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Link Dump Friday №141

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraIt's that time again! Yes, that day of the week where you make us homemade cards telling us how wonderful we are in prose and send us muffin baskets themed like... oh. Wait. That's tomorrow! How silly of me. Today is Link Dump Friday, where we show our appreciation for you with a snack pack of new games to start your weekend off right. Because we care. We care so much, there's a bonus game this week, we don't even mind if you forget our muffin baskets. (Although, I am awfully fond of carrot spice... hint, hint.)

  • Cargo Bridge: X-Mas Level PackCargo Bridge: X-Mas Level Pack - If you felt the original Cargo Bridge needed to be about twelve levels longer and prominently feature a nervous looking reindeer, rejoice! It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and it's never too early for building flimsy structures designed to send tiny workmen plummeting to their doom in the most hilarious fashion possible. Well, at least, that's how I play it.
  • HiRoadsHiRoads - Inspired by ye olde Sky Roads (... e), here's a 3D platform game where you guide a ball through a series of levels resembling the bonus stage in an old Sonic game. While the game features 27 levels, registering for a free account gets you access to the level editor and every level your fellow players have made. If cars aren't your thing, and you instead pretended to be a small round ball when you were running around your yard as a child, then this is the game for you. Weirdo.
  • Fly Squirrel FlyFly Squirrel Fly - We know what you're thinking. "Not another one of those games where you buy upgrades and fly as far to the right as you can!" Well the joke's on you, sucker! Because this is a game where you buy upgrades and fly as far to the left as you can! It also features squirrels and the unreasonable flinging about thereof. So, you know, there's that.
  • R.I.F.T.R.I.F.T. - Remember that scene in Star Wars where Luke had to appease Jabba by bringing him deliciously fattening bakery treats?... or was that just a dream I had after eating one too many pixie stix?... huh. Either way, this physics puzzle platformer is a lot like that, only with more robots and less repulsive alien beings. A slightly sloppy collision detection engine makes for bumpy going, but it's cute as the proverbial button.
  • Beastie BurgersBeastie Burgers - With gameplay undoubtedly inspired by Order Up!, slick graphics and audio, and an off-beat sense of humour, Beastie Burger combines the joys of time management with the satisfaction of cooking for customers who don't appreciate a single thing you do and would just as soon eat your face off. (Just like real life!) While not without its issues, and falling prey to repetitiveness, it's still an enjoyable diversion. Just as long as you don't mind hairs in your burgers.
  • SketcharooSketcharoo! - Bonus Game! Because this online version of Pictionary relies on actually finding another player online, and because they ask that only those 21 and over participate, it didn't seem right to bump another game off the list for it. Also, we might crush the servers with the mighty hammer of our community. Hopefully, you, our dearly beloved audience, will be able to find each other in the sea that is the internets to play against each other. Sadly, I likely won't be joining you since everything I draw winds up being the same thing. "Misshapen stick creature bemoaning its tortured existence."


This reminds me so much of this great little game I used to have on my calculator in high school:


See how similar? I'd been looking for something like it, but I'd kinda given up, until now.


High Roads does, that is.


That's funny, I was reminded of a game for my HP-49! Probably the same game. What always amazed me was how fast it was. That was written by someone who really understood the ins-and-outs of that calc's processor!

BuenoCabra November 20, 2009 2:11 AM

The entry for Sketcharoo should mention that it's actually a research project, and they request that no one under the age of 21 participate. Not for content, but because of the research they're trying to do. (Read the "Information for Participants".)

They'll open it up to more ages later, but for now they really only want those 21 and up. We should do our best to respect their wishes. :)

Dr. Syntax November 20, 2009 5:44 AM

Thanks for the Beastie Burgers mention! Glad you enjoyed our game.
Any chance you could update the link to our home site?

[Edit: Done! -Jay]

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 20, 2009 7:23 AM

mmmmm... beastie burgers...
On my first day I burnt my fingers about ten times, dropped the weed and nettle salad and squirted mustard on a customer making him leave before I'd finished cooking his burger! Fun game, and helped me realise my future is not in cooking burgers, particularly while ravenous beings stand there watching me do it. :)


I found it quite ironic that in 'Fly, squirrel fly' you can

run into a T-rex. Oops!


Nice to see a flash implementation of Sky Roads, which remains my favourite casual game of all time 16 years later! It might be worth linking to with a mention that it's been made freeware my its creators, still a great game in every way with varied and interesting level designs and a pioneering casual approach (no lives, no points, infinite retries).

