Haluz 2

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Continuing the Haluz saga, a Samorost-like surreal point-and-click adventure from a year ago, Tomas sends word from Slovakia that he has just released a sequel, Haluz 2.

The bird that flies away with the newspaper in the first chapter is back and gets caught up in the electricity to your house causing the lights to go out. And it's your job to make things right again. Travel through stunning scenery and solve puzzles in this charming and delightful new graphical adventure.

Borrowing a page from the book of Samorost 2, this particular chapter spans two parts: one free and one downloadable "full version" for purchase. I will add more once I see the whole thing for myself. In the meantime,

Play Haluz 2

Or, play the original Haluz.

Haluz 2 is now FREE!


Man, I just love games like this!

Oh, and if anyone gets past level "TUKAN" I'd really like to know how to get past that darn bird!

Anonymous August 21, 2007 11:24 AM

i luvs it! cheers


Oops, heh. Nevermind, just had to

click on those venus fly trap like plants with eyes as soon as the flower finishes blooming.


What do you do with the pine cone?


Well I think this is a good game "despite i can complete it without help" :D Anyways I'm going to get a walkthrough for this game.

  • To unlock the door, click the panda (not sure if it is) and turn on the light on the lamp. With the light, (if it turns off, just turn it right back on) it will show a code to unlock the door, once you enter the code on the keypad, the door will open. Let's move on

  • Look at the bat, it can carry a hook and you should see a hook above you. Attach the hook to the bat then turn the light on right near the bat with the off/on switch next to you. This will bring the cable car to you then just simply click it to go the other side. Note: you may have to move the bat back and forth one time to attach the hook

  • Now you see a frog, it likes water, but not a type you have. Now you have to literally urinate the water and make the frog drink it, this will make the frog go away then just wait for the water to come on the flowers. After that a man will be alive and click the flowers to cross.

  • Nothing happens to the clock right? Well it has a hook, so how do you make it operate? Hmm, the teeth might operate it. Click the teeth and drag it in the hook below the clock then click the minute hand until it reaches the "12" then a horse/donkey thingy will pop up 4 times then you disappear. Now you move to a man with some music. You must get him the right song in order to meditate into air. Note it must be loud enough to make him move. Next you see a keyhole, so where's the key? Well look at his hair (his beard :P) and a little opening can be seen. Click it and a bird will come out with a key, click on the key and drag it into the keyhole. You reappear with a boat. Let's move on

  • Ok, now you are somewhat with a water pump, note a dinosaur sticking out, you must make him leave? Notice something on the left...it looks like a beehive. Click the little red switch on the top-right to see the water levels. Next turn on the left handle to put water into the middle pump and less on the left pump. Now just keep playing with the handles until the right pump goes through the middle pump then to the left pump to let some bees out. Then the bees will force the dinosaur to throw yourself out of it's mouth. Now click the boat and moves into the next stage.

  • A flower sticks out with a hummingbird, click the hummingbird and it will produce a pollen which will make the flower produce something. The flower eye looking guys on the top is on guard. Note when you click the pot it will go down but not all the way? Well, you need something heavy, when the bird sticking out gets the fruit, you must make him drop into the pot. When the fruit is out and the bird is out before it grabs it, click the eye flowers and it will steal the fruit, then click the fruit and it will drop the fruit on the bird's head falling into the pot. Now the gate is open, so let's move on from there

  • Click the portal sealed thing with the girl inside to make the man go over there next to it. Click the red ball on the right and then immediately click the pitcher below it so that the ball falls into the pitcher. Then a little glass will be raised near where the bee is at, click on it then it will go to the fungus looking plant. When the bee lands, click the frog above to attach it to the fungus which will make the glass portal raise and allow the man to rejoin the lady. And my friend is the end of the game. Hope you enjoy this game and walkthrough.

