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Link Dump Friday №191

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraBouncy, outgoing website full of great reviews and free content seeks amazingly talented reader to play games and be Best Friends Forever with. Qualified applicants must be willing to enjoy free games cherry-picked from around the web... and if you have your own ponies we could ride together along the beach at sunset it might sweeten the pot a little. Must smell nice and have awesome hair. (Or a very shiny bald head.) Apply below.

  • Puzzling WarPuzzling War - WAR. Huah! (Good gawd, y'all!) What is it good for? Absolutely nothin' except dispatching troops in fantasy warfare via a match-3 system not unlike Bejeweled! SAY IT AGAIN!... uh, maybe not. That's kind of a mouthful. Although not nearly as fleshed out as it really needs to be, there's something addictive about this Corpse Craft-ish take on the genre. If only the graphics weren't so small and fuzzy. Ah well. Once more, for old time's sake? WAAAAAARRRR! You can't beat the classics.
  • Tiny Massive GalaxyTiny Massive Galaxy - Here we have a simple, cute little platform game where you play a little jelly cube hopping around obstacles and exploring. While it has a polished design, however, the levels just don't have enough variation or excitement to get you really engaged. It's also potentially nightmarish, if you really think about it. I mean, here you are, the hero, hopping through a candy-cotton fluff of a world to twinkly music... and you're ripping the hearts out of your own kind with your tongue to survive. That has to be a Stephen King story.
  • MomentumMomentum - A little bit Portal and a little bit My First Quantum Translocator, this puzzle/platformer game puts you in the sprockets of a tiny little robot running experiments. Running and jumping is easy for you, but how about harnessing the power of your own momentum to make huge leaps? It's adorable and fun once you get the hang of it, but you might feel a bit as if the controls are fighting you the whole way there. It's kind of like assembling Ikea furniture, only without the shoddy bookcase as a reward for completion.
  • Three Little CatsThree Little Cats - So I hear you like mudkips escape games. From Choko-Chai comes this adorable little spin on the Three Little Pigs where you (as three cats, or Nyan as the game calls them) have to escape from three different houses to avoid the Big Bad Wolf. It's silly, sweet, and quite possibly one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. You might find the navigation a little tricky in some places due to some unfortunate pixel hunting, but this should be a nice chunk of puzzling to keep you escape fiends busy... for now. (DUN DUN DUN.)
  • Radio ZedRadio Zed - The dead walk, and they crave braaaaaaaaaains, delicious bloated on free speech and educated by public radio braaaaaaaaains! In this defense shooter game you play a group of people trying to defend a radio station during a zombie invasion. It's got gorgeous retro-ish visuals and should be a lot of fun, but unfortunately is bogged down with slow gameplay and terrible marksmanship. It's kind of like that one movie with Ving Rhames and Mena Suvari and... my gosh I've seen a lot of awful zombie movies.


I love me an escape game so I've gone straight for Three Little Cats and stumbled on the pixel hunting problem.

I've made it to the house of sticks, gotten the key from the wolves and assume it must open the drawer but it's not working and I can't find anywhere else to click that does.

Oh, frustration.


By the power of posting!


The key to open the drawer is on the back of a tile.


Hooray, I finished Three Little Cats and managed to get both endings without needing to look anything up or ask for help. That having been said, the most difficult thing about it was the pixel hunting so I'm not claiming this as any great achievement. Just a little victory to end the week.


I got to the point you were on the first post. And nothing i do seems to work. A hint would be highly appreciated, if others don't mind, of course. :)



Cats are there to help! Especially when it comes to pushing things!

Now, me on the other hand, am stuck in the brick house :(

I used the blacklight in the dark basement and it seems that I'm missing the middle tile... and, for the record, isn't the pick wick coming ut of the bomb a fuse already??? :P


Oana: I was stuck there too but then I realised

I hadn't check all my new items yet...

