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Link Dump Holiday №3

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Link Dump Holiday

DoraWhether or not this Friday is a special holiday for you, or just a day like any other, we hope you have a great day. May all your games purchased by well-meaning but oblivious relatives be for consoles you actually own. May your scores always stay at the top of the leaderboard, rather than vanishing after three minutes. May your point-and-click puzzles always be logical, although they probably never will. May people make more Hanukkah and Kwanzaa games next year so I don't have to frantically scour the web for something to feature. And most of all, may your coming year be filled with fun, happiness, health, tolerance, and awesomeness. Merry Friday, everyone. Now get out of my way and let me at those presents!

  • Infectonator Christmas EditionInfectonator Christmas Edition - [Parental Warning: Violence and Language] Jingle bells, civilian yells, zombie's got his leg! Oh what fun it is to give Santa a taste for flesh this day... hey!... what, you don't know the words? In the case of the Christmas Edition, for Infectonator it's essentially second verse, same as the first, only with festive hats and 8-Bit holiday music. Reminds me of some nightmares I've had after too much egg nog.
  • Civiballs X-Mas LevelsCiviballs X-Mas Levels - It's just 20 levels long, but the holiday edition of Civiballs is so darned festive you might just see sugarplums and candy canes every time you close your eyes. Which might be pleasant, if not for the fact that sugarplums are nasty. Why not fruitcake? Everyone loves fruitcake. You're probably familiar with the gameplay, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this cheerful little physics puzzle.
  • Icebreaker: The GatheringIcebreaker: The Gathering - This holiday season, show someone you care. Give them a surly, smelly, wet viking you cut out of a block of ice. The next set of levels in Nitrome's weekly release scheme for this latest installment in a favourite series is now available to play!
  • Save the Bunny: X-Mas EditionSave the Bunny: X-Mas Edition - The bunnies are back, and this time they're in all sorts of seasonal peril! You know, I'm starting to get fed up with these rabbits. Why can't they just stay saved? I'm beginning to think Mother Nature has it in for them, but if you really wanted to, I guess you could point-and-click their way to freedom. Again. Stupid wabbits.
  • Santa HairSanta Hair - I don't make the rules. Look. What part of "topiary mallet" doesn't make sense to you? This isn't rocket science, people. Next you'll be telling me beating up a block man to take his tape is crazy. No, no, no more questions, Santa's in his hammock and you're going to wake him up. Just trust me, it'll all make sense in the end. [Note: May not, in fact, make sense.]
  • Mezzo Special EditionMezzo Special Edition - He's been in your computer, and now he's in your browser. If you think 100 levels of block-swapping puzzle-penguin action is the only thing that could make your Friday complete, well... you're weird, kid. But here you go anyway.
  • Santa Rockstar 2Santa Rockstar 2 - It's all the not-really-playing-the-guitar guitar-playing action you can handle, right in your browser with a holiday theme! Features multiple difficulties, two different ways to play, and some old bearded guy rockin' out. Sounds like a recipe for success to me! Jack Black would approve. Note: May make lower end computers weep.
  • Chompy's Winter RescueChompy's Winter Rescue - There's something oddly hypnotic about the relaxed gameplay taking place here as you work to save critters frozen in ice. Maybe it's the smooth-paced action. Maybe it's the snake charmer music. Maybe it's the undulating giant, chomping plant. Wh... what's that, Chompy? You... you want me to buy all your undoubtably forthcoming and adorable merchandise?
  • Snow DaySnow Day - The gameplay is about as simple as you can get, but it's also simply adorable. Throw ice at the clouds floating by overhead to make sure it's cold enough that the school stays closed. Sorry, no epic boss battles or explosions, just a kid, a snow ball... and deranged mutant killer monster snow goons!!... no, no... wait... that was just a cloud. Honest mistake. Carry on.


