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It's About Time

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Rating: 4.4/5 (92 votes)
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It's About Time

KamotoKamotoKamo is rapidly turning into one of those escape game developers whose name alone lets you know you're in for some surprises, and It's About Time does not prove the exception to the rule. Things seem relatively straightforward at first as you find yourself in a room with a obvious mechanisms and abstract design choices, but the more you explore, you'll realize very quickly that there's more here than meets the eye. The cursor will change when you pass it over something you can interact with, and most of your time should be spent paying very close attention to your environment for clues to solve puzzles. If you can't figure out what something you've just interacted with did, you'll probably want to take another look around every place you can get to, just in case something has changed. It's About Time may be sneaky, but as long as you keep perspective, you should be able to find your way home!

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I'm not very far along and have hit a wall

I'm on the grid puzzle where I'm assuming you make sense of the shapes inside the four sheep(?) on the walls in the upper room. I'm able to piece the shapes together and I'm coming up with a triangle, pentagon, circle, and diamond. But I'm having no luck figuring out the order to put them in the grid, assuming I even have the right shapes.


If I remember right...

Start in the upper right of the grid and go clockwise in the order you stated


WHOOPS... correction to last post.

Start in the UPPER LEFT of the grid, not upper right


korvarthefox December 30, 2014 3:43 PM replied to mark0205


Took me a while - but if you think of the displays with the two half-shapes being at the centre of the walls, then the shapes will meet up at the corners of the room. So you should be able to work out what shape goes where for that.


I liked it, though the

shape code stumped me for a bit. And the code to get the crowbar is a bit of spatial mapping gymnastics!

I did like the minimalist style that revealed more as you went on. And the ending was neat! Here's to more arbitrary escaping in 2015!


can't wait for the walkthrough to this one :)


Gosh, I loved this little game. The art and the gentle surrealism were really enjoyable. I liked the mechanics and the sounds. Look forward to more from them. I couldn't find a link to say so on their site so I'm just burbling about it here.


nothing yet huh? i'll check back later.


What to do with the

crow bar?


After blundering around and accidentally brute forcing a couple of puzzles, I have got to the point where I threw the bowling ball and now I can't find anything else to do. Is there a hot spot that isn't obvious that will lead to a new section?


POP ... I found it

After clicking on the gap in the railing, we can turn left, and there's the door.


Still no walkthrough?



have you clicked around the

bird/chick statue

for a hot spot?

hope it helps.


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