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I Am Flying to the Moon

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Rating: 4.6/5 (823 votes)
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Kyh kyh_iamflyingtothemoon_title.pngEvery now and then we all need something soothing to eat away a few minutes (or hours, in some cases). Well, what about a game about launching a rocket to the moon? Sure, it sounds like this should be a game full of excitement and balls of fire, but really, Massagames' I Am Flying to the Moon is a delightfully calm launch game. Starting out with a wooden hull (as if that would survive traveling through the atmosphere), shift your direction toward the left and right with [A]/[D] or [left]/[right]. Sure, you're mainly avoiding hot air balloons, helicopters and other such aerial machines, but what you're really watching out for are the bonuses in the form of money (for upgrades), fuel cans and repair kits. While there is enough to be entertaining, this is definitely not a game for someone aching for a fistful of action, so grab a cup of coffee or whatever warm beverage lifts your spirits and reach for the skies.

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Trolololowned March 26, 2012 6:18 PM

Is it just me or does the return to menu button from the instructions page not work... I had to refresh my browser.


Is this one much different from Into Space! ?


Light on actual gameplay. The ship's "descent" when you crash becomes tediously long for this type of game. Didn't finish.


Where's the button to call the FAA?

Seriously, the skys are SO full of stuff... pay little attention to the decisions about this first, that later -- just hope to get lucky. Eventually you move fast enough to recover from a glancing blow, provided you hit squarely or just a minor fender bender.

48 days, a testament to how bored I was this afternoon, 3 out of 5 just barely "I liked it".


44 days. Very, very, very long time getting there, but I got there. It was alright.
My strategy:

First and foremost: *MAX OUT* Money Gain.
Secondly, increase Fuel Tank, Engine, and Fuel Dispenser until they're one or two shy from being maxed. Lastly, evenly bring up all the rest with the exception of Radar. Once all the rest are about two short of being full, you should be able to navigate through everything to the moon. I did get my radar up to 6/10, but you could probably shave a few days off by not getting it up that high.


Well, got there in 30 days. A couple of things:

1) did anyone else have commercials playing just the audio in the background during gameplay? Really weird.

2) The engine cut-off (down arrow/s) is your friend. When you really start gaining speed and your radar is up enough to give you ample warning (a couple of bars above 1/2), you just hit the brakes and steer slightly left or right, collision avoided. Even if you do collide, it's at a lower speed and you don't take as much damage AND aren't thrown into a tailspin (literally.) This technique works great for grabbing extra gas, nitros, and money as well. When I finally finished, I had just under 1/2 a tank and probably grabbed about a dozen fuel tanks en route.

Agree that in the beginning, all the falling back to earth gets to be tedious. I finished over the course of 3 different play sessions.


I like a good launch game. I lost interest in this one well before finishing.


@neo1973; I had the audio ads in the background too! I thought it was just me, I had about 5 different windows open and kept clicking back and forth trying to find where the ad was playing.

As for the actual game... it just felt like de ja vu. I don't want to be too harsh because it's well put together and the graphics are nice, but it's extremely boring. I never realised space travel could be so dull.


Finished in 37 days, and probably 3 or 4 of those were wasted on early crashes. I suspect there's a certain point where boosting the engines any more just makes it harder to keep from hitting things, and I found that 5 nitros was probably sufficient too. Not much replayability beyond that point, but there's enough here to be worth going through once.

Also ran into a bug where I went to the help screen and couldn't get out of it.

Rex Mario (the 3rd Mario Bro.) March 27, 2012 5:43 AM

Had same problem on instruction screen, did not finish got to just below the moon a few times but each time I got hit by an asteroid and blew up. not the best "upgrade" and go higher or farther game but not bad, I personally like the one with he sheep!

Tobberian March 27, 2012 11:31 AM

"Cheat" (warning game spoiler)

Every pickup keeps repeating about 1 screen to the side.

So to get all cash you need quick, just find a cash pickup and drive horizontally slanting for a while (big cash bags at around 1/3 up on height meter).


Biggest problem with the game (enough to make me extremely frustrated with the design of the game):

Having to look two different places at the same time.

You're either going to look at the top of the screen to try to predict where you want to go with the radar, and then find yourself not able to avoid said objects because the wind (which is found on the bottom of the screen) is pushing you hard in some direction(therefore collision)...

... or you're going to look at the wind (at the bottom) and try to redirect your trajectory only to hit some giant satellite or miss some fuel or slam into a saucer because you weren't able to look at the radar (at the top of the screen).

I find this kind of design extremely unbearable, even if I did fly to the moon in 43 days.


I got stuck on the instructions page, don't ask why I thought I would need instructions.
22 days to the moon.
Not a bad game, for all the traffic in the air. I just didn't upgrade my engine too much. Allowed for a smooth flight and easy avoidance of aircraft.

Jim Gamma March 27, 2012 4:39 PM

36 days - looks like I'm about average. Think I lost a few of those days to stupid crashes or "OMG I give up on today because I just went into a tailspin" annoyance.


I had the same prob with the instructions page - it just would not go back.

Other than that very slow and boring. Did not give me any impetus to carry on after a few days - maybe 10.

Actually was so boring it did not even rage me enough to not vote a low score.

((I really try hard not to rage vote - but this did not even induce enough rage to make me not vote, for me it was just dire - my 2cp))

OKtomcat March 27, 2012 6:10 PM

Came here to comment on the same thing Tobberian spoiler'd. Made life a lot easier once I realized it at like day 33. Also got stuck on the instructions page. Almost ragequit when, in the fraction of a second that it took for the screen to fade as I reached the moon, a meteorite smooshed me.


The rocket has better flying course when i leave it alone LOL...

same stuff with the menu button...

Ewan Whosarmy March 28, 2012 6:27 PM

"Delightfully calming" ??! you must be joking. Alternately frustrating and tedious.


As neo1973 said, the brake is probably the most important aspect of the game - I didn't figure out its usefulness until 2/3 of the way into the game.

The boosts are only useful for getting you out of a tailspin; normal usage is way too fast (with a good engine). 1-3 boosts are useful for that purpose, and is fairly cheap.

The radar only becomes useful when you've dumped a lot of pts into it; it's near useless when you first get it. It goes hand in hand with engine upgrades - faster engine = need to see further ahead.


That's an awful lot of votes cast for this game....

sunnylauren May 25, 2015 5:09 PM

35 days! I found it strange that I didn't even have to max my fuel capacity.


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