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ChiktionaryHeist: A Thief's NightmareGet your Halloween treat bags ready all you fans of the point-and-click horror genres for a double dose of Oz Mafioso. Heist: A Thief's Nightmare and Heist 2: Greed is Hell are two creepy treats that will have you playing the role of a thief to avoid death traps in a creepy, abandoned house while seeking out some loot. And you might not get out alive. Cat burglars might have nine lives, but common thieves only get three.
Using your mouse navigate through creepy, old houses to find keys, unlock doors, search rooms, and use objects to assist you in your thieving quest. There are certain unexpected twists along the way, which Oz Mafioso refers to as "random death sequences".

Heist: A Thief's NightmareIn the first game, you've just broken a window to gain entry into an empty house. In this old place you've got to find and use implements to gain access to rooms and closets. To do this, click the "Use" button and then on the item you wish to use. There's also a "Map" button which gives you a basic floor-plan of the house. Clickable areas are indicated by a changing cursor, although there will be a little bit of hunting around for out of the way areas of interest. You'll need to have your reflexes ready for the random death traps, which will involve you having to click or use the [arrow] keys. There are 'easter-eggs' in the form of an in-game surprise if you combine the right objects, and 'unlocks' which can be accessed from the main menu once the game has been successfully completed once. Oz Mafioso has creatively combined high-pitched tense music, creepy sound effects, great visuals and cartoon horror which, with the element of surprise, makes for truly an on-edge experience.

Heist 2: Greed Is HellIn the sequel, after a long, but not so leisurely drive through the country on a dark and stormy night, you once again find yourself in an old house, but this time you're smart; this time you're actually wearing a balaclava. As in the first Heist episode, you need to locate keys to unlock doors and find various items hidden in corners. The navigation is a little more awkward in this episode with [arrows] glowing momentarily to point the way, but your cursor will change on clickable hotspots such as entryways or points of interest, which does help. Again you've got three chances to survive the random death sequences, and again you won't know whether to use your keyboard or mouse until virtually the last second. Like the first Heist, you'll experience the tension and frustration of having to avoid and survive death traps, but with more great graphics and sound effects Heist 2 is another freaky Halloween treat to be enjoyed.

Both episodes are relatively short games, but there can be had quite a bit of creepiness, some on-edge moments and not just a small dose of frustration. The random death sequences can throw the game, particularly as you won't know whether to use your mouse or keyboard until virtually the last second. You may experience some frustration at these moments, but I'm sure you'll agree these points in the game contribute to an atmosphere of tension and unease, which is just what we like at Halloween. Right?

Play Heist: A Thief's Nightmare

Play Heist 2: Greed Is Hell

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Heist 1 Walkthrough:

A couple of things that might be handy to know before you start:

Random Death Sequences

These will occur at random points throughout the game. If you manage to beat them they will keep occurring. You'll know when one is about to happen when a cut-scene begins.


This one happens in the kitchen.

When you see your character onscreen, hit the right arrow on your keyboard, to avoid receiving an axe in the back of the head. I haven't seen any variations on this one.


This one happens in the bedroom.

When you see your character walking in through the door, get your mouse ready to click on a red spot that will appear with the accompanying words "Click Here". This one varies. Sometimes it's on the left. Sometimes it's on the right.

Utility Room

Nothing to do in this room.

Hallway 1

Note a space for a picture on the wall, a bedroom door and a clue can be located at the base of the doorframe leading to the Living Room.

Living Room

Note the chandelier


Note the locked cupboards, and the plunger next to the sink.

Hallway 2

Two doors, one to the bathroom and one cracked one to a bedroom. Note the cobwebs.


Take the (bedroom) key from the sink. Note the hole in the floorboards. Hole is too small to fit through for now. Look in the toilet. Yup, it's gross. Go back to the bedroom in Hallway 1.


An empty room, except for the curtained window. Open the curtains.

A little bit of pixel hunting here to locate the end of the cord, bottom right of the window.

Take matches. Go back to the living room.

Living Room

Light a match and use it on the chandelier.

When all 6 candles are lit, a panel will appear on the wall.

Click on the panel to take the (kitchen cupboard) key


Open the right cupboard and take the extension cord.

Click "Use" then click on the plunger and then the sink. Go back to Hallway 2.

Hallway 2

Use a match on the cobwebs to retrieve a hammer.


