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DoraWell, it's September 16th today, and you know what that means! The horrors contained within your closet were content to simply stare at your sleeping form and count your breaths in the night! Hooray! To celebrate, why not keep the darkness at bay with this pack of freshly picked games, straight from the orchard of the internets?

  • Office EscapeOffice Escape - [Please note that this game requires the Unity plugin.] Made in just 48 hours for a recent Ludum Dare competition, this quirky little avoidance/escape game centers on one of those hapless souls who has what we hear is called a "real job". He needs to sneak out to attend his son's baseball game, but to do so you'll need to guide him past his chatterbox coworkers who want nothing more than to pile more work on. It's super short and super easy, but it's also super quirky, and the smile it can put on your face means its worth the short investment.
  • TeelombiesTeelombies - Combining all the thrill of Crush the Castle with the over-the-top ridiculous invasion methods of Infectonator, this weird little game manages to be both perversely entertaining and gruesome at the same time. Launch your zombies over the walls of the human forts and watch hilarity ensue as they chow down on the survivors; do well and you'll even be able to upgrade your horde between stages for more efficient slaughtering. Frankly, this is a much more preferable way to spend the undead apocalypse than being the one holed up and sobbing for mercy.
  • Feed UsFeed Us - [Warning: Contains violence and gore.] If you've ever wanted to be a swarm of piranhas bringing gnashing, rending terror to unwary swimmers, well, you're pretty weird, but apparently someone out there understands you and is willing to meet all your carnivorous fish fantasy needs. (Isn't the internet wonderful?) Dodge sharks, chow down, and upgrade your fish to be the very best (like no one ever was). It's the action arcade game for the sociopathic killer fish in all of us.
  • The First HeroThe First Hero - This little point-and-click puzzler gets high marks for style, but gets a point deducted for being about a legendary hero who isn't Thor or the man who wrote Don't Stop Believin'. Solve a series of single-screen puzzles to proceed through ancient Greece and eventually become the very best (like no one ever was (I'll stop referencing it when you give in and sing along)) hero the land has ever seen. It has its share of typos, but the sleek art style and simple adventure makes this a great choice for anyone who needs to feel like they've accomplished something legendary before noon.
  • EdgestoneEdgestone - If you've always wanted to be a secret agent, then dust off your velvet jacket, because you're about to infiltrate a facility and check out some aliens, baby, yeah! Your task, should you accept it, is to sneak into this facility and find your way to the bottom, where Extra Terrestrial secrets lie, guarded by a series of puzzles and locked doors. This point-and-click puzzle adventure is simple and straight-forward, but also well made. Don't worry, as soon as you prove you can handle this and successfully disarm an ill-tempered sea bass with a head-mounted laser, we'll give you a more difficult mission.


There is a glitch in Feed Us.I was biting someone when i knocked them into the sky and they got stuck and i couldnt bite them.This needs to be fixed.


Ughhh, how do you guys get through the room full or people with the presentation guy in Office Escape?


Gah, in Office Escape I can't get past the


I know to

hide behind the first plant, but can't run to the next one in time.


To get past the presentation room in office escape you can

hug the right-hand wall and use the shadows of your co-workers for cover




Lucie's on the right track with hiding in the plant's shadow. Use the shadows of the other employees in this way as well. Take it step by step; try skipping one and you'll get snagged.

On a side note with Office Escape, did anyone else

find themselves playing/humming the Metal Gear Solid "Spotted/Escape!" tune when the boss spotted them? I could practically see the little red ! over Bob's head at that point.


Last room in Edgestone and I'm stuck. I'm totally missing something.


This is one nice selection.. all the games I've tried so far got me hooked. I still need to check two of them though :P


ugh...need gas room code for Edgestone. what did i miss?


At edgestone, how do you get the password in the room with the colored servers, I already got the paper with the stars.



Billy Nitro September 16, 2011 11:28 AM

I don't suppose the JIG staff would consider posting links to these same games hosted elsewhere, eh? Whenever I open a game hosted by JIG, all I get is a black box. The same games load fine on other sites, though.

By the way, same browser, everything's updated, blah blah blah.

