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In the Dog House

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Rating: 4.7/5 (256 votes)
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In the Dog HouseJohnBAnother new release from Nitrome has just arrived, and this one takes a page from the Rooms book of design to create a cute sliding puzzle game. In the Dog House tasks you with sliding rooms around a grid to create a path from the dog to the dogfood in the kitchen. To encourage the pup to move, simply grab the bone and drop it somewhere in the house. You'll also have to contend with mechanical contraptions such as elevators and security gates, not to mention the tempting distractions of a cat!

Rather than giving you free control over moving every piece on the board, In the Dog House restricts which tiles can be moved and often in which direction they can slide. The wallpaper markings serve as clues to let you know how each piece will move, whether it's fixed, or even if it only rotates in place. Once you know what you can work with, its time to clear a path for the dog.

Just like in Rooms: The Main Building, your character can move through any space that's logical, i.e. up stairs, across halls, etc. This puppy can't pass through walls or jump through ceilings, unfortunately. The challenge is usually classic sliding puzzle fare where you must create a picture (pathway) and must move blocks in every direction to get them where they need to be. Other times you need to solve special puzzles or stop the dog in the middle of a hallway so you can rearrange tiles for the last leg of his journey.

Analysis: More than a simple sliding tile game, In the Dog House is very similar to Rooms in design, which is definitely a good thing. It does carve its own path, however, with fun environmental puzzles and the added challenge of immovable tiles. Also, any space with a creature running around, whether it's that darn cat or your very own puppy, becomes temporarily fixed in place, and sometimes you'll have to get the pets to scuttle along before you can finish the puzzle.

As the game's 40 levels go by, you'll encounter increasingly complex puzzles and mechanisms to deal with. More difficult rooms tend to focus on immovable pieces and increased trial-and-error sliding, something I never really liked in sliding puzzle games. But the premise is there, it's engaging, and the game has Nitrome's usual artistic flair that sets it one shelf higher than most Flash game releases. In the Dog House is good solid fun.

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I'm liking this game :) It's not too hard, but it's getting more challenging. The music is nice, graphics are nice. What's not to like?

Chris Martin September 18, 2008 4:45 PM

I was always wondering is it Nitro Me or is it Nit Rome.
Anyway hurray for rotating stairs and sliding cooridoors.


In the review, JohnB says:
"It's a bit of a challenge learning which are movable and which aren't, as there's no visual marker on room tiles until you move the cursor over one.

This isn't true... the background of each tile is a wallpaper that tells you how it can move. Look at the screen shot... three of the tiles have a background wallpaper of Xs. These tiles cannot move. The others have a background of multi-directional arrows that imply that these tiles may be moved in any direction. In the game you will also find tiles that are rotational, as well as tiles that may move only up/down or left/right. These tiles have wallpaper that matches accordingly.


I noticed that this game hasnt been posted on nitrome's site yet!


zah? - I'm sure it will be very soon, if not already by the time this comment appears.

David Gates September 18, 2008 5:37 PM

The wallpaper shows you how the tiles can move.


Can't wait to play the new one!

Question though, any reason nitrome went for a larger playing area? It seems like this would have helped on the wonderful final ninja.


I'm stuck on 8. For some reason this level is evil


The wallpapers aren't true only if there's either a lift, the dog or the cat in the tile - in every other case they are true.

The immobile ones have an X-pattern wallpaper - first i thought they could only be moved diagonally :)

The game is good, bye the way, I like it a lot. Not too hard, not too complicated.


I found that I could skip to any level. Clicking on one of the "locked" levels let me play that level anyways... I skipped right to the last level and got the "Congratulations for getting all the way!" message. Heh.


Level 21 has me stymied.

The elevator tiles won't move while the car is there, so the lower left elevator can't be moved... but it also can't be used, because there's no place to go from there -- walls on both sides. Meanwhile, the upper right elevator would be useful, but there are not enough vertical tiles to make a path to it.

Any hints from anybody who's gone past that level?


Ben Dais, I noticed that too.

I've just started the game, and I think the music is GREAT. Nice to hear proper instruments. Anyway, glad to hear Toxic 2 is almost ready. I look forward to it!