Check the toilet again and find a bottle.

Use the hammer on the cracked pipe under the sink. Take (closet) key.

Easter Egg

Light a match and hold it up to the mirror


Now to that hole. Click on it to remove more of the floorboards. Down we go.

Under the Bathroom

A harmless little demon. Locate the bird emblem coin and take it. Go straight back up into the bathroom before the demon decides to get all malevolent. Then go back to the bedroom.


Click on the closet door and note the cute teddy bear with one eye.

Click to the right inside the closet and take the freaky picture and the snake emblem coin. Now back to the teddy bear.

Where could the bear's other eye be?

Check the bottle you extracted from the toilet.

Return the eye to it's rightful owner.


Watch the cut-scene as the bear comes to life. Get your reflexes ready.

The bear will emerge from the closet and the battle begins. You'll need to hit the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard to avoid his knives and the laser beams that shoot from his eye-sockets.

The keyboard sequence is as follows:
Spacebar - quickly and repeatedly

Now that you've knocked the stuffing out of that bear, look in the closet again for the snake emblem coin, then head back to Hallway 1

Hallway 1

Hang the picture and note the clue that appears

X MarkSpot

Where have you seen an X in the house?

The bedroom window perhaps…


Open the curtains again.

The shadow of a big cross appears on the floor.

Click on the very centre of the cross.

Take the ruby necklace.

Time to confront some demons.

Under the Bathroom

Click at the far end of this room. There's a small opening in the corner.

Secret Room

Another great big hole. To get down safely you'll need something like a rope.

Click on the extension cord and then on the rusty pipe. The cord will attach.

To use the extension cord, click "Use" then on the extension cord, and then on the hole. Click "Go Down"

Acid Pit

Thankfully you get an unlimited number of attempts to traverse this acid pit.

Keyboard sequence is as follows:

Now you'll find yourself looking at a wall with a green wheel. Click on it for a close-up.

Here's where you insert the 3 emblem coins collected throughout the house. Note the numbered spaces.

Insert the coins in the following order:

3 Different Solutions

Solution 1 (gets you $500,000) :

Solution 2 (gets you $1000,000):

Solution 3 (gets you $3,500,000):

Ending, or is it just the beginning…?

Depending on the amount of money you manage to nab, you can unlock special features once you've completed the game. Go to the main menu, select "Unlocks" and shop away.

Heist 2 walkthrough:

Object of the game

The object of this chapter is to find 8 stashes of cash hidden around the house, not including the money that's in the safe, and get out alive. There‘s a Save feature in this game and it‘s highly recommended.

Crowbar locations

The crowbar, a tool with multiple uses, will be in one of three locations, which changes each game.

In the laundry to the right of the dryer.

Under the spiral staircase.

On the back of the sofa upstairs (near the bedroom door).

Random Death Sequence (RDS) info

Going from the hallway with the picture to the staircase (that's hitting the down arrow at the bottom of the screen like you're going backwards) there's some acid goo sticking to the top of the doorframe. There's a brief cut-scene showing the green goo. Hit the right arrow when you see the shot of the thief directly after seeing the goo. Even if you beat the goo, this sequence is likely to occur again during the game.

This one's a one-off event. When you hear the telephone ringing and go back to answer it, you'll see a zombie outside on the balcony, moving from the left of screen. All you need to do is click on the door- latch to lock the zombie out. If you've saved your progress you might want to watch what happens. You've got nothing to lose - except one of your three lives.

The RDS at the end of the game is not really random, because it happens every time you play at the same point in the game. It's basically a battle with the zombie, using your arrow keys. I found that hitting the keys rapidly and repeatedly worked best. The keyboard sequence is:-
As soon as the thief has punched the zombie hit the space bar as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the thief will snap out of his stupor and finish the battle.

Money Stash Locations

There are eight stashes of money apart from the loot in the safe, and they can be found with some patient pixel hunting. Locations as follows:

When you're outside on the balcony looking in to the room with the spiral staircase, there's a stash in the bottom left corner of the screen.

On the right side of the staircase in the spiral staircase room

On the left side of the couch upstairs

In the drawer by the microwave (opened by crowbar)

On the body lying on the couch

In the box on the top shelf in the room with the dog

In the storage room where you find the gasoline, under the table near the thief's avatar.

In the spider's lair, in the webbing on the bottom left corner of the room


There's absolutely nothing to do in this room.


