hexagons indicate whether the levers should point left or right. Star for left, and hexagon for right.

  • Go to the cabinet and move each lever to match the position the tv image indicated. Back out and click on the right drawer to get a cup of noodles.

  • The machine in the kitchen cabinet

  • After all this puzzle solving a snack would be great, wouldn't it?

  • If you haven't already, examine the ice candy and click it several times to "eat" it. It should take six clicks to completely remove the candy and reveal part of a code on a stick.

  • After that sugar, some cup noodle would be nice, wouldn't it?

  • Go back to the kitchenette and turn on the water. Fill up the pot.

  • Put the pot on the left burner of the stove and turn on the gas. A watched pot never boils, so back out twice, and then zoom back in, to get the pot to boil.

  • Use the cup noodles on the pot.

  • Great! We have noodles, but nothing to eat them with.

  • Examine the small plank of wood and use the chisel on it. Now you can eat the noodles: examine them with About Item and use the chopsticks on them.

  • Note that both the empty popsicle stick and the empty cup noodle start and end with the same clover shape, and alternate numbers/symbols with small dots.

  • Each item contains every other symbol in a clue. Combine them to get 138x36, which equals 4968

  • Use this code on the machine in the right cabinet to get a circle key.

  • Endgame

  • Return to the scene with the paintings and candles. Zoom in on the left candelabra and use the circle key on it. Press the button.

  • Take the longish stick from the cabinet. I bet this could help us with the deep hole under the hippo painting!

  • Use the tape on the stick.

  • Take the batteries out of the remote and put them in the flashlight.

  • Go to the hippo painting and look in the hole. Use the stick with tape to retrieve the heart key.

  • Back out and turn right. Use the heart key on the door. Yeah! Time to escape!

  • Happy Coin

  • Follow the above walkthrough up to using the key on the door. Once the door is unlocked, don't exit.

  • Turn left again and zoom in on the candelabra. Open the unlocked cover and push the button to open the cabinet up again.

  • There is a number lit up here, 624

  • Move the batteries to the remote again and go to the tv. Enter 624 to see the following code: clover - cyan circle - green circle - cyan circle - yellow circle - clover.

  • Do those colors sound familiar?

  • Go back to the clock and note the positions of the cyan, green, and yellow dots, which are at 6:00, 3:00, and 9:00, respectively.

  • Return to the kitchenette and open the right cabinet. Enter the code from the tv and clock in the machine to get the happy coin.

  • 6369

  • Escape with the coin! Yay!

  • Walkthrough courtesy of the lovely Benazeer!


    Flummoxed. I have a Remote, Flashlight, Chopsticks, Mug w/Number, Chisel, Tape, Scratch Card w/Number, Egg, Crank, Pan w/Raw Egg, and Ice Cream Stick.

    That's a lot of stuff.

    The Ice Cream Stick has 3 numbers on it, but seems related to a box that requires a 4 number code.


    And out! What a great re-envisioning of a great game! THANK YOU Tesshi-e!


    That was very quick on the walkthrough.

    lavamuffin February 8, 2012 4:39 AM

    hmm, I wonder ---

    how come I couldn't eat the cooked egg once I put it on the plate?
    it would have gone nicely with the hot noodles!

    Oh, Tesshi-e, you always keep me guessing!


    I found the original game:

    Wow, Tesshi-e has come a long way. After having finished this game, I'm having trouble with the first -- it's not merely been updated, it's been expanded and improved upon; the mechanics are a little bit different.

    So although I

    turned on the TV and have the 3-item code hint, I can't do anything with it because I can't get the items into the necessary state.

    Has anyone beaten the original game?


    Great game!

    Do all Japanese eggs look so weird?

    I just finished the original game, for nostalgia saké. The game is very pixel intensive. One major item is extremely hard to find.

    The wood for the chopsticks is on the right side of the refrigerator

    On a side note, Jay doesn't like us to post links



    To the right of the fridge, or inside right? I'm clicking all over to no avail.

    To my understanding, and I'm willing to be corrected if I'm wrong, JiG disapproves of spammy link-dropping. I believe that the link I put up was relevant.


    Aroz, pt2:

    Well, I found the thing you mentioned, but progress is still difficult. Interesting how beating the remix version really doesn't go very far in helping to beat the original. (The pixel precision! Argh!)


    i cannot get the

    Image on the TV as there is no image on the TV. the only think i see is the poictures from before. i followed the walkthrough up to that part. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. anyone know?

