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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBFifty to sixty years ago, people were introduced to peanut butter Link Dump Friday for the first time. They looked it over carefully. The daring and courageous bought it. Children loved it, but ma and pa were more critical. They discovered it had several drawbacks, as it was rather hard to digest, and it didn't taste like peanuts any other link dumps. Grownups never became peanut butter Link Dump Friday fans until today when a new kind of peanut butter Link Dump Friday appeared in stores. It looked different, it smelled different, it tasted different. It had practically nothing in common with the old style product. And so LDF became a staple in everyone's diet around the world.

  • icon_fracture2.gifFracture 2: Infection - A fast-paced arena shooter where enemies turn into splatters of colored paint when defeated. It's kind of like squashing bugs that ate crayons, only without all the mess. Interesting power-ups, too.
  • icon_trickhoops.gifTrick Hoops Challenge - Once a multiplayer game, the Trick Hoops arcade basketball shooting competition is back, complete with AI to allow for solo play. Click the ball and drag the mouse to set the direction and force of your shot. Whoever makes the basket gets to choose the next shot.
  • icon_getlost.gifGet Lost - An adventure game parody that's all about doing adventurey-type stuff. And biting the bullet in strange/unexpected ways. Explore the fantabulous sewer maze! See the disembowling dragon in the parking lot! Play as a human or embark on a bunny adventure!
  • icon_fourcolorrings.gifFour Color Rings - Some puzzle games challenge you with arranging tiles to complete a picture. Some are sliding block puzzles that force you to think three moves ahead. Four Color Rings is both of the above, as you must slide the squares to complete not one but three different colored rings pictured on the tiles. And did I mention the rings are moving?
  • icon_colorfill.gifColorfill - A simple arcade/puzzle-style "divide the playing field" game, but with several colors and bouncing arrows/sawblades you must mind.


That is clearly not a dragon in the parking lot, but a manticore. Come on, John, do your research ;)


Get Lost crashes my browser trying to load. Firefox, Flash 9,0,115,0


Mine too, Konrad. I thought it could be blockage. But still, it may not be and there could be a warning if it does kill foxy fires.


Link Dump Firday's! Now with time travel.


You don't have to edit the post to make me look foolish! Ha ha!

...wait. Um...hold on...

Schmorgluck April 10, 2008 11:09 PM

Konrad, Zace, make sure you manually erase your flash plugin before installing the last version. Trust me, that's better. There's a bug that makes upgrading Flash unreliable with FireFox, and maybe the game will work better with the newest plugin (version at the time I'm posting).

As for Get Lost, looks like it could have almost been named "The Unfair Adventure Game" (like The Unfair Platformer). Seems amusing, gotta try to go further when I have more time.


Fracture 2 is pretty cool except it sometimes lags on my computer making it difficult to move around enemies. Also when I click on play full screen, it loads up all the ads around it, but no disappointing for I bet it is awesome in full screen!!!


Get Lost is a strange one. I think I won the game, but I can't be sure.

Apparently I beat the game by

finding the "Super Jewel" (or something of that sort). I got there by

entering the sewer, finding a way out at the southwest corner, then taking the southern walkway further south.

Also, I found two "eggs":

The lightbulb in the starting room and cheese from a mouse trap beneath the haunted mansion

Of course the point of the game is clearly not to "win", but to experience the weirdness of the gameworld.


You can also win by finding the "Super Carot Power up"


Get Lost is epic.

It appears that the eggs can actually be used (at least some of them can), and that the game "worlds" all interconnect.


Actually, mine worked the second time without my doing of anything. Looks like my foxy fire is really a foxy phoenix! Or it was that time travel....

Anonymous April 11, 2008 6:57 AM

But it IS a manticore! It says so if you

Check the rear vision mirror :)

Maximilian April 11, 2008 8:21 AM

I found a bug in the game, I walked through a wall in the sewer. Anyone know where the other 2 are?


I'm having trouble with Colorfill. Having made my first line, the cursor was replaced with a line of the same length. I can't seem to put the line anywhere, even in the one place the symmetrical board would allow. There's also no "quit", "abort" or "restart" key/button.

So, it needs work.


