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Rating: 4.6/5 (86 votes)
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KRYSTINE AND THE CHILDREN IN CHAINSReady for exciting adventure? The latest game by jo99's with a new heroine is here!

Incredible: Miss Libellule is gone, I'm sorry. After she had bravely faced The Queen of Snakes in deep jungle, The Earl Octopusor under the sea and finally, The Mother of the Bird Men herself, our invincible protagonist of three vivid and colorful adventures flew up to the sky. Maybe she would return one day, but if not, "The Adventures of Krystine" has just started. Miss Libellule is gone, long life to Krystine!

Our new heroine's first quest is personal - her little brother has been tied up, abducted and imprisoned in nightmare castle, and she's his only hope for freedom. Will you help her?
At the beginning you can choose between easy and hard mode; in easy mode the cursor changes, in hard it doesn't - and if you check or recall jo99's unique art style, it's a huge difference! Game screens are overflowing with objects (but only few can be picked up and used), and bright colors in very detailed mosaic style makes orientation a bit challenging, so the changing cursor makes playing smoother and more comfortable. Puzzles are not difficult, essential is finding items! Notice, that it's possible to combine them in your large inventory. You can scroll through it by using arrows on its sides, and the four buttons at the right side of the screen are for saving, loading and sound control.

We've got really georgeous game again, and not only visually; music by Kronsilds is awesome and important for full gaming experience. Enjoy!



The "easy" mode is plenty hard enough. I had to finally go to a youtube walkthrough to finish.

Gorgeous game.


I have the feeling this game will be in the top 15 of the year!

Pulsaris April 22, 2018 4:33 AM


Most items are used near where it is found, just like most jo99 games.

Little brother in prison

1. Zoom in on the door. Solve the mini-puzzle. Click on the door handle to unlock the door.

2. Go inside. Click the down arrow to move out. Take the shield on the stairs.

3. Go up from the left stairs. Take the crossbow near one of the petrified slaves.

4. Go back down. Go into the left hallway. Put the shield under the statue. An alcove opens and take the triangle inside with a lightning symbol on it.

5. Go back to where the stairs are. Enter the middle hallway and put the triangle into the slot.

6. Enter and you will find a guard. Use the crossbow to bring down the guard. Take his green keys.

7. Use the green keys to open the door in front. Enter the room to find little brother locked. A doorway with a scaly ogre painted on it prevents further progress.

Ogre's head

8. Go back to where the stairs are. Go up the right stairs and unlock the door. Enter to see a woman sitting on a pink chair.

9. Zoom in on the woman and the woman indicates that she wants a fruit tart. Now press on and unlock the door in front. (The blue sectors should all be on the left.)

10. There are many things in this room but we will come back later. Now press on to the plants' room.

11. In the plants' room, there is a vine which bears purple fruit. Collect them. Then, unlock the door in front.

12. Now we are in the kitchen. Take the pastry crust on the far right, near the game options menu.

13. Take the cream when the chef is off screen. If the chef is present, he will stop you from stealing the cream.

14. Assemble the purple fruit, pastry crust, and cream to make a fruit tart.

15. Back out and give the fruit tart to the woman. Place it on her hand on the lower right side of the screen. Afterwards the woman will take out a sheet of paper with an eye on it. Mouse over it to see the clues.

16. Go through the door and into the room which we skipped. Zoom in on the organ and use the clue.

Press the second key from the right, the fifth key from the left, and the sixth key from the right. You must press in this order.

17. Turn the knob on the organ. A compartment opens and take the fairy inside.

18. Inspect the badly painted painting on the left. Take the two halves of a medallion inside. Assemble them to make a medallion and use it on the alcove near the one-eyed girl.

19. A door should be revealed. Unlock the door and go in. Inspect the door in front. Click on the symbol in the center until it matches that of the medallion (the color needs to match, too). Then click the lever on the right to unlock the gate.

20. Give the fairy to the dragon (This is hinted in the scroll near the one-eyed girl). The dragon will leave. Take the ogre's head.

21. Go all the way back to the little brother and insert the ogre's head. Now a caricature of the king should be revealed.

If you have followed this walkthrough right from the start, you should now have nothing usable in your inventory.

Five elements of the king

22. Go back to where you shoot the chandelier. Inspect the picture on the left. Notice that the king has a staff, an hourglass, a green eye, and a blue eye.

23. Go back to the stairs. Enter the hallway on the right (not the stairs on the right). Unlock the left door by choosing the portrait of the king.

24. Enter and look through the window on the left of the corridor. After a cutscene, you will find the door to the inner chamber has been opened. Go in.

25. First, inspect the book on the desk. Take the diagram. Take note of the clues on the book. Also take the large king's disk on the right of the king's statue.

26. Back out once and put the king's disk in the slot on the right, under the picture frame. The picture will move aside and reveal the hourglass disk.

27. Go in once again, zoom in on the hourglass mechanism, and put the hourglass disk onto the mechanism.

28. Operate the mechanism until the king's posture matches that of the king's statue in the same room (notice the skull under the king's left leg). The wall opens. Go in.

29. Take the staff near the seat. Back out three times.

30. On the right, there is a four-color lock. Match the colors as depicted in the book. (Clockwise from the top: Green, brown, yellow, white.) Pull the lever.

31. Go in and pin the diagram on the wall. The prisoner will make a stone rhombus for you.

32. Back out twice and enter the left hallway. Fit the stone rhombus on the door in front to unlock it. Go in.

33. After a cutscene, inspect the knocked-out lizardman. Take the orb on his neck. Take the hourglass on the desk. Inspect the schematic pinned on the bookshelf.

34. Back out and put the orb into the blue slot of the machine. Use the clues on the schematic to unlock three items: two eyes and a mouth.

35. Go back to where the little brother is. Dump your remaining inventory onto the king's caricature, including two eyes, a mouth, an hourglass, and a staff. Click on the staff.

THE END! What a good ending.


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