  • If you already did the first part before the rest became, start here by clicking Load Level at bottom left and type:


  • Click the plant just to the right of the bird to tickle him and make him sneeze our hero free. Then click the bamboo to pole over to shore. Pull the lever just to the left of the hero to send the bug scurrying upwards. When the butterfly goes past, click the bird to eat the butterfly and poop into the counterweight. You'll need to do this twice to continue onwards.

  • Below the right-hand wheel is a round control, pick it up. There are two small green buttons at bottom left and right. The right one moves the watering can right, the left one moves it left. Move the can all the way to the right and click the wheel on the tuba to fill it. Move the can back to the center and click it to water the mushroom and continue.

  • Click the button to the right of the hero. Nothing happens, but you need to do it anyway, to discover that the power's off. Click the window to view the witch. If you try to turn the power on, she'll stop you, so drop the mushroom at right down her chimney to finish the soup and make her happy (it will take a little time, she'll start laughing). With her celebrating, pull the lever, then push the elevator button again.

  • Grab the cane and attach it to the knob just to the left of granny's rocker. Click on the man to rock the rocker and turn the mechanism. After the action stops, click the wheel on the floor between the leftmost two cylinders. Rock the chair again to raise the jug. After the man gets back on the elevator, turn the wheel to return to the previous screen.

  • Not much to do here. Click the keyhole, then the arrow that appears at bottom left.

  • Click the frog/crab thing when it comes near the man to catch it. Click the butterfly to pollinate the flower, then Chewbacca the sloth to eat it and again to belch the key off. The man will take the key and go back to the previous screen (again).

  • Again, not much to do here. Click the keyhole.

  • Click the mechanical spider/crab at left to get a control panel. The switch at bottom turns it on, then click the right button and while the claw is still extended, click the man to climb into the spider. Click the center lever to descend rapidly (read: fall) to the next screen.

  • Click the glowing thing at bottom left to attract a big fish and scare the mechaspider onto land. Click the control panel by the door. Turn both of the top two valves to fill the top pots, both of the dials at bottom to flip their polarity, and then both of the middle valves at the same time to shock open the door. Above the spider, click the left lever twice to raise a can labeled salmon from the depths. Click the spider to swing it and soak the creature at left. Swing it again to knock the hairdryer into the water, killing the big fish.

  • Enjoy the ending, you're done.


[Edit: Updated to guide you through the newly-free portions. (also a small fix to the last scene of the old stuff) Enjoy! -FunnyMan]


nice game.. fun n' easy..
though the slow gameplay is kinda annoying..
or maybe its just my computer thats slow.. :P
the game could of been even better if in the second level in the cave that big annoying bat [i think] would have got smashed on the wall after you passed it =P


Nice game.
Not too original, since it shared many likenesses to Samorost. Still a pleasure to play, though.


PLEASE tell me he didn't pee into the water and the frog - ewwww!

The graphics quality is a lot closer to Samorost this time, and that is good. It still doesn't feel like the real thing, though.


I don't know if the name is something in Slovak, but in Hebrew, Haluz (the H is actually pronounced as a "kh" which exists in few languages, and English-speakers can't pronounce) means pioneer.


Awesome game. Beautifully done. Sites make it dream like. Had a great time playing it. As the intro says you can't do anything wrong.
Short and Sweet. (first time I get through something without a walkthough).


Haluz in Slovak is actually a contemporary slang word for something that is absurdly strange, funny or plain ridiculous. The Samorost inspiration is obvious :)


After the second scene with the bat, it just goes black: no loading sign or anything


I know I am behind times, but why should I have to go buy a new larger screen monitor just to see the full screen of the web sites/games. FOr example, Haluz2 is too big for my monitor and I have to scroll back and forth to see it all. It ruins the effect. Cntrl, mouse wheel does not work either to reduce the image. Anyone out there have a suggestion other than replace a perfectly good monitor, that fits my desk perfectly?


The music is so nice on this game... Anyone know who it's by?


In response to the monitor guy...
It fits fine in 1024x768, which is kinda small for a desktop resolution these days. standard is more like 1280x1024 and above. It sounds like youare running in 600x800, try changing your resolution. If your video card does not support higher resolutions, make sure you have the latest drivers installed and that you are not running in safe mode. If both these things are true, try upgrading your video card. If that doesn't work... get a new computer. They are cheap for low end models.