[Edit: We have linked to Sky Roads before in a review for another Flash implementation, Swf Roads: https://jayisgames.com/archives/2006/09/swf_roads.php -Jay]


I spent the first few minutes of RIFT looking for a Nitrome logo. It's a great style to use though & this game looks and plays really professional. Plus playing as a robot is an instant win.

"Misshapen stick creature bemoaning its tortured existence." XD the best thing I'll read all day.


Great games, I especially loved Fly Squirrel Fly and Beastie Burgers!

RIFT looked so promising, and I enjoyed it for the first few minutes... till I got to level 1-4, where the kind of "slippery" mechanics of the game (as in, it feels like there's very little friction) got really frustrating. It was very difficult to push the boxes without hitting them TOO hard, sending them skidding across the ground like they were on ice and into a position where you couldn't push them anymore. I spent like 15 minutes trying to do that first bit with the 3 buttons, then once I FINALLY got through, the game glitched at another part and wouldn't let the little robot slide in the gap between another box and the wall. The game suddenly decided the gap wasn't big enough even though I hadn't touched the box yet!

Frustrating, quite a shame. :(


Wow these Beastie Burgers take a long time to cook! I'm trying to make a well done and it's been stuck on medium for a few minutes now -- with the heat cranked all the way up! While I appreciate the slow method over the put-the-food-in-the-pan-and-burn-it-immediately method, I'm wondering if this is a glitch? Or am I just missing something?


Sorry to double post, but I solved my problem :). I'm naming that particular patty Glitchburger,

since it doesn't cook past medium. However, throwing another one on the grill got me a well done burger. *shrug*

Thought I'd post in case anyone else is having that issue.


Seriously, guys, you gotta play Sketcharoo! It's freakin' HILARIOUS!!! How the hell do you draw 'constructivism' in 30 seconds? With a mouse?


How do I use my little squirrel parachute? Or the rocket?


What a shame the Cargo Bridge folks ruined such a good concept by making levels that are so frustratingly hard. The new levels require such perfect placement to complete you're too exhausted to enjoy them even when you do complete them. If they insist on making them so hard, they should at least allow you to skip levels and go back to them when you recover from the numbness all the repitition causes.


Fly Squirrel Fly - press A to deploy the parachute and S to use rockets. Only just found this out after playing for an hour! Grrrr.


[email protected] - A and S, respectively.

Fly Squirrel would be a good implementation except that it's a little slow... Costs too much for upgrades. I like to be able to get something new every couple of turns, not have to shoot off 10-20 times just to afford the next level. that's dull.


I agree with you Evan. upgrades a very expensive. But its not a bad game in this genre. I like the amount of control your given, especially once you get the radar working.

I am not sure there is any end game... I am getting close to 100 attempts, I have all the upgrades and my longest shot is a bit over 25000 feet. but I have only been able to get 41 of 50 achievments.... But I havent been able to find anywhere that lists the achievements... so I have no idea what is left to be done.

not sure what else to shoot for here...


They're trying to do research with Sketcharoo, and they ask that only people 21 and up participate. I hope this link doesn't completely mess up what they're trying to do! Most people I know tend to skip past all the "read this first" material. I agree with BuenoCabra that you should probably mention this in the article.


Are the JIG crew in on the joke that is sketcharoo? How much time did you put into exploring this game or did you know the truth about it already? I suppose it's harmless fun, but I feel somewhat duped. (although admittedly it did make me smile)


I love the little bally game except for when I go off platform.:)


Sketcharoo is pretty fun, albeit repetitive after a while. My favorite drawing so far:
A heart shaped bed and a disco ball.
The word was "passion". lol

Has anyone else seen something clever or notable?


HiRoads is very addictive. Getting the Lightnings on every level is going to be tough for sure.

Brian Lutz November 21, 2009 3:08 PM

Is anyone else having trouble with control glitches on HiRoads? For some reason, it seems that often one of the controls will get "stuck" so the ball is either constantly jumping or drifting off to one side. It makes the game pretty much unplayable for me, unfortunately.

Matt Stone November 21, 2009 5:50 PM

ok so i currently have 4 achievements left in Fly Squirrel Fly; the 6th slot, the 24th slot, the 29th slot, and the 34th slot. i think that the 24th is get past 50,000ft but i am not sure


Fly Squirrel Fly was fun, but there doesn't seem to be any goal... just flying farther and farther.

