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In Wonderland

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Rating: 3.9/5 (34 votes)
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wonderland7.png wonderland8.png

The latest escape game by Rinnogogo arrived! The magical land you are supposed to escape, hides many secrets and some stay unexplained...maybe you are trying to leave a strange dream where everything follows their own eerie rules...however, the puzzles are logic and real!

wonderland6.pngAll of a sudden, you find yourself in a beautiful park at dusk. The sky isn't black yet and you can see that all trees and grass are lush green and full of life...but most of all, you spot several objects which definitely deserve closer inspection. A statue (probably), a post box (apparently British) and a bus stop with a public phone and some device with an unclear purpose. You aren't able to see more of the park though there is a tempting road leading further on...you aren't allowed to follow it yet. First you need to solve the puzzles at the bus stop and when you do that, a minibus without driver arrives and takes you further down the road to another strange place...and that's not all, after that you get to a magical pennisula with three houses. The only inhabitants of the wonderland you meet are sad rabbits.

wonderland1.pngPoetic and gentle escape by Rinnogogo, as all their games, is colorful and intuitive wrapped with beautiful art and soundtrack. Good observation and careful exploration of the surroundings is important since few hotspots are hard to find. There is always a sufficient clue to all puzzles though, just to find it...

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Completely stumped on the daisy chest puzzle. Can't quite figure out what the hint is trying to tell me.

Fun so far though! Have been thankful for some of the hints.

paulmashtv July 16, 2021 4:50 PM

hope a complete text walkthrough comes soon.


This game had too many technical issues to be enjoyable. For example:

After watering the plant, I had to leave and return to the scene multiple times before the key was revealed.

There were several puzzles (colored buttons, the daisy chest, etcetera) where clicks often failed to register. (Make sure you see the button flash when clicked—if you don't see it, the game didn't count it!)

And one thing which I had a huge gripe about:

The barbecue grill unexpectedly switches to clicking and dragging, where that mechanic had not been used in the game before and was not used anywhere else. It was only sheer dumb luck that I accidentally dragged the grill top enough to notice that was how to open it.

I agree with Chrpa about the hotspots—I had trouble hitting one in the basement even after I consulted a walkthrough and knew where I was supposed to be clicking. It was still difficult to find!

JerryD July 19, 2021 10:07 AM replied to chrpa

Thanks! Now to see where I get stumped next.

JerryD July 19, 2021 10:13 AM replied to jF

Agreed jF! Especially about your huge gripe.


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