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DoraOh give me a site, where the games are real tight, and you can find the genres you love to play... where seldom is heard a "FIRST!" or a... uh... somethingrhymeswithheard, and the reviews keep on comin' all day... JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, JAAAAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaYYY IS GAAAAAAAAMES! Where the... huh. That's odd. All the plants in the room have withered and all the glass seems to have shattered simultaneously. Must be defective.

  • Fallen From The MoonFallen From The Moon - Even though science has now proven the moon isn't made of cheese, it's still a pretty rad place to be. There are no olives on the moon, or pop music, so it's understandable why the hero of this adorable little point-and-click puzzle game from the makers of Easy Joe wants to go back there. What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in sheer, squeal-inducing sweetness. Guys, don't be afraid. Even Chuck Norris likes to clap his hands in giddy delight once in a while! (... oh man, please don't tell him I said that.)
  • Mountain Maniac X-MasMountain Maniac X-Mas - What do you do with an unstable hammer-wielding maniac with rage issues? Why, you put him in a Santa suit and give him lots of unsupervised children, of course! (Mmm, smells like lawsuit!) When the "hero" of the first game goes rather predictably bonkers from all the little ankle biters running around, he decides to take it out on Santa and heads to the north pole to enact a little hammer-swingin' revenge in this quirky but repetitive arcade game from Adult Swim. If you've ever wanted to drop a boulder on some elves, this is the game for you, though that's probably a guaranteed trip to the naughty list.
  • Dungeon DeveloperDungeon Developer - When mad-scientist developer Nerdook is around, you know your genres are about to get spliced together! This puzzle sim puts you in charge of building a dungeon fit for a group of adventurers that will challenge them enough to be able to defeat the dragon on the 15th floor without taking a dirt nap along the way. While the gameplay is unfortunately a little dull, the concept is great and would be absolutely fantastic if it were fleshed out a bit more.
  • JumplessJumpless - We could all learn a thing or two from this little physics puzzle platformer. Our little box hero is unable to jump, but he can get by with a little help from his friends. Use the other boxes on each level, who move when you do in certain directions, to get to the end of each stage. I should hope that if I ever were to find myself unable to jump, my friends would lie facedown on the ground so I could flop awkwardly and painfully over them. It's just something friends do.
  • Star CatcherStar Catcher - Ignoring the fact that being close enough to touch an actual star would probably kill you stone cold dead, you've always wanted one of your own, haven't you? Second to that would probably be your desire to be a fish. (That's right, I know ALL your secrets. Even the thing with the snails and the patio umbrella.) Well, luckily for you, in this very brief little avoidance game you can do both. You play as a little moon fish who goes in search of all thirty stars that have fallen into a pond on Earth, while trying to avoid being eaten. And... well, there's no "and", since that's basically it, but it's still adorable.


Hey guys, just procrastinating on some school work and i found an error on the review for Fallen From The Moon..

It says "There are no olives on the moon, or pop music, so it's understandable why the hero of this adorable little point-and-click puzzle game from the makers of Easy Joe."'s understandable why the hero... why the hero, what?


The strategy in Dungeon Developer did end up feeling a bit light, the differences between the classes seemed negligible too. But as with all Nerdook games, it's slick and charming. Of all his/her games so far, I'd love to see a 'full' version of this one in the future. Such as adventurers with special skills (wizards can shoot from range, thief can steal extra money, etc), more ways to indirectly control adventurers, and more variation in challenges (pits, water, moving monsters, secret walls, who knows?)


Am I wrong or is that the wrong picture for jumpless?


As one of the beta testers to Dungeon Developer I'll like to defend why exactly this little gem from Nerdook is a little dull, it was his first try at making this kind of genre and he had quite a lot of problems getting it to work properly


What the...
Sometimes Jumpless levels can be skipped (if you run enough), and yes it's the wrong picture that's Morphing.
FFTM feels like another brick in the wall for GamyStar-FastGames lineal puzzles, you must do the actions in order before you do another action.
And why did the dog have a key in his butt...


Thank you Dora. It's been a really crappy Friday already, and your post's whimsy has made me smile. The only thing missing is a Minoto.


In "Fallen From the Moon," I get stuck at the scene with what looks like a cable car. I get the gate up, but the little guy won't go. Any hints.


nevermind! PoP!


"Fallen from the Moon" is so squee! :-)


Don't bother with Star Catcher... after trying twice in Chrome and finally loading in IE, I still never got to the game because I was bombarded by ads. I'm all for ad supported games, and even don't mind a video ad now and then.

However, Arcade Town apparently has the worst implementation; playing multiple video ads in succession, not remembering that I just watched an ad (same Sonic commercial three times in a row), and hiding the volume slider. I refuse to ever play another game hosted by Arcade Town.

