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God Tower

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Rating: 4.4/5 (56 votes)
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God TowerDo you yearn for a game to challenge your massive intellect? Did you beat My Diamond Baby in a half-hour without cheating? Want something harder? Well, here it is: God Tower. This is the toughest puzzle game I've ever seen. I'm not going to lie to you; it's currently unbeaten. But that shouldn't be a problem for you, right?

The game is presented in the format of single-page riddles, similar to Clever Waste of Time and Not Pr0n, where the player is presented with a single image with which to solve the puzzle and advance to the next level. These guys actually took it a step further and cleaned up the whole thing, making the puzzles in Flash instead of simply displaying them as HTML. The way that it's set up, each level requires a password to proceed to the next. Make sure you enter each password in all lowercase, and without spaces. Getting those passwords is no easy task, though. Lucky for you, the title of each page is usually an easily overlooked hint, and a quick-link to Google has been listed at the bottom of the page for convenience.

Hints: Make no mistake, getting anywhere in this game is tough. So, to get you beginners rolling, I'm giving hints to the first five levels.

  1. Get a mirror.
  2. Don't make this level out to be harder than it really is, the answer is obvious.
  3. Kind of weird that the plane departure times are defined down to the seconds, doncha think?
  4. If you've ever seen the episode of “The Simpson's” where Lisa thinks she's inherited Homer's stupid gene, the answer to this should be obvious to you.
  5. The “zoom in” function should give you something to search Google for.

Well, there you go. But please don't post any passwords. You can post hints, but don't give out any spoilers. I know this game is tough, but come on, fight the urge. Click.

The game is hosted on webVodka by the Shura Network Corporation. Despite all attempts, I've been unable to find any information on them, save for a footnote listed by Google on some Japanese porn site. Sadly, it's definitely the same company, but don't hold it against them. Whoever they are, they're geniuses.


YAY...finnaly made it past the first level.....


wow, uh. i only just started and i'm stuck on the password. i know what it ought to be from the map, but it's not going anywhere, so that must not be it.


Make sure you type each password in all lowercase.


This is cool, but #5 is nailing me. What "zoom in" button? I see the word, but a Google search on it hasn't yielded much. Anyone feel like dropping further hints? :)


Ehh, never mind -- got it with a somewhat-lucky guess. I'm sure I'll be posting again, though.


I'm stuck on the third level. I don't understand what the seconds could have to do with it.


any hints for level 3?


Jen - did you know that with Flash movies you can right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) and choose Zoom In to magnify the movie? Then you can use the mouse to click-drag and position it as needed.


Level 3 hint: Try to envision what the arrival times "look" like on an analog clock.


Question for ya...

Can the pass words be numbers or are they always words?

Good on ya



woof. got to level nine so far @_o


Anybody have level 10 hints?


How about level 7 hints?



Can someone give me an additional hint for level 2? Is it tarot related? Is it a person?


Which one is seven? I'll give you a hint for it.

I got 10 (good lord it was tough), and am now on 12.


Michael - you will kick yourself when you figure out the password for level 2. It is sooo very obvious, it's not funny.


i got a bunch of numbers for #10 >_O what do i do with them?

for #7: look at the symbol, then find the button on your keyboard similar to that symbol.


Forest from the trees, buddy!


Got it! And kicking myself!


dang i'm stupid XD i didn't notice there was a second screen at lvl 10. anyway, onwards!


I can tell already that this post is going to generate a lot of comments.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: I generally sleep from around 2 or 3AM (GMT-5:00) until around 10 or 11AM, and do NOT approve comments during that time period (lol - this should be obvious).

PLEASE sign into TypeKey so I don't have a gajillion comments to approve in the morning. It's a free service, there are no privacy concerns, your email address will NOT be shared with anyone, ever. AND, your comment will show up immediately. How cool is that?! =D

Thank you kindly. =)

good night.


I just can't figure out #1 after 2 hours... +4.30 gmt is not where the plane is....help!!


sandyran: Ignore the plane. There is more than one place located in the +4.30 zone, but it wants the one that is (I'm trying to be somewhat subtle and vague here) official.


I just got through level 3... I had to use my arms to solve it, so this game actually provided me with a bit of exercise.


