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elleThe online browser version of Lift is now available for everyone to enjoy... no iOS needed!

The scenery and backstory may vary, but the general premise behind most escape-the-room games is the same: you are locked in a room and must solve puzzles until you find the exit. For the most part, this creation from noprops is no different. When you begin, you find yourself in a lovely little room, sparsely furnished, which apparently belonged to a teddy bear fan. It doesn't take long, though, after poking around a bit, to realize there is something a little off about this room. It's hard to put a finger on...just a nagging feeling that you need to discover what Lift is all about and make your way out of here.

LiftMove around the room using either a swipe if you're playing on a mobile device or the arrows at the bottom of the screen (I found the arrows a little more intuitive in this case) while tapping on furnishings and objects to look closer or add to your inventory. You'll want to examine your inventory items as well by tapping twice. Or, to use, highlight an item then tap where you want to use it. Be sure to observe carefully because what you notice will help you determine where you must look... there are misdirection and red herrings for those quick to dismiss inconsistencies as glitches. I gave it a thorough review: I'm happy to report the game is in tip top shape, not a bug or a broken part anywhere. The only disappointing part comes from the ability to skip a clue-providing puzzle as it's not required to complete before solving the next one yet it is helpful for understanding the inner workings of the room.

The puzzles are clever and the clues depend much on inference. If you've played other noprops games, such as 3 Small Keys and Kids Room, then you know to expect some teasing. This can either be remarkably enjoyable or very frustrating. Lift is not like many escape games on the mobile market: your successful escape means acting in ways you haven't been asked before. Whether any of it is logical is up for debate but it's definitely a surreal experience to explore the secrets of this unusual room. For that reason, it's not to be missed and, if you're successful, it might lift your mood, too.

Play Lift (Browser)

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Lift Walkthrough

First Exploring the Room

  1. When you begin, you're facing a blue-and-white striped sofa.

    • Zooming in will take you to the "picture" above the sofa: just a maze-like pattern that seems to have no meaning.

  2. Turn right from the sofa to see a low shelf and a small red cabinet.

    • Examine the blue teddy bear.

      • As it turns out, there's a clock in the bear's belly. Note what you see.

    • Now look at the red cabinet and the area by it:

      • Notice that you can view the left side of the cabinet and climb up, but from there, you still can't reach much.

      • Back down on the ground in front of the cabinet, you can look up and see a trap door in the ceiling. How do you reach it?

      • Open the bottom drawer of the cabinet:

        • Get the RED MARKER.

    • There's a pink octagon on the wall to the right of the cabinet...

      • Some arrow designs along its edges might mean something, but so far nothing else can be done here.

    • Tap the arrow above the red cabinet to move it over. Now you see an inverted-triangle-shaped panel...

      • A series of buttons with odd symbols will make other symbols appear in the display squares at the top. Maybe you can make sense out of these shapes? But, for now, let's look around more.

  3. From the red cabinet, turn right to face a brown door and a yellow clock on the wall.

    • The door is locked and on it is part of a word: "cape"

    • Look at the yellow clock and note its time (did that much time pass already?).

  4. Take another right turn to see some pink shelves and a series of five squares along the wall.

    • Examine each of the items on the top shelf:

      • When you press the end of the pink digital clock, it'll give you the time (which is not the same as the other two clocks).

      • Check out the mirror-like silver teddy bear

        • and get a SCREWDRIVER bit from the top of his head.

        • Look at the top of his head and notice the tiny star-shape hole left behind by the screwdriver.

      • Look under the pink teddy bear to see...

        • Nothing. Hmm. What was the point of lifting him up, then?

    • On the bottom shelf, take note of the time on the orange alarm clock.

    • There's also a T-Rex and a sea turtle figurines (allusions to other rooms?)

  5. Now you have should enough information and the tools to solve your first puzzle. Go to the five squares on the wall next to the pink shelves.

Five Squares, Four Colors

  1. Next to the pink shelves on the left side of the room is a panel of five squares in the wall. Four of the squares each have a different color: orange, yellow, pink, blue.

    • You can manipulate the colored inner squares to different corners of their frames.

    • The puzzle is to put each color in the proper position then click the solid black square on the left.

    • HINT:

      Where else have you seen those four colors around the room?