Oh yes, and the game was quite good! The programming was fine, the artwork was great. The 40 levels will hopefully keep me occupied.


I'm stuck on level 10 =/


Im stuck on level 15... any help!?


Any help on lvl 11 anyone??? Its impossible or am i just blind... :S


teh doggy is cute xD



Level 15 has me stuck as well. Kinda funny since I skipped ahead to level 40 and did that one in 4 moves. :)



Take elevator down.
Slide both black movable boxes all the way to the left hand spaces.
Drop the top two vertical boxes into the empty two on the bottom row.
Move the two horizontal boxes up to the top.
Turn the top box above the elevator one quarter turn counterclockwise.
Drag bone to bowl.



Nitrome is making these games like craazy! 3 in about 3 weeks!

Can't wait for Toxic 2 as well, it is supposed to be done soon...


Help, 17 has got me stumped.

For 15:

Try getting him onto a hall, then moving the stairs around.


This'll be fun to make a walkthrough for...


Sorry, its actually 16 that im stuck on.


Oh Nice game :D!
By the Way.. I'm stuck On 15 >.<


How do you make the cat move?


You can't make the cat move. It just follows you around. Now I'm stuck on 18, in which the stupid cat is getting in the way. I already posted a spoiler for 15.


Now I'm stuck on 20.


I think this is my favorite Nitrome game. It's different in play than the arcade games they usually pump out, and the music and little doggie animation are entertaining.


seriously? you guys are so ahead of me!! i'm stuck on level seven! any hints?


Is anybody else experiencing a glitch on lvl 24? The middle tile wont move! And the wallpaper clearly marks it can move. Weird...


never mind.....its a 3 room tile.


Oh, I think I know why it seems like the wallpaper isn't always right. There are some two-block long hallways that have to move together, and I've just encountered one of those, but it has 1 solid wall attached on the top. There's a non-attached solid wall directly to the right of that attached solid wall, but the hallway opens into a vacant slot to its right (directly under the non-attached solid wall). You would be able to move the hallway right one slot if it weren't for the attached solid wall and the non-attached solid wall that's in its way.


I'm stuck on level 30 :o


Umm...That double double posted when I clicked "update". Someone should look into that coding? (Please delete those repeat posts and this one as well, I guess)


need: help on lvl 7


I am stuck on level 39. Anyone get past it yet?


I just did, ushbg!

The aim is to put the vertical hall as far left as possible. You don't move the upper right block until the very end. I don't know how to describe the rest of it.


I finished with a final score in the 58k range. It's not letting me submit my score, though. I'm staring at a black game screen...


Finally a Nitrome game that isn't a platformer and doesn't suck.


Sorry for all the multi-posting, but I can't seem to help it. :(

This one is important, though. There's a glitch that can be abused to submit impossibly high scores (if score submission gets working).

I've finished the game, so I have all the levels available. If I go into any level and finish it, I'll get a score for that level. If I then choose "Back to title" and play and finish any other level, I get a score for that level, but the score from the level I played previously is still saved.

In other words, choosing "Back to title" after beating any level does not erase your cumulative score. The cumulative score will be saved as long as you don't close/refresh the window. Someone could just keep playing level 1 over and over, racking up an indefinitely high cumulative score.

*pokes Nitrome team*

On another note, I've figured out how scoring goes. You start with 2000 points. For every move you make, 10 points are subtracted. Restarting a level has no effect on your points.

..........I'm mystireis September 19, 2008 2:34 AM

I can't pass level 7!!
So so hard!! Please help!!


can someone help me pass level 12?


Sorry for sounding dumb, but how do you get the doggy to go trough the door?


I was always wondering is it Nitro Me or is it Nit Rome

It's "nigh" - "trohm". Like saying nitro and closing your mouth at the end.

Question though, any reason nitrome went for a larger playing area?

A larger view is generally avoided because it makes the computer cry when you do lots of fancy effects and collision.


Any hints for level 6 please? Presumably

you're meant to move the power cable to the square above the gate

but I can't find any way to do that. TIA.


help!!! im stuck on level 10!!!


"A larger view is generally avoided because it makes the computer cry when you do lots of fancy effects and collision."