Er, how are you supposed to get number seven if you use a mac?


woof @_o still going.

here's a huge hint that will pop up from time to time:
mac ain't gonna do it. it has to be PC.

i'm battling with my email these days. as soon as i've got it under control again, i'll have a typekey identity up and convenient.


Hahaha, I've been playing these games for a while....
if you like this play notpr0n... you guys should google it for a head start :)

[Edit by jay: or just click here]


Got up to 15 before giving up. Guessing shapes that could look like any number of letters got old quick :(

AriadneJones September 11, 2005 7:11 AM

What am I missing? There's only 1 officiel country at the timezone gmt + 04.30 (D*) and that doesn't work. Am I typing it wrong?


HINTS up to lvl 15
(jay, feel free to delete some if it tells too much)

*Do not read if you want to solve by yourself*

1. Look up the timezone.

2. Its too easy to miss.

3. That one took me while to understand. If you look at the times and imagine analog clock with the hands pointing at the time, then each of the times forms some kind of letter.

4. Its again, too easy to miss.

5. Its not the map. There is hint written in the picture. Plus it looks old and scrappy so it must be original. Google on images using hint + "original art".

6. Translate the word written above the picture.

7. That one took me quite long time too because I have turned it off. In default Windows you should be able to get it easily.

8. There are 3 pictures. Put them together and look at the shapes. You can make word from those.

9. Get mobile phone and look at its keys.

10. There is hint in top right corner. Click it. Then you need character map and it should be easy from there.

11. Best hint is the title of the page.

12. That one I dont understand. Someone please explain how it is suppose to be solved. I know the answer, but I have no idea how to get figure it out.

13. Very interesting puzzle. If you type "ASIA TRI USA" and then use the keys according to the color hints you will end up with the password.

14. Again, hint is in the top right corner. Type up the main sentence and then delete letters used in the hint.

15. Here I am stuck again. I get the letters from bridge, heli, milk and Jesus, but I have no idea what the country code is suppose to mean.



Have you confirmed that by your windows clock settings? Also make sure that you're not using Capitals... They don't work so well...



Can someone give me some help with level 7? I'm not running XP, so that has left me stuck.


Gahh, i cant get #3.. What the hell do seconds and an analog clock have to do with anything?


Well, sad to say it, but I'm stuck on #1.
There's only 1 official country with a 4.5 hour time difference. It's not in the place where the plane is though, and it's not the right answer. Sigh.


i had the same idea as you topstring but it just doesnt work
anybody have any advice for level 1?


There is only one official name you will input for the password. If you google gmt+4:30 you get a two word answer. Only use ONE of those names.

I am so not understanding level 3. I don't see the letters that were referenced.


I'm stuck on 25...can't get that at all...


For anyone stuck on level 3.

Try this way (all hands are equal size):
18:00 in analog clock looks like letter I.
15:00 in analog clock looks like letter L.
And so on :)


Took me forever to get the first one. I was using capital letters, and the result is not the name of the country, but the capital of that country.


If you cant get number 7 under WindowsXP, then go to Control Panel and open Accesibility Options. The answer is there.


help on level 4 please


I've got it. Thanks. I've been working diligently and am now stuck on 16.


The country code in level 15 refers to the shape of two famous buildings that resemble a certain letter.


Er.. I've got a bunch of numbers for level 10.. what do I do with them?


Now I'm stuck on 12 .__.


Ack! I don't get number 7...I've tried to go to Accesibility Options, I don't know what to do!!


we have got to get a spoiler shield. you guys, jay kinda asked that you not post spoilers and near-spoiler hints are kind of the same thing.


For level twelve, you must remove lines from 8888 to spell a word.
The number indicates how many lines you must take in each "8" and the key above shows the location you must take the lines from.

For example:In the first 8 you must take one line away because the first number is 1. Then you go to the key and and find the position of the line you must remove to create a letter. Start from left to right. So in this case you would remove the bottom line so it would form the letter A.


I'm working on it Cami. I'll have something in place for spoilers soon.


hahahah, now i'm stuck on #4.. I think it has something to do with women, or something.. Anyone got a heads up?


