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Imagia 2: The Dome

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joyeImagia 2 the DomeIn Imagia 1: The Tower, we were introduced to a world with lots of mysteries and no answers. Imagia 2: The Dome picks up right where Imagia 1 left us, pointing and clicking our way around a mysterious rooftop, gathering clues about just what we're trying to accomplish in the first place. If you were hoping for answers in this sequel from Kayzerfish (Ralf Hebecker and Nikita Tutubalin), I'm afraid we're still in questions without answers mode. You know, like the first season of Lost, only no smoke monster.

Using only your trusty pointing device, point-and-click to navigate about the dome to find hidden objects that yield clues, and thus gathering hints to solve the mystery of this latest Imagia chapter.

Imagia 2 improves over the original by actually having the cursor change over hotspots, although some hidden objects run on the small side and blend in with the scenery. Once you find an object and click on it, it will enter your inventory, either on the left or the right. Mouse over an object in the inventory to learn its name. If the object is a piece of paper, click on it to examine it for clues. Otherwise, objects can be picked up from the inventory and used in-game on certain hotspots. In addition to visual clues in scenery and clues in notes, there is one audio clue in the game. The last important thing to be aware of is the save button in the lower left, another big improvement over Imagia 1.

Imagia 2 the DomeAnalysis: As a beta tester, the most difficult part of the game for me was the audio clue. It's quite soft and liable to be mistaken for mere background noise. Since I generally turn the sound off entirely when playing these kinds of games, I never would have thought to pay attention to the sound without being told. So here I'm telling you: pay attention to the sound. Luckily, the audio clue is now paired with a visual clue. It's still a very subtle effect, but it's a much fairer clue now and observant players should be able to figure it out by themselves.

That said, the note clues in the game are outstanding. They manage to clearly give information without any words at all. Although the game offers multiple language options, they aren't really necessary. The puzzles in the game are visual/spatial logic problems, and thus are equally accessible to all gamers.

In comparison to the first game, the art in Imagia 2 is less cartoonish and more polished, but there's also a bleakness and starkness here. In the first game, there was plenty of evidence that someone else had recently been there, a certain human messiness, as well as the mysterious damage. It was also a much more material game, with lots of object combining and fussing about. In contrast, Imagia 2's inventory puzzles are very limited, and even to the extent that they are present, they are mostly being used in conjunction with the clues in the notes.

The myth-building in Imagia 2 is as restrained and subtle as the art, and a player could miss it all together. The observant player, however, should gather enough to seriously pique curiosity and build anticipation for subsequent chapters to soon follow. Hopefully we won't have to wait for Imagia season six to find out that actually we're all inside a little child's snowglobe. SPOILER ALERT.

Play Imagia 2: the Dome

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Imagia 2 Walkthrough

Staying on the Surface

  1. Go through the doorway on the right, into the center.

  2. Pick up the rope which is hanging over the beam at the 1:30 position (if you imagine the beam farthest from you as the 12:00 position on a clock).

  3. Pick up the tiny blue piece of glass (an inlay part) at the extreme right of the screen.

  4. Go to the sunny, 10:30 beam exit.

  5. Pick up the sketch 1 which is lying against the wall.

  6. Examine the sketch. Click the lower right corner for a secret, then back out.

  7. Go forward to the 12:00 position. Pick up a piece of snippets 1 from the lower left hand corner.

  8. Go right to the 1:30 position. Pick up another piece of snippets 1 from between the pillars. Pick up sketch 2 from the left side of the screen.

  9. Examine sketch 2 and click the upper left corner for a secret, then back out.

  10. Go down twice to the 4:30 position. Pick up the frame from the railing, sketch 3 from the lower left, and two inlay parts. One is at the corner of the inner pillar and the wall, and one is at the bottom of the outer pillar.

  11. Examine sketch 3 and click the lower left corner for a secret, then back out.

Delving Deeper

  1. Go to the 6:00 position. Pick up a piece of snippets 2 on the left. Pick up a green inlay piece on the right.

  2. Use the rope on the railing.

  3. Climb down the rope, down again, and down one more time.

  4. Click on the window to zoom in. It's subtle, but there is a pale symbol on the top of the window. Click on it to find another secret, then back out.

  5. Click on the right side to get to the bird's nest area. Pick up a green inlay part, another piece of snippets 2 and another piece of snippets 1.

  6. Go back up to the top and go to the center. Pick up the last piece of snippets 1 and examine the tiny round window second from the left for another secret.

Solving the Puzzles

  1. Now it's time to start deducing from clues. Snippets 1 is now complete, and it applies symbols to the sides of the tower, with the solid circle being the sun side of the tower.
    From that, you can deduce which symbol is supposed to be which side.

