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Link Dump Friday №125

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraWe are gentlemen and ladies of fine and varied tastes, are we not? Of course we are. Just as we appreciate the subtle nuances of a performance by the noble street mime, so too are we receptive to cows, and the exploding thereof, are we not?... Wait, what do you mean, "no"? Okay, what about funky robots?... rabbits with disconcertingly large grins? Wow, you're picky! Next thing you'll be telling us you don't want the piano lessons we signed you up for to help make you extra refined! You start in an hour, by the way.

  • Photo KingPhoto King - For every photo you have ever given someone bunny ears in, been caught sneezing in the middle of, or made gang signs in, this is your punishment. To take cute pictures with a cute camera of cute bunnies and cuter animals for a high score which may also be cute, depending on your tastes. It's all fun and games until your wrist just snaps right off. You'll see.
  • The Way of the Exploding CowThe Way of the Exploding Cow - The history between cows and aliens is a long and bitter one, much documented and also fairly icky. But not anymore. Now there's hope. Now there's you. Because you can make a difference, and fend off invaders while you milk your noble herd. It's intense, it's honorable, it's... kind of weird. And, honestly? Still a bit icky.
  • Puffball HunterPuffball Hunter - We're not sure what exactly happens to the little Puffballs after you set up your traps to herd them into boxes for easy capture. We like to believe they're being whisked off to a happy ranch where they can frolic forever. The cold, hard reality, of course, is that this is where bathrobes come from.
  • FrobotFrobot - Oh no! We were going to describe this game, but we don't think we're funky and/or crunky enough! I mean, this is a game where you play a robot with disco fever blasting groove back into the hearts of squares everywhere. This is serious business, daddy-o!
  • Demolition CityDemolition City - Ah, demolitions. The sport of champions. Which naturally leads us to dynamite, the breakfast of champions! Of course, I don't typically strap my breakfast to a fragile structure and try to destroy it so that it falls below a certain height requirement, but then I guess I'm not a champion. *sigh* Someday...


Haha, I loved the descriptions of Puffball Hunter and Demolition City. Poor Puffballs.


As the author of Puffball Hunter, I can tell you that you really aren't far off the mark. If you complete Level 25 you get to see some of the many uses of Puffballs that help make our every day lives that bit easier and fluffier.


kittiejas July 31, 2009 5:17 AM

I've just tried to play Photo King. It's really cute and all, but it gets kinda irritating at the fish level. I've been trying to beat it for at least 5 minutes now. -shakes fist violently-


Tip for the fish level:

You don't have to snap every fish. Once it speeds up past the boundaries of your reflexes, just wait for the level to end, and you'll pass it. You don't get as many points that way, but eh.

kittiejas July 31, 2009 5:50 AM

nope, still can't pass it. my instinct is too active. i click no matter what comes up. >_>


I haven't played any of the games yet. However, I just had to take a moment to express my appreciation for Dora's writing. Not to take away from any other writers because they are good too (Psychotronic's sometimes compelling and beautiful passages, for just one example), but Dora's reviews are so intelligently witty without ever feeling forced or contrived. Such writing is a real talent that adds to the whole experience of each game and makes this a quality site that stands out from the rest. Cheers!


I liked Photo King, it was fun! I wished it had more levels to it. Eagerly awaiting Photo King 2! :D I also liked Puffball Hunter! I believe that both of these games are worthy of individual reviews.


Wow, Puffball Hunter is *hard*. I had to quit after level 16. The physics of the game don't allow mistakes, and it gets harder and harder to predict a conceivable path for your puffballs...


The way of the exploding cow is REALLY fun! Definitely the best on this list :)

Czaerana July 31, 2009 3:32 PM

Demolition City is fun. As the guys on SCTV's "Farm Film Report" would say: "That blowed up good! That blowed up real good"!


Demolition City is a lot of fun... Would sure like more levels, though, and the ability to see what my previous scores were on each level so I can try to improve them (like in Bridgecraft).

Dr Pangloss July 31, 2009 8:58 PM

Awwww...Puffballs was cute!

However...will a slew of "Save the Puffballs" organizations rise up? Will PETA make them its next project? And what does this do to the Puffball species as a whole? I hope this doesn't put them on the Endangered list....

Ima go snuggle with my plushy Teddy Bear now....*snore*


I'm having fun on Frobot, it's just too addicting watching evil grey suit men turning into disco divas! The only thing I dislike is after you kill a certain amount they just stop coming. I wandered around the dance floor waiting for more bad guys. But alas, none came. I refreshed ;]

And I agree, Dora's writing is amazing and hilarious!


Sorry for double posting, but I now see my mistake. Killed too many people hehe ^^;;


For me, Exploding Cow was okay for only half a dozen levels before the sameness and repetition set in.

Demolition City was fun. I mean, c'mon: blowing up buildings. What more could you ask for? Three things: 1)Better music, 2)more levels and 3)what Keith said. Still fun.

Photo King is my favorite so far. It's just so goofy. The audible comments are funny, the animals ridiculously cute, the music catchy and a sly dark humor just below the surface. Catch the pilot at his "happiest" before he smashes into the ground? Ha, ha! Look at his face!

Gotta try the rest tomorrow.

Anonymous August 1, 2009 12:31 AM

Does anyone know the name of the tune playing in Demolition City's main menu? It's now stuck in my head, so I need to know :P

OrigamiMarie August 1, 2009 12:55 AM

Yay, I finished Puffball Hunter. And all you can really do after that is smile :). Yes, the levels do get rather tricky, and I eventually started going for goals only, not perfection, though of course many near the end require perfection.

OrigamiMarie August 1, 2009 1:06 AM

Oh two other notes about Puffball Hunter. One is that I don't figure that it's worthwhile to try for the high-score board. It's a cute game, and it's annoyingly difficult to optimize your play. The other is that I see a small bug in it. After a certain amount of time, the spinners images quit spinning. I am not talking about spinners that are stuck on something else, I am talking about spinners that you placed early on and the images just quit going around. Fortunately, they keep behaving like they are spinning, complete with random bounce-offs. So that's okay I guess.

MaybeLater_x August 1, 2009 9:53 PM


Personally I enjoyed Demolition City the most. Puffball Hunter was pretty good too but I got tired of it after a while. Frobot was too easy IMO. Photo King wasn't too bad, but the fish level was a little long - interesting idea for a game though.



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