Dont get this, at level 3 I see a tarot card (the hanged man) and under it in big letters SOLOMON upside down. And you are all talking about plane departure times and clocks?

PS jay: Have asked for a TypeKey account, but havent got the activation e-mail yet.


Rabbagast - the tarot card is level 2, not 3.

And cheers for getting a TypeKey account, it makes administrating the blog a lot easier. =)


As far as I remember, number 4 is rather like number 1, you just have to look at it a certain way.

I've got myself stuck on number 13. I'm not use how to use the "key" (if it is a key). The hint above didn't help. Anyone got any other hints to nudge me in the right direction?


hey, im stuck on #11 and dont know what the answer is. i know the movie is swordfish but i searched and the director is not dead so how could there be a death date. can someone please help


I'm stupid. I actually belived that that intermezzo between L1 and L2 - retyping the password, was something I had to solve ... BTW, I think the password at L2 should have been "mahlangu". And now: absolutely stucked at level 7.


meh, stuck on #7, I cant figure it out, Im running windows xp and I have gone into accessibility options, but I am stuck there.


um....is level 7 possible if you don't have windows? i'm running mac osX tiger...so i don't have these accesibility options, i don't believe

AriadneJones September 11, 2005 4:29 PM

Well, I kinda solved level 7, only ... my version of windows is in dutch :-(
Can anyone help me out?

AriadneJones September 11, 2005 4:38 PM

ok, never mind, found it ;-)


aha! got it anyway...don't have it on my computer, but the number of arrows made the connection in my head with the computer action

Dudemom_2000 September 11, 2005 4:48 PM

Really interesting game! I love having to think outside of the box! #7 made me laugh a lot. #5 You better have read the book or saw the movie....#3 if you understand military time it is easier. Very unusual game. Great find Jay!

AriadneJones September 11, 2005 5:34 PM

About level 11; do I need the BMI of Joel Silver or am I on the wrong track?

p.s. is he smoker or non-smoker?

It's past midnight over here so night-night all :-)


um...for level 10, i translated into the country codes, but not sure what to do from here. i tried the 1st letter of each one, and the last, but neither worked. and what about the ones w/ multiple titles?


well, I just dont get level three. Can I put numbers for the password? I cannot tell if they are looking for the difference or what....bad to already be stuck on 3 huh? .....


equusjfr: you are close, ones w/ multiple titles work the same as ones without.


AriadneJones: don't think Joel Silver is the person you're looking for...


I am completely and utterly stuck on #19....Jay? Help, please!


Sorry Mtn Girl, but you are farther than I am. =(


#12 is giving me a headache. I've read Mountain Girl's hint but still not sure how exactly the key is used.


Mountain Girl - 19 was a little confusing for me as well. Ignore the hint page, it has no relevance I could see. Just take a mirror to the screen and find the corresponding n-th letters in the alphabet. Piece them together for the password.

AriadneJones September 12, 2005 2:57 AM

Right flung, Joel Silver is the producer, the director is someone else ;-)

AriadneJones September 12, 2005 3:08 AM

I found how to use the key in level 12, it has to do with deleting some parts of the numbers 8888, you use the key from left to right, in the first 8 you delete 1 part, in the second tree parts, etc ...


to fanatical on level 19: but that doesnt work. When I take the correct nth letters it still says access denied.


I've been playing loads of games like this recently, and my brain is bubbling from it.
I can't get past the first one, I know it's something obvious and I'm just not getting it.
I took your advice Jay and used a mirror, or rather I pressed the PrtSc key on the keyboard, pasted it into Paint and flipped it horizontally, and I totally got it straight away. Unfortunately, when entering the answer I got, it does nothing. I have tried pressing the Enter key, I have tried clicking on the arrow, nothing works. I'm asking for help, could someone tell me what to do?
As it's the very first level I'm sure there's no harm in just telling me the answer for this one, is there? Please? I just don't have the brainpower to figure out what's going wrong on this one. I know as soon as I get started I'll be okay for a few, but if I can't even get the first one, then I can't move on and try any others. Ruins the whole game for me.
Please someone, help me.


Jessica, it worked for me... don't forget NO CAPS when putting in the password. There is only one place which is placed in the specific timezone. (Check your computer date and time properties, in the time zone tab, I did that and it worked).


