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DoraHappy Friday, Casual Gameplay fans! At least, we hope it's a happy Friday for you?... oh, no. Is that a frown we see out there? Was that a mournful sigh on the wind just now? Well, that settles it! It's up to JayIsGames to save your Friday with dragons big and small, physics, and so much more! (Including our own special brand of low-calorie sunshine.)

  • Find TealyFind Tealy - People will tell you there is no such thing as dragons. Those people are liars. They don't want you to know all the dragons (the teal ones, anyway) are hiding in picturesque meadows, waiting for someone with the right point-and-click skills to come along and find them. Well, we'll show those dirty rotten dragon hoggers, won't we?!
  • Dragon BoyDragon Boy - Not, in fact, a sad tale of a misshapen hybrid of dragon and child, shunned and ostracized by his peers and winds up using football to touch the hearts of a nation. This action game with RPG elements has you raising a dragon by battling your way through the baddies du jour. Not quite fleshed out enough to save itself from the curse of repetition, it's still worth a look for fans of the action /RPG genre.
  • HaystaxHaystax - Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Well, unless you get him down from those hay bales, you'll never find out! Stupid sheep. Mocking you with his sheepiness. You could try gentle persuasion, bribery with a delicious carrot, calling the fire department... ooooh! Or, you could punting other sheep at him until you knock him down! At only twelve levels, it's a light physics/ability game to get your daily recommended intake.
  • Save the BunnySave the Bunny - [Parental Warning: Contains a small amount of blood on one stage.] FACT. The vacuum cleaner is the bunny's natural predator. FACT. People love torturing chocolate. It's up to you to save the day and use your powers of abstract thinking to rescue bunnies in various forms of peril. FACT. Chocolate bunnies are toxic and you should send them to me for... disposal. FACT! I am a reliable source of facts.
  • Adventurous EricAdventurous Eric - Aw, look at the lovely, hand-drawn little kitty-cat! He's so sweet, and whimsical, and in no way makes you want to set fire to the internet because you can't keep the FREAKIN' cursor within the FREAKIN' path and have to keep starting the FREAK over! *pant, pant*... but, still. Awwww. You're lucky you're cute, cat. So lucky.


Dragon Boy is decent imo, needs multiple save files though...


Dragon boy seems to go on forever but with no new levels after the final boss. Can anyone confirm this?


Never mind, I am such a rem. There are arrows next to the word campsite at the top of the mission list indicating multiple areas.


Adventurous Eric is adorable


Save the Bunny is pretty awesome.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 13, 2009 7:28 AM

Adventurous Eric ~ I love my black cat, and I think this game is absolutely lovely, but the apparently cute graphics and sweet storyline are completely obliterated by having to focus on the areas where it is safe to move.
Original concept, but a lot of the good stuff is very easily missed.


I need one more Tealy! It's hiding from me. ._.


I think it would be fixed if after we complete the level, or the whole game we get to watch the whole thing like a movie.

I love Adventurous Eric. I have a little black kitten about 3 months old and she got curious by the sound and kept following the mouse on the screen haha.

It's like looking into a pop-up picture book. And the scenes change with your mouse movements. Very lovely and nostalgic.

Oh lastly, I think the breaking glass soundbyte was a little startling. Maybe chimes would have been better.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 13, 2009 8:52 AM

Back @ Aureza
Yes, I think you are right about going back and viewing as a movie, but as a game I would like to enjoy the graphics and story as I go, not afterwards. Sounds like your kitten enjoyed it too. :)

Save the Bunny: Great little game. Unfortunately I made it scream when

I kept shooting it in the hunting scene before I realised I had to shoot the hunter

Find Tealy: I found about seven Tealys, but I need a walkthrough for

the cup object. I've clicked on everything with it and so far haven't found the solution

Also, the limited scene didn't provide much scope for exploration (despite my inability to find all Tealys).

Enjoyed the Link Dump; Thanks Dora :)


@Aureza re: the last Tealy

Have you looked

at the (zoomed-in) cup?


Find Tealy! is indeed a neat little game!