There were never any LDF's where at least one of the games did not sound promising - but this is the first time that each one seems a good one. So I'll delve into them and hope to have a great wasted friday afternoon :)


In colorfill I managed to destroy all the coloured arrowheads and go on seizing area afterwards, without "enemy" pieces. Is it a bug or nromal gameplay?

mixedmetaphor April 11, 2008 10:27 AM

in "get lost" -- the prisoner with the illustrious beard wants me to bring him a lightbulb. i have a lightbulb, but there doesn't seem to be any way to give it to him. is that because i am not correctly using my inventory (egg-ventory?), or because the prisoner is a loony and i should ignore him?


I'm pretty sure he's just a loony, because you can click on things in the eggventory to give them to other characters.

So far I've found one 'bug' item,

The moon outside the haunted house

which you can put in the sky above the tower the prisoner's in, although it does very little I can find

I'd love to find the 'bug' in the sewers. Where was it, exactly?


Mozai - yeah that happened to me too. There are a couple of bugs left to work out on that one.

biolarzen - the goal is just to get to 80% -- the enemies don't matter except to make it harder. Kinda makes finishing the level trivial if you've killed them all without getting to 80% though.


Regarding Four Colour Rings, it may be just my incredible intellect but

it's really Really REALLY easy

like no challenge at all

just put a side piece in the middle and rotate the rest until you can put it in it's place, the middle is always the empty square


Get Lost must be the pride of this LDF! I've never been attracted to any game that didn't have a good story, good puzzles or good graphics, yet I've been playing Get Lost for more than an hour now! Now, back to the game!


Oh, Sam & Max are finally here!!!



Travel all the way to the right/east of the sewers, go right/east one more time. Get TRUE bug.


Get moon above haunted house's front gate. Travel to top of prisoner's tower, put moon up there. At the porch where you can see the pool, get the GRAPHIC bug.


As a rabbit/piglet, get the horn from the unirabbit. Put the horn on a pink rabbit, and hump it. It will produce a mutant egg.


Easiest to find. In the honeycombs of the rabbit den. Probably not meant to be put in the egg storage or given to elder rabbit.

All objects eventually become eggs...
The light bulb:

Take the light bulb in the human starting room. Go the the room in the haunted mansion with a TV. Use the light bulb, and take a fuse from the TV.

I'm pretty sure that the Gold Key you get in the bunny warrens is supposed to have a way to turn it red.
My favorite "win":

As a human, get to the science area whatever path you prefer (there's three or more). In the room with the three tubes, take the middle one to the security room. So down, right, right, right. Hit the switch before you're killed by the machinery (timed). Go left, left, and get the manticore ribcage. Go left, left, and transform into a manticore. Do not go down (yet!). Go right, and collect manna. Then go left, down. Return to the transformation room, and choose manticore again, and you'll be an ant. Walk until you're in the rabbit's brain (not many choices), and use the controls. Go down/south (NOT right/east), and collect PRECIOUS SUGAR! Win. As an additional note, if you go here in the ant branch before the manticore branch, you'll be told you get no free samples. ):


zxo- You are right, your goal is to fill 80% of the field even if there is no enemies left. However, you can still try to get the more points possible by trying to fill the biggest areas possible.
Points are calculated based on the percentage filled of the area left to fill(does it even makes sense?!?)

Mozai- I have been unable to reproduce your bug, but i will investigate it further and try my best to fix this bug

Wisedude April 11, 2008 6:10 PM

Found another egg!

Play as human
Sneak into the headquaters
Go to storage hanger
Go left and enter hole of mystery
Touch orb of mystery
Grab cheese
go up stairs
Enter main room
Go up right stairs
Enter right door
Give cheese to rat


Get Lost, the author has said that there's no red key. here's some more info on the game.


Another little useless tidbit.
When you speak to the devil in the land of the dead, he uses a rebus. He says:

You know you are in hell when you transcribe a rebus font to find out what it says.

Very classy. Very vindictive.


colorfill level 16 impossible?
i managed to get level 15 with some lucky timing, but the enemies with the tails seems to make 16 impossible.
anyone beat it?


Mad Lad,

How exactly does one

collect manna?

All I've been able to do is

tear people's heads off



Fracture 2: Infection is like mono but not as good.


To a manticore, they are one and the same. ;)


heh funny. It said I died when I was stupid enough to stroll into the dragon's mouth,yet I can keep on playing inside his stomach...


Ryam,I've been having the same problem.Even when I

tear their heads off,

I still turn back into a human.


How DO you collect manna?


I won Get Lost by turning into a piglet and finding Delicious Cabbage. Crazy.

deflective April 12, 2008 5:21 PM

fracture is left hand shoot, right hand move?
that's crazy talk!