      Move the color squares so that the pattern made with the black (or the position of the color, depending on how you want to read it) matches the various clocks around the room. For example, for the orange clock on the bottom shelf, one hand is on the 3 and the other is on the 6, so move the orange portion of the square to the bottom right corner to match that zone on the clock.
      ORANGE = bottom right corner
      YELLOW = bottom left corner
      PINK = top right corner
      BLUE = top left corner

    • When the patterns are correct, pressing on the solid black square will open it up and reveal another panel.

  2. Now you need a completed screwdriver to remove the inside panel:

    • Open the RED MARKER in your inventory and examine it.

    • Remove the tip of the marker then add the SCREWDRIVER BIT to make a complete SCREWDRIVER WITH HANDLE.

  3. Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the screws in the corners of the panel.

    • Take the PANEL.

Inverted Triangle Part 1: 4-Digit Code

  1. Once you get the panel from five squares, examine it in your inventory:

    • Tap it to punch out for rectangles.

  2. Now look for a place where the square panel might fit...

    • Go over to the maze picture above the sofa.

    • Put the PANEL into the picture and four letters will show up in the punched out rectangles.

  3. With that clue, go to the inverted triangle behind the red cabinet:

    • Enter the correct 4-digit code to solve the puzzle.

    • HINT:

      It takes two symbols to make one digit. When lines overlap, they erase.


      The first code is "OPEN". See the Letter Guide at the bottom of this walkthrough for how to make it.

  4. When the correct code is entered, the letters will turn red and the panel will open up:

    • Get the GREEN V SHAPE.

Pink Octagon and Inverted Triangle Part 2: 5-Digit Code

  1. Once you get the GREEN V SHAPE from solving the 4-digit code, slide the red cabinet to the left and examine the pink octagon in the wall:

    • Insert the GREEN V SHAPE into the edge of the puzzle: it makes a good down arrow. Push it.

    • There is some movement and the pink slides away to reveal a green background with more symbols octagon:

    • 301 75(triangle)

  2. Stand back. What happened to the red cabinet? Did it stretch?

  3. Go looking around the room to see what else has changed:

    • The five squares on the left side of the room no longer respond to tapping.

    • The silver teddy bear doesn't have a tiny star on his head.

    • And there is something under the green teddy bear:

      • A small grey BUTTON. Take it.

  4. Return with your find to the red cabinet and slide it to the right. Then, examine the inverted triangle again:

    • Put the BUTTON next to the others. Now you can make a 5-digit code.

    • HINT:

      Compare this triangle panel to the triangle in the green octagon.


      This triangle is inverted and the one in the octagon was the other way, so turn the 301 75 around... Now the code you need to enter is "SLIDE".
      See the Letter Guide at the bottom of this walkthrough for more help.

  5. Once you've entered the correct code, the panel opens up again:

    • Take the KEY.

Washroom Mirror 1

  1. When you get the key from the 5-digit code, back up and turn right to face the brown door. Use the KEY to unlock the door and go inside.

  2. Examine the mirror:

    • It seems the mirror is held in place by two brackets in the top corners. They won't budge.

  3. Look at the sink:

    • You can turn the faucets, but the water doesn't come on. Perhaps they operate something else?

      • The left spiget operates the left bracket of the mirror. The right spiget...the right.

      • Turn each spiget until the brackets are lined up with the same-shaped holes at the top of the mirror.

    • When you've turned the brackets correctly, you can remove the MIRROR from the wall. There's also something behind the mirror:

      • A PINK V SHAPE. Take it.

Green Octagon and the Washroom Again

  1. Once you get the mirror and pink v shape, back out of the washroom, turn left and move the red cabinet over. Look at the green octagon:

    • Open the MIRROR in your inventory and tap it to remove the four corners. Now it will fit inside the octagon, so put it there.

    • Next, put the PINK V SHAPE into the octagon's frame. It makes a nice up arrow. Push it.

    • Watch the mirror as the secret to the room is revealed...This explains a lot of things, including what you should do next.

  2. Go back into the washroom...

    • Examine the MIRROR and take it off the wall.

      • Behind the mirror is another object: a SIGN PIECE.

    • Also examine the faucets:

      • Take left SPIGET.

  3. Leave the washroom and shut the door...

    • Put the SIGN PIECE onto the door to make a new word.

    Now you have the code, but you still need another button.

Inverted Triangle Part 3: 6-Digit Code...and Escaping!

  1. Examine the SPIGET in your inventory...

    • That shape on the end of the spiget should look familiar:

      • Go over to the silver teddy bear and examine the top of its head (if you can't, press the arrow on the octagon to change scenes).

