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JohnBjeuonamis.pngJeuOnamis is a short room escape game perfect for a coffee break. It takes place in a single black-and-white room that appears to be in the depths of a nuclear power plant (cue Mr. Burns). There is no narration or story, just the implied goal of trying to leave through the big locked door in the center.

The walls are lined with control panels, conduits and fun flashing buttons, while the floor holds pieces of paper and a few other objects. Somehow you have to piece together clues to find your way out. You'll need to jot down a few notes and assemble a few passwords in order to proceed. It all leads to one final code that opens the door to freedom.

If you're looking for a quick-fix for your point-and-click games, this one will hold you over. JeuOnamis jumps right into the game and lets you discover everything on your own, perfect for when you only have a few minutes to spare.



Finished it pretty quickly, nice game! If anyone wants any help, look below

It's in french

The final code is 5 letters

To start you off, open the top cabinet and look at the marble, click to see what it does

muchotravka May 6, 2006 6:13 PM

It's really very simple escape room. Even I was able to get of it in 25 minutes though I was almost sleeping ]:>.


Nice game, would like it better if I spoke french and could figure out the final code.


TornadoTK May 6, 2006 6:31 PM

Aw, c'mon now! You're so close.

The code isn't in French, but it's related to French.

Say, France is a country, right?

PAIRS and PRAIS were sooooo close..

jimbO_g May 6, 2006 7:09 PM

You don't need to speak French to get the final code

just bear in mind that the game is from France



you really don't need to speak french to figure out the final code. it's a pretty familiar word ;)

cute game, and quick. thanks.


Where is the "I"?



Think of Sparkys last hint as its in FRANCE and not in FRENCH.



The I is hidden in the same place that you find the left half of the number page.

TornadoTK May 6, 2006 9:06 PM

The "i" is...

on the left window.


Fun! Just the right length so I can enjoy a game and still get stuff done.


Cute game, but short. Clues were more memory than anything. Ah, I love escape-the-room games, and the nice ones that don't have you grabbing at pixels! I'm glad so many people are making them nowadays. Someone needs to make one involving sudoku...

Don't feel bad, Matt, I didn't get the 'I' either, but I didn't think 'rasp' was french so... Oh, and just so you know, the link doesn't open into a new window, (at least not for me :P ).


The "i" is

On the window

Good thing I know french because the message at the end of the game is completely butchered in english! Lol, gotta love those online translators!
It says:
To be informed on the release of the next part of the game, please leave your e-mail.


i cant find out where to put the code.
i cant type anything in the box by the door....

(oh i think i found the I... it isnt the same as the others)

look at the window again..


The code is so simple... just think about French, what's the fist thing you associate with this State?!



i was stuck until i found that "i"..
simple but nice game though :)
jay, some more escape-the-room pleeeease ^_^!

..sorry for my bad english.


Cool game. great time waster. had fun, post more!!


Well, that was neat!

I jotted down way too many notes though. All of a sudden it was over.

No complaints though. I'm glad to get one of these on my own for once.


nice quick game perfect for cofee breaks!

draaka May 8, 2006 1:31 AM

wow... that was amazingly easy... and... i still had to look at spoilers for the last code xD i kept coming up with letters not even in it! (i got an extra n, g and o!)


Alexa - France isn't a State!

It's a country.

Other than that it's a fairly good clue.

masaki May 8, 2006 3:21 PM


If you want to be technical, France is a State (a self-governing political entity).

However, you are right in that it is not a state (one of those little guys that constitute the federation known as the United States).


Fairygdmther May 8, 2006 4:12 PM

I love these room escape games and you have the largest selection anywhere! Do you, by any chance have the games sorted by type - I wouldn't want to have missed any! hehehe



awesome game.

I gave them my email at the end and they replied with an automated message.

would anyone be kind enough to translate it for us? Joel maybe?



im stuck on a black screen with a white dot on the middle i keep clicking on it but nothing happens

angela May 9, 2006 1:37 AM

what was the point of the numbers?



According to Babelfish, the email reads:

Thank you, Received e-mail. You will be informed dice the exit of forthcoming play Onamis. Cordially, Onamis.

Caspar May 9, 2006 6:14 AM

Roughly translated it says:
Thank you,
your email has been received.
You will be informed of the exit of the next Onamis game.
Its not 100% correct, but like I said, roughly:)

Wholesomeolsen May 9, 2006 11:09 AM

Can't believe I finished it without any help.


OMG I finished the game in 1 min. I guessed at the lock thingy on my first time.(thought it was french thanks to the opening scene)


I never even looked on the


, I was on the right track, too! It's too small to click, while scanning, I missed it!


I'm at the same point at missy: Dark screen with a white circle on the page. I click in the centre and it goes clunk but nothing seems to happen. Any help would be fab as I'm super frustrated!


I got the clue with four letters itself, but two things beats me: how do you get the first letter of the clue, where do you find it? secondly, what do you enter in the door that takes only four letters as clue above the box that is coded?



I think I rather ruined the game for myself.

I got the letters ARIS, and just guessed.



Heh, I only found four of the letters, and then guessed!



one thing to remember is that you need to click on very specific places to access them. while this game isn't a pixel-hunt, the areas to click are a bit smaller than what you'd expect. it'll help to mouse over areas to see where you can click to do things. let's start working from left to right, okay? click on the barred window on the left-hand wall.

click on the torn sheet of paper. what exactly could this be? for now, just copy these numbers in this same order down on a piece of paper.

oh, and notice a letter written in the window? jot this down, you'll need it too.

next, let's check the heating vent.

pretty simple here... just jot down the letter on the paper. can you tell you'll be collecting letters for something?

next up, moving from left to right, are those papers on the ground.

one of them is blank. essentially, it's a red herring.

the other has some dashes on it, and some are red... we'll come back to this later.

next on the ground is a box with a colorful locking device. we'll come back to this later too.
working your way up the right-hand wall, there are too cabinet doors. the bottom one is locked, so we'l come back to that one later.

the top one can be opened to reveal another letter! jot this down.

also, there's a little ball sitting on one of the books. click on it to zoom in on it. when you click on the ball repeatedly, it cycles through a series of colors. jot down the pattern.

now go back to the box on the ground with the colorful lock.

use the color combo you just found to open the lock. press the buttons in order to open the latch.

once inside the box, click on the other half of the torn paper. jot this down next to the first numbers you found. you should have four full rows of thirteen numbers.

also inside the box, click the folded piece of paper to find another letter. jot this one down too! you're almost there!

now you'll want to return to those papers on the ground.

examining the series of dashes, you'll see it's another four rows of thirteen! use the red dashes in each row to identify one number from each row to make a code.

we can go back to the lower cabinet on the wall now.

input the numbers you found from the torn-paper puzzle. click the red button to submit the code, and the gray oval button to open the lock (if you're right).

only one thing you can do here... click on that paper to find the last letter! woo-hoo!

ready for the final puzzle?

you now should have five letters.

try unscrambling the letters to make a word.

actually, it's the name of a location.

and remember...

this game was made in france. :D

click on the box to the right of the door on the wall facing straight ahead of you. enter in your code and if it's right, the door will open, and you've got yourself a win!


the word is the capital city of france


I got really confused by the "G 2007" on that file! I totally needed the walkthrough because of it! Would have been much easier had they left that off.


MEWHEHEHEH!! I skipped everything and put in the final code without doing anything XD


it is PARIS ... pffffffff isn't it bvious?


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