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Gravity Pods

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Rating: 4.6/5 (26 votes)
Comments (76) | Views (7,168)

gravitypods.gifJohnBGravity Pods is a physics-based, projectile shooting, puzzle game created by Keith Peters for his newly launched Wicked Pissah Games website. The goal is to fire a projectile and hit a spinning purple target across the screen. Barriers are usually in the way, but by using gravity pods you can bend the path your projectile takes to send it virtually anywhere.

Aim your turret with the arrow keys and press [space] to fire. Each shot leaves a dotted trail in its wake, so if you miss, your next attempt can be fine-tuned to perfection. Aiming is a precise task that can be obsessed over to the decimal point. Great for puzzle fans, but bad for perfectionists. The real fun begins after about a dozen levels when you get to place gravity pods on your own. Drag and drop orange pods and place them anywhere on the screen, even inside walls, to customize your projectile's path. The possibilities are enormous, and sometimes just a one pixel adjustment can mean the difference between success and failure.

You have around 20 shots per level, so don't be afraid to use a little trial-and-error to supplement your immensely complex physics calculations. Even if you use up your shots without winning, you can simply restart the level and continue until you get it right. And believe me, in some of the later levels, you'll praise this feature on more than one occasion.

Analysis: Gravity Pods is a simple physics shooting game that requires a little more brain work than many gamers may be looking for. Some of the puzzles you'll have to solve can be extremely taxing, forcing you to make fine adjustments to pod positioning as well as your turret's aim. On top of that, trial-and-error is integral to the game, which doesn't float everyone's boat.

Positioning the turret is a precise exercise, but placing pods, however, is more of a slapdash task with no guides other than eyeballing their location. This little bit of randomness is an interesting element in the game, but if you use all your shots and re-start a stage, you lose their position. After two (or three) dozen attempts at a single level without getting a solution, things get pretty frustrating. I resorted to putting my fingers on the screen to mark the pods' spot when forced to re-start a level.

Unique and highly cerebral, if Gravity Pods doesn't make you want to pull your hair out, you'll love it.

Play Gravity Pods

You might know Keith from his BIT-101 lab website, or perhaps from reading his book ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move! His new venture with Wicked Pissah promises that we'll be seeing more new and exciting things coming our way in the near future.


Typekey doesn't seem to work, sorry.

I wonder if you left out the man behind wickedpissahgames intentionally in the review?
Keith Peters has/had the most inspiring flashlab in internet-history imo : here
+ he wrote the best understandable book on physics and math in flash for gamedesigners: here

I think it's relevant, but in the end it's only a game-review, I understand. Good to see the game entering the archives!


Cheers Wouter. I had added the kpeters tag. I'll also update the review with the pertinent info. I think it's highly relevant as well.

SmileyRiley July 24, 2007 8:02 PM

I like this - frustrating though it is! Shades of Spaced penguin...but you don't get the infinite loops.


Okay, level 25 has me stumped. Anyone finish that one?


I like the puzzles, and I like the physics of using the gravity wells to influence the projectile path.

But I HATE the damn turret aiming function. Hold the arrow key down too long, and the turret stays in motion. Leave it in motion and it starts spinning. Aiming that turret with click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click was really, really irritating. Feh.


Wow cool. I've been visiting jayisgames daily for the last several weeks for inspiration. Also, Wouter, I've been totally addicted to "gimme friction" since it appeared on the competition. I've managed to score 16, after WAY too many hours playing. Incredibly simple, but so addicting.


Level 25 Spoiler:



Cheating Tip:

you can hold on to the attract/deflectors and press space to actively move it while the bullet shoots, making some avoidance courses easier and fun :D


If you really wanna be creative, try moving the gravity things while a projectile is in flight!

And about the turret continuing to move, just tap in the opposite direction when you get near where you want it, and then fine tune it with click-click-click.


I'm absolutely stumped for lev 50. The timing is just irritating.

Anyone finished?


Hahaha level 32 is GREAT! Just look at it closely :D

Its really interesting to do the path bending in real time too, just make sure you put the attractor or the pusher on the field first (release the mouse button) - then grab it again and press space - presto! Guided missile!