I've tried putting it in with caps, without caps, I even substituted the 0's for O's to see if *that* worked! It didn't. Obviously.
But I don't understand what you mean by "There is only one place which is placed in the specific timezone.", do you mean you're meant to put in the position of the plane on the map or something? I just don't get it.
My computer time and date are all correct and things, so I don't understand how checking them could help me. I think this puzzle has just gone over my head. I'm assuming all you have to do is type in the green writing backwards.
I'm really sorry Jay, but as I said in my previous post, since it's the first one, there can't be too much harm in just posting what I've got. Since, I am reeeeeeally stuck.

Yeah, that should do it.
I have GMT+04.30
I thought I had figured out what you had to do, like putting that in but.. I think I haven't gotten it at all, have I? There's obviously something I am not seeing.

I won't be posting any more spoilers or anything, and no one else should. I only did this because I am reeeeeeally stuck on this and want to be able to get past the first freaking thing! Aargh!! I'm going insane!


Wow, I'm really stupid.

I hit the Post button and directly as I did it, it hit me what I had to do.
Wow, technically, I didn't even post a spoiler did I? I mean, flipping something over was Jay's hint. Figuring out the rest is up to the individual.

My head hurts.


No worries, Jessica, you didn't post a spoiler at all. Spoilers generally contain all-out answers to a puzzle.

I'm glad posting a comment helped you to figure it out. I can't tell you how many times that happens to people around here. =)

DerekW wrote the review, so it was his hint to use a mirror for the first one. ;)


For #12, I'm looking at the key and how is it used from left to right? The key symbol doesn't make sense to me... I feel dumb...


Oh yes, I see now. I only just read through your post for today Jay about the other reviewers.
Thank you DerekW! Big help! ^_~
Woo. These games always make you feel stupid when you can't get something. Mainly because you know someone else must have, meaning it is possible to work it out. But I guess everyone's different so, some people might be useless at the first ones and genuises when it gets to the later ones and other great at the first few, then crap at the rest. Lol.
Anyways.. Now I'm stuck on number 3 and determined to figure it out. @__@';;
Must... figure it out.


tonypa - just to make sure you are seeing what i'm seeing.. i see 7th 15th 4th. just make sure you count correctly (i miscounted the first time). hope that helps!

btw, i love your games! can you please bring back nelinurk?


Some hints for levels 16-21.
*Do not read if you want to solve it yourself*

16. Title of the page gives best hint. Write the codes down starting from top then convert them to morse using the keys and convert back to normal text.

17. A year. How symbols many are there? How they apply to the year? Only one in that year is layed out exactly like red symbol.

18. You did notice the password needs to be entered differently? The solution to this level is outside the picture. If your browser allows to change background colors you can see it better.

19. Get mirror. I still dont see how second letter can be made from the hint :(

20. The moon and the earth. Starting from the blue star move to closest one picking up first letter. Continue to next. Dont forget the I in right corner. This password has a meaning :)

21. Do exactly like second picture hints for. 3 times. Now look at the iTems. Use password from the picture. Reverse.


ok, I just saw comment from fanatical. My fault, it does come out from the hint.

AriadneJones September 12, 2005 12:55 PM

No luck so far with level 13 :-(
I know it has something to do with the keyboard and the colors, but just don't get it.
Any hints?


Find keys on your keyboard that look like colored hint above the sentense.

Now click on the sentense (so the cursor is at the start) and use the keys in order shown below the sentense.

AriadneJones September 12, 2005 1:03 PM

Ok, I feel a less bit stupid now, my keyboard looks different, but I got the old keyboard from my other pc and now I see it too.

thx for the hint tonypa


Ummm... on 11, the only guy I found is still alive.


completely stuck on level 10
i figured out the big number thats in sections
i tried googling each one indavidualy
i got the country(s) for each one
i cant figure out what to do now -_-

any hints?


Hmmm, I don't like this game. Either I'm too stupid to play it, or all you Windows users have something I don't have. I'm trying to do lvl 1, and I've searched high and low for cities at GMT+04.30. My time zone utility (on my Mac) assumes that you know which city you're looking for, so it just gives the cities. No GMT+/- ...