    MisterThou February 9, 2012 7:18 PM

    For those interested in a walkthrough for Mild Escape 1 (the link that ray9na posted) here it is.

    General Information

    A lot of pixel hunting in this game. For example To open a door you have to click on the Handle only.

    Facing the TV

    Click on the right cabinet to get the flashlight

    Click on the left cabinet to get the remote

    Facing the Sink

    Click on the red canister to get the pepper

    Click on the left cabinet to get the frying pan

    Facing the Fridge

    Open the top part of the fridge, use the frying pan on the eggs

    Open the top drawer to get the Ice Candy

    Click to the right of the fridge to get the plank (major pixel hunt here, it's just to the right of the line between the two drawers)

    Facing the Cabinet

    Grab the paper from the table

    Grab the bowl from the table

    Open the top part of the cabinet and get a glass

    Inspect the glass to get a knob

    Open the left drawer, and shine the flashlight (make sure it's on) to find the box cutter

    Solving the TV Channel

    Turn the remote on, you get the following hint: Glass, Paper, Frying pan

    First Number

    Use the glass on the ice cubes in the top drawer

    Use the glass with ice on the brown carton in the top right hand side of the fridge

    Inspect the ice, and click "I drink it" You see the nuber 5.

    Second Number

    Facing the stove open the botton right cupboard, pixel hunt in the cupboard until you find the on off switch. Insert the knob.

    Press the button under the sink to turn the water on

    Use the paper on the water to get the number 2

    Third Number

    Turn the stove on.

    Put the frying pan with eggs in it on the stove and press the buttons. You see the number seven

    Opening the Stuck Door

    Go back to the tv, enter 527 to see how to open the stuck door.

    Go to the cabinet and open the doors as indicated on the tv.

    Get the note

    Solving the Note

    The note says bowl x ice candy + 89

    The bowl number

    Use the pepper on the bowl

    Use the knife on the plank to get chopsticks

    Use the chopsticks on the bowl to get the number 45

    The Ice Candy Number

    Use the Knife on the ice candy

    Eat the ice candy to get the number 86

    Finding the key

    Solve the math 45 x 86 +89 = 3959

    Enter this number into the safe and get the key

    Use the key on the door! Escape!

    I'm assuming there is no happy coin :)


    Thank you, MisterThou!

    So much of that was counter-intuitive. For example,

    why should I need to select the pan before I can get the eggs???

    Other parts were picky pixel-hunting. For example,

    I had clicked all over the spice rack before to no avail, but now that you say I need the pepper, BAM, I got it on the first click.

    As for a certain code,

    my note actually said [blank] x [blank] +89 and the images didn't fill in until after I followed your walkthrough.


    i just can't understand the

    TV Code. i saw where Grinny did a walkthrough but it gives no solution. anyone have any ideas?


    Paul: The walkthrough does provide an explicit solution. Maybe your eyes are just skimming over it? Try looking at that section again more carefully, opening all the spoiler tags.


    that's the problem rayna. some of the spoiler tags dont work. and even the ones that do just say simply "figure it out" in not so many words. even when the answer is revealed, i do that where it asks me, and nothing happens. :(

    [Is it that the Javascript doesn't open the spoilers, or that by following the instructions in the spoilers the expected results are not achieved? If the former, then you should try emptying you browser cache and reload the page. All spoiler tags are formatted in the exact same way and should all behave exactly the same (or they wouldn't appear on the page at all). If the latter, then can you please be more specific regarding which spoiler tags "don't work"? Thanks. -Jay]


    ok i think it was IE that was the problem. The thing is everything halfway down is the entire background of the page which is the purple wallpaper. it's never done that before on this site. anyway i should have used Google just the same. regardless i'm confused on something however, and maybe someone can clear this up on the TV Code.

    according to the 3 clues, the numbers are 15+71x4 when i do that on my calculator, the answer is 344, but yet i think it said the answer was 299 or something like that. Not sure what that's all about.


    As Paul says in the previous post, how can you get 299 from 15 + 71 x 4???!

    In order to get 299 it would have to have the 71 x 4 in brackets i.e.
    15 + (71 x 4).

    Poor maths Tesshi-e!


    Hi Paul. Remember the order of the operations! ;)


    order of the operations? i just gave the order above ;)


    Tesshi-e's math is accurate. 15 + 71 * 4 = 71 * 4 + 15, because according to the order of operations, you always do multiplication before addition, unless brackets are involved.


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