Or just a simple animated background. *cries*


does anyone know where to download the music of the game? especially the song after you complete the game.


I am stuck on level 5! Ahhh someone help please?


tempest...that lvl 15 advice isn't cuttin it. i have no clue what to do on that lvl

Architectonic September 19, 2008 9:34 AM

Silly cat! If you don't like the dog, don't come near it...

(Stuck on level 14.)


Nice game but...... stuck on 18. Does anybody know how to solve this one??


Anyone can help on level 12? .___.


All right, 39 is impossible.


Hey i need help on level 8!!!!!! please help.


19 anyone?


Stuck on 24....anyone know how to beat it?


What with the cat?

PS: Toxic2 is nearly ready!!!


Stuck on 38. Need help please.


I'd love to have this game on my Ipod. I think it would be a lot of fun! I'd want more levels though I think :-)


Oh this is one of my favorite Nitromes by far. Their tiny screen stymies Level 17 ... or 18?

The one with the security cameras.

I finally knew exactly what to do, but counting blocks is hard between two screens.


Please help me with level eight. I feel like such a total numpty for not being able to do it, but I see a couple of people here are having the same problem. Please somebody help us get past LEVEL EIGHT!


I'm stuck on level 19. Someone help me please!!


I cant do level 16!! can anyone help?


Level 8

See that vertical piece on the right? That whole level is about moving that around.

Move it to the left and return the brick blocks to their square in the middle.

Send the dog up! Then scootch everything over so you can move it back to the right.

Shaaaaaaft! ...sorry, can't help it.


its pronounced Ny Trome


Thanks for trying to help on level eight, but it's not working. Perhaps my game is broken or something, but the elevator won't move down after I've done everything you said, it just stays there :(


Can anyone help me with lvl 18??

Lucky Main Street September 19, 2008 3:36 PM

Anyone else have a problem with freezing? I got to level 16 and now it says "loading" and won't go anywhere.


Mine keeps getting stuck on the loading part. It'll say 'loading...' then freeze and I have to refresh. At least it keeps my progress...


Help with 39 please


Emelie-What you have to do is put the bone on the hallway next to the elevator so the dog stops before the elevator, it goes down, he gets on, it goes up, and the dog walks off of it and into the next piece to get the bone.


I can't do level 15. :/ Help please?


To help the Help Squad, levels with questions:
5, 6, 7(x3), 8(x3), 10(x2), 11, 12, 14, 15(x3), 16(x2), 18(x2), 19, 20, 21, 24, 30, 38, 39(x3)

This page only; not checking which are answered.


help with 38 please


Will somebody please post something for level 7?


Make that x4 on level 7 help squad!


I'm stuck on level 5!


level 12 please!?


....why is Level 7 getting so many questions? I don't know how to help you guys if I can't figure how you're stuck.

FYI that box thing is an elevator/lift.

Have you tried

Moving the black brick in the middle? YES it can be moved.

Putting in the corner (L) pieces where they're supposed to be?

You can only use the left-right vertical shaft on that row. So...

Where are your other shafts going to be?

How do you clear out that row so it can go back and forth?

Putting the bone somewhere other than the end? OR moving a piece while the dog is walking?


Is it just me, or do the levels of this game take longer to load than those of other Nitrome games?


Urgh! Im stuck on level 11, its -so- hard. Am i the only one having trouble with it? Geez! I have -no- clue how to get him to the kitchen, I'd like some help if possible, please!


WALKTHROUGH for levels 1-10.

  1. Do you REALLY need help on this stage?

  2. 14 moves.
    Move the only currently movable block all the way up and left. Move the dog to the couch. Move the vertical hallway all the way right and down. Move the other movable block to directly above the vertical hallway.

  3. 6 Moves.
    Rotate the block at the bottom counter-clockwise once. Do the same for the block directly above it. Move the block in the top left corner all the way right. Move the staircase below the kitchen to the left.

  4. 12 moves.
    Ignore the room with the window. Slide the other two freely moving blocks straight down. Bring the dog to the rightmost of these two rooms. Quickly move the other free-mover to directly beside the kitchen, making sure the cat doesn't walk into this room. Slide the vertical sliding block down quickly.