I have to agree with you Carolyn. The authors of this game did not take into account usability and accessibility issues when designing the puzzles for each level.

It's very short-sighted to assume the game will be played on a Window's computer, or using a particular browser.


Jornyo - yes, he is. but is there a website you can find that might predict when he might die?


I also dislike that this game seems to be designed specifically for the Windows user. I started playing on a Unix workstation, and had to research a little more for some of the Windows-centric answers..

Carolyn, if you're still stuck on level one, you should check out this http://irqnine.com/superstockers/about/timezones.aspx

I found it by Googling "windows time zones".


Spoiler for those who are just starting but maybe some help for those who can't get started.

When I first found this game, there was a forum listed below with all kinds of clues and spoilers. I was having a hard time so I found one spoiler that said the password was "rangoon". Well, that didn't work for me. I went back to a screen shot posted by someone and the clue which is a mirror image was GMT+06:30. Then I went to my screen and the clue was GMT+04:30. I had recognized the map immediately as the Greenwich Mean Time (Time Zone Map) when you double click the clock on the lower right of the screen. But one puzzle site had +06:30 and one had +04:30. So, I don't know if is a newer version of the puzzle or it they change it from time to time or what!
Fortunately there seems to be a pattern in that whatever time is listed, there is only one place listed on the Time Zone Map when you double click your clock and go to Time Zone tab. Now my problem compounded when the +04:30 listing was Kabul. I typed that in (lower case like the hints section says to do) and it didn't work. Tried it several time to be sure, no luck. I finally solved the problem by going back to the original puzzle screen and instead of clicking on begin, I clicked on continue. Then I typed in the #2 and a screen came up asking for the password to the previous screen. This time when I typed in "kabul", it accepted it and took me to stage two. After a sigh of relief, and 10 seconds to solve #2, I went back to the beginning and started over. This time it took 'kabul' as the correct password in stage 1 and took me to stage 2.


Anyone got any hints for #24? I did the calculation but can't seem to get a password out of the circle.


I guess being the daughter of a guy who teaches usability classes has me spoiled...I just assume that people know better than to only test their game on one OS.

I figured out what made it impossible for me to solve lvl 1. You cannot use caps. So when I was typing "Kabul", it was really "kabul". Shouldn't the creator have made both entries valid? Or just assumed that most people would capitalize the name of a city?


Carolyn - just FYI, you should always use lower case and take out any spaces when typing your password. It's covered in the third bullet point on the page of hints and rules..

"password rules is non caps lock and non space bar"



flung - i got 24.. the math is slightly weird. DO NOT use what you learned in school for sphere volume; instead use what's in the title bar.


Hey tonypa (or anyone else)... can you help a little more with 18? I see the "hidden" clue, but have tried everything I can think of to follow it and no dice.

But I did get 16 ALL BY MYSELF. :))))

AriadneJones September 13, 2005 3:56 AM

People, be creative.
You don't need windows to look up the timezones, just type "timezones" or "Greenwich" in on Google and you get them too, I even printed out a whole map, very intresting btw.
On the other hand, I was stuck too on level 13, because my keyboard looked slightly different from the usual. Got stuck there for a day, until someone gave me a hint about it. But I don't mind thinking for a while, because that's what counts with this games, isn't it? Otherwise, you can just look up al the passwords and fill them in. Not much pleasure in that.

Anyway, good luck, all ;-)

Anonymous June 9, 2007 9:20 PM

could anyone give hints for level 19? im stuck - the 7 thing looks like "gamma" and the 4th letter is "d" but i have no idea what else to do

ellyse_11 June 17, 2007 3:14 AM

the answer in 19 is god
can anyone tell me the answer
in 31?


Can somebody please help me with the password for level 4?


Am I the only person who thinks this game is ridiculous? It has no logic to work out the answers. You have to be a mind reader to know what the password is meant to be. Even when I am told the password i can't figure out how on earth the clues could possibly point to that answer. Stupid.

paulina July 28, 2007 2:28 PM

I'm stuck on lvl 24. can anybody help me?


i realy can understand lvl 5!! whats with "hildebrandt". i research it in google and i find it useless..i know his an illustrator! SO!? kindly please give me clues!