Bloatedsack December 10, 2010 2:42 PM

Did he just poop a key?


You found out about the time I used a patio umbrella to burn down my neighbor's house? Nooooo!!!!!

Just kidding!


I just had to comment and thank you, Dora for totally making my day with your post. Cheered me up. :)


dungeon developer almost deserves a full review. Some annoying things: There's a much higher likelihood that paladins survive. Also, some items make characters immortal (the teleporting ones). Since the guys and the items you'll get are random, ramdomness influences too much on something that should be tactical. Second: We're not explained how that profit sheet of the end of the day works in order to maximize our efforts. Third: Selling items to adventurers give you money, but simply destroying them doesn't, which makes you sell crappy items to adventurers, destroy them in the adventurer and repeat the process. Fourth: Even when you have slots open for new items, when a character gets a treasure, it may overwrite an old one.
Fifth: Since guys are randomly generated, why bother giving the differences between them? Or giving differences to them, and the monsters? As players we'll just want to make them survive. Since guys and items are so huge in the result, why not let the player control that? Sixth: What's a critical attack? It was never explained. The rest was cool. I spent most of my day trying to achieve the platinum award to no avail.


What's your problem with olives? >:o

Elpunt Thing December 11, 2010 5:06 AM

I didn't understand Dungeon Developer at all. The first bit of the tutorial says, "Click the tiles to connect them," or something along those lines. What tiles? I tried clicking the 'Entry', 'Exit', and 'Giant Rat' tiles, and that did nothing. I tried clicking the tiles on the right, and then on the 'entry' sign, and that did nothing. Any chance of a tutorial that actually tells me how to play the game?!?!?!?


Jumpless exploit/cheat:

When available, stand on an up-guy push against ceiling and go right.
(Often takes a re-bounce or two against ceiling to stick together).


I've found that with nerdook games in general I usually have to spend a few rounds/levels playing before I figure out what I'm supposed to be doing and/or how. Some more tutorial or at least a "help" button would be a signficant improvement in Dungeon Developer especially but in the nerdook set more generally.

Dungeon Developer suffered from too much randomness... randomly generated distribution of stuff on the floors (from what I could tell), random items, random characters. I never saw a mage the entire time, but character class differences didn't seem to be significant enough to matter, especially with universal items. Basically, from the degree of random (and guesswork) involved, any strategy seems to have been a functional strategy... bummer. Would LOVE to see this fleshed out.


Elpunt Thing, I had the same trouble with the tiles in Dungeon Developer.

Click on the black area to expose a tile.


I thought Dungeon Developer was great. I didn't find it dull at all watching the little adventurers zoom around the various levels.

Some tips

  • You can see which level each adventurer is on by the number above their head, and click on that level in the left-hand column to watch them and see where they may be having trouble getting to the exit.

  • Don't force all the adventurers to fight most of the enemies. Instead, make side paths to the enemies so the more belligerent adventurers can fight them if they want.

But I did wish there was a way to read all the in-game tips instead of waiting for them to flash up. I kept seeing part of what looked like a useful tip just as I was clicking somewhere else and causing the tip to disappear.

MmeTurbulence December 11, 2010 12:12 PM

I don't understand Dungeon Developer at all. For some reason my minions refuse to go past level 4, even though all the tiles are connected in levels 5 & 6.


In Dungeon Developer, the King says "Click here" as if pointing out a feature that he's talking about, I found out that it's about his talk balloon what's bad is I clicked on everything.


On Dungeon Developer
If you read the little (large) red box that appears in the floor editor at the bottom right hand side of the screen where the people's stats usually appear, your adventurers can not go to the next level unless there is a money bag on that level. But even if one is there, and they don't pass over it, they simply leave. This is not explained very well, but it happens.
Though later on in the game, my level 10 heroes wouldn't to floor 13 and my level 12 heroes wouldn't go help out the level 16 rogue on the 15th floor, even though I had money on the floor at the exits. I only found this out by watching my deeper floors and realizing that people left before getting there. I checked the floors where they had been, and there were no portals. I think its because they check themselves just before they get to the floor highlighted in orange, and if they aren't that level, they don't enter. This is also not explained, at all.

These things would help:
-Difference in wording between level of character and level of dungeon.
-Something that shows you where exactly each hero left the dungeon at.
-Instead of info boxes that fade out over time or go away when you click on something, the info boxes should disallow clicking on everything else and go away when you click 'done' or 'OK' or something.
-An option that allows you to start all the higher level characters in the same dungeon level as the lower level characters.
-and yes, a lot more detailed instructions.


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