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Magic Island Escape 3

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Rating: 3.6/5 (93 votes)
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Magic Island Escape 3SonicLoverIt's not clear how the scenario of Magic Island Escape 3, an atmospheric escape by Kamikaze Worm, came to be. Maybe you washed up on the island after a reef sunk the cruise ship you were on. Maybe you were dumped here by fairies as a form of purgatory. Whatever the case, you're here now and you need to escape.

Navigation, and everything else for that matter, is done by mouse click. Click the edge of any screen with an arrow to navigate, and click on things on the environment to interact with them. Your inventory is displayed at the bottom; click on an item to select it for use, then on the environment to use it, or on the "handle" hand to deselect it. To combine two inventory items, click "combine" followed by the two items in question. Your ultimate goal is to escape the island, and to do so you need to activate the magical portal arch by finding and using four colored keys.

Magic Island Escape 3 is short but sweet. The game itself won't last very long as long as you're observant and think logically, but the puzzles are fairly intuitive and well-designed, and the atmosphere is downright lovely. Every screen looks like an oil painting, and the audio loop is soothing without being invasive. There's even a changing cursor, and although the game lacks a save feature, it's short enough you shouldn't need it. Got fifteen minutes to kill? Put them to use escaping an island, by all means.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Magic Island Escape 3 Walkthrough

  1. In the starting view, take the air tank from the hut way in the back and the white thing in the lower right corner of the screen. There's nothing else you can do here for now, so go left.

  2. There's the magic portal. Take the machete lying in the sand, the seashell at the water's edge to the right, and the crowbar hidden in the rocks in the center of the screen. Also, take the two pearls hidden on the portal (upper left, lower right).

  3. Use the machete on the bamboo on the left edge of the screen to get a tube. Note the "...727" on the rock. Head right again.

  4. Use the crowbar to get rid of the rock right next to the dock at the bottom edge of the screen, then take the shovel next to it. Use the machete on the string wound around the top of the tree in the foreground to get it. Go left again.

  5. Use the shovel on the conspicuous mound of sand towards the lower right to reveal a broken net; pick it up, then combine it with the string from the tree to fix it. Use the fixed net on the water in the background to the right of the rocks to get a starfish, then do it again to get a pair of goggles.

  6. Go right. Use the net on the water to the right of the dock to get another shell. Use the two shells and the starfish on their similarly shaped slots on the stone towards the lower left to make the red key appear.

  7. Combine the bamboo tube with the goggles, then combine the result with the air tank. You're now ready to dive; click on the water to the right of the dock to dive in. (You do not need to equip the combined equipment to do so.)

  8. Underwater, take the pearl just left of center near the bottom (you can't miss it), and use the shovel on the sand on the ocean floor to reveal another pearl, which you want as well.

  9. Now inspect the carving on the rock in the lower right. It's a Pipe Dreams puzzle; rotate pipes until there's a connection from upper left to lower right. Not all pipes will be used. I can't provide a screenshot of the solution because the puzzle disappears when the last pipe is in place, but the pipe winds right, down, left, down, right, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, left, down, right, up, right, down.

  10. Take the white key that appears when the puzzle is solved. Now click on the moss in the lower left and watch the fish swim by. Note their colors (yellow, red, blue, yellow, red). Lastly, click on the purple reef in the upper left and note the numbers (4-8-2-4).

  11. Return to the surface (up). Click on the stones sunk in the water to the left of the dock, below the hut but above the foreground rocks. Looks like they want a sequence of numbers. You need to combine the 4-8-2-4 from underwater with 7-2-7 from the rock near the portal. 7274824 isn't compatible with the dials, so set them to 4824727 (read from left to right) to make the blue key appear.

  12. Go left and click on the stone in the bottom middle. Put the five pearls in the holes. They'll change colors when clicked; set them to the colors the fish were (yellow, red, blue, yellow, red) and the yellow key will appear.

  13. You've got all four keys, so put each one in the correspondingly colored keyhole at the base of the magic portal. When all four are in, the game is done!


jason9045 June 28, 2012 11:11 AM

These games are really well put-together, but we're only three games into the series and they're already starting to get formulaic. The same puzzles are being used over and over, and as a result each game feels like any of the others. I do hope the next installment brings something different, because there's a lot of potential for these quick escapes by a talented developer.


Papyrus rediscovered 3

inheritance.fan June 28, 2012 2:55 PM

Where are the links to the other two Magic Island Escapes?



They can be found here. Let us know what you think of them...I've debated reviewing the Japanese Garden one before but hesitated because of a somewhat clunky feel to it.


This isn't the first appearance of esklavos.com on JIG... I'm not certain about authorship, but in case someone's checking tags, we have seen other escapers from this site.

nerdypants June 28, 2012 5:04 PM

I played another one of this designer's games, and it was pretty much identical to this one, only it took place on a mountain. Three of the puzzles were exactly the same.

Tesshi-e may use that same wobbly-picture puzzle in every one of their games, but at least they change up the nature of the clues and where you're supposed to find them.

elle June 28, 2012 8:33 PM replied to Shudog

Yes, for escapes we've featured Hormiga. (It was unloved.)

The Esklavos Adventures, chapters 1-17 were better received.

My own searching hasn't turned up other Esklavos room escapers on JIG. If you can find another here, I'll tag it. :)

Personally, I like them all. But, I'm biased toward this type of game and need constant reminders to "be more objective." I try, I try.


I also looked at some of the other games on their website. They do all basically follow the same formula in terms of recycling puzzles, but I found it oddly comforting that they were so similar. It allowed me to breeze through the puzzles while primarily enjoying the scenery. Yeah, it's a "style over substance" argument, which I don't always support, but sometimes I can be very forgiving of games if I like the art style, which I do here. It's a subjective thing, so I'm with you there, Elle.


Graphics are so gorgeous I don't mind clunky.

barbara July 3, 2012 6:09 AM

I kind of enjoyed playing more versions of Magic Island/Mountain even though they were practically identical.

Cursed Swamp was nice too.

I would have enjoyed the Japanese Gardens but they were very annoying to navigate, especially JG 2. I almost rage-quit when I couldn't find my way back to the house. The map I had to draw made no sense at all.


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