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JohnBWhat exactly is Kawa, anyway? Is it a point-and-click adventure game? An art experiment? kawa.gifAn accidental merging of random code snippets on a website? The opening text says it all: It might be an exit; It might be a trap; It might be just a dream. Created by Pi San of China, Kawa is the flash-based equivalent of being stuck in an interactive MC Escher nightmare.

Your adventure starts out straightforward enough, but the linearity ends there. Kawa has many branching and interconnecting paths you can take with just a single click. Trying to map out the game is almost impossible, as rooms that should connect do not, and oftentimes you will be transported to previous rooms without warning. Most things you do in Kawa make no logical sense. All you can do is click, explore, and watch. It ends up being a trial and error sort of game with no real puzzles in the usual sense. But it's absolutely riveting.

You start in a room. Well, not really. You start with a white cross on the screen, then it morphs into a room. Then what? Try clicking around, eventually something will happen, something strange, something that probably makes no sense. This is the charm and ultimate draw of Kawa -- non-sequitur gaming.

If you're ready to be amazed and confused all at once, give Kawa a try. Good luck!

Thanks to Cami for sending this one in!


I had to make a walkthrough in order to get anywhere in this game. It's as complete as I could make it; very difficult to map out properly. Feel free to add/edit it on the wiki site:

Kawa walkthrough


To me it's just a strange animation. There is barely any choice, most of the time you can only click 1 object.

the sounds are annoying too :) Other then that I guess it's sort of original.


Wow this is cool! There is so much more than you think...
But I hate the sound the man makes with his neck, it sounds like it breaks :P


MAN, I need to learn the Cyrillic alphabet...

So why is the website in Russian and the game in Chinese and English? haha

Very interesting game. I like this one!


Dear all,

since majoring in Chinese Studies I am a bit interested in the Chinese flash community.

This work here is from China, too. It's original name 连环梦 lianhuanmeng can be translated as "chain dream", which makes sense considering the nature of this "game".

The author is Pi San, 35, he lives in Beijing and belongs to the more well-known flash creators in mainland China.

Short portrait:

There is also a very similar sequel here:

Just a quick extra for us all!



goatseateverything April 4, 2006 5:03 PM

im confused. is there a solution to this game?

but this game is super awesome. its really great. =)


I haven't finished the game but I am realy liking it. Once you realise that things have to be in time with the animation, you realise that there is so much to this game. I like the fact that it loops back to a certain point when you do make a wrong choice.
Very cool, very smooth. Out of curiosity, Jay, do you read Cyrilic or is this just a Flash finder site that you visit regulary?


No, I do not read Cyrillic. This game was submitted by a JIG visitor and reviewed by JohnB.

Thanks to information submitted by olr28 above, I've updated the links to point to the Chinese website, as it is more likely to be authorized to host the content.


What an interesting game! I think if you see a clock you've beaten the universe, which is kind of cool. As far as I know, I've seen every inch of this animation.


I'm Chinese so I know what the word at the beginning of the game means:

Each place can be an entry.
Each place can be a trap.
Each place can make you going around like dream.

And this really what I feel about this game!


Wow, thanks olr for the additional info! I tried and tried to uncover the original author, but I only know about 30 Chinese characters. :-) And thanks Mayee for the info as well!

The game I originally played and the one we now link to are slightly different in parts.


1 word: confused

i havent got the translater so i dont understand a thing :(


Does any one know what it says, when it opens a little window? Each box says something in Chinese? Then it has an X in the right and left corner. I don't understand this game.


I've made some translation about some operation, hope useful:

繼續: continue
上一步:last step
确定: ok


Yes, thank you, mayee, that helped a little. For John B., how can I translate into English? I didn't understand from the beginning of your walkthrough. That was as far as I wanted to look to enjoy the game.


When you enter the room with the dancing man. If you click 3 times on the black man, you can see a little key in the down right conner. If you move the mouse over you can see a text box, there is a LOT of Chinese and the word stop. Plz some1 translate this for me, it might be something we have overlooked



It says, "Click STOP on the radio." which is the red button :)


For everyone's info, the chinese words that appear in the box are :

You have clicked 3 times. Do you want to continue?
Yes No

Click again, and there will be the same box, just that it says you clicked 4 times n so on.


the game is pointless, and a total waste of time.


You wanna know something kind of creepy about this game?

There is unrecognizable speech/audio at the beginning of this game. Open up Sound Recorder and if you have a computer microphone, put it up to the speaker and record this audio. Once it's in the Sound Recorder, reverse it, and you will hear a creepy backwards message...

Scared the jibblies out of me...


evan..i dont have a computer mic, can you tell me what the voice says?

ni scape May 18, 2010 11:25 AM

im making a map over the kawa game, but im not sure about I want to upload it!
i tried the message! spoky! I takes you to you- and the rest of the message dident i understand...

ni scape May 18, 2010 1:16 PM

the voise says: I take you too- hold- hold hold- ya...

ni scape May 18, 2010 3:46 PM

no! it was: I takes your to soul your soul.
its cold. yeah...


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