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Hana's Room 1

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Rating: 3.9/5 (91 votes)
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Hana's Room 1 If you like your escape games short and sweet, Vitamin Hana's Hana's Room 1 definitely fits the bill, but while it doesn't present a head scratcher, it does present smart, intuitive puzzles wrapped up in a cute and cheery style. The cursor won't change when you pass over something you can interact with, but largely there's no pixel hunting to be had. To examine an item up close, first click it in your inventory to pick it up, then click the "About Item" button while holding it. For the most part, Hana's Room 1 is all about locks and codes, and all of it is logical, if not particularly difficult. Though it's very much a ten minute escape at most, it's an excellent warm-up for any fan, and its colourful style makes it something we hope is just the tip of the iceberg from its creator in the future.
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Never solved the 4 color numeric puzzle, but was able to easily brute force the clock puzzle.

merchantfan March 21, 2015 3:58 PM


I'm not sure what I was supposed to do with the pillow. I had to just guess the order of the pillow symbols alone with the clock time. There was also nothing in the color cabinet. That was strange.


Well, I'm stuck. I have opened the clock. I have glue and a ring-thing. It seems like I should do something with the plastic thing on the clock, but nothing happens when I attack it with the glue or the ring.

Some hints:

3-number puzzle with the tree:

Count the trees in the picture.

3-shape puzzle:

The pink pillow can be placed on the couch.

4-dials puzzle:

Use the magnifying glass on the dots in the book.

4-colours puzzle:

Look carefully at the rainbow picture.

Use the magnifying glass.


The color cabinet has a piece of paper with a clue.


POP: I got something off the clock. I don't know how I missed the hot spot so many times. Now I have glue and two pieces of something that's very blurry in the About. I'm sure I'm supposed to combine the pieces with the glue, but I can't guess how.


POP again. The eleventy-twelfth time I tried gluing the non-ring piece, the glue stuck.

Carny Asada March 21, 2015 5:25 PM replied to merchantfan

Barbara: You have to combine the final items in the right order.

Easy and fair, although I agree that the "ring thing" was not drawn very clearly. I thought it was a roll of duct tape and was trying to use it to stick stuff together. Finally figured it out.


Re: The colour code

There is a picture in the room that has the same colours, you might need to look a bit closer at it...

Use the magnifying glass on the rainbow picture, specifically where the dots are

There also should definitely be something in there, a piece of paper that helps with another puzzle!

Re: The pillow

I did have to click a few times to get the right hot spot, but it should let you put it between the other two pillows already on the sofa to give you the correct code for that puzzle.

Other than some fiddly having-to-combine-items-in-a-specific-order bits, I liked this one!


Walkthrough for those who need it

Zoom in on the sofa, click twice to lift both the pillows and find the bottle of glue.

Zoom in on the bookshelf, and click on the brown book leaning on the right of the top shelf to collect it. If you click About Item on the book, you can open it and find 4 dots inside. There is also a box on the bookshelf that needs a code with arrows.

Click on the rainbow picture. Notice there are 4 dots in the rainbow, but we don't need to worry about that now. The thing we need to take note of are the number of trees in each cluster. 4, 2, 3.

Zoom in on the safe, and then again to enter a code. It has a tree above the numbers, so we just need to enter the number of trees from the picture. 4, 2 3. Open the safe to get a key.

Move to the next scene (there are only two, so click on either arrow to get there). There is a clock where we can change the time, a cupboard that wants a number code, but also seems to need some colours to go with it, and a big red chest.

We can use our key on that big chest. Open it up and grab the pink cushion and the screwdriver.

Go back to the first scene and put the cushion on the sofa. The hotspot is in between the two already there. You should see a shell symbol on the pink cushion.

Zoom in on the cupboards underneath the bookshelf. There is a panel with some screws, so use your screwdriver to remove it. It will reveal a place to enter a code. It wants the symbols from the cushions, so you want to enter the symbol with 3 circles (the one that looks like Mickey Mouse's head), the shell and then the heart. Open the cupboard and get the magnifying glass.

Open up the book in your inventory again and use the magnifying glass on those dots. They're arrows! North-east, south-east, west, north-west. Enter this code into the box on the bookshelf, and you will get some kind of ring.

There's another place we can use the magnifying glass. Zoom in on the rainbow painting again and use the magnifying glass on the dots. They're numbers! Make a note of the colours. Red = 8, yellow = 4, green = 5, blue = 3.

Go to the cupboard in the second scene, and make sure you note what order the colours are here. They are not in the same order as the rainbow. The code you should end up with is 4 3 8 5. Open up the cupboard and take the piece of paper.

That piece of paper says 1:50 on it, which looks like a time. Zoom in on the clock and try moving the hands so it reads 1:50 (little hand on 1, big on 10). The clock will open, and you can click on the little hand and collect it.

That little hand from the clock looks suspiciously like the end of a key! Maybe we have two halves of a key here. Click the About Item for the key part you got from the clock, and use the glue on it. Now click on the other key part (the ring thing) and stick it on. Presto, a whole key.

Use that key on the door and you're out!


I kept trying to click with the item icon touching what I wanted to use it with, and it didn't work. The game requires clicking with the actual arrow cursor on whatever, which means the item looks weirdly offset from where it's "supposed" to be. I think a simple change in that function might make the game a lot more accessible and less frustrating.


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