Hint for the cup:

Examine the cup (using the magnifying glass). The Tealy is hidden behind it; clicking on the monster drawn on the cup should make it appear.



Not sure which one you're missing in Tealy, but a clue for the one I was most stuck on:

have you looked at the sky closely..?




To get the Tealy from the cup object:

I found it by examining the cup object (by selecting the cup and then hitting the magnifying glass button). I'm not sure how but a Tealy popped up from behind it.. I was probably randomly clicking on the cup to make that happen..

Hope that helps.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 13, 2009 9:09 AM

Thanks Grnx and Meets :)


I'can't find the last Tealy - I guess it has something to do with the cup because it is still left in my items (I have already examined it with the magnifying glass and found the Tealy there).


We found all Tealy's.

Here are some hints:

examine the cup

the vine and well

the bushes

the mushrooms

the hungry bunny

the stars

the caterpillar

the grasses

the acorn

the bird (click the beard going to the right just past the tree hole)


Misspelling on last spoiler, should be

bird not beard


First link dump where I enjoyed all the games (mostly my taste in games). Fun and fast! Mouserific thumbs up.


Adventurous Eric is totally not my style of game... But so interesting


Thanks for all the hints! Yes the cup one was what I was missing.

Me too! Very nice Friday today.


Save the bunny is soooo cute :)


I usually don't like mouse avoidance games, but I really loved Adventurous Eric. I think it was the art and the interactivity that I liked. I just wished it was longer. Perhaps a sequel?

LittleLight November 13, 2009 2:24 PM

a great LDFriday. Well Done curators.

Spikey Cupcake November 13, 2009 2:33 PM

In Adventurous Eric, I can't get past the first path section. The next one never appears. Am I doing something wrong?

Cyberjar88 November 13, 2009 3:50 PM

Am I the only one who sees the irony in having a game about a black cat on Friday the 13th?


Thanks JIG, Jay, and Dora!

Thanks for everyone who play 'find tealy' too, glad you like it ;) .

Offriender November 13, 2009 4:31 PM

On Save the Bunny, I can't figure out how to

save the pink stuffed one. I pick up the needle but can't make anything happen from there.

Is this a bug or am I just dumb?


Save the Bunny "Needle & Thread": Have you tried to

sew the ear on at the dotted lines?


Save the pick stuffed one:

Click the ear to pick it up, put it on the bunny.

Click the needle to pick it up.

Click when the end of the needle (the top left point) is on the bottom right of the dotted line. It should react and part of the dotted line will vanish. Repeat clicking with the top left end of the needle until the ear is reattached.

That took me ages to figure out. So finicky!


I must say... I seriously appreciated the may-be references to The Office in this.


Did anyone figure out the secrets on levels 2 and 4 of Adventurous Eric?


Truly enjoyed Dragon Boy. Fed my dragon every bit of food I came across and he was full grown before the graveyard. Made the game wicked easy, until the last boss!! I was almost disappointed at the end until I realized it wasn't the end and I got smoked. Still working on beating the last guy, King Leon I think. Well done!!


Help me save the bunny - vacuum cleaner one
What do I do???


Misandry: You have to

move (click and drag to the right, I think) the couch, then click on the cord in the plug to unplug the vacuum.


I have no idea on the vacuum cleaner one. Somebody help? It's for the rabbit game.


I loved all of these games! Adventurous Eric is quite difficult with a touch pad, but I did it! And Save the Bunny was great, too.

@Brad09, what do you mean? Did I miss something?

zbeeblebrox November 15, 2009 5:58 AM

Wow! Every single one of these is pretty damn good! Great finds!


Hurrah for Dragon Boy! Sure it's a bit repetitive, but there's some nice twists (like the Revivers), and the difficulty curve is just right. One thing I found odd...

Is it just me, or does equipping an Axe in the right hand and a Mace in the left make the former swing at fast speed, thus totally negating its penalty?


My Find Tealy record is 44 seconds


I'd just like to say, best Link Dump Friday ever! Even though it's now Tuesday.


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