Santa Hair walkthrough

1. Take clippers
2. Go right
3. Use clippers on bush
4. Take hammer
5. Go right
6. Take book
7. Examine book and take part
8. Go right
9. Use the hammer on each of the mustache guy's parts from the bottom up until you can take the beige thing (waterproof tape)
10. Go left
11. Use waterproof tape on leaking pipe
12. Take red thing (light)
13. Go left 2 times
14. Use light on white car
15. Go right
16. Take policeman
17. Go right 2 times
18. Use policeman on book inside caution tape
19. Examine book and take part
20. Combine the parts to make an engine
21. Go left
22. Use the engine with the boat
23. Take the camera
24. Go left 2 times
25. Use the camera with the tripod
26. Take the photograph
27. Go right
28. Arrange the eggs and flowers the way they are in the photo
29. Take clock
30. Go right
31. Use clock on Santa
32. Take Santa
33. Go right
34. Examine Santa and click on his hat
35. Use Santa with crab


greenfourth December 24, 2009 10:58 PM

That's the end I got as well but the message at the top left of the clear screen, "Santa Hair cut only one method" Implies that there's at least one more way to beat it...


greenfourth -

If there's more than one ending to a Minoto game, the ending will display something like "one of two methods..." or something similar. There's only one ending to this one.

Cyberjar88 December 25, 2009 1:27 AM

Just a follow-up to benhere's comment: It's been quite a while since Minoto had more than one ending for a game.

Also, Merry Christmas!


The Mezzo game ran incredibly slowly for me. Anyone else have this problem? I am on a Mac, but it's just Flash and this Mac is pretty new, maybe 18 months old at the outside. I haven't had any Flash game run this slowly in years. The closest competitor was the Dragon Age Flash promo game, and it was certainly playable, while this one just wasn't.


Civiballs Xmas Levels is awesome! But it's not an ArmorGames game (I played it on King.com 10 days ago)...so why is the link to armorgames?


Mezzo is the second game I've played in as many days which has ads *between levels*... hope this is not a sign of the ways things will be :(


Yess! Jayisgames has finally featured the bestest game ever, snow day!


Nice Calvin and Hobbes reference! Dora you are my hero.


There's some really excellent level design in this Civiballs set.


I love the new Ice Breaker levels!
I just finished this last batch, but I'm not sure I played the last level the way it was intented..

By cutting off the entire piece of ice the vikings and the rock are hanging from, so that the rock lands on the platform (with the rest hanging/resting on it). I had to remove the ledge on the left side of the screen first. Then, with the entire construct riding on the platform, I could easily cut loose the vikings!

is there another way to finish this level?


in_dubio - I guess there is a different way - such as:

something involving dropping the stone, dropping a viking on it, and then using the right ledge to push it off into the boat

But I only managed it the same as you. Worked a treat.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 26, 2009 12:37 AM

Was travelling well with Save the Bunnies, until the flickering neon sign level, and there seemed absolutely no way to solve it, unless that was the end...
A bit short in that case.


chikitionary, there was a powerbox on the right side of the screen. you should be able to do it from there.


DRAT! I played infectonator thrice and I just can't get Zombie X-mas and Mad Scientist. Grrrr.


Having trouble figuring out the solution to any of the Civiball levels? A complete video walkthrough is posted to YouTube. Just do a search in YT for "Civiballs X-Mas Levels". Thanks to Tass for posting it. The last outdoor level had me stumped.

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all.


On the Hard mezzo levels, I'm completely stuck on 26. Any walkthroughs available for these 100 levels?


Infectonator: Christmas Special is one of my favorites. I've played it a couple of times, and it's one of the the best games to use Christmas theme.


Hey, AbbySF, I'm currently stuck on level 25 hard of Mezzo. Any advice?


Ha! Good ol' power o' the post! Never mind.


Mezzo level 26 hard for AbbySF

First, interchange the red and green squares on the second from bottom row between the two snowflake squares. Now interchange the bottommost snowflake square with the green square to its right.


The ability to edit our comments would be a great alternative to spamming the boards. *ahem*

Anyhow, I am now thoroughly stymied on level 27 hard of Mezzo. Any insights?

[Edit: Supporting the editing of comments is not a trivial matter. Sorry. Maybe sometime in the future. -Jay]


Mezzo level 27 hard for ray9na:

first switch the green in the top right corner with the blue on its left. then switch the snowflake in the bottom right corner with the green on its left


now I'm stuck on 31... any advice?


Help on mezzo level 32!!!!


I'm also stuck on level 31 of Mezzo.


Still stuck on Mezzo level 31. Has anyone solved it?


I haven't. Anyone?


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