Uhh, you collect mana by tearing peoples heads off. If you don't collect mana, just tear apart the candy store owner's head (If you don't know which candy store, it's the one on the right/east). When you go near the sewers, you turn back into a human.


Seems there might only be one egg left.

The last egg is gotten thus. Start the game as a HUMAN (only way to do this). Take the LIGHT BULB in the first room. Travel to the TV room in the Haunted Mansion, and use the LIGHT BULB. Take the FUSE out of the TV. Travel to the room with the three, differently colored tubes (easiest way from there is through the house's basement). Use the FUSE. Travel right one room, and get the BRAIN. The BRAIN is an egg. No kidding. You can even drop it in the rabbits' egg den.

And then, for the key...

As a rabbit/piglet, go through the warrens. In the room with gnats, enter the dark hole to get a GOLD KEY. Before the exit from the warrens there is an area you can click to create a hole in the ground to travel down, and another in the next room. Go left, left, and down four times, and go up the middle tube, to the security room. Go down and left, and use the transformation machine to become a human. As a human, travel to the three colored tube room. Take the middle tube, to the security room. Go down, right, right, and right. In the last room, MAKE SURE to hit the switch IMMEDIATELY, or you'll be crushed. Now, go to the transformation room (left four times) and turn into a rabbit. Return to the room you turned off the crushing machines in, and travel right again. Use the GOLD KEY, and take the GREEN KEY. What you use it for is a mystery!

And the most interesting, last bug...
BUG #3

There are a couple ways to get to this area, but the easiest is to travel left three times from the rabbit starting point. When you do you'll fall into a watery passage. There's a hidden area you can click just left to the rabbit, taking you to a secret room, with the last bug, BUG. However, taking this bug is at a dead end you can't leave, and your bunny will be killed upon going right twice.

And for the finish...

If you manage to get all three bugs, when you take bug #3, the last bug you can get (due to it being in a closed off area), a portal will appear and take you to a hidden area! This is the egg creation device! In it you can use all the final eggs, which are inserted into the machine. If you put all the eggs in, a keyhole appears. Here's the funny part though. When you try to use the GREEN KEY, the game says, "The key does not fit," and you get a gameover. Congratulations!
If anyone knows a way to get it to open, or something else interesting, post it up here. I get the feeling that this, though, may be the final end of the game. A little more salt for your wounds, anyone?

For all intents and purposes, I don't believe there's a difference in being a rabbit or a piglet.

Something I don't know: There's a hidden racquets court somewhere that I haven't managed to find. If you do, lay it on me.


level 16 is possible, 16 to 18 are very hard but possible.
I created the game and I have to try them 5 or 6 times before finishing them!
Try splitting the screen vertically in the middle at the good time.


ugh. I can't beat the game in bunny form! help please?


Fracture 2 is very nicely executed and fun, and the controls are good after you get used to the inertia of your ship. A big design mistake however is the combination of random powerups and weapon downgrade upon damage; a few collisions at the beginning of the game can leave you with a useless pea shooter that might never get upgraded again in the course of the game.

Also, the weapon progression is obscure.

Anonymous April 14, 2008 9:17 AM

In Get Lost, the bunny looks more like a pig.

mixedmetaphor April 14, 2008 3:00 PM

in "get lost" --

if, as a bunny (or at least a semi-bunny), you go into the transformation chamber and choose "bunny", you will turn into a "real" bunny a la pinocchio. you will feel far more "natural" in the warren. mating still doesn't work, though.


maybe the gold key unlocks the last gate? can someone try this, as my computer freezes everytime i get the fuse


sorry for the double post, but ot get a racket:

you go through the yellow tube to get to the guards room, go right get the bullet proof vest, go back, click the button, go right and back, and there it is.


there must be a way to get a red key.


Acquire a horn, and mating might produce some unexpected results.

Also: Does anyone know how to get to a gym, or anywhere one might use the squash racket? I understand there is a location.


Also, the author's said he's having a new version uploaded that fixes a minor bug, but also makes it so that you can get a red key in the game; at the moment there isn't one.


Indeed, the author said there is no red key in the game. Also, the racket itself is easy to find, just no the hidden area where you go to play racquets.


when you get to the delicious garden, i clicked beets, and i died! wtf!


Trick Hoops was too frustrating to be fun.


