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Link Dump Friday N° 371

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraI'm sort of over this whole "work week" thing. In fact, I'm really feeling more of an "it's almost the weekend, suckers!" vibe. How about you? This week we've got a physics-based supermarket defense simulator, a game where you're the world's most questionable door-to-door saleswoman, a dungeon where the glitches are part of the appeal, and a whole universe at your fingertips... at least until people come along and ruin it.

  • Bonsai WorldsBonsai Worlds - Enric Llagostera's simple sim isn't just relaxing... it's got a great beat, too! You're in charge of a brand new world, created by plopping down tiles of different types of terrain, which cost you mana, and seeing how the humans you introduce to it change things... which, uh. Typically seems to involve cutting down all forests to spread across every available surface and then immediately dying out in a poetic reminder of humanity's inherent flaws... or maybe I'm just awful at it. I'm sure you can do better!
  • Glitch DungeonGlitch Dungeon - Created for GlitchJam, this retro-tastic puzzle platformer features you, as you might surmise, traversing a dungeon that's glitching around you... though you're not without flaw either, as when your character changes, so does the way they interact with their environment. Throw in some reality-manipulating spells, and you have a recipe for confusing entertainment, but at least it doesn't make me cry about bugs like Alphaland.
  • Lord of the AisleLord of the Aisle - Ever wonder why some people take up so much space in the supermarket that you can't get by them, no matter how passive-aggressive you get with your pointed silence and staring? (I'm Canadian, I don't do direct confrontation.) Well, Andyman has one idea, and here you're in control of an elderly fellow with a walker who really is not about to let anyone get by him in this silly physics-based action game that's... actually a little depressing if you think about it too hard.
  • A Tough SellA Tough Sell - Snow White has never been my favourite fairytale character, if only because I find "is super pretty" and "gives Snorlax a run for its money" to be rather dull character traits. So Lablablab's conversation-based game where you're trying to get her to chow down on the poisoned apple is weirdly enjoyable in a morbid way. Just type whatever you want to say, and use her responses to try to win her over. Which can lead to some unintentionally hilarious exchanges when the AI fails to respond realistically. "These apples are organic and grown by my mother." "I wish my mother wasn't trying to murder me." "... oh... kay."


sunnylauren May 15, 2015 3:20 PM

I loved A Tough Sell! :)

I got her to eventually eat the apple with persistent claims of

being her fairy godmother with an apple that will find her true love and protect her from her murderous stepmother. I told her I loved her and offered to help with her chores when she brought them up.

Then after I'd already won I had fun with claims of "YOUR MOTHER'S IN HERE! MUHAHAHAHA!"

I played one game where I said I was there to kill the dwarves. She calmly said they weren't there at the moment, and when I asked and she said they'd be back at dusk, I said I'd come back at dusk to kill them. She calmly told me goodbye and shut the door.

I tried telling her that I was her real grandmother, and that her mother was taken from me at birth so we'd never met. The AI system couldn't handle that. She had no idea what I was talking about :).


Lord of the Aisle reminds me supermarkets in my town (which is even Canadian, assuming you don't count Toronto as America light). Shoppers here block the aisles with carts left in the middle of the aisle, preferably perpendicular to foot traffic. Or they stand two feet from anything they're looking at and drift from side to side. Or they leave their cart one foot from side A of the aisle and hover around stuff on side B. Or they decide to park their cart on the other side of an aisle from a parked cart. Or they just stop dead while walking in the busiest parts of the store. They also calmly walk their carts right out the end of an aisle without looking to see if anyone's coming.

Someone should get a real-life version of the old guy and set him loose in Toronto. I'd watch that TV show.

fakealake May 17, 2015 7:29 AM replied to sunnylauren

I got her with some different messages.

Things I said:

• I'm friends with the dwarves.
• The dwarves are sweet.
• I can protect you.
• I can help with chores (followed by I can cook).
• Your stepmother is horrible/terrible.
• This apple is fresh.

Not in that order.

I had to fluff it up a bit in between to get her to accept each statement, because she doesn't just accept them all randomly blurted out at her.


So, I completed Glitch Dungeon got the

Funky Witches Hat

and on my second playthrough noticed that there are two doors that require 9993 more spells to open.

Anyone got any clues how to get through them? I thought it might be something to do with the spells littered around in the glitch rooms but there don't seem to be enough?


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