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Learn to Fly 3

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Rating: 4.2/5 (313 votes)
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Learn to Fly 3

[Note: Please be aware that the developer has chosen to include short ads at intervals throughout this game. The ads benefit the developer!]

The little penguin that could returns for more, in Lightbringer Games' action and upgrade-packed launch game Learn to Fly 3. Like the original and the sequel, our favourite cutely chubby tuxedo'd birb is, unfortunately, still having to prove himself to internet losers who don't get how amazing penguins are. Along with the fuzzy baby penguins of Penguin NASA, he's going to get to the moon, darn it, even if it takes a ton of grinding and tweaking to get there. Each day, you'll launch yourself using the materials available, and get paid based on your progress. That cash is used to buy new additions and upgrades to your contraption that will let you fly farther, and faster, with the ultimate goal of reaching the MOOOOOOOOOON! You'll start very simply, but you'll unlock many more components to experiment with as you progress. Just don't go too crazy, since some components work better with lighter materials than others, and the more you pile on, the heavier your assembly gets, and of course once you unlock boosts to help you steer with [WASD], and different aircraft bodies with different slots for materials, well, things get even trickier. The Learn to Fly series has always been a little more involved than most launch games, not to mention a great deal cuter with its fantastic animated visuals and sense of humour, and this third installment has everything we've come to expect. It's definitely very grindy, but the sheer amount of things to buy and unlock, from passive bonuses to aesthetic tweaks, will keep fans busy for a long, long time.

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Thanks to Lceninexp for sending this one in!


Really fun after you get hooked on the upgrading, you can ZOOM like CRAZY after a while! Be prepared to spend a lot of time on this though, 'doh!


I don't get it, I got through story mode without even seeing half of all the upgrades. I don't get what strategy is in this game either; the bonuses are usually over-costed and over-weighted for their effects and the obstacles either screw you over or have no effect, making the general 'strategy' seem to be just point straight up, keep speed out of red. I'm not saying that the game is bad, just a bit of a disappointment after the last two ones.

In case you were wondering, I got to space with:

The jet body, revolver launcher, and three sonic boosters. I used no bonuses. To get to space, just get the red bullet, then hold off ignition of the previous stage until the speed drops out of the red.


So cute and entertaining, but this third installment has me confused with so many ways to upgrade. It feels like I have no control over my penguin and that I won't until I finally get to the much higher stages, so I'm just going through the motions and upgrading blindly. 'Less is more' applies here -- at least for me -- because this seems a bit more cerebral than 1 & 2.

Agree with luk111: "the general 'strategy' seems to be just point straight up..."


Sadly I agree with everyone here: after much anticipation, push backs, and delays this game under delivers.

I love the first 2, the story, the unique bonus power ups, but to me LtF3 is simply an "Into Space" clone. I know that there isn't a whole lot of room for originality when it comes to launch games, but why put out something exactly the same?

I'm sure there's more to the story, as from Lightbringer's facebook page it seems like his publisher has been jerking him around for a while, so that may have affected it too.

AbbiNormal October 4, 2015 12:40 PM

So excited this is finally out! At first glance and first play-through, I felt a little disappointed like the others. It felt like there were too many options, and that they had missed some main points in simplicity. However, after finishing the first story mode, the game lets you pick a pack of unlockables (suits, launchers, more bonus points, etc), and also unlocks other modes. Each time you finish story mode and classic mode, you get to pick another pack of unlockables. It's like a great combination of dress-up and a launch game. Plus this game has the penguin cuteness that only Learn to Fly can bring. I'm finding great replay-ability with this game. Maybe it's not what we were expecting, but still great quality and fun can be enjoyed here. I'm still a fan.


Gimicky. I got a vibe of "Doodle God Blitz" with all the ads and extras that were included in this game. I also agree with everyone else: Less is more. There were just too many options when it came to upgrading. Clever options, but too many. It becomes a thing of rote repetition to just jump, get money, upgrade, and hope for better results the next time. No strategies with angling, wind resistance etc. Maybe that's just the nature of the beast with flying vertically instead of horizontally? Still feels like this could have been presented better


Really fun. I definitely liked the first two more, but once I figured out which of the upgrades I liked it was great. I haven't started payload or classic yet, but during story I was using the slingshot and thought that it sort of reminded me of hedgehog launch...


I am entering the code from the hints, but my phone will not accept it. Any ideas why?


Nevermind. IKnowWhatIDidWrong.


The game was a huge disapointment for me. Like someone said above, it's a clone. Just that. With only one strategy : go straight up.

Nothing new, and the graphisms are kinda bad. I expected more, and better. :/


How exactly do you destroy the moon?


Could anyone please tell me how to earn the Moon Breaker medal? Also, do the money turbines really earn more money than using the extra fuel tanks?


To destroy the moon

You need to crash into it at high speed. I did it by using the space shuttle at MAX+30 (which has the top potential speed) and using F1 bell nozzle boosts (to achieve that maximum potential speed) which I engaged when the "distance to space" message appeared, holding down the arrow key until I got there. I had four of those boosts: two at MAX+30, one at MAX+24 and one at LEVEL 1. I guess you can do it with less.


Thanks for the guide. I just broke the moon with the Hedgehog Suit @Max+17, Bazooka 5, Shuttle Reactor 6 *3, F1 Bell Nozzle 4 *2, and F1 Bell Nozzle 3 *1.


I really loved this game. Have been playing for quite a while, and setting new goals all the time.
Currently I'm trying to get to the moon in four days (200k story mode), but it's proving to be kinda hard (my best combo has made it to 160k, but I have yet to lower gravity and air resistance, so there is hope:).
Last challenge I set to myself was to reach 3 million altitute with the 150Kg payload.
Most of the vehicles, stages and boost are useful in some kind of scenario, and the game still surprises me.
Not to bash those who disliked the game, but to me LtF3 has stayed true to the spirit of the previous ones.
I think there is room for improvement, like unlocking an expert gamer mode, with extreme challenges. There could be modes like crazy traffic, with a very increased number of obstacles. I know I can do this in the sandbox, but it's not as fun.
Finally, I wish I could have the ability in the sandbox to set a starting amount of money before launching... (or is that considered cheating?)

I do have a question. I can't find any of the four missing videos. Any hints?

Ricky April 1, 2016 7:28 AM replied to Justin Testin

For the 4 secret videos

click the baby penguins which sometimes appear on the shop screen.


The code that is found in Learn 2 Fly (mobile game) and that can be entered into Learn to Fly 3 for a couple decent bonus items, is:


I am posting this here because, sincerely, the mobile game is a mess, and not worth playing. They turned everything on its head and made just another generic free-to-play, money-grabbing mobile game like one of thousands, and leaving nothing we loved about the original games. The art is too flashy, the physics are atrocious, and the entire gameplay is grindy in nature.

So, if you don't have a mobile phone to get the code yourself, or for whatever other reason, there it is. Just open the spoiler above.



Clever options, but too many. It becomes a thing of rote repetition to just jump, get money, upgrade, and hope for better results the next time.

FlyRyRyOhMy February 19, 2018 2:24 PM replied to luk1111

So, you know those cards that you got for beating story mode? Well, those cards are how you get unlockables!


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