  2. The white diamond inside a circle on the first part of snippets 2 therefore is the 9:00 position. Go there and press the petals on the flower according to snippets 2. Take the crank.

  3. The other half of snippets 2 is a white triangle inside a square. This applies to the 3:00 position. Go there and press the petals in the right order to get another inlay piece and a prism.

  4. Go to the center and use the crank on the hole on the right side of the model. Note the symbols on the base of the model. Turn the crank so that it is pointed to the left and the symbol facing you is the white triangle in a circle.

  5. Go down to the 6:00 position and Click on the manhole in the center. The manhole lid has been removed, revealing a crystal key. Take it and also click on the bottom of the hole to remove the false bottom and take a gold florin.

  6. Back out and examine the florin for another secret.

  7. Now, follow the clues in sketches one, two and three to know where to place the prism, key, and frame with inlay pieces.

  8. First, the prism goes on the sun side, that's pretty obvious and made explicit in sketch 3.

  9. Next, go to the twilight side in the 1:30 position, the black triangle side, deduced from sketches 1 and 2. Place the frame on the railing, and use the inlay pieces on the frame.

  10. Finally, go to the center and use the crystal key on the top of the dome of the model. Then, click on the key to turn it until a beam of light is reflected towards the 1:30 side.

  11. Go to the 1:30 side. The frame is now lit up by the beam. Click on it to complete the game.

The Six Secrets

  1. The back of sketch 1, click lower right corner

  2. The back of sketch 2, click upper right corner

  3. The back of sketch 3, click lower left corner

  4. The blue window in the center of the model

  5. The pale symbol on top of the large window down the rope

  6. The gold florin in the false bottom of the manhole


Patreon Contributor kingjulien86 December 8, 2010 9:16 AM

I escaped and apparently found one of six secrets. I felt like I was lucky in finding an ending. Plus I want to find the other five secrets. I'll play it again but I feel like the first one made more intuitive sense.


I'm loving this major escape game week - three already so far! I'd read a site entirely made of escape games, really.


Also, three of six secrets, but I only actually know what two of the secrets were.


totally stuck on this one.
I have

- the frame stand with 4 pieces in it (missing top-left and bottom-right pieces)
- Sketches 1, 2 and 3
- 3/4 of snippets 1
- 1/2 of snippets 2
- a crank that I've placed in the model in the center
- a rope that I've hung from the railing by the feathers

I've tried

looking through the hole in the roof (down the rope) with the crank at each position.

No idea where to go from here... any help would be appreciated.

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 8, 2010 11:09 AM

How did everybody else get out so easily? I'm completely stuck!

I've found all four pieces of Snippets 1, and only the topmost piece of Snippets 2 (and I've already opened the secret compartment its hint was about). I've also got Sketches 1, 2, and 3. I've found and used the rope, crank, and crystal key, and I've figured out where the frame belongs. I've also placed a white, blue, and green piece in the frame.

To boot, I've found a gold florin, but I think it's just one of the secrets.


when you go down the rope...

you can go to the right at the bottom of the rope


Heh, I managed to guess

the combo to the second archway compartment. I think it was

bottom-left, bottom-right, top


Wow, thanks mike_311. That was not obvious!


Okay, I'm very lost...

Where is the crystal key at?

I think I have everything else figured out with what I have.


0 of 6 secrets but at least I finished!

It sounds like you need to find the rest of the pieces for the frame. Mostly you just have to pixel-hunt, but one of them is

in the second archway compartment

I assume the combo for the second archway compartment is on the bottom half of snippets 2, but I just ended up guessing it -- There are only 60 possible 3-petal combos :).


Power of posting, nevermind


i can't find the

key either, it seems there are two more compartments to open, but i cant figure it it


I also cannot find the crystal key. I am guessing that I need to find clues to the other two archway compartments and that it will be in one of those. I've been trying to work out some connection between the symbols and the "flower" combinations to open the remaining two, but no luck.



Nope, but you should try rotating the crank. What have you noticed that changes when you do that?

That symbol on the floor


Can't find the last fragment for the frame: I'm missing the bottom-left piece. Please, help!


Can anyone give me a hint on the significance of the



Missing bottom left piece of picture. Help!


I cant find the lower left inlay piece, any ideas?

Here are the secrets I have found so far.

Secret 1

Click on the bottom of the crystal key compartment.

Secret 2

One of the small round windows on the church model, second from the dome.

Secret 3

The window to the left at the bottom of the rope, click near the top edge when soomed in.