  5. 14 moves.
    Move the horizontal hallway in the middle column down. Move the other horizontal hallway all the way up. Place both diagonal (staircase) rooms so the dog has a clear path to the lower door. Put the bone in front of the higher door. Slide the hallway at the bottom all the way up.

  6. 17 moves.
    Move the brick wall right, move the staircase in the center of the house to the left, and move the diagonal hall near the top all the way up. Move the power cable block to between the power box and the gate to open the gate. Rotate the two blocks near the start twice in either direction. Move the other stair pieces to create a path to the kitchen.

  7. 30 moves.
    Move the higher brick wall so it's directly to the left of the other brick wall. Slide both of the vertical hallways in the second-from-the-top row all the way left. Move the room at the bottom right corner of the house so it's directly beside the vertical hallways you just moved. Move the room directly below that room you just moved to the right and up.

    Move the two brick walls so they're both touching the far right boundary. Move the room that's only touching the corner of the kitchen to the bottom left of the house. Move the free-moving vertical hallway at the left down one, and slide the other hallway there left.

    Move the hallway beside the kitchen down to connect to the elevator. Move the room that's below the kitchen so it's beside the kitchen. Put the bone in the kitchen. When the dog tries to go up the second elevator, move the horizontal-sliding room from the left to the right.

  8. 40 moves.
    Move all the blocks in the middle row left. Move the top-right room down and right. Move the hallway that was connected to it right and down (so it's connected to it again). Move the other hallway all the way right. Move the brick wall up and right. Move the brick wall that's below the elevator right and up.

    Move the vertical hallway (it shouldn't have moved since it moved left at the beginning) all the way left. Move the horizontal hallway in the middle row all the way left. Move the top right brick wall down and right. Move the other brick wall right once, and move the horizontal hall that was below it up once. Move the dog into that room.

    Slide the vertical hall all the way right. Move the leftmost movable brick wall up and left. Move the other brick wall that was next to it left only once. Move the vertical hall down and the right-most brick wall all the way left. Move the vertical hallway up and right. Move the brick wall from the top all the way down. Move the two rooms in the second-to-right column left. Move the room in the far right column left and up, and move the vertical hall right once.

  9. 19 moves.
    This level is easy because you can just mirror what you did on one side to the other. I'll only describe the left side. When doing the right side, just switch "left" and "right" and vice versa in the following paragraph:

    Move the middle wall right. Move the door up. Move the bottom wall left. Move the middle wall down and the door right. Move the top-left wall down and the top-right wall left. Move the door all the way up.

    Once you get the other door beside the kitchen, just put the bone in the kitchen.

  10. 54 moves.
    There's some new things in this room: there are two hallways, one vertical and one horizontal, that are two-rooms long and move as a unit.

    Move the long horizontal right once. Move the vertical hall at the top twice right and down once so it's between the elevator and the long horizontal. Move the room that was under that vertical hall up and three right. Move the vertical hall so it's in the far left column directly above the elevator there. Move the room that is directly right of the long vertical hall so it's above the single vertical hall you just moved.

    Move the single horizontal hall that is under the long horizontal hall so it's to the left of the upper elevator. Move the two parts of the staircase to the upper left so they're both in the top row. Move the room above the long horizontal to the bottom left, below the long vertical. Move the brick block to next to the staircase rooms, and move the long horiztonal all the way to the bottom.


Wait, nevermind. I got it. After level 11, it takes quite unlogical thinking to get the levels. Either that, or Im just simplizing things.


It's not THAT illogical. Just unconventional. There is logic in trying to find a path to the exit.


15? please?

snuffles734 September 19, 2008 8:40 PM

Seriously can anyone post a walkthrough for level 24? I can't find one anywhere.


Thnx Selune!!!


SNUFFLES: its the comment with the two link to pictures. the pictures often help

Okay, Im stuck on level 23.

...Im gonna review now:

This game is AWSOME. Although getting stuck is never fun, it shows that the game gives you a challenge. I cant hear the music, (speakers broke) but I heard it was good.
Up until now, (level 23, as mentioned above) I have found no glitches, and I love how the cat gives you more of a challenge.