Joe - Thanks, the resolution switch worked. Although I need reading glasses to see it. Wish there was a way to go only half way. I remember on the old computers you could set your resolution at many different settings. Now I only have two options. Progress I guess, or at least so MicroSoft tells me.

Anonymous August 25, 2007 7:41 AM

I have been waiting for this quite long time ago. It was a nice game!


it's hard to pump!!!

Wilhelmena August 25, 2007 1:05 PM


My red ball keeps falling in the water. I don't sense any movement from the "musical instrument thingy". You mean the thing that looks like a drum, right? All I can get to happen is that red jug will swing, the fly will buzz, the lizard will open his eye, the ball will fall in the water.

What am I missing?


Hey i don't know why secret_player calls it a "musical instrument"

You have to click on the red ball and quickly right after click the red jug, its all about timing

Awesome game! Lovely graphics.

totally confused August 27, 2007 3:13 PM


I've tried all the hints but still can't get anything to happen - any suggestions?


@ me: The music is from a guy called Julian Winter. He also made the music for Haluz 1!
You can buy the soundtrack here


Yay! My first solution without resorting to the walkthrough! I'm hooked on your site, to the detriment of school and work!

[Edit: work first, then play makes play time so much more enjoyable! :D -Jay]




attempting RYBA right now


I'm in the scene with the cat-faced angler fish and the mutant potato.

What do I do with the bottle of salmon?

And if I had a quarter every time I asked that question in my day-to-day life, I'd be a rich man.


...and never mind. I got it. Though I had no idea it would require me

electrocuting a fish



i think the full version is now free online, because after your walkthrough the story just went on.
i am now in cave with a mecanical crab i cannot reach.
does anyone what i should do next?


Im stuck at the last level. What do i do with the can?


heyy i dont know where to put the mushroom i have tried everywheree but nothing happens. help please!

a person May 26, 2008 5:54 PM

how do u get past the rafflesia. the fly flies but nothing happens when it lands on the plant!!

game player May 29, 2008 8:06 PM

Click on glass to get your hero to attempt to lift it up off of the girl. He's not strong enough. Halfway up on right side, there is a claw holding an orange ball. Click on it, then immediately click on jar below it to swing it out (requires timing) to get ball to drop into jar. Click on fly on far left. While it is on the mushroom, click on iguana (top left).


Such creative, whimsical artwork. I LOVE it. It feels magical to play it, and the choice of subtle background music was perfect. Please make more....Please ?

dragonshez June 17, 2008 7:41 PM

i love games like this. must now play the first one and find more like it. only needed help at the very end. how frustrating is that?


I can't get the guy to get in the box thing after he rocks the old lady. Can anyone help?

Anonymous January 11, 2010 2:27 AM

Wow, I really liked the art, but I didn't like the puzzles AT ALL, mostly because they made NO SENSE. Same for Haluz 1. Ack!


So, on the last level:

I couldn't get the hairdryer to fall out of the cyclop's hand, though I swung the bottle twice just like it suggests here. Nothing happens, and I can't click on anything at that point. Suggestions?

hugafh qwhifbshdf August 6, 2010 7:51 PM

How do you get past level lanovka- I suck at this game- please be nice.

hugafh qwhifbshdf August 7, 2010 3:29 PM

Stuck on vtak.

hugafh qwhifbshdf August 7, 2010 3:41 PM

To James :Click on the little bird and the berry grows. When the big bird tries to eat it click on the little plants and they will take it. Then click on them again and they will drop it on the bird and the bird will fall in and your good to go.


hey : ME ( the guy who is talking about his monitor being to small) here is a SUGGESTION try changing the ZOOM level on your computer that should make it smaller and it should fit on your moniter ( it will also enhance the viewing experience by a little)!!!!! HOPE THIS HELPS !!!


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