Found it (the bottom left picture piece)!

Southern-bay, on the floor in the right arch.

That finished the game for me.

I had two of six secrets.

Zoom in twice on one of the windows of the model.

Does anyone have any of the others?


Question about the codes for the flower puzzles:

I've gotten 2 of them based on the two-sheet puzzle, but I can't open the others. Does turning the crank to move the symbols alter what codes will fit into those flowers, or are they independent of the symbol turns? I've tried aligning the remaining flower sections with one of the two symbols that have codes, but that doesn't work. I'm so confused.


The bottom left tile is

on the screen with the rope

in the bottom of the doorway on the arch on the far right

I had a heck of a time finding it too.

The key is

under the floor tile on the screen where you have the rope. To open it try

rotating the handle on the model. Be sure to

study the chart with the symbols and the sun.



Turning the crank does NOT move the symbols in the sense you're thinking of. If you've completed Snippets 1, it is a map of the symbols. The symbols for each "room" are fixed, in a sense. I'm not sure how to get those open, either. I feel like it might be a red herring, though.



Window in the church
Click where you found the crystal key
the first round window you see when you go down the rope
check the back of all your pieces of paper


Amy; I think the two compartments are the only ones you can open. I could be wrong though, might be a secret in one of the others.

wlangford December 8, 2010 1:16 PM

Augh, joye. I almost had mine finished, too. Yours seems a bit (read: lot) easier to follow, though.
Did you

Find any reason why the manhole is open at white triangle in a shaded circle? It seems a bit arbitrary to me.

baileydonk December 8, 2010 1:31 PM

Maybe it's just me, but the only way I can see spoilers now is to first post a comment... So, sorry!

[There is nothing on the page that can prevent the spoilers from showing up until you post a comment. Make sure you allow the page to load completely. That's all that's required. -Jay]

Anonymous December 8, 2010 2:09 PM

It really bugs me when the mysterious "secrets" add up to nothing but cursor-hunt drawings, and not anything that adds to an actual pay-off.


Okay, I've done everything, but it's not completing the game, Any ideas?



try turning the key on top of dome so that the light splays 3 ways, with the bottom one directly due south, then go to frame and click. Thanks very much to joye for the walkthrough, would never have made it through.

The Logical Ghost December 8, 2010 9:38 PM

Accidental discovery:

I managed to make the game "end" accidentally the first time by placing the frame not on the pole where it's lit up by the beam but on the bent pole where the frame is originally found, and then clicking on the hole in the back of the frame.

On the one hand it seems odd, but on the other hand it makes me wish that the game was longer and each method took you to a different location.


You can tell the game developer listened to the previous "complaints" from Imagia1. Having the cursor change over hotspots and having better direction and manipulation over the inventory items is a step up from the first one! :)


Sorry, but, what audio clue? Maybe you are referring to the

pigeon cooing?


Lovely game. I could not find one of the inlay parts. There were supposed to be 6. I only found 5. So I could not complete the game. But very nice in spite of me.


Ah Ha! Thank you for the hint on the bottom left side piece. Completed the game.


having a little trouble starting this game.

the walkthrough says to go right then click center door where you find a rope. i don't see one. what am i doing wrong?

please help.



The rope is in the room in the center of the tower, where the model building is. Does that help?


Fun game!

I'm missing the upper left corner of snippets 1 and I think I might be missing a piece of the inlay in the frame?

I have 2 pale blue (top left & right), 1 white (middle), one medium blue one (middle right) dark green (lower left), one lighter green (lower right).


Cinderflame December 14, 2010 2:51 PM

Had to resort to the walkthrough for this one,

I'm still not sure how you were supposed to figure out how to open the manhole. Nothing in the clues provided seem to point to that solution

That was a bit of a black mark on what was otherwise a very solid game.


I agree, can someone please explain why

we were supposed to turn the crank so the white triangle in a circle is facing us? i assumed it had to be turned to the orientation shown in sketch 1, which has the white diamond in a square facing you. Was there a clue somewhere that showed us how to turn it? I did notice the picture in the manhole cover was inverted, maybe that had something to do with it?

Anyway, other than that, and how hard it was to find that lower left inlay piece, great game :)

Ralf Hebecker December 17, 2010 3:42 PM

The manhole/dome table symbols were indeed wrong (a few steps offset)!

You, teagirl and Cinderflame, were exactly right! Thanks to you lovely people we could find and fix this bug... - thanks a lot and sincere apologies!

Anonymous April 20, 2011 5:41 PM

i cant find the lower left picture piece any help?


I can't find the upper right picture piece. :\


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