^ for level 5 seach hildebrandt art in google, and look at the image results, you will quickly find the answer.

Im stuck on 7 :(


could someone just tell me the answer to the 3rd one its really winding me up now

Noobishme August 9, 2007 10:46 AM

For number 7, you usually get that error when you do something with your keyboard.. go ahead try it.. :D

need help on number 16 :D


I need help with Level 3 i have drawn clock faces all sorts just a little hint would be appreciated! Thanks


please give me some hints on how to translate the pictures into letters in Level SIX!!!!!!!!

sillybuttons August 19, 2007 8:10 PM

im stuck on #78 (8 keys) totally baffled. can anyone help please please please.

Bahman - hint for 6

what did the ancient people who built the thing in the picture use instead of letters? (a,b,c, etc)

Hayley - hint for 3

your on the right lines with clock faces, add the 3 pointers from the times on the picture (hrs mins secs) do they look like letters?

hope this helps :-)


can someone please help me on lvl 10?? I got the letters but it's not working... anymore hints on that?? Thanks


level 1! please help me!!


rudian!! level one is simple

GMT+04:30!!! is the clue!!


CAN anyone help me?? stuck in 12

anony-m-u-s November 2, 2007 2:48 AM

stuck in lvl 5. pls. help us


better clu for 7 plz

jo-minator November 3, 2007 1:10 AM

clue for number seven: this happens when u press a specific key many times. that's it for now


I'm really frustrated about level 3...help please!
P.S. CAn you give me a clue that's easy to understand? I'm not that smart


Stuck on #1 ... Is the answer the password? If not, where does the anwser go? I must have taken stupid pills this morning, I dont get what to do.

SecondKira November 12, 2007 2:43 PM

Ah. im stuck on level 16. I know morse code, but it doesnt make any sense >.<
HELP~Please =D


RE #1, I see what the clue is... Ive tried typing in the city and the country both forewards and backwards, plus several longshots.
This is stupid.


Make sure you enter each password in all lowercase, and without spaces.



some clue in level 10..plzzzz


how can the answer of level 57L be obtained?

ephraimadriano December 31, 2007 1:28 AM

how can i answer lvl 7 i dont know what to do


lvl 66 - Will someone give some clues to level 66. I have the answer but I want to figure out how it comes to it...Cannot see the wood for the trees


Anyone want any kind of help until lvl 35 (where i am stuck in ) I will help him....just ask!!

I want some one give me hints(or spoilers or even passwords) about lvl 35


betamoo, lee, kelreel.
Describe levels please (it's been ages since I done them. I can help. (No passwords though sorry).

(I'm not giving any help before 10, if you can't get past these by yourself then your really going to struggle later on. Keep trying, you can do it :-)

Can someone please please please help me with 78. I started this "game" months ago and only took a month or so to get to 78 (proud as punch) but I cant get past it. I don't even know where to start. I don't want the password just a hint on where to start. The source code? Google? Wiki? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alshanz143 January 25, 2008 4:33 AM

i'm kinda stuck in lvl14. . could any1 help me. . i dont understand all the clues i've read. . pls help!! ^_^ thank you!!


I want to rant about level 28 a bit. This level is close to impossible if you are not a native speaker AND not a football fan. This is what I did (and which is completely wrong) and which got me incredibly far with all the clues. I'm putting it in spoiler tags anyway, just in case I was right and just missed the final clue...

100°C (

All 6 clues matched, but I was completely off track, just because I didn't know that one specific football term. Is this really a weird coincidence? Or was I right indeed and just missed the last bit somehow?

Anyways, off to level 29!

alshanz143 February 7, 2008 5:04 AM

now im stuck at 34. . ive found no hints for 34 in this page!! pls help me!! GodGateKeeper!! pls help me!! ^_^ tnx!!

blacksword_130 February 17, 2008 11:50 PM

HELP! I'm really stuck in Level 35. . I neeeeed some hints


Hi, please can you help me?? Im in level 6 i just want the answer plzz


I'm having trouble on lvl 14 I do not understand the riddle at all

renzoljd March 7, 2008 6:31 AM

To: Peter

Go to the second page. The answer there is water. Copy the phrase in the first page. Start deleting letters related to water


answer to # 1 is kabul

answer to #2 is solomon


please help me on # 7


i'm stuck in level 3 . cant seem to find out the fifth and sixth time .

