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Hidden Hills

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Hidden Hills

elleCan you, without exceeding the click limit, search out and collect all 125 objects camouflaged among these Hidden Hills? Do that fast as you can and not only will you feel like an awesomesauced super searcher, you'll brag the highest score. If your fingers are already more fidgety than poised over bubble wrap in contemplation of it, then this pure hidden object game from EvilLemon is designed just for you. The saturated springtime hues and fanciful scenery is easy on the eyes although it isn't as simplistic as it sounds—the design's quite clever and keen eyesight with a smidgen of strategy is required because you must complete your first set to earn more clicks and continue. So have patience and be willing strain your eyes to catch all objects; some are easily seen, others surreptitiously blend in while changing cursor wards off chagrin. Yet the artwork is so pretty, taking the time to just lazily gaze is equally enjoyable. Seeking a light, quick and relaxing means to while away a few minutes? Then...

Play Hidden Hills

Walkthrough Guide

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Hidden Hills Walkthrough

Economize your clicks...

When you find all objects in a set, you'll be given 20 more clicks.

That means the two sets of 30, or a set of 30 and 25, cannot be completed concurrently. You'll need to do a smaller somewhere in between to end up with the extra clicks needed.


SCREENSHOT: Music Notes Locations

  1. On a fruit, in the tree's upper branches.

  2. Hanging from the clothesline.

  3. On the cow.

  4. On the white sack by the gnome's foot.

  5. On the gnome's inside knee.

  6. Near the shelf above the cat.

  7. In the sky.

  8. Also in the sky.

  9. and another in the sky.