Very basic. You can try opening the door but it will show a padlock indicating it's locked. A microwave oven, some locked drawers, a noticeboard with a memo and a note. Click the note, read something about locking doors. Click ‘X' and take the key that falls onto the bench. You can try using the key on the door but it won‘t work. The door just has a latch that can be unlocked by clicking on it.


There's not a lot to experience on the balcony other than the atmosphere of creepiness and stormy weather.

Money Stash #1

Go to the window at the end of the balcony, that looks in to the room with the spiral staircase. Click around the bottom left of the screen.

Head back inside and head to the Living Room if you like. Well that's where we're going in the walkthrough.

Living Room

Not much to see right now. A telephone plugged into the wall. Doors that can be latched and unlatched. Next we‘re going to see what‘s on the other side of the foyer.

Foyer B

In this foyer there are three doors - the front door, bathroom and hallway. The key you got in the kitchen fits the hallway door lock.

*RDS Alert*

Acid Goo above the thief. A quick cut-scene will show you the dripping goo. As soon as it cuts back to the thief, hit the right arrow on your keyboard and he should calmly step to the side.

A painting nailed to the wall and 3 ways to go. Here the down arrow does not take you back to the second foyer, which is mildly annoying. The down arrow takes you to the room with the spiral staircase. The right arrow goes into a laundry, or utilities room. It's the left arrow that will take you back to the second foyer. Next up is info on the laundry room.

Laundry/Utilities Room

You might find a crowbar here, and you might not. What you will find is that the dryer is locked (?!) and the washer's lid is stuck. You will also find a book of matches when you click between the washer and the dryer. Click back to the hallway then the down arrow to go to the room with the staircase.

Room with Staircase

The crowbar might be here under the stairs. Money Stash #2

Click around to the right of the spiral staircase.

Click on the stairs to go up.

Room with the Couch

Nice. Someone's left a dead body on the lounge. And the telephone's just started to ring. If you haven't found the crowbar by now, it will be here on the top/back of the couch.
Money Stash #3

Click around the left side of the couch.

Money Stash #4

Click on the dead body

You can try the bedroom door but it's locked for now. The telephone is still ringing. Maybe answer it?

Room with the Telephone *RDS Alert*

The moon looks beautiful. And there's a cut-scene happening. A zombie is just outside and looks like it wants in.

Make sure the door's locked or the zombie will get in and take one of your lives. It's actually kinda cool to watch if you think you can spare a life.

Now that we've got a crowbar, let's try it out.


After hearing the thump from upstairs and watching plaster fall from the ceiling you can go into the kitchen. Creepy zombie is back! The crowbar will open a limited number of drawers. Here you'll find another key (bathroom), and possibly Money Stash #5.


Using the key from the kitchen drawer, access the bathroom where you will find some pills next to the sink, and a knife on the toilet cistern. Note the towels. Note the vent that can be switched on and off. Now we'll try the crowbar in the laundry.


Use the crowbar on the washer to obtain the bedroom key. The dryer is unlockable. Now we'll go use the key upstairs.


On your way past, use the crowbar on the painting nails, to reveal a safe. Because we‘re passing into the staircase room, *RDS Alert*, the acid goo again, possibly. If not this time, next time. You just never know. It is a ‘Random' Death Sequence after all.


Three directions here - left, right and forward. Click to go forward. Can't enter this room yet, but would you want to? Take note of the air vent near the spider. Back out and go right.

Darkened Room

You'll see light coming in through a window with what looks like blood splashed on the pane. If you move your cursor around the left of the screen, you'll find a clickable point which is a light switch. Creepy moment when the light comes on to reveal blood spattered walls and some floppy, mysterious meat. Take the meat and head back out and left.

Room with the Dog

Oh no. It's another teddy bear. Looks harmless this time, but so did the last one. Use the knife to reveal some stuffing and a key for the storage room. Check the boxes on the shelves and locate Money Stash #6. It would be nice to befriend the dog to get past it, but floppy, mysterious meat is not enough to pacify. There's something else you're carrying that might help.

The pills. Put them in the dog's bowl, then put the floppy, mysterious meat on top. The dog will eat and go to sleep. Yes, that's right. He's only sleeping.

Storage Room

Not much to see here. Take the can of gasoline, and click under the table near the avatar's head for Money Stash #7. Next part of the walkthrough takes place in the bathroom.


