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Lily Temple

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Lily Temple

elleYou may ponder the meaning of the name Amajeto, since it's a word unfound in the dictionary or Google translate. Yet if you had doubts that Lily Temple might be some rowdy bar filled with pugilistic sailors or a dank woods haunted by some uncommonly thin murderer, they're soon assuaged as you enter this lovely, serene scene, the setting for Amajeto's second escape-the-room creation. You are indeed inside a small clay-walled temple where the focus is centered on collecting and arranging seven lilies in order to earn your enlightenment, or, er, freedom.

Lily TempleThe navigation and gameplay are the standard escape game methods—point-and-click to move about the room and seek out interactive areas. Inventory can be examined in detail by clicking the lower right corner of the item's box; highlight items to use on stage or to combine with another item that's opened in the detail screen. A changing cursor helps this process although it doesn't replace a precise and studied exploration of every area and object in the room.

Despite a rather TomaTea flavor that hints at more than mere imitation, the lack of "I have no clue" messages and the jazzy smooth instrumentals as well as a certain ineffable style marks a departure between the works of the two monikers. Some familiar puzzles make their reappearance here as well, such as color patterns and clicky corners. For the most part, these puzzles pose little challenge with clues that present obvious solutions once you connect them to their corresponding device. A few hiccups might slow you down, though (a slight spoiler ahead): in one corner of the room is an obscured active area because there's little indication you should click there unless you scrutinize the scene with the changing cursor; in another area is a puzzle that has no sound or visual effects so may look inoperable until you work out how to play it. These are small matters in light of the contentment that comes from a beautifully-designed and perfectly relaxing escape game, which seems to be an apt definition for Amajeto as well as the pretty Lily Temple.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Lily Temple Walkthrough

Exploration and Gathering Items

  1. As you begin, you're facing a wall with three hands on it. Zoom in on that hand area to examine it more closely.

    • Pick up the PURPLE CLOTH.

    • Note the arrow design on the left beam.

    • Back up.

  2. To the left of the three hands is a panel...

    • It's currently too dirty and the dry purple cloth is ineffective.

  3. In the corner to the right of the three hands are some stacked stones...

    • Grab the ROPE from the base of the stone beads.

    • Then, click the area above the three rocks to look at them from a new angle:

      • Get the first LILY (#1 of 7).

      • Make note that there is a hole here: perhaps something else will go in it.

  4. Back up from the stacked stones and turn right. Now you're facing a basin with the picture of a lily on it. Take a closer look at what's inside it:

    • Take LILIES #2, 3 and 4.

    • Get also the STONE BLOCK with the hole in the middle.

    • Also notice that there are red buttons on each of the four corners.

  5. Back up and this time zoom in a bit lower to examine the front of the basin:

    • Make a note of the five different symbols written there.

    • An item is also visible in this view, behind the left side of the basin:

      • A wooden STICK. Take it.

  6. Standing back from the basin, in full view of this wall, you can see a barred window in the righthand corner of the ceiling...

    • You can see a lily up there but have currently no way to reach it.

  7. Just under this sky window are three jugs...

    • From the middle jug, grab LILY #5.

    • You can pick up each jug. When you pick up the tall jug on the right, it rattles...

      • Open the STONE BLOCK in your inventory:

        • add the STICK to it to make a HAMMER.

      • Use the HAMMER to break open the jug.

        • Get the GEAR (1/3).

  8. Move away from the jugs and go right. Here you see a carving of a figure on the door....

    • There are places around this figure's neck for 7 lilies.

    • Remember the colors of the figure's headpiece.

  9. Examine the statue in the corner.

    • An emerald is missing from its eye.

    • It's holding useful looking spear and there's some sort of hooks on its head. Right now you can't take them.

  10. Go right to examine the fourth wall:

    • There's a bowl on the floor filled with colorful spheres:

      • Look inside it to get another GEAR (2/3).

    • There's also a panel here that probably opens, if the ridges to its left are any indication. But some code is needed...

  11. Time to solve some puzzles!

Four Red Buttons

  1. On the lily basin, there are four red buttons: one in each corner.

  2. In order to find the clue to this puzzle, something in your inventory is needed:

    • Dip the CLOTH in the basin of water to get a WET CLOTH.

    • Go over to the dirty panel next to the three hands.

    • Use the WET CLOTH to wipe away the dirt, revealing the clue. Make a note of the patterns of dots.

  3. Now return to the basin and press the buttons in the proper sequence.


      The position of the red dot on the wall panel gives the order, reading left to right, from top to bottom...


