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Kids Room (MyGames888)

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Weekday Escape

elleIf any escape game designer could win the pageant of all that is suave and savvy, Mygames888 has an early lead on that tiara and satin sash. Adding to a repertoire of games that curtsy toward the surreal just enough to transform what would be an ordinary find-your-way-out-of-this-room exercise into an extraordinary romp in escapism, Mygames888's Kids Room sashays before the judging panel with a smartly cohesive design, a talented array of puzzles and looking as velvety smooth as frosting on a raspberry layer cake.

Kids RoomOh, pfft! Do I exaggerate? Because of a neatly intuitive interface, you can see for yourself with just a point-and-click on anything you think is worth a second look, picking up items as you go, at times needing special tools to do so. Once an item's in your possession, doubleclick it to see it in closer detail. While the non-changing cursor is not an impediment, because no pixel is so obscure you wouldn't think to check on it, the arrows at the side of the screen are much more obvious than needed. As long as you're curious about seeing every angle the game will allow you to view, you won't miss needed clues. Then, just put items to creative use and solve a few standard puzzles and the gap between you and the exit will steadily close.

Making your way through Kids Room does occasionally require your inference abilities as not all hints are overt, and you could easily find yourself stuck, opening and closing things while scratching your head. Evidence that guides your investigations in a fruitful direction tends toward subtlety, so you'll fare well without a walkthrough by doing some mental calculations and thinking beyond the more obvious logic riddles and codes—or just sheer luck. Although it's a bit of a let down that you can't play with everything on the desk or jump on the bed, and the near silence and lack of narrative can feel disconcerting, the worst thing about Kids Room may simply be the amount of back and forth you might end up doing. Your recent time spent toying with little keys, submerged in a watery basement or admiring Audi A8s will have inured you to the tactics found here. It's a playful pageantry, though, as Kids Room shines in its own coy, humble way...right up until you walk out the door, basking in success like the debonair escaper that you are.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Kids Room Walkthrough


  1. When you begin, you're facing a light blue wall with a bed and a split-level cabinet. Zoom in on the plant on top of the cabinet.

    • You can see the faint edges of a panel behind the aloe plant.

    • First click to move the plant out of the way, then click on the panel to open it...

      • Take the PINK KEY.

    • Back up.

  2. Now look at the robot:

    • He's holding a sword, but his other hand is empty. A hole there indicates he should be holding something else (what usually goes with a sword?)

    • When you press the robot's belly, his eye displays a sequence of different colored lights.

    • Note the order of the colors:


    • Back up.

  3. Finally, get a good look at each of the three cabinet doors so you can better look out for clues...

    • The pink door has a star pattern tantagram of shapes. Pushing on the various triangles will move them in or out.

    • The beige door has a 4x4 grid of dots. If you click a dot on the grid, it turns pink.

    • The blue door has a series of shapes like the ones you'd see in a Tetris game.

  4. Leave the cabinet and turn left to face the pink wall. Now you can see the desk in the left corner and something written on the bed's footboard...

    • Zoom in closer to the foot of the bed and then take note of all the symbols you see there. They seem to be numbered from 1-8:

    • spade-club-spade-club-heart-diamond-heart-diamond

    • Back up.

  5. Get a closer look at the shelf in the middle of the pink wall.

    • The shelf has tiny footprints of various colors on in...looks like three different creatures go here.

  6. Back up from the shelf and turn left to face the green wall. Then, zoom in on the desk.

    • Aww, the only item on the desk you get to have a good view of is the earth globe.

      • If you look at the top of the globe stand, you can see it's affixed by a screw.

    • Back up twice.

  7. On the wall, next to the desk, is a pink picture.

    • The picture has a + in the middle and seems made up of Tetris-style shapes. Push each indented shape to make it pop-out as another one goes in. They go in a sort of order but nothing else seems to happen.

  8. Now look at the little pink-and-blue drawers on the floor next to the desk.

    • The top drawer has a series of four colors: red, yellow, green, dark blue.