[Please disable your ad blocker. The only way we can continue to provide you with free content (reviews and recommendations for the best of what's out there) is by delivering ads to you. When you block them you block our only means of survival. You might also try emptying your browser cache and reload the site. It's possible you have some corrupted file cached that's preventing the games from loading. All the game pages have been tested in all the browsers on both Mac and Windows platforms, so the problem most likely resides in your local configuration. -Jay]

Billy Nitro September 16, 2011 12:17 PM


I am by no means trying to rob this site of anything. I've been a loyal follower since you were the only one updating the site. But the thing is...I don't have an adblocker. They play sometimes and not others. I am sure it's a local configuration, but I was just wondering if you might have an insight so I don't have to go flipping the settings one by one in order to figure out where the problem lay.


I know you are, Billy, and I didn't mean to imply you're stealing anything from us. Perhaps I was a bit too quick to assume it was due to an ad blocker. Did you try emptying your browser cache and reload the site? We are using industry standard methods for embedding games on a page, used by thousands of other sites, so I'm at a loss as to why it's not working for you. Have you tried different browsers?

I'd be happy to help troubleshoot with you over email to get this resolved, just send me a note to our contact email found in the site footer.

Billy Nitro September 16, 2011 12:46 PM


I tried Firefox, and that was no go, but I haven't used it seriously since I got chrome, so it could be out of date. I think I know what the problem was though...

Do you remember those games like One Chance? I fiddled with my Adobe settings so I could play them over and over again, and I guess I never changed them back. Simple fix, really.

[Awesome, glad you figured it out! :D That sounds weird, though, that the Adobe Flash settings would disable the games from loading at all. I'll have to try to reproduce it myself so I'll know how to fix it next time someone asks. Cheers! -Jay]

Littleghost September 16, 2011 1:14 PM

Who did the music for edgestone? It's really beautiful.

Billy Nitro September 16, 2011 1:55 PM


It was specifically "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer". I fiddled with the amount of data it allowed to store as well, but it didn't seem to matter if it was at 0 or 100 kb. I vaguely recall doing that and being able to play those games, and that was only a few months ago. Updates abound since then, I'm sure.

[Thanks for the updated info. I'll run some tests with it. -Jay]


Stumped in Edgestone...

I've done everything but drain the water in the reservoir.

I'm assuming that's where the second green gem resides? I've tried turning the Submarine like wheels in this combination (accba) that I got from the tanks, and nothing happened. What am I missing?

velociraptors September 16, 2011 3:55 PM

loudude, did you

check the gas mask sign?


mezzanote, follow the wires on the tanks



Pay attention to how the tanks are wired together...

I am totally stumped at the end, can't find anything more to do and how to turn on the last number pad. I have the two gems but dont know what to do with them

velciraptors September 16, 2011 3:58 PM

loudude, did you

check the gas mask sign?


the water doesn't flow into the tanks in that order. look at the blue tubes.



Look at

the way the tanks are connected.


Hey ppl! In Edgestone, I am having trouble opening the door next to the

gas mask sign. I've moved crate next to the window in the hall to the left of this room, but it didn't do anything... I'm stumped...


nvm. Power of the post! I feel dumb now for having missed that...


many bugs in feed us.

A minor one: when I clicked the 'upgrade' button, the buttons disappeared and it did not take me to the upgrade screen, leaving me stuck. A quick restart resolved the problem and the autosave feature saved me from a headache.

A major one: it is possible to get completely stuck in the seaweed on at least one level, leaving you (and your friends, who do not have the luxury of resurrection) entirely vulnerable to the sharks.


To add to my previous comment:

Make that at least two levels in which it is possible to get stuck in the seaweed.

In addition I have several gripes about Feed Us, which is a shame because it could have been such a great game.

- It is possible to push people around while chewing at their flesh, which is a nice touch EXCEPT for the fact that the 'shove factor' is so great that I oftentimes sweep almost wholly uneaten people off the screen, rendering them - and their delicious, delicious blood - inaccessible.

- I understand that I can't change directions or accelerate while I am in the air. However, I cannot understand why these restrictions apply to me when I am in the water but my friends are still in the air. If you want to treat all the piranhas as one entity, maybe you should make them feel like one (i.e. make them stick closer together, reduce or remove the trailing/following effect)


Office Escape - The Presentation:

A JIGuest mentioned hugging the wall and using my co-workers' shadows for cover. I wonder if anyone else's co-workers aren't casting shadows? I assume there are supposed to be shadows from the little thumbnail of the game up in the article.

Anyway, if anyone else is having the same problem, just stay where their shadows SHOULD be, with the co-worker between you and the light source (not the guy giving the presentation, like I tried at first), and of course only run when the light is off.


