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Haniwa Trick

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haniwa.png haniwa1.png

Few months ago we played a nice little game by Seal Dog (WE N°319) and could be seen then that the dev is promising. It wasn't just an impression - their latest game is an excellent escape in the best tradition of the genre. It's a pure joy to play it!

haniwa2.pngAll components of the game are very well done - the graphics are simple, but what escapists are missing in the last months and years aren't the visuals but the content. And it's rich - clever and intuitive puzzles, with many fresh and interesting ideas.

You find yourself locked in a pottery workshop and the key from the door leading to the freedom is hopelessly broken into four pieces. You have to find all the pieces and then make a new pottery key - everything needed is in the pottery shop, a clay, tools, and a pottery kiln, too. Just look around and start!

This game is fair. The clues are clear and sufficient, though it may take a while to figure them out and realise how to combine them. Thinking out of the box is required - but the aha-moment(s) so satisfying!


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This was good. Except for the clock puzzle, which I though had something to do with the oven.


How adorable!


Cute. Got ridiculously tripped up on the code for the upstairs six-digit box, though…

I thought that last word was MIKE. So I sat there thinking, "What on earth is TEACIP?" Felt mighty foolish when I realized I had overlooked the slash on the microphone—that word was MUTE.  🙃

stuckinabasement April 23, 2022 6:14 PM replied to Jazzer

This was a toughie but a goodie for me.
I brute forced the clock, as well as the middle one of the three dials in the box just as you come upstairs.

And I enjoyed the minigame within the game.

kksl1der20 April 25, 2022 1:19 PM replied to stuckinabasement

The clue for the middle symbol on the box with 3 symbols upstairs

Play the video game-within-a-game, then take a second look at the TV screen.

stuckinabasement April 26, 2022 6:47 PM replied to chrpa

Thanks, chrpa and kksl1der20.

I racked my brain on the clock one - did not see that hint at all!


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