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GrinnypHormina EscapeThe world of an ant is a scary, dangerous place. All you want to do is get home to the safety of the anthill, but there are a multitude of dangers out there; ravenous predators, impossible chasms, careless humans, and a whole host of other dangers for a single member of the family formicidae who only wants to go home. At least, this is the premise for the charming new point-and-click game Hormiga Escape.

Designed by Federico Rutenberg, creator of the Esklavos series, Hormiga Escape is a short but fun little game that involves getting the titular hero home before he is eaten, drowned, crushed, or otherwise mangled by his environment. Not exactly an escape so much as a point-and-click adventure boiled down to a few quick minutes of gameplay. There's no changing scenery here, the ant is at the lower right of the screen and he wants to get to the anthill at the upper left. Simple.

Use the hand-shaped cursor to pick up or manipulate objects, or to nudge the little Hormiga (Spanish for ant) along. The only problem is the stubborn ant won't move forward if there's a deadly obstacle in the way, so it is up to you, brave gamer, to neutralize the danger so our little six-legged friend can make it home and live to menace picnics another day.

Hormiga Escape is one of those quirky little games that are easy on the eyes and the brain, a fun bite-sized little break from the day. With its lovely graphics, little animations, and kicking jazzy soundtrack (and even background and incidental noises as well), this shows that a lot of effort went into this amusing little adventure. There's not a lot of game here, but what there is is casual gameplay done right. Simple, elegant, easy on the eyes, and over quickly, Hormiga Escape is the perfect little gem to go with your early morning coffee, a quick five-minute workout for your brain to kick start the day. What are you waiting for? Help your little friend get home!

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Walkthrough Guide

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Hormiga Escape Walkthrough

  1. There's a gray rock sitting propped against a pink rock just to the left of the bird. Pick up the gray rock.

  2. Pick up the gray rock from your inventory and use it against the yellow poison sign to burn away the upper part of the spider web.

  3. Use the rock on the sign again to polish that edge until it gleams.

  4. Switch over to the hand icon and nudge your little ant forward.

  5. There is a cluster of mushrooms at the upper part of the screen. Clic, on the smallest mushroom.

  6. Once the mushroom drops off a piece in front of the frog, click on the fly to send it to the frog.

  7. The frog should have eaten the piece of mushroom and turned blue. Now nudge the ant forward again until he is at the stream.

  8. Click on the leaves above and to the right of the bird and one will settle across the stream. Nudge the ant forward onto the leaf.

  9. At the very upper part of the stream is a pebble. Click on the pebble to send water down the stream.

  10. The ant should now be sitting on a leaf right in front of the bird.

  11. In the grassy area to the left of the bird is a plant that looks like a fern. Click on it about 10 times to send spores in front of the bird.

  12. While the bird is busy eating the spores move the ant forward past the bird.

  13. Just to the left of the ant is a little twig, click on it.

  14. Once the twig moves click on the ant to move it forward.

  15. Click on the caterpillar on the grassy area to the left of the bird. Once the caterpillar moves click on the ant.

  16. Once the foot squishes the caterpillar click on the ant again.

  17. Home at last!


I quite liked it, it's very short though and there's all this item space on the bottom and this + button that actually don't seem to be needed at all which baffles me.


This gets a meh rating from me. It took me forever to get things to click correctly, which I found frustrating. I kept clicking a particular spot which finally caused what I want to happened and then I flew through it. I'd be willing to try a longer version (getting the ant maybe to some food and bringing it back.) But the controls need work. I also spent forever trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with the + button..


sticky controls and illogical solutions. really fun if you like to randomly click a broken mouse.

MmeTurbulence January 28, 2010 10:57 AM

I liked it, but agree that the + button was very confusing, as was the huge amount of item space at the bottom.

There was only one solution that I couldn't figure out with logic. I hit on it by accident after randomly clicking everything clickable on the screen.

Even though the game doesn't really need a walkthrough, I wrote one up anyway just for the practice :)

Nudge the ant. He goes just a little way and backs up. What is stopping him?

There is a spider web in his path.

What can you do to remove the spider web? There is a rock just above the birds head. That might work.

The rock is too dull to cut the web. Can you sharpen it?

The sign that says poison looks like it is made of metal.

Use the rock on the sign to sharpen it then use the rock on the spider web to cut it.

Now what is stopping our intrepid ant?

He doesn't seem to want to go past the frog.

Maybe you can feed the frog something. There are mushrooms nearby.

Click the smallest mushroom.

The frog doesn't seem interested in mushrooms. Maybe it will be interested in the fly?

Click the fly.

Now the ant doesn't want to go in the water. Can you make a bridge for it?

Click the green leaf in the plant next to the stream.

The ant won't leave the bridge because of the poison.

Click the rock at the top of the stream to wash the leaf clear of the poison.

Now the ant is afraid of the bird. Can you distract it?

Click the fern leaf in the lower left corner a couple of times. While the bird is eating the berries, click the ant.

More poison! What to do?

There is a small twig with three leaves that might work as a bridge.

What might make the human not want to step there?

People think caterpillars are cute and adorable right?

Click the caterpillar, then click the ant.



This game is really frustrating. the controls are terrible


am i the only one who feels dumb when the review says how simple it is and then i can't figure it out??


I played this at another website. It was a little tricky but it was a good game. Thanks for Posting,Grinny.

defenseof January 28, 2010 4:15 PM

Not bad, short and can understand the frustrations, especially since the item blanks are strange for that throws you. But once I got the concept behind it the game went fairly smoothly.

For those frustrated:

Just remember that you have click around a good deal and that things aren't open to you unless you get the sequence correct. And note that you have to come back to the ant frequently to move it into a new sequence position, which then opens up other items to be clicked on, but yes there is only one item you need in your inventory

awesomelyawesomeAJ January 28, 2010 4:39 PM

Why did they make a button that has no purpose, and is unusable because you only have ONE inventory item? If they made the game longer it would be a lot more enjoyable, because the + button would ACTUALLY have a purpose.

queen-of-diamonds January 28, 2010 4:52 PM

I liked it, pretty simple, though it took me a while to realise

I could feed the bird more than one seed at a time.

But I do agree about the + button and the extra spaces in the inventory though... they're completely useless... unless there a second part coming up where we'll need those items? Dunno.

MmeTurbulence January 28, 2010 6:22 PM

It looks like they are using the same engine as for their Reef Escape game, where the + button is actually used. Still would have been better if they'd taken it out for this game :/

nerdypants January 28, 2010 8:25 PM

Am I the only one who saw no point in

the ant climbing over that little twig after it passes the bird? That made no sense to me. Maybe I missed something.

MmeTurbulence January 28, 2010 11:13 PM

It's because

there is a line of poison that the ant can't cross


i can't get the frog to eath the fly :/


Man, no kidding it's short. Bad controls, too.

I have to agree with an evaluation of "Meh."


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