Hope that helped. :-)



Thank you Mantari, i have managed to get that on my own. Now, like Johnny, i'm stuck in the brick house. This game really sticks in my brain, and i can't close it's tab in the browser! Every 10 minutes return to the game to try something new.
I'm just hoping to finish it before i have to go home!


@Oana: Do you also miss the middle tile? If so, it is

behind the red chest (right side)


Yes, i have missed it! And that was the only thing left to do. You saved my day, i can go back to work now. :)
Thank you!


Is that me or Radio Zed is extremely hard? I can save money for an AK-47 which upgrade later, but I can't save my barricades and wave 11 overruns everything.

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 19, 2010 9:39 AM

I liked Momentum. Interesting storyline.

It sets itself up like the classic Portal plot with the conflicting guides, but then subverts it-- the new guide is the one you can't trust.


dang those little kitties are cute. stuck at the color puzzle/skull 'n' crossbones chest in the brick house. anyone have a gentle hint for me?

MmeTurbulence November 19, 2010 11:17 AM

Alright, I feel like a really dumb escaper because I am still stuck in the straw house.

I've wet the ground and dug a hole that is too small, and now nothing I can click on leads to progress

Gentle hint please?


Turbulence, I'm right there with you, feeling pretty stupid.


I'm also stuck in the straw house.We're not alone!


Turbulence, bailey:

Top of the locked box.


the next step in the straw house

examine the grey safe more closely

click the right top corner to get a clue


Mme Turbulence: you need to cut away the wall with the shears.


@Mme & bailey, click around a lot and don't forget checking your items! ;)
I can't say it gets easier as you go on, I'm stuck in the brick house with:

A bomb, a lighter, access to the (dark!) basement, the first 4 tiles, and a cylinder in the fireplace.

Please help! A list of tile locations would be appreciated too! :D


@Lulu, the writing on the bookcase is a hint to what you should look at...

Think tables!


I can't figure out the combo for the safe in the straw house. I'm cycling through the hint but apparently I'm too dense to decypher it.


Never mind, figured once I posted I'd figure it out and I did.

To get out of the strawhouse you need to open the safe, do this:

Click on the safe, then click on the top of the safe. Take the tile. Now click the button in the upper left corner and it will cycle through some numbers. For each number you'll see the different colored lines that correspond to the colors of the safe code. For each of the four numbers just duplicate the line for that color on a piece of paper, if you see a yellow line on the top in one number, put it on the paper, and if you see the yellow line in the middle and bottom on another number, do the same. After the sequence cycles through you'll see that you have 4 numbers made up of the lines. Hope this helps, in my game the code was



Okay, I'm in the same place in Three Little Cats as Refia, & I'm about to explode from the frustrated pixel-hunting. Could someone please help us out, & maybe explain why the cats don't just use the lighter in the dark basement or throw the bomb at the wolf?


How do I get the lighter off the shelf in the brick house?



Click on the cat while looking at the shelves, they'll show up on your screen. Now click on the lower right of the shelves, first cat will move into position, then click on the shelves above him, second cat will move into position, etc.

Just finished the game with one ending, gonna see if I can figure out this second ending I hear about.


Aha, there are two endings. First one you

light the fuse and watch what happens, that's the bad ending. For the good ending you need to

click on the basement door while the fuse is burning, they'll go hide in the basement.


Stuck alongside Refia and Rygar. One of you kind people who got out want to drop a hint, please?


Power of the post led me to the last tile, but no idea what order they go in.


I cant figure out the tie color puzzle for some reason... i think i tried all combination but nothing happens... please someone help...


Haha, how facepalm is it that i cannot even get out of the first house in the klitty game? :D

So far I've

opened the safe, got the blue mirrored-5 image tile from the safe's top, and a rust-free pair of scissors. I see that there is a blot of different hue right of the bucket.

And that's it.

Writing all this in hope of the power of posting, of course :D



And the power of posting never lets you down, does it? :D

Of course I found the missing step right after I submitted my previous post :D



@bioLarzen If the power fails you...

You can't dig to make the hole any bigger, but those rust-free shears cut straw very well.