renzoljd March 18, 2008 6:48 AM

alshanz143 - Level 34:

The Jesus dieing has nothing to do with the hints. Read the title. This is a hint. The 4 gems are also a hint. If you are still stuck:


blacksword_130 - Level 35:

The obvious hints you will see are the 6 curtain lines. There are also numbers from 1 to 5. It's even easier when you played Notpron. Search "song lines" in Google. You need to know also the notes the devil made. If you are still stuck:



what's with level 4 ?

renzoljd March 20, 2008 1:33 AM

brunson - Level 4:

Go to the second page. It says "only half of the sun". Go back to the first page. You will just need the tag. Split the tag into two and you get your answer. If you are still stuck:


renzoljd March 22, 2008 4:45 AM

I need help with HH3. I googled for:

1. river

2. indian republic

3. blue chakra stone

4. third eye

How many did I got right? Please help!

bill guo April 2, 2008 10:30 PM


level 1 the map backwords

level 2 this level is very easy an idiot could figure it out(unless they are mentally challenged)

level 3 change the time to analog time

level 4 the sun is in half, what about the symbols, should they be in half


lvl 8 pls tell me what's going to do????anyone??

renzoljd April 24, 2008 5:59 AM

junjun - Level 8:

Just solve the puzzle. Then, arrange in this order: tank, bird, plane.

BTW, I'm still stuck in HH3. I know I have to Google:

Title (Isn't it river)?
Hidden clue (Isn't it republic of India)?
Statue clue (Isn't it third eye)?
A word below the statue (Isn't it wish)?


can anyone help me how to enter lvl 39?i know already the password for lvl 38...whats +24 means?



You mean level 40? Well, normally, you need to type the password of the previous level to access a new level. However, some levels doesn't work. And about the +24 thing, you really need to think about country codes.

_kRistHiNe_ May 12, 2008 2:33 AM

pls.help me..
im stuck in lvl.7..
pls help me..i need some clues..

renzoljd May 13, 2008 2:29 AM


Press the shift button 5 times.

GTGATEKEEPER May 15, 2008 4:53 AM

78- This is second to last level of gt1. And is kind of an encore to levels 1-77. So...the title.

HH3- to solve this level, you need to find the story that involves all the clues. By story i mean not a novel but the history of what it is the creator thought was interesting. Unfortunately, the clues must be googled just right to find it.

I`m going back through gt looking for things i might have missed. level 31, which is titled 30:30:30...18 cards; second page who`s number five? I`d hate to think its just a bunch of gibberish of a joke.

ingrid sanjose May 22, 2008 11:39 AM

can you help me in level 7 please... im stucked.. i really can't figure out what's the clue with the keyboard.. this is my first time to play...

GTGATEKEEPER May 22, 2008 9:07 PM

Level 7- There is a repeating symbol in the center of the level. If you can find that symbol on your keyboard, the picture shows how many times to push it and should bring up a secondary window from your computer.


please help me on level 10...i've converted them into numeral through wingdings, still i can't get the answer.. more clue pls... tnx...



thanks for the clue in lvl 7... i'm now in level 10 and stucked...i need additional clues, i've converted it already to numeral by using wingdings, but i don't think it helps...thnx

GTGATEKEEPER May 24, 2008 2:51 AM

Level 10- Have you looked at the second page? It shows the instructions of how to solve.


Level 12

more clues pls.... thanks

GTGATEKEEPER May 25, 2008 4:09 PM

This level has had many clues for people. Why you so lazy? Is there a way you can type what you`ve done to solve? That way i can see how to respond.

Level 12- The most important clue is the numbers on the 2nd page. Another clue can be found within the numbers if you move your cursor over the bars; some are stationary.

Anonymous May 26, 2008 1:22 PM

Does anybody knows (i mean by tips) how to solve the level 18?

GTGATEKEEPER May 27, 2008 3:52 PM

Level 18- Title is very obvious in its clue. The big yellow arrow is pointing to something. Once you find that clue it will be going in another direction. Follow until you find the answer :)


more specific for Level 12 please.
I've known that the 2nd page contain stationary bars, and those bars will make the "Key" image.
I've tried to insert BCUA as a password, but it was denied..
What should I do??