Sweet unholy mother, I finally figured out how to get to that one raquets room.

Start as a human, and choose south, the "going to play raquets route." If you do not, it won't occur. Get to the security room, put on the vest in the next room, wake the guard, and leave and return to the room. Make sure you have both the raquet and the vest on, go down, and click on the middle bottom part of the wall, and then go down. Go down again, and then click on the orb. If you didn't choose the raquet in the first room, you'll end up somewhere else entirely. Now, swing!


Just so you know, there's now a red key in the game, and a true ending.


Full Walkthrough (with credit to Mad Lad for how to get the various items.)

In the Beginning

Choose to start as a human. Gender doesn't matter.
Click the light bulb in your room.
E to haunted estate.
Click the moon.
(You only have one chance to do these first four steps. Most of the rest are flexible.)
N,E,N,N,N,N to top of tower.
Click moon in inventory.
S,S,S,S,W,N,W,N,W,S to cellar.
Click on cheese.
N,E,S,E,S,NE,W to old telly room.
Click light bulb in inventory.
Click fuse inside TV.
E,E to giant rat room.
Click on cheese in inventory.
Click on egg.
W,S,N,N to veranda.
Click on graphic bug in sky.
N to pool.
Click on grate.
S,S,E,E,S,E,E to white buggy space.
Click on true bug.
W,W,N,W,W,N,W,S,W,W,to ladder.
W,W,N,W,S,S to catwalk.
SE,E,SE,S to blue beast room.
Click on blue beast.
Click on blue tube.
Click on fuse in inventory.
E to brain room.
Click on brain egg.
W to tube room.
Click on green tube.
S,E,E,E to machinery room.
*quickly* click on switch in machinery room.
W,W,W,W to change lab.

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers

Click on console.
Click on bunny.
Click on grating below you.
E to shady glen.
Click on unirabbit's horn.
N,W,N to female bunny.
Click on unicorn horn in inventory.
Click on female bunny.
Click on unicorn egg.
S,E,S,S,SW to burrow entrance.
W to gnat room.
Click on black cave.
Click on Gold Key.
S,E to burrow entrance.
Click on blocked passage at bottom right.
S to sealed chamber.
Click on blocked passage at bottom right.
S,W,W,S,SE,SE,SE to tube room.
Click on green tube.
S,E,E,E,E to bunny factory.
Click on Gold Key in inventory.
Click on Green Key.

The Red Key and Beyond

W,W,W,W,N to guard room.
Click on yellow tube.
Click on yellow tube.
Click on wheel on door.
Click on Green Key in inventory.
Click on Red Key.
Click on blue tube.
Click on green tube.
S,W to change lab.
Click on console.
Click on bunny.
W,S,E,E to bunnycomb room.
Click on bunnycomb.
Click on egg.
W,NE,E,E,E,E,NE,W,W to river.
SW to ride turtle.
SE to ride log.
N to mighty hole.
Click on hole.
Click on wall to immediate left of bunny.
Click on final bug.
Click on mysteriously scented portal.
Click on all four eggs in inventory.
Click on Red Key in inventory.
Click on Big Red Egg.
W to hideous rat nest.
(Other directions teleport you to different locations. S is fatal, the rest are just a longer trip.)
S,SW to tube room.
Click on green tube.
S,SW to change lab.
Click on console.
Click on human.
N,E,N,N to ??? (the land of the dead.)
Click on Big Red Egg in inventory.
S,S,S,E,E to library.
Click on book.
N to mummy treasure room.
Click left coffin.
Click jewels.
Click "Restart."
N,W,W to (shake, shake, shake) shake your booty.


actually, it is north, west, west, west for the final direction


i found a telephone in get lost

Health And Weapons Call: GTA-555-0100

Weapons Call: GUN-555-0150

Advanced Weapons: Call GUN-555-0100

Health Call: DOC-555-0100

Wanted Level Down Call: COP-555-0100

Wanted Level Up Call: COP-555-0150

Climate Change Call: HOT-555-0100

Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call: CAR-555-0142

Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call: MBK-555-0150

Spawn FBI Buffalo Call: CAR-555-0100

Spawn Turismo Call: CAR-555-0147

Spawn NRG900 Call: MBK-555-0100

Spawn Comet Call: CAR-555-0175

Spawn SuperGT Call: CAR-555-0168

Spawn Police Chopper Call: FLY-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax (Boat) Call: WET-555-0100


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