    • The bottom drawer needs a key. Hey, you have a KEY. Use it now:

      • Inside bottom the drawer is another star design. Each point of the star can be pushed. (You could solve this now but let's look at the last wall first.)

    • Back up twice.

  9. Turn left from the green wall to face a niche in the purple wall. Take a closer look...

    • Here's a red and blue "ball catch" toy. You can lift up the red ball but can't remove it (it's attached by a string).


  1. Turn right, back to the lime green wall and open the bottom drawer:

    • You need to click the colored corners of the star design in the proper order.

    • The clue is found on the robot.


      When you press the robot's belly button, his eye lights up in this sequence of colors. Follow the same sequence to click the star's corners...


      Colorblind Help: starting with the white corner (pointing west) move and click around the star's points in a counter-clockwise direction.

    • When done correctly, the top panel of the drawer will slide back, revealing a new item...

      • Take the YELLOW STAR.

    • Back up twice from the drawer.


  1. Turn twice to face the light blue wall and zoom in on the pink door of the split-level cabinet:

    • You need to fit your YELLOW STAR into this tantagram puzzle, which means you need to move things around a bit...


      First, press all the outer edges of the pentagon, starting with any edge and continuing clockwise around the design. This will cause all the pieces to be flush outwards.

      Then, press the center piece (an inverted pentagon) and this will cause it and all the star points to depress.

      Finally, with your YELLOW STAR highlighted in your inventory, place it into the star-shaped indentation.

    • Done correctly, the pink door opens and you can...


  2. Back up. WAIT! Before you go, take that YELLOW STAR from the front of the pink door. You might need it again.


  1. Your first temptation, upon getting your new prehistoric pal, might be to place him on the shelf. Before you do that, though, you need to turn back to the lime green wall and the blue-and-pink drawers by the desk.

    • Examine the top drawer.

    • You need to press these four buttons—red, yellow, green and blue—in a certain sequence to get this drawer open.

    • Both clues have been obtained near the light blue wall of the room, just remember to look at all sides of an object.


      Examine the PURPLE STEGASAURUS in your inventory and click to turn its side. There you see a red spade, yellow club, green heart and blue diamond. Compare those symbols to the sequence on the foot of the bed and you get this order for the buttons...


      Colorblind Help: from left to right, the buttons are red, yellow, green, blue.

    • Done correctly, the drawer opens and you can...

      • Get the SCISSORS.

    • Back up twice.


  1. Turn to face the purple wall then zoom in on the ball catch toy.

    • Click on it to lift up the ball. Then, use your SCISSORS to loose it from its tether.

    • Now you have the RED BALL. Give it a closer look...

      • While in its detail screen, you can click on the red ball to pull it apart. Now it is a CROSS HALF-SPHERE.

  2. Turn to face the split-level cabinet and zoom in on the blue door.

    • Place the CROSS HALF-SPHERE in the indented cross shape of the blue door. This will cause the other four tetris-like shapes to pop out, too. Hmmm, this seems familiar.

    • Now you must push each shape in the proper order to unlock this door.


      The order in which you push these shapes is found on the pink picture over by the desk. Notice that, after you push the cross shape in the pink picture, that the t-like shape depresses? Push the t-like shape, and the straight bar goes in? Keep going like that, that's the sequence for these buttons on the blue door...

      Numbering the buttons from left to right, the order is:


    • With the proper sequence, the blue door opens...

      • Take the GREEN TRICERATOPS.

    • Back up.


  1. So, now, you might be wondering, "Wait, what screwdriver?" Well, if you haven't found it yet, let me tell you where to find the screwdriver:

    • Check out your lovely little triceratops. Besides cool horns on his head, he has a nice SCREWDRIVER in his tail. It's okay, you can take his tail, he won't mind.

  2. Now, you're probably itching to put that screwdriver to use. There's a couple places it comes in handy. First, remember the colored star points you first saw in the bottom drawer? Let's revisit that.