Does anyone know any cheats for Feed Us?


Cheat codes for "Feed Us":

Big Piranhas:


Eat in one bite:


Extra Blood:


Be Super Fast:


Invincible Fish:


Wrecked Boat:


10 Liters of blood:


Slow Shark:


When you type these, make sure it is all capitals.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary September 16, 2011 9:41 PM

Quick walkthrough for Edgestone

  1. Move right, inspect the top drawer of the desk and take the cutters.

  2. Move right, and use the cutters on the lock of the High Voltage box.

  3. Flip the switch and go back left once.

  4. Press the button above the hatch, and when the hatch opens, click on it to enter.

  5. Move the green crate and note the hatch cover that is screwed in place.

  6. Go right, and note the coloured tags on each set of shelves.

  7. On the far right shelves, down low, is a screwdriver. Click to take.

  8. Move right and click on the green crate to move it. Note the numbers on the wall.

  9. 395

  10. Note the keypad. No power to it yet.

  11. Go left twice and use the screwdriver on the hatch cover to take the key.

  12. Go up the ladder and use the key on the filing cabinet.

  13. Take the piece of paper from the files.

  14. Click on the paper in the inventory and note the rows of coloured stars. Where have there been similar colours?

  15. Go back down the hatch and then go right once. Note the order of the coloured tags and look at the paper clue again.

  16. The order of the colours is yellow, blue, red, green. Taking the number of stars from the clue, the resulting number is 3752.

  17. Enter the 4 digit code into the computer.

  18. Click on Off in Area B to turn it to On.

  19. Go right and note the key pad is now powered.Use the 3 digit code on the wall.

  20. Down the hatch!

  21. Note the 5 gas cylinders.

  22. Go left and note the resrvoir. Also note the small white object wedged between the barrels. Take it to find it's a security card.

  23. Move right twice and note the red laser beam barrier. Use the security card on the box with the red light near the beams, to turn them off. Also note the valves that can be turned. Move right.

  24. Click on each of the lockers. In Locker 1, take the boot and click on it a few times to get a key from it's sole.

  25. Locker 2 contains onlay a lab coat. Locker 3 is jammed shut.

  26. Use the screwdriver on Locker 3 to open it and take the gas mask.

  27. Down the hatch and note the metal crate that needs cutting open.

  28. Go right, but there's very little to do here other than move the green crate.

  29. Go right, and click on the gas mask sign for a close up. Note the clue.

  30. REV-9476

  31. Use the numbers on the key pad and move forward through the doors.

  32. Nothing much to see here, just some chairs and a couple of computers on a desk.

  33. Go left and note the alien in the tube. Also note the cylinders to the left. Click on the screen to the right of the tube and note that two objects are needed for it.

  34. Go back all the way to the near beginning, where the desk and filing cabinet are. Use the black key on the bottom drawer of the desk to get the torch.

  35. Go back down to the large metal crate and use the torch to get first green gem.

  36. GO back up to they cylinders and note that the cylinders are connected to each other. Follow the order of the hoses to get

  37. ACBCA

  38. Go back to the room with the valves and turn them in the order given by the clue.

  39. Go back left a few times to the reservoir and take the now exposed second green gem.

  40. Go back down a floor to the room with the alien and place the green gems in the monitor.

  41. Click on OPEN and click on the Alien.

  42. Go back to the very first room where you started and click on the hatch lever.

  43. Congratulations! You've saved an Alien.


Anyone have a hint on how to get past the hydra in The First Hero? Can't figure out the proper combination or something (doing them as fast as possible with a laptop mouse).

Carny Asada September 16, 2011 11:31 PM

@amy: I'm assuming you know the two things you need to do, based on the original legend. I accidentally did them in the "wrong" order, and it let me past with no speedy mousing necessary.


Yeah, that presentation room in Office Escape is hard without being able to see the shadows. I can't find any settings, either.

I found the first half of the room wasn't too hard, I just tried to stay away from the people, hugging the wall, stopping before I got too close and then again in the middle of the "C" the co-workers form. The next one was the trickiest - exactly vertically from the topmost co-worker. From there, to behind the plant (no longer hugging the wall). Then, out!

Hope that helps. It was definitely the hardest part of that game...


thats a stupid way to open a jammed door

kept me lurking for hours


Edgestone has some great music to go with it, I wonder what it is.


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