Another downside was, as one commenter mentioned above, the cost of upgrades--I thought they were a little on the expensive side as well. That being said, since there isn't much to shoot for after upgrading everything, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Also, am I missing something, or do you have to exit to the main menu in order to see your achievements? I couldn't find any way to get to them in game. Another design quibble--the controls for the music and sound are on the pop up you see after completing a flight, so there's no way to turn them off from the start, and the game doesn't remember your preferences for this.

Actually, you have to click on "statistics" to find the sound controls, as well as the "exit game" button, which takes you back to the main menu. It just seems that the interface could be a lot more intuitive than it is.

Ralf Hebecker November 22, 2009 2:18 AM

From the Sketcharoo team a big Thank You! To all visitors that found to us from Jayisgames! We are stunned and excited about the huge participation and the friendly reception. What a great community you have here!

Oh, and yes, just to clarify: at the moment we are looking for participants aged 21+... we are obliged to do so because of the type of ethical approval we have at the moment. We hope to offer an non restricted version soon, though.

Again: many thanks! Your participation over the last days has turned this project into a great success already!

With kind regards, Ralf Hebecker (Design Studies Department, Otago University).

LizardKirk November 22, 2009 7:49 AM

I've really enjoyed Fly squirrel fly so far, it's been a good waste of a sick afternoon on the sofa! However, it would have been nice to know about the keyboard controls as well as the mouse before I started - P to pause, which brings up the music options, and lets you go back to the main menu to see your achievements. Luckily that doesn't loose your settings, but it is annoying! (and A and S for parachute and rocket, as mentioned here earlier (Thanks Jo and Evan!))

I've currently got 47 out of 50 achievements, and I'm stumped as to what's left to do. So I thought I'd type out the list to help others out, and see if anyone (or the power of posting) could tell me what I need to do to finish!

Not sure if they are really a spoiler, but better safe than sorry..

Fly Squirrel Fly Achievements
1. Participation - Play for 3 min total
2. Test Drive - Play for 5 min total
3. Kinda Fun! - Play for 10 min total
4. Interesting - play for 30 min total
5. Addicted - play for 60 min total
6. ?
7. Jobless - Play a round without any stamina
8. Bungee Style! - Hit a Brachiosaurus
9. Dead Meat - Hit a Rex
10. Hit and Run - Hit a Caveman
11. Fast Glide - hit a Ptera
12. Angry Bird - Hit a Quetzacoatl
13. Unfortunate - Killed at the first bounce
14. Secure Fly - 5 good landing in a row
15. Preventative Fly - 10 good landing in a row
16. Persistened - 10 bad landing total
17. Determined - 25 bad landing total
18. Boring Life - Hit no object in a fly
19. Barricades - Hit more than 5 objects in a fly
20. Blocked Road - Hit more than 10 Objects in a fly
21. Stone Fence - hit more than 15 objects in a fly
22. Foods - get 1 acorn in a fly
23. Collector - get 3 acorn in a fly
24. ?
25. Beginner's Luck - Fly for 1000 ft
26. Novice - Fly for 5,000 ft
27. Intermediate - fly for 10,000 ft
28. Advancing - fly for 25,000 ft
29. Experienced - fly for total 750,000 ft
30. Blizzardius - hit a blizzard
31. Meteora - burnt by meteor
32. Researcher - view credits page
33. Show off - view awards page
34. ?
35. Turning to the Darkside - Completely upgraded pataium
36. Rocketeer - completely upgraded rocket
37. Airborne army - completely upgraded parachute
38. Mechaniclist - completely upgraded launcher
39. Scout Camp - completely upgraded stamina
40. Engineer - completely upgraded radar
41. Noctumity - spend money to all upgradable units
42. Cheapmunk - collecting total 10 coin in a fly
43. Thiefmunk - collecting total 15 coin in a fly
44. Luckymunk - collecting total 20 coin in a fly
45. Mountains - reaching top of mountains
46. Cloudy - reaching clouds
47. Astronuts - reaching stars
48. Sprinter - reaching 20 mph
49. Need 4 Speed - reaching 40 mph
50. Lightning Tail - reaching 60 mph


24 is

Maniac - get 5 acorn in a fly

As for 6 and 34 I'm clueless. And I can't give up now, can't quit at 48 out of 50... although I've spent a great deal more time on this that what can be considered healthy.