    • If you haven't already....Grab the YELLOW STAR off the pink door.

  3. Turn around to face the lime green wall and zoom in on the bottom drawer.

    • Replace the YELLOW STAR in the place where you first got it. This will cause the top panel of the drawer to slide back out.

    • Next, use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the tiny screws along the inside of the multi-color star points.

      • Then, click on the center pentagon to turn it over. Click again to take it out of the drawer.

      • Examine this smaller pentagon in your inventory and click on its back to pull out the hand-gripe. Now you have the ROBOT'S SHIELD.


  1. After getting the ROBOT'S SHIELD, turn around and zoom in on the robot.

    • Put the ROBOT'S SHIELD in his empty hand.

    • Press his belly button. A light shines out of his left eye.

  2. Turn around to face the lime green wall again. Now you can see another part of the wall is highlighted. Zoom in on it.

    • Click twice on the wall to reveal a shelf with three bowls and two pieces of fruit.

      • Take the fruit.


  1. It's about time we get the earth globe off the desk. Turn twice from the blue cupboard and zoom in on the desk.

    • Click the top of the globe to view the screw securing it to its stand. Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the screw and...

      • take the GLOBE.

  2. Your new GLOBE can fit in more than one place, one less obvious than the other, but only one place gives you what you really need at the moment. Go off now to discover it on your own (fun fun) or...

  3. open this next spoiler to streamline your room-escaping experience...

    • Since you can't eat the fruit, you can't screwdriver the fruit and you can't cut the fruit (admit it, you tried all of that), they must be part of another puzzle.

    • Look at the niche in the green wall. Two fruits, three plates, each of a different color...where is the third "fruit"?

      • Think not fruit but, once again, colors...

      • SOLUTION:

        Match the color of the objects to the color of the plates. From left to right...


    • Done properly, another fruit pops up...

      • ...an ORANGE. Take it.

    If you have a T-Rex but not an orange...

    ...put the T-Rex back where you found it, take the globe back, then follow the steps in the previous spoiler to get the orange.


  1. Turn to face the purple wall. Then, zoom in on the niche in the purple wall where the catch toy is...

    • Place the ORANGE on the catch toy where the red ball used to be (Orange? What orange?! See the previous spoilers for answers).

      • The panel will shift to the left, revealing a treasure chest. Joy!

  2. But...how do you get the key? And...where is that third dinosaur?

    • A bit of inference is needed here. Notice how the panel in the purple wall shifted to the left to reveal the treasure chest?

    • Maybe more things shifted into place along this wall. There was that secret panel behind the aloe plant where you first found the pink drawer's key...

      • Zoom in on the corner with the aloe plant.

      • Move the plant out of the way and open the wall panel.

      • There is the PINK TYRANOSAURUS REX. Take it!

  3. Back up and turn around until you're facing the shelf on the pink wall. Put all the dinosaurs in the spot on the shelf (from left to right: purple stegasaurus, pink t-rex, green triceratops).

    • With the three dinosaurs in place, the shelf spins out of sight and a new object is presented to you.

      • Get the CROWN KEY. Joy! Treasure!

  4. Turn to the purple wall and close in on the treasure chest.

    • Use the CROWN KEY to unlock it. But...nothing is inside?

      • Poke around inside and ponder that nice smooth red velvet lining...

      • While inside the box, click on the upper edge to view inside the lid.

        Use the SCISSORS to cut open the lining of the chest's lid.

    • Get the CUBE from inside the treasure chest.


  1. Turn to face the split-level cabinet and zoom in on the bottom right door, the one with a 4x4 grid of dots.

    • You need to make a pattern on the door by lighting up the correct dots. You'd think the pattern on your newly acquired cube would do the trick...but if it's not working, let the colors on each side be your cue.


      Think of how the colors on the cube are in relation to the walls, floor and ceiling of the room...orient the design on the light blue side in that way. If you do, you know how the pattern on the 4x4 grid of dots should look...