@Refia and Rygar Found this on another site:

Click to the left of the chemicals on the shelf to find a FLASHLIGHT. That helps.


NVM... i got it!


I'm having some trouble with Three Little Cats. I'm in the brick house with

a bomb, the cylinder in the fireplace, the lighter, and the flashlight turned into a blacklight. I have the first four tiles and I can't find the fifth! I think I'm missing the star....

If anyone could help, that'd be awesome! thanks so much!


In the cat game, when you win make sure you click "3Cat Pictures" in the bottom-rightish of the win screen. They're so cute!


The five tiles:

You can't complete the first and second houses without finding the first two tiles, so I won't spoil the solution to those here, but the last three:

All in the brick house:
o On the side of the skull box
o Under one of the books
o Under one of the coloured jars


Is there a clue somewhere for the tile order in the kitty game?


I need help with that puzzle, as well


Holy moley, my worst fail ever. I'm having trouble getting out of the little kitty's house of straw!

I got the rather obvious pitchfork from the mass of straw, and I got the pruning scissors from the mass of straw via the pitchfork,

but now I'm stuck! I can't enter numbers into the lockbox because I haven't seen any clues, but I have no idea where to find any! Clicking on hotspots yields nothing useful.



O! power of the post, how I love thee.

Got the lockbox. The rest shall follow.


I can't solve the wolf puzzle in the second house! I feel pretty dumb...


Okay, for real this time. I'm in the little kitty's house of brick.

I have the bomb but can't seem to light the fuse. I have all 5 tiles but can't figure out their order. I have the blacklight flashlight, but can't figure out its purpose.



OK, I'm an idiot, I hadn't

opened the drawer and gotten the book!


For people stuck in the brick house:

the box with the skull has colored teeth. Where have you seen those colors?

for more help:

each element of the periodic table has its own number


@ray9na - i'm in the same spot. but for the flashlight:

the only use i found was in the basement to see the message telling you where the basement light switch is

would love a gentle hint for that darn tile order.


I enjoyed the cat game, though

having to click on the cat(s) to do things in the game felt cheap. I had no idea that was even possible without random experimental clicking.


power of the post...

finally realized that the 'filter' turns the flashlight into a black light for a whole new view of the basement


And the lesson I learned here is

it works better when the flashlight is turned ON!

But kitties, so yay!


I don't have anything against escape games, but I'm a little sad about the fact that whenever there is one in a Link Dump, it takes over the entire comments section! I used to occasionally comment on two or three of the games, but now I feel that it would be quickly buried under the ongoing point-and-click discussion. :(

[I'm hearing you. This is one of several downsides to our link dump format, and I've been working to come up with a solution for it. In the near future we may move to a similar format for LDF and WD as we have for The Vault, in which we link to the individual review and discussion page for each game instead of directly to a page where the game is hosted. It may require an additional click to play each game in a dump in the future, but it would solve most of the problem issues we currently have with dump style articles. -Jay]


WOHOO!! Thx Jay!

Perfect example:
I agree.. though I can't get passed level 21. =p

Would take forever to find Jakobs reply without ctrl-F.


Momentum é AWESOME! I wish there were more levels :(


I really want to like Puzzling War, but the choice to have a set of blue characters and a set of grey characters with very similar design really kind of ruins it for me. Way too many wrong clicks because they look like matches.

It also seems like there's a serious front-runner effect - once one side starts beating on the other side's door, the game is decided unless there's a huge swing of luck. Of course, that seems to be common to this style of march-across-the-screen game.


stuck in the straw house.

I have the wet whetstone, I have the rusty shears. I know I want to use the whetstone to sharpen them or remove the rust somehow. nothing I click is helping.


I seriously can't beat the stupid wolf puzzle in the stick house for 3 little cats. I just can't beat it. Can anyone help?


Oh the wonderful power of posting, you are great!


Puzzling war was cute, but far too short. I have to agree that the blue and grey-haired characters were really too similar as well.


Colored Ties Solution

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue


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