Here's the achievement for number six:

Idly-pause game for 1 minutes

Still working on number 34.


I really like R.I.F.T., but I don't think I'm ever going to get past level 15 :(


Behold achievement #34 for fly squirrel fly

Reset Game Data


Also, something interesting that I found. If you hit Tab until the SQ in squirrel is highlighted and then hit space, it will reveal all of the achievements.


Thank you Mr. Nemo!

I had a feeling about #34, but didn't want to risk losing my stats.

For anyone interested in #6:

Idly: Pause the game for 1 minute. Don't ask me how to pause...maybe it just means no mouse activity in the window?


Even though sketcheroo is for over 21's, they say the content is still suitable for minors. I'd have to disagree with this, given that in a 'computer' drawn match, I've just been treated to an elaborately detailed drawing of female genitalia for the word 'sciences'. Helpfully , the 'computer' also wrote the word 'sciences' on the screen, around the thigh area...


in fly squirrel fly to pause
just press 'p'


#34 is awarded if you hit the reset button of the game.It's called "start over"


I would never have gotten #6. Thanks for the spoiler. I kept hoping that the 50K mark was one, but after reaching 51,038 and no achievement, I was greatly disappointed. Anyone want #24?

LizardKirk November 29, 2009 3:33 PM

Finally! I've got all 50 achievements done in Fly Squirrel Fly. Took me absolutely ages to do number 24.
I was a bit worried about doing number 34, but nothing changed. Very odd.

So, for completeness - the full list.

Fly Squirrel Fly Achievements
1. Participation - Play for 3 min total
2. Test Drive - Play for 5 min total
3. Kinda Fun! - Play for 10 min total
4. Interesting - Play for 30 min total
5. Addicted - Play for 60 min total
6. Idly - Pause the game for 1 minutes
7. Jobless - Play a round without any stamina
8. Bungee Style! - Hit a Brachiosaurus
9. Dead Meat - Hit a Rex
10. Hit and Run - Hit a Caveman
11. Fast Glide - Hit a Ptera
12. Angry Bird - Hit a Quetzacoatl
13. Unfortunate - Killed at the first bounce
14. Secure Fly - 5 good landing in a row
15. Preventative Fly - 10 good landing in a row
16. Persistened - 10 bad landing total
17. Determined - 25 bad landing total
18. Boring Life - Hit no object in a fly
19. Barricades - Hit more than 5 objects in a fly
20. Blocked Road - Hit more than 10 Objects in a fly
21. Stone Fence - Hit more than 15 objects in a fly
22. Foods - Get 1 acorn in a fly
23. Collector - Get 3 acorn in a fly
24. Maniac - Get 5 acorn in a fly
25. Beginner's Luck - Fly for 1000 ft
26. Novice - Fly for 5,000 ft
27. Intermediate - Fly for 10,000 ft
28. Advancing - Fly for 25,000 ft
29. Experienced - Fly for total 750,000 ft
30. Blizzardius - Hit a blizzard
31. Meteora - Burnt by meteor
32. Researcher - View credits page
33. Show off - View awards page
34. Start over - Reset game data
35. Turning to the Darkside - Completely upgraded pataium
36. Rocketeer - Completely upgraded rocket
37. Airborne army - Completely upgraded parachute
38. Mechaniclist - Completely upgraded launcher
39. Scout Camp - Completely upgraded stamina
40. Engineer - Completely upgraded radar
41. Noctumity - Spend money to all upgradable units
42. Cheapmunk - Collecting total 10 coin in a fly
43. Thiefmunk - Collecting total 15 coin in a fly
44. Luckymunk - Collecting total 20 coin in a fly
45. Mountains - Reaching top of mountains
46. Cloudy - Reaching clouds
47. Astronuts - Reaching stars
48. Sprinter - Reaching 20 mph
49. Need 4 Speed - Reaching 40 mph
50. Lightning Tail - Reaching 60 mph

I was quite disappointed that there was no 'complete' congratulations or anything. But at least I can stop playing now!


i have 45/50 achievements, and i know 1 i don't have is reset game data, but how do i view which achievements it is that i do and do not have. (ps: just started playing today ftw)

lolbrbjkstfu September 11, 2010 8:40 PM

I now have 49 achievements in fly squirrel fly, the only missing one is number 34, and i'm sure as heck not doing that with the score i've racked up! especially with my record distance of 60,472. This game is so addicting......


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