      - - - o
      o - o -
      o - o -
      - - - o

  2. When you get the door open, you also see a similar pattern in the square indentation, in far back of the cupboard...

    • Place the CUBE into that square spot.

    • The white shape on the lime green side pops out.

  3. Take the cube back and look at it. It's another KEY.


  1. Now that you have your new KEY, turn to face the lime green wall.

    • Use the KEY on the door and that's it. You've escaped!

You have nothing left to do now but revel in your hotness. Enjoy!


...y'all may need a parenthetical on this Kids Room; there's a bunch of escapers named the same thing.

[Good suggestion, Shudog. Done and thanks! Kids' rooms sure are popular spots to stage an escape game. ;) -elle]


Arrrrggghhhh, I'm stuck.

I have just the yellow star, and I suspect that I need to reverse the star indentation on the pink cabinet to use the star on it, but I cannot for the life of me do it! Am I barking up the wrong tree? I don't have anything else other than the yellow star, so I can't think of anything else to do...



Thanks, got it! Maybe I can actually get this game done before bedtime...


This game is surprisingly deceptive. At first is seemed like a simple escape game and the puzzles seemed a bit obvious or at least simple. Normally I'd be writing down any sequence of 8 card suits or series of colours, but here they were basic and easy to remember. Little did I know that under the colourful candy shell lay something more complex and involved. My downfall was one little thing

not realising I should go back and get the blue globe.

which just shows how much I'm used to games where you find a key, you use it once, you open a drawer, you don't open it again etc. I'd like to see more back and forth like this. It makes a small four walled room so much bigger.

A perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. The gaming Buddha would be proud. Hmmm... now I want to see Jay dressed as Buddha.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 27, 2013 9:43 AM

There's one "red herring" route that the walkthrough skips over.

If you place the globe on the ball-and-cup, it slides right and you can take the T-rex. You can then use it with the other two dinos to get the crown key, but you can't do anything with it.

I was stuck there for a while.

LightWarriorK March 27, 2013 12:05 PM

This was a great one, and unlike some others, I didn't need a walkthrough at all. I found it to be tough, but still logical enough that I was able to "eureka!" my way through without much effort. The one spot that almost got me was

right at the end, with the 4x4 grid. The colors on the cube did not match up with the colors of the walls, or so I thought. I realized that it had to be one of four orientations , so I just rotated the pattern until it worked (and faster than if I had worked through the color puzzle longer). A little brutish, but effective.

Actually, the most disjointed part of this escape isn't the escape, for me, but the tableau at the end. A generic, drab, and unfurnished SketchUp house with a sexy lady model just doesn't say "I escaped from a kid's room." No one can beat Tesshi-e for post-escape pay-offs yet, but a little more effort would have gone a long way. Still, full marks for a great escape!


I don't get the first puzzle

I clicked bottom right corner and clicked all corners clockwise which made everything go down. then it says to click center to make them go back again. after that I can place the star there but with it highlighted all it does is press and depress alternately. am I doing something wrong?

Daibhid C March 27, 2013 2:16 PM


Click the edges of the outer pentagon, not the corners. This should result in all the peices being flush outwards. Then press the centre to push the star inwards, creating a space you can fit the yellow star in.


ok daibhid. perhaps we need a screenshot for those that can't figure it out.


Paul, for the star:

Try clicking on the arms of the star, starting with the lower right, then lower left, the left, then the top, then the right. Then click the center.


Out in a jiffy... quite an intuitive one... explains why...
Nice kids room, and I fancied mom-on-the-doorstep !

Paris : cold and grey

alijayameilio March 31, 2013 4:09 PM

@Sonic Lover : You can put back the pink dino, and take the globe back

Bunglebonce April 5, 2013 10:31 AM

Spoilt by the completely unintuitive relocation of the T-rex, behind the plant!

eamurdock May 19, 2013 11:15 AM

So having used the


to get the


instead of the


is the game now unsolveable? That kind of sucks.


when you figure it out the cube thing really is genius!


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