    • Get the green EMERALD.

Spear Throwing Statue and a Lily

  1. After getting the green emerald, take it over to the statue in the corner.

  2. Put the EMERALD in the left eye socket.

    • Now you can take the SPEAR.

  3. After taking the spear, the eyes turn blue and become clickable.

    • Press the eyes in the correct sequence.

    • The clue is written somewhere in the room.


      The arrows on the beam, next to the three hands, give the order. Read from top to bottom; if an arrow points right, click the right eye, etc..


    • When correct, the object on the statue's head loosens up...

      • Get the GRAPPLE HOOK.

    • Back up and examine the opening in the ceiling.

      • Open the GRAPPLE HOOK in your inventory and attach the ROPE to it.

    • Use the HOOK AND ROPE to pull yourself up to the opening.

      • Get LILY #6

Three Stacked Round Stones

  1. When facing the three hands, you see the three stacked round stones in the righthand corner. Zoom in to examine them.

  2. You need something to activate the puzzle here...

    • Examine the top of the stones by clicking the area just above them.

    • If you haven't already, take out the LILY.

    • Stick the SPEAR in the hole at the top of these stones.

  3. Now the black spots on the front of the stones will light up with various colors when you click on them.

    • Change the dot on each stone to the correct color.


      The answer is on the door deity's head...

    • When correct, the panel next to the stones will open.

  4. Take the last GEAR (3/3).

5 Symbol Tiles and 3 Gears

  1. On the fourth wall, to the right of the spear-throwing statue, is a panel and a button. On the panel, there are five symbol tiles:

  2. You need to arrange the five symbols into the correct sequence.

    • To move a symbol, click once on it. Then click on the square where you want it to go. It will switch places with the other symbol tile.

    • Somewhere else in the room same those five symbols are shown in the proper order.


      The answer is on the front of the water basin.
      Screenshot: 5 Symbol Tiles Solution

  3. When correct, the panel will automatically slide to the left, revealing a gear and three empty wheels.

    • Place each of the three GEARS in their correct spots.

    • Press the button on the right.

  4. Back up and look around to see what may have changed in the room.

Three Hands Color Puzzle

  1. After solving the gears and pressing the button, there will be three pillars on the dais, under the "three hands".

    • Each of the designs on the pillars needs to be a specific color.

    • Press either left or right side of each hand panel to change the colors on the corresponding design.


      The answer is also on the front of the basin: the picture of the lily...


      (Makes a purple lily, orange stamins, green leaves.)

    • The panel on the floor will open up when the colors are correct. Take the last LILY (#7 of 7)

Leaving the Temple

  1. After collecting all seven lilies, place them around the design on the door.

  2. The door will open and you can walk out to the beautiful garden scene.



  1. Apon the stack of three large stone beads (seen from top view).

  2. Inside the basin of water.

  3. Same as #2.

  4. Same as #2.

  5. In one of the three jugs in the corner of the room.

  6. Up in the ceiling window.

  7. Under the floor panel, next to the dais (solve puzzle to open).


Ooh cool. I dunno why, but I liked this one. Love the playfulness with the shapes. The thing is, they go far, yet not far enough; other devs might have used the change of view to drop a new clue.

Now wondering if that big ole red herring is in fact a red herring. I was so prepared for an epic puzzle.

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 4, 2013 5:17 PM

You know, it would be a lot easier to escape these rooms if...

...people didn't keep leaving giant landscape paintings blocking the exits.


@SonicLover Oh geez, I better move that C�zanne.


Stuck. I can't figure out where/how to use the

spear or javelin

Anyone available with a hint for that?

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 4, 2013 5:34 PM

@rhed: I was stuck there for a while, too.

Look on top of something.


@rhed: Yeah, I had a lot of trouble with that too.

You know that stack of three circular things? You can look at the top of it.


I really like this one.
All the puzzles were logical - unlike many others.


I've been doing pretty well on my own so far, but now I'm stuck.

I need one more flower.

I'm having trouble with the hand color puzzle.

I'm betting that solving the second problem will take care of the first.



Oh, the power of the post.

I realized what two of the colors should be and brute-forced the third. And my wager was correct. :-P


Going through it again,

I recognize the third shape and see why it's the color it is.


I got through most of it on my own.

The two places I got stuck were:

  • Looking at the top of the stacked blocks to insert the spear

  • Picking up the stick in order to make the hammer to break the pot


I have to ask, am I the only one who cannot get the game to load? The ad loads fine, but then I get a white screen and if I right click it says Movie not loaded. I'm using Opera 12, if that helps any.


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