GTGATEKEEPER June 5, 2008 11:32 AM

Level 12- Your approach to solve is incomplete. Your letter B is creative seeing how an 8 looks like B. But its wrong. Because that first part has 0 stationary bars its more or less a space or that what is unknown. So you`d have _CUA. The numbers, 1- 3- 2- 2, give the order which your letters are to be used as an answer.


I typed the password that it says here,


, but it still says "access denied. Help!

luciferarc June 21, 2008 5:22 AM

what is password for MEMO in godtower site???
please... ^^

Heather July 20, 2008 3:31 PM

i need help with s1.


why in lvl2 there are no clue or something like picture?? pls help... i nid a clue... TNX

Anonymous July 24, 2008 4:37 PM

Two requires a mirror. So easy it's kind of annoying.


Okay, I know all of you people are lying about levels beyond 10, because 10 is obviously broken.

I've broken the code and looked up the number in the manner suggested in the hint. The answer, the ONLY answer given is not accepted.

Somebody tell me how the only answer that comes up in Google for level 10 is NOT correct?


Why can't anyone explain even a tiny little bit what the 2nd hint in Level 18 has to do with the answer?

The entire internet community can't figure this out, but someone got the answer somehow. There is absolutely no connection that I can see, and it is MADDENING!!!


lvl 1 = kabul
lvl 2 = solomon
lvl 3 = pentium
lvl 4 = evilcat
lvl 5 = balrog


Please help on level 12.


I'm really stuck after level 39:

think about countries that have flag like usa..................liberia

Now what is the password i have to enter? Please answer. It says +24 under the password box.


lvl 10 = tontarn


Hah! An interesting game from Thailand. Too bad I cant read Thai on some pages.


some help in level 14 pls!


Can someone help me with level 4 plz?? i dont get it at all! i dont see its too easy to miss :S

gamelluver January 3, 2009 8:19 PM

THis is all the answers from level 1 - 54 if you don't want to make your brain work!!!

1 kabul
2 solomon
3 evilcat
4 pentium
5 balrog
6 train
7 stickykeys
8 hut
9 hunter
10 tontarn
11 52023
12 acup
13 sirius
14 myinfo
15 iamhot
16 workdoguru
17 february
18 star
19 god
20 snowinthai
21 yahoo
23 donuts
24 storm / strom
25 bossini
26 iloveyou
27 satan
28 danny
29 cross
30 tiger
31 joker
32 colly
33 doubleeagle
34 windows
35 gesus
36 adam
37 germany
38 forever
39 liberia
40 david
41 devil
42 playstation2
43 xiaou
44 castleg
45 pasic
46 lovepatra
47 foolday
48 nukestoped
49L viracocha 49R eat
50L pyramidspinhx 50R china
51L keystone
52L pacman 52R pegasus
53L tale
54L five and to get to level 55l: two


plz i need answer for 11, 12, 13, 14,15 and 16 plz give me the paswords


hey anyone can give me a hint on level 83??????
im stuck of it

somebody July 16, 2009 4:27 AM

hi! newbie here need hints for level 51R... hints are highly appreciated. thanks a lot!


For those stuck on level one,
Google is your friend.
I'm not rich, so I need cheap FREE information, hmmm maybe an encyclopedia?

Anonymous May 5, 2010 9:16 PM

too hard for me
stuck on level three

katruffles June 11, 2010 3:16 PM

I have just started and i am stuck plz help it makes no sense can people give me a hint plz it doesnt make sense.

Anonymous August 18, 2010 7:04 PM

a (large?) hint:

look at the url...


figured out the answer to #17 but the password doesn't seem to work for level 18. Anyone have any advice?

wetrustinGod February 26, 2011 12:31 AM

hey guys, i just passed level 17, but when im about to go to next level, then i entered the password of level 17, access denied. can you guys help me please what's the password? why is it different? i got Brain Damage.. Thanks guys.. :D

rajayanpie May 8, 2011 11:08 AM

i cant go through s1 lvl. plz help any one


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