Turn the air vent on, and use the gasoline and the matches on the towels. The matches won't work unless the vent is on. Note the smoke going in to the vent. That should take care of Eency-Weency.

Room with the Spider

You‘ll first see the spider on its back, twitching, before you can enter the room. Once inside, note the spider victim, and take the small piece of paper near the victim's foot, behind some webbing. Also, Money Stash #8 can be located

in the webbing, bottom left corner

Best make sure the fire is out.


The fire is out, and the towels have been reduced to ash. And there's a small piece of paper. Another number.

Cheat aka Battle avoidance:

You can actually avoid any further death sequences and use the two numbers you've got on the safe, and guess the third. When you click on the pieces of paper, they'll appear on your screen in the order that they need to be entered in to the safe, from top to bottom. So you can guess the missing number, and leave via the front door. Or you can try for that last piece of paper, because it will look good in your stats at the end of the game.

Room with the telephone
*RDS Alert*

This isn't so random and happens every game, same place, and same point in the game. As soon as you step into this room again, a cut-scene will start. The keyboard sequence is
As soon as the thief has punched the zombie, hit the space bar as quickly as possible. Hopefully the thief will snap out of his stupor and finish the battle.
Take the last piece of paper and head back to the safe.


Once you've entered the numbers and taken the loot, you can leave via the front door. The ending is basically a display of your game stats. There is a store where you can ‘purchase' some night vision goggles, which will enhance the game next time you play.

Thanks to Oz Mafioso for help with locating the money stashes :-) Oz is currently working on Heist 3, which is due to be released in the very near future.

Extra info for the Heist 1 walkthrough - an explanation of the coin clues from Oz Mafioso

Mouse1 + Snake3 + Bird5 = $500,000 - Clue: "In the order of life, the odds should you favor" meaning snake eats the mouse and bird eats the snake so smallest to largest, and to only put the coins in odd numbers only.

Bird5 + Snake4 + Mouse2 = $3,500,000 - Clue: "With 11 total, 5 can take flight" meaning their numbered places will add up to 11 and the bird would be in the 5 slot and the snake in 4 and the mouse in 2, adding up to 11.

Mouse3 + Bird1 + Snake4 = $1,000,000 - Clue: "With 8 in total, half in form of a serpent" meaning the snake is half of 8 so it would go in 4 and the Bird in 1 and the mouse in 3, adding up to 8.

Thanks Oz!


Well, I feel incompetent. I've got the Matches, Extension Cord, and two keys (large and small), and I'm now stuck and unable to make any progress. Any ideas?


I'm enjoying the first one so far. I don't mind the random deaths since it doesn't take much time to get back where you were.

Has anyone been able to pick up the plunger?

And I'm stuck

In the crawlspace under the bathroom. How do you get past the ghost cat?


Walkthrough anyone?


I'm stuck really early on in the first one; I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if something's wrong.

I've been able to

obtain a bottle which appears to have an eye in it by

using the plunger in the kitchen sink

, but I can't seem to find any other objects (except some writing on the wall), and can't seem to interact with anything else.

Both bedrooms are locked, I can't find a way to the entrance hall, and that's about it.


I feel like a fail.

I can't get anywhere in the first one.

Ground Chuck October 26, 2010 7:10 PM

Ashiel, I did too, until I found:

a small key in the bathroom

on the sink

But I need help with the demon. I have

the empty bottle after killing the teddy bear from H311


Thanks! I knew the plunger was related to the

err...water in the toilet.

but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

Any hints for the ghostcat? I have

bedroom key, matches, extension cord, hammer, three coins, an empty bottle, two smaller keys, and a disturbing portrait.

Anonymous October 26, 2010 7:15 PM

Well, I'm at a loss. I

killed the teddy bear, got the large ruby from under the floorboards in the bedroom and found 3 coins

and now I'm stuck. How do I

get past the cat ghost under the bathroom



where do you find the third coin? i have

ruby, two keys, empty bottle, hammer, matches and a key .... i tied the extension cord to the rusty pipe but i cant continue...

Ground Chuck October 26, 2010 7:28 PM

Have the 3 coins, no other loot


And where's the writing on the wall?



I see no note pinned to the kitchen wall. However, I'd missed the key on the bathroom sink, so that helped.