I actually love this game, and how the aiming is done. Hold down key, turret keeps moving... when it gets close to where you want it, hit the key in the opposite direction, the turret stops, fine tune with a few ups and downs, and you're set.

This could've even been a great addition to to the competition, incorporating the replay theme, replaying the level you're on untill you lose all your missles (replays) or go on to the next level, earning more replays.


yay, Keith Peters game :)

I have spent hours and hours in the bit-101 lab. Cant wait to see new lab stuff (why nothing in new lab, Keith?).

Great game too, I would only make the aiming line slightly more visible, sometimes I have trouble seeing it at all.

Manfred July 25, 2007 6:55 AM

Gah, stuck on level 50, that thing is a beast, I got so lucky on level 49, got it on my last bullet, 1 pixel away from failure...


I've discovered something that might be a surprise feature for us to discover or it might be a bug, so I'm going to put it in spoiler tags:

Are you supposed to be able to fly the projectile through the walls? In level 15 I unexpectedly solved the level and I think this is what happened - the projectile flew right through the barrier into the box, not going through the gap in the box - but I'm not certain because it happened so quickly.

I wish there were a way to replay a level already solved without going back to level 1 and marching up - is there one that I didn't find? I would like to know for sure whether what I described in the spoiler tag really happened!

Otherwise, super-fun game.


Level 39 is a nightmare. I found aiming to be pretty tricky as the aim tended to get out of control when i just wanted to move it a little bit.


Can't get past 25 and 28.9 missed.


From what I've heard elsewhere, the size of the browser window affects the calculations in the game somehow, and this is why some people can't pass level 25. I was unable to get it to work with anything I tried, however.

28.9 and 29.0 both missed the target on opposite sides. Apparently 5.4-5.6 also works for some people, but again, missed completely for me.

It's understandable that the developer missed a bug that only affects some people, but I do hope they find and fix it - it's rather showstopping for those of us who are affected.


There is no way the size of the browser window can affect gameplay. Perhaps the size of the game window, but not the browser window.


Well, that's just what I heard, and like I said changing the browser size didn't help me. Perhaps those people were playing the flash file directly in their browser instead of the html page, in which case changing the browser size would resize the flash. Or perhaps it's something else entirely. All I know is I can't pass level 25, and the solutions I've found don't work.


Yeah, I think if you open the SWF without the html, you can scale it and the position of the gun will be off.


Okay, after quitting and reloading, I was able to beat 25, using an angle which had missed before.



carla, I saw that happening too once - the projectile went through the wall. I was happy about it then since it solved the level, but looks like a bug to me. I guess the movement is frame-based and collisions are only calculated at certain intervals (I am just guessing), making it time-based with proper math for collisions would probably solve the problem, only I am not sure if its the problem needing to be solved. It happens so rarely and you cant rely on it so it wont affect the game that much.

dnaworks July 25, 2007 3:26 PM

Not sure how/why but it did for me - I had to switch to the smaller of the two minors and partially minimize my browser (FF)


Maybe it's just me, but no amount of aiming gets me to the target on level 3 without hitting the barrier first. Am I missing something obvious?

FlowersOfEvil July 26, 2007 4:33 AM

I cannot beat 34. Hints?


will7303 July 26, 2007 5:00 AM

I had problems with level 25 aswell (firefox) when the window was not full screen i tried every angle and none worked so then i read the comments and maximised the window then did it at angle 28.9 and it worked first try.I dont know how the window size could effect the game but it did trying 28.9 before maximised and after and it didnt work before but straight away after i waximised it it worked.


Phwoar, was cutting it a little close, but here's one way to do level 50:
Fired just after the walls started moving up.

Great game though, the gravity effects are so smooth and well done.


Ahhhh lvl 40 is impossible !!! for the 39



Does anyone have any tips for Level 18?

Squishy July 26, 2007 1:26 PM

level 35 is driving my absolutly insane
any help?


For anyone stuck on level 50, here is a screen shot:


Another Level 50 screen shot:

Squishy July 26, 2007 2:27 PM

took a hour but i did it...
but oh my god 38s even harder!