      • Put the SPIGET on the silver teddy's head and pull up:

        • Take the DOUBLE BUTTONS.

  2. Go over to the inverted triangle again and place the buttons on the read out.

    • Now you can enter a 6-digit code.

    • Use the clue from the washroom door.


      When you put the SIGN PIECE on the door, you get the word "ESCAPE." Use the Letter Guide at the bottom of this walkthrough to help you spell it out on the puzzle.

    • This time, the correct code gives you a RED KEY.

  3. Back up and examine the red cabinet...

    • Use the RED KEY to unlock the cabinet doors and open them.

    • Now you can see the octagon behind the cabinet...BUT don't do anything yet. Remember the hatch above you? Let's line things up just right...

    • Move the short red cabinet over to the left.

    • Press the green down button on the octagon.

    • Now, move the tall red cabinet over to the right and open the doors. Look at the octagon through the doors...

      • Press the pink up arrow. The room will lift, taking the tall red cabinet with you.

  4. Back up from the cabinets and climb up on the low shelf to their left...

    • Now you can go up the shorter cabinet to get on top of the taller cabinet.

    • From the taller cabinet, you can open the hatch in the ceiling, revealing a ladder out of the room.

Congratulations on your escape!

Letter Guide:


Will there be a flash version? I would really like to play this game.


Sorry, athari, we don't know. Your best bet is to e-mail the developer (http://mygames888.info/index.html) and politely inform them how much you'd love to play their game and ask if a Flash version is in the future. :)


Fun game!


I suspect that I am not the only one that missed the fact that this had been released for flash since that happened a few days after the original review came out. I probably never would have seen it if I hadn't stumble upon it at another sight.

I would recommend that you add this game to the "online games" that are featured at the top of the front page. It certainly deserves the exposure. :)

Great game, even if it can be a little confusing. A lot of people seem to be confused about what exactly is going on in the room even after they finish the game.

There are two separate rooms and two bathrooms. Very similar, but with some slight but important differences. *You* are moving up and down between them.

Also, if you start with the wrong puzzle first...

and happen to guess the correct answer, you can finish the game without finding everything or solving all the puzzles.


Question for Itt:

What's the wrong puzzle you can start with that lets you finish without doing the rest?


Flash version! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!
Wait? This came out days ago? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh????


@ Elle:

Thanks for getting this re-posted. :)

@ Sessie (Re: Skipped puzzle)

If you move the cabinet and start working on the "Triangle Panel" puzzle and deduce what the correct word is, you can go one to finish the game. I have seen a post elsewhere from one person that started by solving that puzzle first, but they ended up rather lost after that.

But, it is possible to go on and finish the game without finding the Marker (screwdriver handle), assembling the screwdriver, solving the colored squares puzzle, obtaining the "Stencil", or putting the stencil on the "Maze" to receive the "OPEN" clue.

Jennifer July 14, 2013 11:26 PM

Very clever!!!


There's some glitches. I did the inverted triangle puzzle first, and couldn't do the colored squares puzzle after that.


Sadly, this won't load. Which is odd, because the other games have loaded for me from their site. WinXP, latest FF.


@ Norman Dy Invidia

As elle stated, that is not a glitch in the game.

There are two rooms and two bathrooms. They look the same, but have some differences. Such as the colored squares puzzle is only actually in one of the rooms.

When you completed the triangle panel puzzle and then used the down arrow on the octagon panel, you moved to the other room.

When you locate the up button, you can go back to the other room. Then you will be able to complete the colored squares if you like.


the typing part is though - challenging & nice game! ^_^

JetSetVegas July 17, 2013 7:47 PM

Hmmm... It was ok, but I didn't like the fact that areas you accessed before would all of a sudden hide new secrets, like

the green bear having something hidden under it after you completed a puzzle even though you checked it once before

even though there was no indication that this could happen. It resulted in a lot of clicking hoping something might change it's use. Aside from that the escape was pretty ok.

Anseres July 18, 2013 9:18 AM


There was a giveaway to check it again.

After completing the first triangle puzzle, the bear "changes" color from pink to green.

JetSetVegas July 18, 2013 5:34 PM

You're right, Anseres! I can't blame the game because I wasn't observant.


Very good


This game is very hard! But pretty good. Some changes in the room are more try and see what happens.


these games are lovely, but the image at the end always feels a little out of place haha. kind of pulls me out of the headspace of the game


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