Ground Chuck October 26, 2010 7:30 PM

Never mind, I found it

X marks the spot


for the ruby:

the hint on the picture once you hang it on the wall says "X marks the spot"

need more?

go to the bedroom and open the blinds, click in the middle of the X that appears on the floor


wheres the note on the wall? i thought i had everything but i still die when i

jump down the tunnel


Thanks Chiktionary!

I'm out of the first one, now to roll up my sleeves for the second one.


what do you do with the coins? the hints are sooo vague....


In the second one I have:

matches, a crowbar, and two keys

and I've

looted the guy upstairs and taken the painting off the wall. I don't have any idea what the safe combination might be though.

Am I missing something obvious?


I've been in

the bloody room, and got some mystery meat. I haven't been in the spider room yet though.

I thought I could throw the meat out the window and try to lure it away, but no dice.


mm...the hungry dog doesn't like meat?

i could knock him out, can't I?

Match? what is it good for?


ok...i found some more things

use crowbar to open up washing machine and you get a key to bathroom

how to combine the items?

infeliciter October 26, 2010 10:43 PM

im so confused on the 2nd game.
i have the...

matches, meat, crowbar, knife and pills. also the keys for the hallway, bathroom, bedroom and storage room. cant seem to figure out how to get past either beast.

it looks like the...

vent in the bathroom will somehow let you dispatch the giant spider. unfortunately i cant seem to figure it out.

infeliciter October 26, 2010 10:49 PM

power of posting!!! hahaha


Can someone please tell me where to get

the matches? They are the only item I absolutely can't find.

infeliciter October 26, 2010 11:18 PM


when doing laundry where do you lose things?

in between the wash and dryer


Just played first one.

Game's pretty terrible.

Parts are too pixel huntish, quick time events are the pariah of any gamer's life, you only get about a quarter second to respond to some quick times (the average human reaction time is .5 seconds, so you have to play each part repeatedly to memorize the combination. or that you're supposed to click a certain spot to not get your face sliced off), and you have to start over completely when you lose all three lives.


Oh, I forgot to complain about the purchasable items that don't seem to do anything.


Yeah, forget the second game.

There's some dumb quick time battle sequence and no matter how faster I press spacebar it doesn't do anything, so I guess it's something I'll never get to complete.

vederblich October 27, 2010 9:17 AM

Is anyone else confused by the wonky controls? The "use" button just makes a sound and I don't know when/if you really need to press it when interacting with stuff. The keys seem to work by themselves, but everything else feels difficult to manage and it's hard to know if something didn't work because it's not supposed to, or if it was just the wrong pixel to press... Also, I tried to turn around and go back into the supply room, plus find the main entrance shown on the map, for a very long time.


The second game is far better than the first one.

I'm going to play again to find more money stacks and possibly find an alternate storyline.


I played through the second twice, but it didn't save my money.


Both games suffer from glaring UI problems (pixel hunting and the unintuitive "use" button that doesn't even change the cursor in game one, that awful "field of view moves with your mouse cursor" effect in game two), and the concept of "lives" in a game is a concept that was annoying back when it had a purpose (getting kids to put more quarters in machines) and is inexcusable these days.

Anonymous October 27, 2010 6:30 PM

I have pretty fast reflexes, but couldn't get past the

acid trap

on the first game. After trying about ten times, I gave up. I didn't even try to play the second one.

I did like

fighting the teddy bear, except for the annoying keyboard use.

This really should not have the "pointandclick" tag.


Thanks Chiktionary! I am honored that you took the time to review some of my work :) I learned a lot while making these and I promise that Heist III will deliver! Expect it no later than Halloween 2011! Oh!

Orchestrated Death 2 will be out any day now, it's finished, just have to make a couple things final and it should hit the web in the next couple days to early November. Just figured I'd throw that out there in case you might want to review it :)

Thanks again!

Oz Mafioso



Sorry you hated the game :( like I mentioned previously, I learned a lot from making the first 2 and I'll attempt to fix any issues people found with the first 2.

Now as far as the ending fight scene, it's fairly simple, just tap the space key as fast as you can. It's at a pace that anyone should be able to manage, maybe I should have made it more clear on the speed of tapping or something of the sort or maybe a counter to add up how many taps were needed.


@Oz Mafioso

The fact is I was tapping the space bar as fast as I could. It didn't seem to help.


@Oz Mafioso

Out of fairness, I will play the new game you have coming out. We'll see what all you learned.



