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JohnBIn this blue-colored world (you know, 'cause of oceans and stuff), we have people that bake bread, people who build buildings, people who stack things on top of other things. We also have people who make games. Everyone fills their little niche in the grand scheme of things, but only one of the above listed folk have a Link Dump Friday. Can you guess which one?

  • icon_picrossquest.gifPicross Quest - Picross = win. The picture-making logic puzzles are best handled with pencil and paper, but when a browser version comes along, I can't help but indulge myself. Use the numbers around the grid to determine which blocks should be filled in. A tutorial helps ease you into the game if you've never played before, and picross fans will find enough puzzles to stay busy for a while.
  • icon_bootyjuggler.gifBooty Juggler - A gorgeously illustrated game where you must help the octopus juggle items with his six tentacles and avoid getting blasted by the bombs. I love looking at this game, but I'm afraid I don't have the requisite six arms required to play...
  • icon_theeyeballinggame.gifThe Eyeballing Game - The Eyeballing Game is exactly what it claims to be: a game where you eyeball stuff. Follow the instructions and move the target/lines to find the center of circles, bisect angles, create parallelograms, and so forth. Score as low as you can to show how high your eyeballing skills are.
  • icon_gravitygrid.gifGravity Grid - A matching game where you must rotate and flip the playing field to slide pieces into place. You have a limited number of moves, and planning your strategy is an exercise in 2D spatial orientation.


zbeeblebrox October 10, 2008 1:50 AM

Heh, I like how the Eyeball Game has a "high scores" list full of impossibly low scores. They may as well rename it to say: "These are the people who cheated"


I got 1.80 [the RAWR one] and i didn't cheat


I'm curious about what you consider cheating Zbeeblebrox, I draw the line at pixel counting and geometric tools, and I still managed a 1.85 average on my fourth try.


I think Beeblebrox is speaking from the perspective of playing it once. I'm sure anyone could score well with this game if they repeated it over and over ;)

I achieved a 13.8 on my first try, and see no purpose in continuing; I received an analysis of my ability to work with lines and shapes and make estimations/triangulations on the fly, and was pleased with my result.

Simply playing over and over to whittle down your score seems a bit.. childish? =p


booty juggler has 1 problem that makes it next to impossible: when the item is in the air after being tossed, you can't tell where it will land until it gets to the other side, where its pat will magically direct itself at one of your tentacles
This leaves no room to anticipate where it wil land and act accordingly


I return! Curiosity bit after I linked a few friends to the game.

One scored 9.0 on his first time because I explained what a Paralellogram was, another scores 57 because she made that same mistake and started with a 500 handicap.

My first try with a 13 was on a 186 handicap because I did not myself know precisely what a paralellogram was from memory, and missed by a few miles.

Having retried on a harsh timer and rushed myself through it, I achieved 3.7 O.o

I conclude, this game is an analysis of unpractised ability, but one poorly explained.. And definitely not something that will offer an accurate assessment upon repeated takes, any more than an college exam would.


I don't like picross games that penalise you for being wrong, thus giving you part of the solution. You should be free to make mistakes and then start again.


Playing the eyeball game a second time allows you to play with knowledge of the mechanics of the game. My original 13+ score was largely because I didn't understand one of the tasks and got a 134. On my second run, I got a 2.X overall.


First attempt: 4.21 average
which I'm pretty pleased with.
I did get two zero errors, on the midpoint and angle bisection.

Pretty spiffy little test


I love picross! I will never reject an opportunity to play another version, especially if it is a wrapped in a pretty Flash package.

Picross Quest however is a bit flawed. Interface is unnecessarily complicated with weird usage Q-W toggle combo. Why not just make it click for a black square, shift-click for empty? Also, I agree that penalizing a player for a mistake is wrong for many reasons, the least of all being that it also reveals a part of the solution.

Nevertheless, it's a nice little time-waster, with just enough puzzles to last for a coffee break.


I saw Booty Juggler over on Drawn! and I have to say that's one of the hardest games I've play in a while. Did anyone find it enjoyable? Beautifully done, just seemed crazy hard.


Booty juggler is enjoyable, but the flaws in it prevent any planning and make it less so. Between having no forewarning about which tentacle something you tossed will land on and the time it takes to toss, actually juggling is next to imposssible. A path that makes it clear where it will land in advance would make the game 10x better. Also having keyboard controls so there is a key for each tentacle might work better.