One of the better nitrome games, certainly better than mallet mania, which wasnt my type of game. Anyway, back to In the Dog house...

I love the little dog sprite. Although, what a dog is doing trying to get into the kitchen at night is beyond me.


how do u pass 13! its extremely scary looking. AHHH!


This game is awesome i've been playing it on miniclip and on level 21 im stuck. Please help thx

snuffles734 September 19, 2008 9:48 PM

I found my own way through and am now stuck on level 27.

The pictures in the post above didn't help me at all. That's the only reason I was asking for another. But thanks.


Hmh, sorry to hear that snuffles, they helped me lots. Im at level 26, right now.


23 hints

Walk the dog down the stairs first. Brute force is the only way I could figure this, so that's what follows.

Stair, right-hand floor, stop. Move the stairs out. Left-hand floor, stop. Left-hand floor, stop. Adjust angle for the non-movable rotating pipe.

I think the dog should aim for 1,1 on a floor block. Lots of stops.
The pooch ends up on the stairs just before the elevator.

The rest is pipe-ing. Simple upside-down U.

13 hints

Make your shaft first. No pipes should be to the left of it.

Place the horizontal hallway between the security gate and the elevator. And then...

Connect the pipes together.

Randall L. Prince September 19, 2008 10:07 PM

Level 24 - video walkthrough on youtube




Darn you level 29!


More details on Level 15

Before moving anything, put the bone on the staircase so the dog goes there. Then put a hallway next to this and make the dog go there. Now move both parts of the stairs to the very bottom of the puzzle, so the top part is next to the kitchen. Move the other hallway around to the left of the one the dog is in. Put the dog in it, then move the other tiles anti-clockwise to make room to bring the stairs up again, then the dog can go straight to the kitchen.


The puppy is so cute, my little brother loves puppies so he would have loved to have that puppy on the game, anyway I would like some help on Level 8.


Level 15

First, fill the top two floors with black blocks. Don't worry about the objectives later... because putting black blocks out of the way on the top two floors will get you all the yellow usable blocks on the lower 3 floors, and that's what you want, right?

Funneling them up the right side is easiest.

Now you should have enough wiggle room to move yellow blocks around to get the doggie to the floor above the goal.

The two stairs blocks and one hallway should do it. Put the bone on a hallway.

Now here's the fun part. Don't see it yet?

The dog can stand on the stairs block... but wait, there's an easier way.

Your only job is to get him to the room where the top of the stairs would be if they went down to the goal kitchen.

  1. Replace the above-stairs (diagonal) block with a black block. The diagonal block should be on a lower floor.

  2. Move the stairs block down and out of the way.

  3. Now where the stairs used to be? Put the other hallway block.

  4. Put the bone on that hallway block (coordinates 2,3).

  5. Move the other hallway out of the way and assemble your stairs. Bone time! Done!


This game is so fun. Can anyone help on number 7? It is so hard. Thanks.


i am stuck on level 10 !


level 15 anyone ?


about 17 ?


nvmd , thru trial and error i FINALLY got 17 after 565 moves on my own because no forum had hint etc for 17 .


i had to give up as of 21 because i tryed and i cant put it in the right way .i watched the utube of it but it went much too fast .


I'm totally stuck on level 14! So hard. I reset it so many times. I already tried many methods, but they won't work. So frustrating! D:


stupid cat won't move! i need it to move!

vanessa July 18, 2010 6:35 AM

Level 40!!

Horizontal: ABCD (left to right)
Vertical: 1234 (up to down)

1. Place bone at B2
2. Turn B1 anticlockwise once
3. Place bone at C3
4. Place bone at D2
5. Turn B2 anticlockwise
6. Turn A3 anticlockwise
7. Turn C3 anticlockwise
8. Place bone at D4


Level 8 already has a spoiler at the top with the guy who has levels 1 to ten walkthrough btw the guy who did those 10 walkthrus 1 st one very funny!



Move the second set of stair up. Move the 2 horizontal hallways next to each other at the top of the stairs. move the dog to the end hallway then move the first hallway to the other side and then put the bone in the kitchen.


Im stuck on 12, PLEASE HELP!!


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