Sorry for misspelling your name the first time. Sorry it didn't work out for ya :( Thanks for playing however!


A great surprise to hear "Increased Chances" during the intro to #2! :)


Heist 2 Walkthrough

  1. Go to the kitchen. Read paper, when X'd out a key will fall. Collect it.

  2. Go to the entrance hallway, open the Hallway door.

  3. Look for the crowbar, it is randomly placed in one of three places: Next to the dryer in the utility room, In the room with the staircase, or upstairs on top of the couch.

  4. Go upstairs and click on the corpse to loot it, the phone will begin to ring, go back downstairs to the glass double doors. A real-time cutscene will occur followed by a death trap. To avoid death, simply hook the latch-lock on the glass doors.

  5. Go to the kitchen and use the crowbar on the top-right drawer, this will give you the upstairs hallway key.

  6. Go to the utility room and use the crowbar on the jammed washer lid. This will require four attempts, it will open on the fourth and the bathroom key is inside. Also check between the washer anddryer to collect a book of matches.

  7. Go the bathroom and collect the knife on the toilet & the bottle of pills on the sink. Proceed back upstairs.

  8. Go through the hallway door and take a right to a dark room. Pickup the floppy mysterious meat.

  9. Go back to the hallway and take a left to the main room. Use the knife on the stuffed animal, and collect the key inside.

  10. Use bottle of pills with the dog's bowl, then use the floppy mysterious meat with the dog's bowl.

  11. Enter storage room and pick up the gas can on the counter. Proceed back downstairs to the bathroom.

  12. Use the gas can with the stack of towels on the shelf, turn on the ceiling vent, then use the matches with the gas-soaked towels.

  13. Head back upstairs, enter the hallway and click on the keyhole on the door directly in front of you. After seeing the coast is clear, enter the room and pick up the paper fragment by the spider victim (The first of three fragments with numbers).

  14. Go back downstairs to the bathroom, collect the paper fragment on the ashy towel remains.

  15. Go back towards the room with the telephone, a cutscene will occur as you enter the room. The correct key sequence is: down, down, up, tap space rapidly.

  16. Pick up the paper fragment next to the (now official, hehe) corpse. Now go to the hallway and use the crowbar on all four nails in each corner of the painting, then use it on the painting itself. Now operate the safe.

  17. Enter the combination according to the paper fragments collected (from top to bottom). Also note that the combination is random every time you begin a new game.

  18. Exit through front door and that's it!


Heist: a thief's nightmare

  1. Make your way through the house to the bathroom.

  2. Grab the key on the sink.

  3. Go back to the kitchen and use the plunger to unblock the sink.

  4. Return to the bathroom and get the bottle from the toilet.

  5. Go back to the hallway and you can now enter the locked bedroom there with the key.

  6. In the bedroom open the curtains and get the book ot matches.

  7. As per the hint in the hallway, go into the living room and light all six candles.

  8. Get the small key from the secret hole.

  9. Go to the kitch and unlock the right hand cupboard and get the electric cable.

  10. Go to the hallway by the toilet and use another match to burn away the cobweb.

  11. You will then reach in and get the hammer.

  12. Go to the toilet and make the hole bigger with the hammer.

  13. Go into the hole and get the bird emblem coin.

  14. Back in the bathroom use the hammer again to bang the pipe by the sink to get another key.

  15. You can now open the closet in the bedroom. Do this and pick up the creepy picture and the mouse emblem coin.

  16. Go to the hallway and re-hang the picture.

  17. As per the "X marks the spot" hint go back to the bedroom, open the curtains and click on the "X".

  18. Pick up the ruby necklace.

  19. Open the closet and put the missing eye back in the teddy. The eye is in the bottle.

  20. You need to be quick now to dodge the bear's attack.

  21. Once you've overcome the bear get the snake emblem coin from the closet.

  22. With all three emblems you can now get past the spirit in the hole underneath the bathroom.

  23. You then come up inside the locked bedroom.

  24. Tie the electric cable on the pipe and enter the hole. You need to click on the cable before clicking on the hole.

  25. You need to be quick again to jump across the stepping stones to the final room.


There i helped you with both games


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chrpa Jayisgames really needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Wecome to PC Tuesday - this week presents a chemical grid-based puzzler Hidden Oxygen by Meek Bits! The word 'chemical' in the game's description can be a...  ...
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