That's the same with almost all of the highscore lists of the online games: most of them all full of obviously impossible scores. I often wonder: do these idiots really think they're fooling anyone?

My alltime favourite, though is not a web-game, but a cellphone minigolf game where there was an online highscore-list available. The first 20 or 30 scores were of the same guy and all of them were lower than the number of holes... Which means that some fop the holes were completed in 0 shots - or even better :DDD


On Booty Juggler:

Many of the issues are already addressed in the game. Watch all the instruction screens.

There are keyboard controls: one key per tentacle, just like it should be. And you can tell where a tossed item will land, based on the color of the dotted line behind it.


Who took the little arrows away that allow you to scroll through posts when you are on a single game's page?


I really like the eyeballing game. I got a 5.05!


wow... weakest friday link dump in a long time.

I really look forward to you guys pointing me at some terrific games every friday, but this week was a real disappointment.

Love your site... most of the time...


Hmm. Played Eyeballer, got 4.54 the first time, 4.20 the second. The competition element is a little silly, but the idea is to encourage you to improve your visual and spatial skills.

The ones who couldn't figure out what a parallelogram was...did you not take grade-school geometry or something? If you don't know what that is, I'm suprised you knew what bisecting an angle meant either. :-/

zbeeblebrox October 10, 2008 8:15 PM

@ Rawr, Amilir, Jakkar: well Eyeball on the whole (score-wise) is a game that only works on the honors system. Beside the obvious simplicity of just whipping out a ruler and measuring everything, there's the fact that you can play the game a second time without fear of being confronted with anything new.

At that point, it's the same as retaking a true/false test. The game is meant to be played once, so you can see how spacially (in)competent you are. Adding a high scores list just seemed silly. Still does.

skoodge80 October 10, 2008 9:57 PM

I don't know if anyone is going to believe me, but I got "accurate to 0.0 units" on the circle, I swear to God. I even have a screenshot of it, if that proves I'm telling the truth.
I did not cheat on this, I just got really, really lucky.


Wow, maybe it wasn't luck. I just got it again.

zbeeblebrox October 10, 2008 10:21 PM

For some reason, the circle tasks are by far the easiest. I never got above a 1.2 on those. Never got a 0 either. :p

Of course, there IS a rare subset of people in the world capable of eyeballing [near] perfect circles, skooge. So it could be less to do with luck than the magic of genetics.

Zombiemambo October 10, 2008 10:39 PM

Booty Juggler takes a bit of getting used to, but it's great for increasing your dexterity.


My first score on the Eyeballing Game was 4.7. It was the triangle that sunk me--apparently I suck at finding the center of a triangle. I think at first I was looking for the point of convergence for the three lines that bisected the three angles, which is not the same thing as "equidistant from the edges." I wised up by the end and got a 1.6, but my first two scores were 21.1 and 14.8! My second weakest event was the parallelogram. Even though I know what a parallelogram is, I'm still apparently not too good at eyeballing them. My average score for those was 5.7. For the most part I did the best with circle centers, right angles, and convergence.

I have no idea what this means, but it was interesting.


Just played again... not sure what the problem is with people playing it again, as it seems to offer up different shapes and challenges each time, even if you are familiar with the basic format.

Managed to get a 2.60 this time, and even scored a 0.0 on the last convergence one! Convergence and right angles are definitely my best events. Parallelograms are still my worst, although I've gotten better with each successive try and even got a 1.0 on my last one. Triangles, though better, still aren't too hot.

I don't know, I think it's fun, and I can see why people might want to keep playing in an effort to better their score. I know I'd really like to get better at parallelograms and triangles!


Booty Juggler seems to be bugged if you have too many things in the air. I keep having bombs not get caught by empty tentacles, and it's always when I've got 5 or 6 things in the air.

Boston Gamer October 11, 2008 4:34 PM

No love for Gravity Grid?

I'm finding it to be one of the more interesting puzzle games I've seen in the past few months. Very simple concept and solutions (you can work through most levels using process of elimination if you really need to), but the visualization is fun too.


I thought the Eyeballing Game was interesting but my favorite of the lot was Gravity Grid.

Gravity Grid is a neat little puzzler with a relaxing background sound that pulled me in. The levels ramp up in difficulty and definately get you thinking ahead. Thumbs Up!


As much as I wanted to play Picross Quest, it crashed both Firefox and MSIE. You wouldn't think Flash games would be so inaccessible.


2.84 on the Eyeballing Game :)
Honest. I didn't cheat.


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