  10. The cover of the gnome's book.


SCREENSHOT: Numbers Locations

  1. Bottom left corner of the screen, on the pumpkin.

  2. On the baseball.

  3. On the empty milk bottle.

  4. By the clock of the middle building.

  5. Above the clock on the cat's building.

  6. To the right of the gnome's shoulder, on the grass.

  7. On the large green bottle.

  8. To the right of the gnome's foot, on the lighter orange gemstone.

  9. On the bottom of the gnome's shoe.

  10. Near the bottom of the screen, on the top of the large orange gemstone.


SCREENSHOT: Eggs Locations

  1. In tree's leaves, under brown lizard.

  2. In tree's leaves, under snake.

  3. In tree's leaves, near upper edge and sky.

  4. On tree trunk, next to green lizard.

  5. At base of tree, under doll's feet.

  6. At base of tree, to the right of the pumpkin face.

  7. By the cow's tail.

  8. On the grass, under the cow.

  9. By the milk bottle that's to the right of the cow.

  10. Between the two buildings, above the clock.

  11. Another between the two buildings, above the clock.

  12. At the base of the white sack, to the left of the cat.

  13. Above the basketball, on the bank of the pond.

  14. To the right of the basketball, under the pipe.

  15. In front of the basketball.

  16. Next to the orange gemstone, near the bottom of the screen.

  17. In the water, left of the green bottles.

  18. To the right of the large green bottle.

  19. Next to the gnome's hip, blended with his pants.

  20. Between the gnome's hip and the mouth of the large green bottle.

  21. On the brim of the gnome's hat.

  22. Also on the brim of the gnome's hat.

  23. On the point of the gnome's hat.

  24. On the shelf, above the cat's doorway.

  25. Below and to the right of the cat, by the gnome's pant hem.


SCREENSHOT: Hearts Locations

  1. Upper left corner of the screen, in the tree leaves.

  2. On the snake, in the tree's leaves.

  3. To the right of the snake, in the tree.

  4. On the tree trunk, above the green lizard.

  5. On the pumpkin face, at the base of the tree.

  6. In the grass, to the right of the pumpkin face.

  7. In the grass, a smidgen to the right of #6.

  8. On the cow.

  9. Just above the cow.

  10. Under the cow's nose.

  11. On the clock.

  12. On the lemon.

  13. On the middle building, just above its clock.

  14. On the cat's building, just above its clock.

  15. Below the cat's building's clock.

  16. On the left edge of the cat's building.

  17. On the white sack, to the left of the cat.

  18. On the tip of the gnome's shoe.

  19. On the grass, to the left of the gnome's book.

  20. Between the gnome's knees.

  21. On the gnome's sleeve.

  22. On the gnome's pants leg.

  23. On the pond's bank, by the gnome's foot.

  24. Near the bottom of the screen, the orange gemstone.

  25. At the bottle of the large green bottle.

  26. To the right of the gnome's foot, on the smaller orange gemstone.

  27. On the rock, just below the gnome's hip.

  28. To the right of the gnome's shoulder.

  29. The gnome's cheek.

  30. The flower on the gnome's hat.


SCREENSHOT: Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Locations

  1. In the upper right leaves of the tree.

  2. Just below the brown lizard, in the tree.

  3. By the head of the green lizard, on the tree.

  4. Above the doll's head, on the tree.

  5. On the cow.

  6. On the window of the building above the cow.

  7. On the top right side of the building above the cow.

  8. On the lower right side of the building by the cow.

  9. Below the middle building's clock.

  10. On the edge of the middle building below the clothe's line.

  11. By the clock on the cat's building.

  12. To the left of the cat's doorway.

  13. On the grass, to the right of the lemon.

  14. On the large orange gemstone near the bottom of the screen.

  15. On the pipe above the pond.

  16. On the small green bottle by the pond.

  17. On the bottom of the gnome's show.

  18. On the gnome's knee.

  19. Inside edge of the gnome's pants.

  20. To the right of the gnome's elbow, on the grass.


SCREENSHOT: Stars Locations

  1. In the far upper left corner of the screen.

  2. Right next to #1.

  3. On the snake, in the tree.

  4. To the right of the snake, in the tree's leaves.

  5. On the green lizard, on the tree trunk.

  6. To the right of #5, on the wall of the tiniest building.

  7. Below the doll's hand.

  8. By the eye of the pumpkin face.

  9. On the cheek of the pumpkin face.

  10. On the cow's head.

  11. At the cow's feet, on the grass.

  12. On the empty milk bottle.

  13. On the blanket on the clothesline.

  14. Above the window of the small building.

  15. Above the clock of the middle building.

  16. On the face of the clock of the cat's building.

  17. The side of the plant on the shelf above the cat.

  18. In the dark, above the cat.

  19. To the right of the cat, on the building.

  20. The side of the gnome's shoe.

  21. On the gnome's hat.

  22. On the gnome's chest.

  23. On the gnome's shoulder.

  24. To the right of the gnome, on the grass.

  25. Below the gnome, on the rock.

  26. The front of the large green bottle.

  27. Slightly lower than #26.

  28. On the basketball.

  29. Bottom edge of the scene, on the grass.

  30. On the pink locket that's below the lemon.


Without the changing cursor this would have been literally impossible; twice I found myself with one click left praying that the invisible shape under the cursor was the one I needed right then.


Do not play during daytime. I had some sun coming from my window and even when I was inches away from my screen, I could barely see the shapes on the darker colors, making it pretty uncomfortable to play. I'm sure it adds to the difficulty, but I found it pretty annoying. I'll try again later tonight with all the lights off to see if it's any better.

[Could you also adjust the brightness settings on your monitor? I played this during the day and, though it does require a very keen eye as some items are well camouflaged, I was able to see the objects distinctly enough...once I found them that is! -elle]

primeantics March 24, 2013 2:07 PM

Arrrgghh! Why do developers make games that can't be zoomed! We don't all have perfect eyesight, you know. It's especially irksome in a hidden object game because I can't make out a darned thing!


I COULD adjust my monitor settings, but I really shouldn't have to, that's just poor game design.

jcfclark March 24, 2013 3:50 PM

Pretty little Sunday afternoon game resulting in severe eye strain.


*raises hand*

Another of the over-40 group who are really struggling with this game.


I had to get out my Virtual Magnifying Glass. But even with that, there were some shapes that I could only find using the changing cursor.

I like the idea of earning more clicks by completing sets.


Not my favourite kind of "hidden object" game. I prefer the kind that involves actual objects cleverly hidden amongst clutter and relies less on just having slightly discoloured bits of background in a particular shape.


too annoying, too small to stick with it... sorry :/

HammyJay March 25, 2013 1:40 PM

Sorry, have to agree with most everyone else. I found myself straaaaaaaiiinnning to see alot of the smaller objects, I mean really straining (glasses off, nose two inches from monitor). Nice idea about earning clicks, but just way to small and discreet for most, I think.


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