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Isamu Carre

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Isamu Carre

It's Detarame Factory! But it's not an escape game... it's a point-and-click adventure with a serious heaping helping of weirdness. In Isamu Carre, you need to make a special dish to appease the king (no, not hossenfeffer), and to do so you need to travel around the tiny, strange kingdom, solving puzzles and gathering ingredients. There are two endings to uncover, so try your best to make the most delicious dish. The cursor will change when you can interact with something, and bars at the edges of the screen will let you move around areas with more than one location. Double click an item in your inventory to view it up close, but items that appear below your inventory are your equipment, and will be used automatically when needed. Expect to crack some seriously sneaky codes, and unfortunately if you only read English, you may feel a little lost not knowing what characters are saying or what feedback you're getting when something fails. Just make sure you search everywhere, revisit some locations and characters, and try looking at things differently!

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I am stuck trying to milk this stupid cow

shjack180 November 30, 2014 2:55 PM replied to ebenclaw

To milk the cow:

You'll need two clues.

First, you'll need the book that you get from the bookshelf of the old chicken in the cave.

Next, you'll need to start a fire in the fireplace of the log cabin.

Outside of the cabin, smoke will rise with symbols that correlate to the symbols of the book.

The order the symbols come out of the chimney is the order of the udders that need to be squeezed/pulled

AutomneLiza November 30, 2014 2:56 PM


you need to light the logs in the fireplace

The number code in the book is complete gibberish to me.

shjack180 November 30, 2014 2:57 PM replied to ebenclaw

Well, I was able to get the ending where

the king chicken receives what appears to be a spicy dish,

but I can't seem to get the other ending. I have only managed to return to

the chicken in the cave and change his speech bubble from having a music note to having a skull.

shjack180 November 30, 2014 3:03 PM replied to AutomneLiza

For the number code in the book:

Count the number of circles within each number.

i.e., zero, six, and nine have one circle; eight has two...

The total number of circles within a row of numbers equals the number for that part of the code.

AutomneLiza November 30, 2014 3:08 PM


Thank you!

return to the merchant to get another item

shjack180 November 30, 2014 3:25 PM replied to AutomneLiza

Sweet, now I've seen both endings. Thanks :)


All the hints and walkthroughs, courtesy of AlphaOmega on Escapegames24.com (where I go if I don't quite have enough hints on jayisgames to finish an escape/point-and-click game).

king (castle)
- king wants a meal, rooster tells ingredients:
pot, shell, carrot, milk, potato, onion, lobster
- take baseball bat from chest under left curtain

- fight with onion to get it
- get coin-1/3 (sparkle in water)

potato (black pyramids)
- is protected by sorta magic field...

cave (top left)
- coin-2/3 under bottom right stone (sparkle)
- go thru maze (egg hint), talk to rooster first
- get pot (open it), hammer & key from drawers, blue book (star hint) from shelf

- look at tree leftover right of house (dot hint)
- unlock door & enter
- get empty milk bottle from shelf
- open trapdoor acc. to dot hint for chess piece
- book on shelf has number hint for chest
- get helmet from chest

chess board (below fountain)
- put chess piece on board to reveal hidden passage/room, enter
- open chest acc. to wall hints for shoes

potato (black pyramids)
- no more protected
- use hammer to break pyramid left of potato (left side lighter grey) for coin-3/3

tent (bottom left)
- rooster wants 3 coins for shield on carpet, buy (click) it

potato (black pyramids)
- fight with potato to get it, also get shovel

beach (top right)
- use shovel on sand pile bottom right of shell for star

- put star in slot to open grid
- get candle & sword from chest

- use candle to make fire
- outside look for smoke hint
- go right

cow (scene right of house)
- milk cow acc. to combo blue book & smoke stars
- after milking, collect milk in bottle

beach (top right)
- get shell & pearl (didn't even highlight sword...)

chess board (below fountain)
- go in hidden room
- put pearl in bowl
- move lever to get brush in chest (other bowl)

puzzle (right of chess board)
- remove dust with brush
- solve puzzle for lobster on island (rainbow after rain)
- get also key in ice

- melt ice on fire to get key

- unlock chest for green diamond
- put diamond on sword (double-click for about item)

carrot (forest)
- fight with carrot to get it

king (castle)
- click rooster (no item highlighted) to get

==> end (spicy)

click back the middle game

cave (top left)
- rooster wants poison

tent (bottom left)
- rooster wants purple flower in exchange for poison bottle (click bottle)

cow (scene right of house)
- get purple flower

tent (bottom left)
- get poison bottle in exchange for flower

cave (top left)
- give poison bottle to rooster, get chocolate

king (castle)
- give chocolate to rooster to get

==> happy end

Answers to puzzles

- dots 1-5 for order
- eggs for direction

trapdoor (house)
- big to small dots (tree leftover, clock minutes)

chest (house)
- book gives hint (amount of circles in a number)
1011 - 1 (zero)
2001 - 2 (2x zero)
5084 - 3 (zero, 2x in eight)
4689 - 4 (six, 2x in eight, nine)
2345 - 0 (none)
8888 - 8 (4x2 in eight)
3719 - 1 (nine)

chest (chess board hidden passage/room)
- wall hints
(R=red, B=blue, G=green, Y=yellow)
- wall hint squares
W-Y . B-W . G-W . W-R
Y-W . W-B . W-G . R-W
- on chest

- blue book (star points)
1st-2nd-3rd-4th teat from left to right
- smoke for (order how it comes out of chimney, i.e. right to left)
4-5-7-5-6 (star points)
- milk (teats)


Funny, when trying for the second ending:

I thought that instead of feeding the king, we were supposed to poison him since the rooster wanted poison. Figured that the rooster hired us to assasinate him by poisoning the food we were gonna make for him, so the rooster could become king.

bearharry December 1, 2014 9:37 AM


it is not poison, it is a potion/medicine for back pain...


I don't understand the

Maze. it says to talk to the rooster first. I thought all the rooster did was tell you the items it needs. also, I keep going different directions but go nowhere. i'm confused

any ideas?

shjack180 December 1, 2014 1:06 PM replied to Paul


There is a rooster in the cave.

The clue to getting to him is found in the eggs.

So the direction each egg is facing is the direction you'll need to move in the cave, and the dots under each egg will give you the order of each direction you'll need to go.

So it's up, up, left, back, right


Hahaha I can read Japanese but that's not helping me solve these puzzles. :'D

kanna December 1, 2014 3:16 PM replied to bearharry

Right, because for those who missed it...

the cave rooster was complaining of terrible pain. There is a hint starting from before the "spicy" ending, in which the king's rooster friend tells you the king has a sweet tooth. That's how you're supposed to know to get something sweet.

Also, not that it's important but it's not a green "diamond" but an unspecified gem.


yeah I figured it out. sorry.


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