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Categories: blog, bludgeonsoft, bpettengill, browser, free, game, lablablab, linkdump, wherring

Games Featured:
  • • Sheepwalk!
  • • Vilmonic
  • • My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day
  • • SimProphet
Link Dump Friday N° 373 This week's Link Dump Friday has a particularly random assortment of games... an arcade title where you need to keep some (dumb) sheep safe, a game about being a cat at three in the morning, an in-development simulation about harvesting and rebuilding the earth, and a chat with a shepherd where you try to convince him to convert!


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Categories: andyman, blog, browser, ellagostera, free, game, lablablab, linkdump

Games Featured:
  • • Bonsai Worlds
  • • Glitch Dungeon
  • • Lord of the Aisle
  • • A Tough Sell
Link Dump Friday N° 371 This week on Link Dump Friday! Create your own little world of zen-like beauty and then watch humans ruin it. Convince a princess that a poisoned apple is in her best interest. Use glitches and spells to escape from a labyrinth. And defend the aisle at the local supermarket from trespassers... NO MATTER WHAT.

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