Scooby39 July 26, 2007 2:30 PM

This is a very fun game. I really enjoy the physics aspect to it, and having to set up the gravity pods is a fun part of the game. I didn't have my missle go through any walls, but I've run into this type of bug on lots of flash games...for example, one of my favorites is Bloons -- and I've had the dart go through a wall on several levels.

gypsiesoul July 26, 2007 2:40 PM

i have been on level 35 for eons. if anyone can show me a screenshot, i'll name my next kid after them, if i have anymore, if not, maybe a puppy or something. .. idk


How do you do level 19? I can't do it at all

gypsieosul July 26, 2007 9:14 PM

ok, nevermind 35, how about 37?


About level 25:

there seem to be measurements between the one decimal point shown. If you click up and hold it down, then let it do a full spin, numbers that look the same will give slightly different results.
So it may say 28.9 when it actually is 28.93. if you do a full circle, it will say 28.9 but it might be 28.88 instead. you cannot change the invisible 2nd decimal place with just tapping the keyboard, as one tap results in exactly a 0.1 increase or decrease. The only way to change it is to let the turret spin on it's own a bit.
It'd be really nice if you had the option to type in an angle, and for the 2nd decimal place to be shown


Any tips on how to do level 47?


I don't understand what's wrong. I'm stuck on Level 1. I press Space but nothing happens. (Up and Down work, however.)


I seem to have found a bug on lvl 48 which keeps me from beating it. My projectile always dies when crossing the plane that the right-most moving block covers, even though it's out of the way at the time my projectile arrives :/

stopshot July 28, 2007 12:43 AM

I have the same problem with level 48. Sometimes my shot just stops when it is nowhere close to a wall.

LockeBerkebile July 28, 2007 2:01 AM

I worked out an elegant solution to level 50:

I really loved this game.


I can't even play the thing.
It loads and then I click and it
says "choose a level to begin" but there are
no levels to choose. Somebody please help me!



At the bottom right of the opening screen there is a light blue button that says "Try Level 1" - just click that to start.


I can't get the turret to fire. I've tried the SPACE bar, and the ENTER key, and closing/reloading the browser. Nada.


The biggest tip:
Don't always try to do what looks obvious; there are often much simpler solutions that you would otherwise overlook.
Hint, hint: 32, 36, etc.

LockeBerkebile July 29, 2007 6:50 PM

grover: I really like that solution. It is very clean.

NetMonster July 30, 2007 2:31 PM

At Folks who can't get it to run: You have probably already tried this, but have you clicked inside the game level area?

At Folks who finished it and posted a screen shot: Thanks a million. I was stuck on level 50 for as much time as I had been stuck on all the previous levels altogether. I was really curious how it's done.


Here's my level 50 solution; fire when first wall is coming down. Also, on third wall that's two 'pullers' overlapped. getting past last wall was SO cool to watch because it went very very slow.



Help on level 34 please.

mateosbaby July 31, 2007 8:47 PM

Anyone have any clues to level 36? I can't figure it out.



Any hints for level 34?


Level 38 anyone? Please help.


Level 38 anyone? Please help.

shackwax33 August 2, 2007 2:46 AM

It seems like few people have made it to level 38. If they have....nobody has shared any information (help to break the frustration please!!).


lvl 36:

cannon at 0.0. put a deflector directly behind the cannon and a gravity pod directly on the target. fire. :)


Here's my level 50 solution...

Evilwumpus August 4, 2007 8:43 AM

AAARRRGH! I have a great solution for level 48, but when I fire it off, the bullet always vanishes (like it hit something) halfway between the first two walls on the bottom half. This is making it impossible for me to beat this level. Help!


I finally beat level 50! It took me like 3 days of trying, and probably over a thousand tries, but here it is!


Indeed, as my image title says, level 50 was totally pwned!


Need help on level 49...



Can't beat 15! Need help!


Never mind...


Now I need 19!


A helping hand for level 48 would be much appreciated
that or a great cocktail!

EvilNachoes September 7, 2007 9:23 PM

Does anyone have a screen for number 27? I could really use it.

Anonymous October 13, 2007 3:19 PM

Level 48 can be beaten. Timing can pass the first 3 and it's all one big curse. Only use one repeller.


So, I have problems with level 29. Can someone tell me how can pass this or send me (e-mail) printscreen of the answer?!


I past level 29 but now I have problem with level 33 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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